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November 17th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the diner where the kids are discussing The Flying Guillotine, the Japanese martial art movie they just saw. Seth loved it, Summer hated it, and Ryan and Marissa thought it was silly. Ryan says next time theyll let the girls pick the movie. Seth reminds him of the Bring It On phase. Summer and Marissa begin reciting parts of the movie and the cheers. Suddenly Volchek and his gang show up and putting a damper on things. Volchek wants a rematch with Ryan. Ryan says hes not looking for trouble. Volchek says he started it by jumping him the other night. Summer says he started it by hooking up with someone elses girlfriend. Seth says good point. Ryan says he has nothing against Volchek. Volchek says too bad as they have unfinished business.

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At the Cohens, Sandy is nervous and asks Kirsten about his clothes. He wants to make a good impression on his first day. She says hell be great. He asks how her charity thing is going. She says it is a lot more work than she thought. Sandy asks if Julie and Charlotte are helping, and she says they are. She says they are out working at the club. Kirsten says she has an important decision to make. She asks booze or no booze? Sandy says tough, it is a fundraiser for women with substance abuse problems. Kristen says it might be weird to have booze. Sandy says but two shots get people to open up their pocketbooks. Kirsten says booze it is. Seth and Ryan show up and Kirsten asks them for help with setting up the party on Sunday, but Seth says no can do. He says its the Sabbath. Ryan thought that was Saturday. Sandy takes Seth aside and says hes going to help as this is the first public event his moms been involved in since rehab. Seth tells his mom hell be there, and she thanks.

Summer and Marissa discuss what is going on with Volchek going after Ryan and how Casey hooked up with the Surf Nazi. Summer knows why this happened, as does Marissa. Marissa says not this again. Summer asks Marissa if she asked Johnny if he loves her. Marissa says not yet, and it will weird things out if he says yes. Marissa has to head to school, so she takes off.

Seth and Ryan arrive at Harbor. Seth tells him not to get in trouble by fighting Volchek. Seth says he knows how he can get. Ryan assures him that he has hung up his gloves, he wont be fighting anyone. Taylor runs up to Seth and tells him how people loved the lock-in and it was all thanks to Seth. She rambles on about the capture the flag game, which was brilliant, and then about how Seth shared about Captain Oats. She says she wanted to ask him about planning a Christmas Dance next. She says they made such a good team she thought it would be fun. Seth says she should talk to Summer since she did such a good job with the last dance. Seth says there Summer is right over there. Taylor says forget it and walks off. Ryan says hes in trouble. Summer shows up and scolds Seth for talking to Taylor, who wouldnt let her into the lock-in. Seth says maybe she didnt know it was her. Summer says oh she knew. 

At the country club, Kirsten is working with the girls on the event. She loves this and says its so much fun. She goes to talk to the manager about when they can get in to start setting this up on Sunday. Julie and Charlotte discuss the money they are going to raise, it will probably be 600,000 dollars which means 300,000 a piece. Julie asks why shes doing this again? Charlotte says she has no man, no money and two daughters. Julie says right she has to do this.

At Harbor, Taylor talks to Ryan about how stable Seth and Summer are. She knows they had problems last summer, but how are they now? He says pretty stable. She says everyone thought Jen and Brady were so stable. She asks from 1 to 10 how stable they are. Ryan says a 10. Taylor says well Jen and Brad were a 10 once and things change.

Sandy and Matt meet with the Newport group. Sandy speaks with everyone in their employment. He says Matt has been made a VP and he is the CEO now. He says hes new at this and hell need all their help. They all applaud and then get to work. Matt talks with Sandy about his meeting with the accountant, it didnt go well. They have to lose nine people. Sandy says that is half the staff, and they wont do that the first day.

At Newport Union, Marissa is talking to Chili about not telling Johnny about Volchek. Johnny shows up and asks what they are keeping from him? Chili says this is between him and Marissa. Johnny knows it is about Volchek. She says he wants to fight Ryan. Johnny says this isnt Ryans fight, but she wont let either of them get into a fight with Volchek. Johnny sees how upset it makes Marissa, so he says he wont fight him. 

Seth talks to Ryan about Taylor. Seth assures Ryan it will never happen. Aside from the fact that she is Taylor, who wants Dean Hess seconds. Volchek and his gang have shown up and antagonize Ryan at school. Ryan says he wont fight him. Volchek thinks Ryan is just itching to duke it out with him, he just has to find the key. Volchek then keys Ryans car. Ryan walks away, but Volchek says this isnt over. 

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Marissa shows up to see Ryan. She says Summer told her what happened. Ryan says it seems Seth kept it a secret for all of 12 hours. Marissa says shes proud of him for not fighting. She then asks what all the tools are for? He hung up a punching bag in his room. She asks what it is for? He says therapy. She just doesnt want him fighting Volchek. Ryan asks how Johnnys doing. She says hes hurt by Cassies betrayal. Ryan suggests they invite him to the Bait Shop tonight. She says good idea. She takes off as Ryan says he has to clean up. Ryan says hell meet her in the house. He hits the bag and then goes to clean up.

Kirsten makes some calls and then decides to call the next three hours Kirsten time, shes going to the gym and getting her nails done. Kirsten asks Sandy how his first day was? He says its just a lot of work. She says he can always come to her with questions. He says thanks. He tells her to go have her Kirsten time.

Seth is sitting on his bed when Taylor shows up to see Seth. She says his mom let her in. He is shocked to see his room. Taylor tells Seth they have to talk, she likes him. Seth says yeah but hes with Summer. Taylor says she heard they were breaking up. He says who said that. She said she made it up, how did it make him feel too hear it? Taylor sees a Japanese movie poster on the wall, and she loves the director. Seth is impressed, does she like comics too? She says those are geek wacking material. She thinks they are meant to be, they are soul mates. She says all he has to do is break up with Summer. He says he wont do that. Summer calls and when Seth is talking to her about The Bait Shop tonight, Taylor steals Captain Oats. She says bye and leaves. Summer asks if there is a girl their, but he says its just a radio show.

At the club, Charlotte talks to her partner over the phone, hes bought the tickets to Tahiti. Charlotte says Julie still thinks shes getting half of the proceeds and a free condo out of this. Meanwhile, Julie is upset as Kirsten signs a liability agreement. Julie feels bad about what they are doing to Kirsten. Charlotte assures her everything will be fine. She says Kirsten will be hurt true, and after shes gone Kirsten will need her best friend to help her.

At the Newport group, Sandy meets with Matt and he agrees, they have to lose nine people. However he wont do it. Sandy has come up with a way to fire four people and he restructures his salary to cover keeping the others. Matt says this leaves them with no margin for error, if one deal goes bad . . . Sandy says they go down. Sandy says but hes in charge and this is how he wants to play it.

The Subways are playing at the Bait Shop. Johnny is with Marissa and Ryan, he thinks this was a pity invite. They swear it wasnt. Marissa then asks what hes doing tomorrow as their parents are throwing fundraisers. He says they arent subtle, but thanks. 

Meanwhile, Taylor shows up and Seth tries to tell her that there is no way things will work with them. Summer walks up and asks why Taylor keeps talking to her boyfriend. She says she better get going. Taylor then gives Seth Captain Oats and thanks him for letting her borrow him. Summer is furious, her let her borrow Captain Oats. Seth says she must have taken it from her. Summer realizes she was in his room earlier, and something happened at the lock-in between them. She tells Seth hes a jerk and storms off. 

Volchek shows up, and when Volchek grabs Marissa, Ryan tells him not to touch her. Volchek says so that is what gets him going. The bouncer then throws Volchek and his thugs out.

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At the Cohens, Sandy tells Ryan that Kirsten is already at the club so they should head over soon. Ryan needs to talk, and he tells Sandy about Volchek. Sandy thinks this is why his car now says little bitch. Ryan says he meant to fix that. Sandy tells him he cant get into another fight. Ryan says hes been walking away from the guy. Sandy says keep doing that, whatever has him angry it isnt Ryan. Matt calls Sandy, they have a problem. Sandy tells him not to do anything until he gets there. Sandy says he and Seth will have to go without him, hell catch up later at the club.

Marissa and Chili are headed to the beach. Chili thinks this is a bad idea. She says then stay in the car. Chili just thinks they should have brought some muscle with them. She walks up to Volchek and he jokingly says dont shoot. She wants him to leave Ryan alone. She offers her watch to him. He says he has a watch thanks. She says this one costs four grand. She asks if they have a deal. He says sure. Marissa says if she sees him around them again then shell tell people he stole her watch.

At the country club, Kirsten is setting up everything. She wants everything to be perfect. Julie says everything will be fantastic. Kirsten says thanks and shes so glad they are doing this together. Kirsten says it means a lot to her.

At the Newport Group, Sandys angry with Matt for going behind his back by calling people in to fire them on a Sunday. Matt says he wanted to spare Sandy the pain. Sandy says he doesnt let people do his dirty work for him. Sandy says hell do it, and he heads into his office to fire the people who have been called in. 

Back at the club, Seth tries to explain to Summer that nothing happened between him and Taylor. She wont listen and slaps him. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Ryan hes sorry about the Volchek thing. Ryan says hes been in this situation before. Johnny says if anything goes down then hes there.

At the condo, Charlotte tells Julie that have to leave in a few minutes so get ready. Julie says she doesnt think she can do this, she doesnt care if Charlotte takes the blame. Charlotte says then shell call the police and tell them Julie did it. Julie says Charlotte would be arrested too, but Charlotte says only if they can find her. Charlotte says she thinks theyll find her a lot easier. Charlotte asks Julie if she can do jail? And if she can, who will be waiting for her when she gets out. Charlotte tells Julie to get dressed.

At the club, Summer is asking Marissa if Taylor is pretty. She tells her that Seth loves her and she has nothing to worry about. A girl shows up and returns Marissas watch, he wants cash instead. The girl says Volchek is waiting outside for her. She goes out to see him. HE says no pawn shops are open at this hour. Marissa says she doesnt have 4000 dollars. He says all he needs is a few hundred, shes got an ATM card doesnt she. Marissa says fine and she gets in the van with them and they take off.

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The party is in full swing. Kirsten thanks Julie for making her do this. She says she wasnt sure she was ready, but having her support . . . She wishes her dad could see them as hed be so proud. 

Taylor and her mom show up, and Taylors mom wonders where her friends are. Taylor says theyll be here. Her mother says she hopes so as she doesnt want to see her sitting in the corner reading a magazine all night. Seth hears that and says hello to Taylor. Taylors mom introduces herself as Veronica and says she is glad to meet Seth. She asks Taylor if this is the man she bought the present for. Taylor is embarrassed but gives the gift to Seth. Its a DVD, a martial arts movie that was only released in Japan. Taylor has a cousin that works there. Seth thanks her. Veronica leaves them to be alone. Taylor runs outside, and Seth chases after her. She cries that she doesnt need him feeling sorry for her. Seth says he doesnt. She cries about her mother, how horrible she is but how her mom is right, she lives in a dream world.. She says she thinks Summer is her friend and that Seth likes her, but its a farce. She says she has no one, and even the grinch had the dog. Seth says he likes her, but she says he pities her. He says no he thinks shes funny. He says she has good taste in movies, shes smart and interesting. He says if shed relax other people would see that. Taylor gets uncomfortably close to Seth, putting his hand on her face, so Seth pulls away. Seth has to go back in and find Summer. Taylor giggles.

Johnny talks with Ryan, Ryan cant find Marissa. Hes having a bad feeling. Ryan gets a call from Marissa, but its Volchek who has her phone. He says he has Marissa and he should come get her, hes under the pier. Ryan tells Johnny that Volchek has her. Johnny thinks they should call the cops, but Ryan says hes going to finish this.

Kirsten tells Charlotte how much money they have raised, almost a million dollars. She wonders where Julie is? Julie takes the microphone and says she thanks them all for their donations, but they have raised more than their little charity could ever imagine. Julie says therefore please make your checks out to the national institute for substance abuse. Charlotte is pissed and she threatens to call the police and tell them what happened. Julie tells her to call them. Charlotte says nothing. Julie says yeah she thought so. Charlotte says these people wont accept her and she has no friends. Julie says no she has Kirsten and she wont do that to her. Julie suggests Charlotte leave as this town is only big enough for one manipulative bitch. She gives her a kiss and says take care sweetie.

Summer asks Seth where hes been. He says in the parking lot. She sees the DVD and thinks it is from Taylor. Seth begins to explain everything and how Taylor is just really lonely. Summer says she doesnt make it easy to be nice to her. She tells him not to lie to her again. Summer asks how bad he wants to go home and watch the move. Seth says so bad it might kill him. She says lets go.

Johnny and Ryan are heading to the pier. Johnny thinks this is a bad idea. Ryan knows what hes doing and whatever happens go with it. Ryan says if it doesnt work, grab Marissa and run. 

At the pier, Ryan walks up to Volchek. Ryan grabs a bottle and shatters it, holding whats left as a weapon. Volchek tells him not to get crazy, he doesnt want to do this. Marissa is stunned, as is everyone else. Volchek cant believe this is happening, hes scared. Volchek picks up a board. Ryan says if he wants to fight then he has to kill him. Ryan asks what is it going to be. Volchek drops the board and walks away with his friends saying forget it, Ryan is crazy. Marissa realizes Ryan bluffed the whole thing, and they hug. 

Back at the club, Kirsten meets up with Sandy. He congratulates her on the success of her evening. She says so what is going on with him. He says he had to fire four people today. He doesnt know if hes the guy for this job. She says that means he cares and hes right for the job. She says her father didnt care about firing people and his ego almost ruined the company. She says shed chose him to run that company over her father any day,

Marissa and Ryan talk. She tells him how much hes changed, hes a totally different Ryan. He asks if the old one was so bad. She says just darker, and he scared her sometimes. Ryan says him too. Marissa says shes proud of him. 

Ryan returns home and punches his bag some. He begins taking his anger out on it big time. He beats it until his hands bleed.

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