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November 16th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

Summer meets with a psychiatrist about her problems. She says since coming to college she has changed; she has new friends, new clothes, new causes. She thinks shes been doing it to avoid dealing with her best friend who died. The doctor says grief comes in five stages. We see Summers five stages: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, anger (again) and finally acceptance. The doctor says she has made astounding progress in one week. Summer is glad she can go back to being here, this save the planet thing was a crutch. She says she loves shopping, tanning and celebrity gossip, she always has and always will. She wants to make things write with her boyfriend.

Seth is at the airport waiting for Summer. He is convinced the new Summer will dump him. Hes on the phone with Ryan, Ryan says shes not going to dump him. Summer shows up and runs to Seth and kisses him. He says careful his girlfriend is going to be here at any second. She tells him to shut up and punches him in the chest. He says his baby is back.

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Ryan is running on the beach and working out, Sandy finishes surfing. The two meet up, Sandy suggests they get him on a surf board sometime. Sandy asks how hes doing, Ryan says hes doing good. Ryan has a new job at the Taco Hut at the mall. Sandy wants to come by, Ryan says hes limited to two a week per Kirsten's orders. Sandy says he wont be working there forever, he has Berkley next year. Sandy says hes just glad Ryan is getting back to his old self.

Seth and Summer are in bed at Summers dorm. He says that was much better than he imagined on the plane. She says the thought about it on the plane? Seth says he was sure she called him here to break up with him. Summer says shes sorry about everything. She says she turned into a zealot to avoid her feelings. She says shes not into this stuff. He says so the old her is back. She says down to her artificially tanned core. He says thank God, he didnt know if the new her and old him were working. She asks what hed have done if she didnt change? He says he had a plan. He surprises her with The Valley: Season 3

Sandy talks with Kirsten about how Ryan is doing better. Sandy is missing time with the guys, he doesnt have many friends around. He says Jimmy left, came back and then left again. He says Caleb died. Kirsten tosses some names around and suggests he call them. Sandy says its odd for a guy to call a guy out of the blue and what, ask him out? Kirsten suggests he use the Sandy Cohen charm.

Kaitlin listens as Julie talks on the phone to Neil. She says that is generous of him. After hanging up, Julie tells Kaitlin that Neil is going to let them stay here as long as they want. Kaitlin says nice work. Julie says it was Neil's idea, hes very sweet. Kaitlin says theyll find her a new man, but Julie says shes giving up men. Kaitlin says good one. Kaitlin knows her mom, she cant live without a man for a week. Taylor shows up and says hello to her roomies. Taylor has moved into Summers room for the time being. She finds a piece of paper waiting for her, it is a letter from her French husband. She runs off. Julie says see man drama. Kaitlin pretends to look outside and see a hot guy with great six packs. Julie asks where? Kaitlin says gotcha.

Ryan is working at the mall. Taylor shows up, she asks when Seth will be back as she needs to talk to him. Ryan says he doesnt, sorry. Taylor decides to sit down and have some food. She orders food and asks Ryan for a favor. He says no way. She says with Seth gone, Ryan is the only one she can turn to. She says she has to divorce her French Husband and hes going to come here to talk her out of it. Shes afraid of being alone with him, hes a sexual jedi, he has powers. She says if she meets him on her own then shell be back in France next week. She asks Ryan to go with her. She begs Ryan for this one favor and shell leave him alone. He says promise?

At Brown, Che comes to see Summer, who is hanging up stuff around the room that the old Summer would like. She tells Che they need to talk, she hasnt been honest about who she is. She shows Che her shoe collection, her magazine collection, a photo of Marissa. Summer says she couldnt deal with Marissas death, so she threw herself into being an activist. She says she isnt one, she just hopes they can still be friends. Che says if she found her place in this world then hes happy for her. Seth shows up, Summer introduces her boyfriend. Che calls Seth her twin flame, if he knew he was coming hed have made him a bracelet. He tells them both to just be . . . . Che leaves them.

Sandy heads to the office. He talks with some guy named Jason Spitz. Sandy suggests they go out and do something. . . poker, pool, something like that if hes free. Jason asks if he can get back to him? Sandy says sure. He heads back to his office. It looks like Jason has shot him down.

Summer and Seth watch The Valley. Summer doesnt like this show anymore, they just create fake problems to distract people from real problems in the world. She grabs a magazine to see what is going on. She cant get into it, shes more interested in one of Ches flyers that he brought over earlier for her to proof for a rally.

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Ryan and Taylor are waiting around to meet Taylor's French Husband. She talks about how perfect he is, but its not true love and she believes in true love. A man shows up, its her husbands lawyer. She talks with the lawyer, he wont give a divorce to Taylor . Furthermore without mutual consent to a divorce, French law wont allow one to be granted unless one party has been unfaithful. She lets the lawyer think maybe she has. The lawyer says her husband sends word, he misses his peaches, which is a code name for her breasts. Taylor lets the lawyer believe Ryan is her lover, he wont believe it. Ryan doesnt speak French, he doesnt know what is going on here.

Seth and Summer return to the dorm, Summer did a lot of shopping to try and get back in touch with herself. Seth feels her heart wasnt in it, but she claims it was. Seth leaves her to try on her clothes while he takes a tour of the food carts. Summer calls Che to ask how the rally went. He says great, he talks to her about some debate hes preparing for. Shes far more interested in that then the new sweater shes trying on, which she decides she hates.

Julie and Kirsten are spending time together. Julie hopes Kirsten and hers business is still on, Kirsten says it is. Julie says she has so many new ideas on how to revitalized the dating service. They run into some woman they know, an old client. Kirsten wonders if she had work done. Julie says she has had something done that is for sure. Kirsten gets a call from Sandy , he has a date with his friend for some bonding time. Julie talks to the woman, who is dating all these younger guys now and tells Julie how great they are. She invites Julie to come out with her and her new friends. Julie is trying to be more of a role model to her daughter. Some guy who is practically a teenager shows up, he is her latest beau. They walk off together

The Ward brothers talk with Kaitlin at school. They have a guy to get her a fake ID so they can go to some club. She says she promised her mom to stay out of trouble. They say they wont get caught. She says if its a fool proof plan then she cant say no.

At the Taco restaurant, Taylor asks Ryan to sign a paper for her to attest to her character so she can get a divorce. He asks if he can sign it after work, she says sure. She leaves the papers for him. He looks at them and is suspicious.

Seth talks with Che at brown, hes polishing one of his instruments. As they talk Seth sees that Summer is in with the activist crowd, shes back to her new old ways. Shes making an argument for solar panels on all the dorms and getting everyone riled up.

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Ryan is in the pool house trying to translate the papers Taylor wants him to sign. He gets a call from Seth, who is worried the old Summer is really the new Summer. Seth ends up hanging up as Summer walks in and finds him talking about her with Ryan.

Seth and Summer talk about the new her. Seth says shes just doing what people do at college, discovering herself. Summer says she is as surprised as he is about all of this. She says think about all the new subjects theyll be able to talk about. He points out he tried to teach her about recycling in the third grade.

Seth goes to see Che, who is playing his guitar naked. Seth says he can come back, but Che has a gift for him. He sings him a song. Seth says wow. Seth says he could use his help. Che says hes honored Seth asks him. He gets up to give him a hug. Seth thinks they could have just shook hands.

Sandy plays golf with his new friend Jason, who seems a bit distracted. His wife calls to make sure hes having a good time. Sandy calls him Spitzy. Spitzy admits to Sandy how he doesnt have many guy friends anymore. Sandy asks who does, who has the time anymore. The guy agrees, he is always working or dealing with his family. Sandy says as kids it was so easy, they just went out and played ball.

At the Cohen's Kirsten and Julie decide to have some girl time. Kirsten suggests they order in and watch a movie. Julies phone rings, she tries to ignore it but eventually answers. Its Taren, the woman from the mall. She wants Julie to come out. Julie doesn't know. Taren says shes only going to be this hot for so long. Julie ends up trying to make an excuse to get out of her night with Kirsten, saying shes not feeling well and shell call her. Julie runs out.

Kaitlin goes with Eric and Brad to meet some guy and get fake IDs. The guy hits on Kaitlin, who tells him no way is that going to happen.

Julie and Taren go out so some club. Julie thinks it might be too soon for her. Taren knows how she feels. She suggests Julie meet Jose Cuervo, he can always get one out on the dance floor. They begin throwing back shots. Julie sees some young guy who she seems to like. Taren introduces them, they do a boy sandwich  with him on the dance floor.

Taylor drops by to see Ryan about the papers. Ryan says he has a question about something. He translated it, it says they had sex like 30 times. Taylor explains everything to him. Ryan doesnt feel for her. She says if he doesnt sign this then she has to go to France and deal with this. Ryan says and that means she wont be here. Ryan says right now this job is about all he can handle. She says shes sorry. She says she doesnt have anyone, thats kind of why she married this guy. She says she doesnt know her dad, her mom hates her. She says last year was the first time she had friends. She says she met this guy in France, he said he wanted to take care of her and she thought why not. He says hes sorry, he just cant help. He walks off.

Seth ends up bonding with Summer and her activist friends over geek speak. They are going to a town meeting for school, Seth isnt allowed in because hes not a student. Seth tells Summer to go, they are counting on her in there. She says but it is his last night here. He says he can amuse himself for a few hours

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Sandy and Jason Spitz head to the restaurant Ryan is working at. Hes just gotten off work and is about to head home. Ryan hasnt had the best day. Sandy talks to Ryan about trying to get back to the way the old Ryan was, get mixed up in peoples lives, help them out of jams. Sandy says it is what he seems to do. Sandy tells Ryan to join them for food and the game. Ryan says actually he has something to do.

Kaitlin and the Wards are trying to get into the club. Kaitlin is allowed in, but the Wards arent as the doorman says he can refuse anyone and that includes Dorks and Virgins. The Wards tell Kaitlin she cant go without them. She ends up ditching them and heads inside to see what is going on. She ends up at the same club her mom is at and ends up spotting Julie dirty dancing with some young guy. Julie sees Kaitlin staring at her mom. Julie ends up ditching the guy and goes looking for Kaitlin.

Sandy and Jason hang out drinking and watching the game. Kirsten calls to check on Sandy , he asks her if shes having fun with Julie? Kirsten says Julie got a mysterious illness and had to leave. She just wanted to see how Sandy was doing. Sandy is having a great time.

Ryan finds Taylor with the lawyer. Shes trying to tell him that she never loved the guy, she was scared. Ryan runs up and says hes sorry hes late. He pulls Taylor into a kiss. He then says hell sign that paper. The lawyer says not necessary, he knows love when he sees it. He says he'll take care of things and walks off.

Summer sneaks out of the town hall meeting, she finds Seth asleep on a bench outside. Apparently the meeting may go on all night. Summer says there are all these old people in there and they are actually listening to her. She says its better than getting 70 percent off a Marc Jacobs dress. He tells her to go back in there and do her thing. They kiss and she runs back inside.

Taylor drops by the pool house to thank Ryan. She says she made him a peach torte to thank him. She thinks maybe hes not a desert guy, she could make him lunch or dinner. He says no this is fine, they eat the tort. Taylor says who thought theyd be here sharing tort six months ago. He says not him. Taylor talks about how everything she thought she knew has gone out the window. Ryan says life is unpredictable. She says shes realizing that can be a good thing, its exciting. Ryan tells her that this tort is really good.

Seth heads to the airport on his own to get a flight home to Newport .

Sandy returns home and shares a kiss with Kirsten. They end up playing a game of naked  scrabble, something Sandy learned about from his new friend.

Julie and Kaitlin give one another looks in the kitchen. They end up sharing some ice cream together.

Ryan sees Taylor out after their tort experience. It almost seems as if Taylor has a crush on Ryan.

Summer returns to her room to find Seth has left. There is a message on her machine saying he was flying home early. He tells her what shes doing is amazing, keep doing it. He says if she doesnt hear rom him for awhile it isnt because he doesnt love her, but because he does.

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Kaitlin sees the guy in the kitchen and asks Are you my new daddy?
Taylor is in love with Ryan. Sandy and Kirsten see this as she said Ryan was funny.
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