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November 20th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Ryan in the pool house reading the paper, the headline reads Newports Man of the Year Arrested. Seth is looking in the mirror and asks if he did the right thing cutting his hair? He doesnt seemed to be phased at all by his grandfathers arrest. Ryan says Summer was way off base about him, everything isnt always about him. Seth says oh my god, your right; here I am going on about my hair and my grandfathers in the cooler. Seth says they need to change the topic to something not about him. Ryan begins talking about AP Physics and how he cant find his book, and Seth says they have to concentrate on something other than his nerd gear because hes having a crisis here! Ryan says hes doing it again, and Seth says he has to change, he has to be a better person and be less selfish. Ryan says hes used to it and he doesnt have to change for him. Seth says hes not doing this for him, its for the greater good. Ryan thinks this is about getting Summer back, but Seth says it isnt. Seth says he doesnt want her back, and this is the new him, the news Seth Cohen. Ryan says hes doing it again; hes talking about himself in the third person. Seth asks how Seths hair is?

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Sandy and Caleb are driving back from the police station. Sandy tells Caleb he can thank him later. Caleb says he let him spend the night in jail, and it was the most vile and inhuman night of his life. Sandy says that is saying something coming from the guy who married Julie Cooper. Caleb asks what the plan of action is? Sandy says he needs to meet with his clients and make sure they are okay with him taking him on as a client. Caleb asks why wouldnt they be? Sandy says hes not the ideal client. Caleb says what, rich, powerful? Sandy says guilty. Caleb says he missed the turn to the office. Sandy says they arent going there, they are going home. Sandy says its time he took a break from the company. Sandy suggests he step down and put Kirsten in charge, besides she does everything except the underhanded stuff.

Outside of the school, a new girl arrives and asks if she can park here? Two girls say sure, if shes not embarrassed. Her car is not up to Newport standards, and neither are her clothes. She is very frumpy looking, wearing plain pants and a dress shirt.

Ryan and Seth order some coffee and see a flyer for the new club opening up in Newport and that the Walkmen are playing there. Seth decides to get Summer some tickets to show her how hes changed and is now selfless. Ryan and Seth walk off, and Ryan slams into the new girl. He spins his coffee all over her, and then accidentally smacks her in the nose causing her to drops her purse, which in turn causes her tampons to fly everywhere. Ryan asks if there is anything else he can do? She says he could shave off her eyebrows, unless this is how they treat all their news students. He offers to buy her a coffee, but she says no thanks. She says shell go ring out her shirt and put some toilet paper up her nose. She says thanks and walks off.

At the Cohens house, Sandy and Kirsten talk to Caleb about stepping down. Sandy says its the only way the company will have a future, and he tells Caleb to get his Martha Stewart on. Someone rings the doorbell, and it is Julie. Julie says as soon as she saw the paper she walked out of her seaweed wrap and came right here. She says she knows she hasnt been here for him, but he hasnt been exactly honest with her. Kirsten says theyll excuse them, and she forces Sandy to leave. Sandy says it was just getting good Julie says when Jimmy went down so did their marriage, and she doesnt want the same to happen to them. She asks what she can do, make some calls or talk to the press? Caleb says Kirsten is doing all of that. Julie says she cant do everything, and there must be something she can do. He says she can go to the store and get him food since hes working from home now.

Back at school, Marissa and Summer are at their lockers. Marissa tells Summer that Zack is perfect. Summer says hes good looking, but not into himself, smart, but not brilliant, a politicians son, hes like Newports Prince William. Summer tells Marissa that her dad is stoked she is dating Zack and wants to go to lunch. Marissa asks if shes going to do it? Summer says no way, that was a grade A disaster with Cohen. Marissa says Zack is not Seth. Summer says she knows. Marissa says so what is the problem, is she afraid he will like Zack, or is she not over Seth? Summer says she is over Seth, and for Marissa to just shut up. They head to the lounge, and Zack shows up and sits next to Summer on the couch. He tells Marissa that he was sorry to read about her step-dad in the paper. Summer cant believe he reads the paper. He rambles off every paper he reads, and thinks the relationship is now over. Summer says no, and they were just talking and she wants to know what hes doing this weekend.

Ryan shows up for physics class and the only seat left is next to the new girl. He promises hell keep his hands to himself. When he tries to sit down he clobbers her in the head with his backpack. She wonders why he hates her so much, what did she do? Ryan says it was an accident, but she says four accidents, or six if you count each individual tampon. The new girl thinks they never need to talk together again, until the teacher shows up and makes them partners. Her name is Lindsay Gardner. 

After school, Ryan is biking on the boardwalk and Seth is skating. Seth says this Bait Shop could be like Newports very own C.B.G.Bs They head to the club to get the tickets for the show, and the club is completely empty. The stage is being set, and the only person in the club is a woman working on her laptop. She has headphones on and cant hear the guys. Seth taps her on the shoulder, and she twists his arm and says touch her again and shell hurt him. Seth says ow, what do you call this! She asks what they want, and they say they want tickets. She says all sold out. Some guys finish setting the stage and tell Alex she is all set. She thanks them and gives them their tickets, and she says there are a few extra. Seth asks why he gets tickets, and she says he works here. Seth asks if he works here can he get tickets? She says he doesnt work here. He sees a help wanted sign and asks for the job. Alex says he doesnt want it, but Seth says he does want it. She tells him it will be long hours, taking tickets, cleaning toilets. He says fine. She says shell have to ask the owner Nat, but hes never here. He says fine. She gives him a mop and says he can start right now. She walks off, and Ryan cant believe he is doing this for Summer. He says yeah, for her friendship. Seth says he has work to do, and says hes off to change urinal cakes. 

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Ryan sits at the table and is studying. Sandy says check out the new Ryan Atwood studying at the breakfast table. Sandy asks how classes are going. Ryan says tough, especially psychics. Sandy says physics is tough. Ryan says its not the class its the students, well one student in particular. Seth shows up and says personal growth is so painful. Sandy says he never thought hed live to see the day when his son is doing manual labor. Kirsten shows up and Seth tells his mom that hes now a blue collar worker and Ryan is science nerd. Kirsten tells Seth that is nice, and not to worry about his grandfather. Seth says he hasnt really been . . . he stops and says hes been so concerned these past few nights. Ryan asks if everything will be okay? Kirsten says everything will be all right. Seth says what if grandpa did have to go to some white collar prison? Kirsten says they wont be affected, the company wont be lost. Seth asks what about the house? Kirsten gives him a look, and Sandy tells Seth to stop talking crazy.

At Marissas, Julie assures Marissa that everything will be fine and she will hold this family together. She tells Marissa that Caleb wont go to jail. Marissa says that is a shame, because if he did than Julie would be back on the street and she could go back to living with dad. 

At school, Ryan shows up for physics class. Ryan thinks they should exchange numbers to work on their lab report. Lindsay says no, she already turned it in. She says she put both their names on it and theyll get an A. He says they were supposed to do it together. She says heres the thing, the only reason she is here is to load up on AP classes so she can get accepted into Harvard or Yale. He says she has the wrong idea about him, hes not stupid. She tells him to take the A and enjoy it. Ryan goes to get the lab report back from the teacher. He says hes not yet finished with it. The teacher says it looks good to him, but Ryan says he didnt get to contribute too much to it, and by a whole lot he means anything. The teacher is not pleased, and he says now they have an additional assignment to do. He refuses to split them up and says they will either do it together or fail together. Lindsay tells him oh yeah, youre not stupid at all!

At the Bait Shop, Alex is struggling to move a carton of glasses while Seth sits on his but polishing a single glass. She asks for some help, and he goes to help her. Seths legs go numb, and she says he is so out of his element. She wonders why he is here, and he says for tickets. He says he needs them for a girl. Seth says they are for her and her boyfriend, er her friend thats a boy. Seth says she wants to show her that hes capable of thinking of someone other than himself. She says that is pathetic, but sweet. Alexs parents call to check up on her, and Seth asks how old she is. Alex says 17. He asks why she doesnt go to school. She says she used to, but she got kicked out. She says she was kicked out by her parents after that, and she found her own place and got a job. She ends up giving Seth two tickets, and Seth says shell be really stoked. However, she says this game he is planning, this girl will see right through it.

At the Newport Group, Kirsten is on the phone trying to calm down some stockholders. Sandy shows up, and Sandy says he was fired for taking on Caleb as a client. 

At Summers place, Summer is watching the Valley. Someone knocks on her door, and she says it is Thursday night, no knocking till 9pm! Seth walks in, and Summer asks how he got in? Seth says her step-mom let him in. Summer says he should go because the Valley is on, but he says he has something for her. He gives her the tickets for her and Zack. She asks if this is a trick? He says no, he wanted to do something nice for someone other than himself. He says he wants to be friends, and for her to enjoy the show. Seth then leaves. 

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Marissa is having breakfast with Jimmy on the boat, she stayed the night. Julie shows up and asks Marissa if she is ready to go? Marissa says back to the gulag, and heads off to get her stuff. Jimmie asks how Caleb is, and she says hes never better. She says hes facing prison, they could lose everything. Jimmy asks if shell divorce him and take his kids? Julie says no. She says youd think Caleb would be grateful for her personal growth, but he only listens to Kirsten and Sandy. Jimmy says the Julie he knew wouldnt stand for that, nobody puts Julie Cooper in the corner. Julie says she doesnt know how this is happening again. He says because she keeps marrying for money? Julie says she didnt marry him for money. Jimmy says she married him because she was pregnant. Julie says he married her because she was pregnant; she married him because she loved him. Marissa returns and says goodbye to her dad, and Julie says back to the gulag! 

At the lounge at school, Ryan is working on the physics assignment, and Lindsay asks what he is doing? He says working on their assignment. Lindsay has already finished it for them. Lindsay says shes sorry but if he flunks out then he can spend the rest of his life floating in his parents infinity pool, she isnt that lucky. She says she needs a scholarship. Ryan says he transferred in from Chino last year, he was just like her. She says he was assaulted by the captain of the water polo team? Ryan says first hes never seen a water polo match, and yeah he was. Ryan says they eventually became friends and he found out he was an okay guy. Lindsay says shes not here to make friends. He says mission accomplished. Lindsay says this isnt working, so he can do the first half of the assignment and shell go over it before she puts it together with hers. He says and hell go over hers, so she says theyll have to get together this weekend and go over it.

In Summers room, Summer is putting on makeup and shows Zack the tickets. He asks where she got them? Summer says Seth gave them to her. Zack asks why? Summer says he said he wanted to be friends, and hes trying to change. Zack thinks hes doing this to win her back, but she says no. Zack says hypothetically if Seth is changing, would she want to get back together with him. She says hypothetically . . . He says she should go to the concert and figure things out with Seth. Summer wonders if Zack is a Robot because hes not insecure or jealous. Zack says they have had a great time, but if they have taken this thing as far as possible then to let him know. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten, Sandy, Julie and Caleb are drinking champagne. Sandy wants to toast to unemployment. Caleb says he and Julie have been talking, and hes come to a decision. Caleb says tomorrow hes going to call a press conference and announce that he is stepping down as CEO and is appointing a new CEO. Kristen is flattered, but Caleb says hes appointing Julie! Julie asks who needs more champagne?

At the Bait Shop the Walkmen perform to a packed audience. Ryan and Seth are hanging out, and Seth hasnt seen Summer yet. He thinks she may not show and will never know the blood, sweat and other peoples pee that went into getting her those tickets. Ryan says he thought he would be happy for her no matter what because he is her friend. Seth says right. Summer finally shows up alone, and Seth learns Zack couldnt come and says that is too bad. Seth says hell show her to her very VIP seating.

Ryan heads out of the club and sees Marissa sitting alone on a bench. He sits with her and talks to her. Marissa says she wasnt planning on coming, shes just here for team summer. Ryan says hes here for team Seth. They talk about Seth and Summer and whether they are destined to be together or not. Ryan says only time will tell. Ryan asks if she wants to go in and watch the band? She reminds him the last time they went to a concert things didnt turn out so well. He says things are different now.

Sandy walks Caleb out of his house, and he is furious with Caleb for doing what hes done to Kirsten. He says after all Kirsten has done for him he did this? Caleb says he has to think about his marriage, and it is a figure head position he said so himself. Caleb says Kirsten will continue to run the show. Sandy says and work for Julie, why would she want to do that? Sandy suggests Caleb find a way to make this up to Kirsten unless he wants Julie to be his lawyer too. Caleb leaves their house, and heads to the car where Julie is waiting.

Back at the club, Seth and Summer are sitting at a table located on an upper level above the crowd. Summer thanks him for getting a seat for her. She says they really need to talk. Suddenly Alex shows up and says some guy just puked all over an amplifier. Seth says hes on it, and Summer asks why that tattooed girl was telling him about vomit? Seth says shes his boss, he works here now, its the only way he could get the tickets. Summer asks why? He says to show her that he could be selfless and so she would stop hating them so they could be friends. Summer says that was really sweet of him. Seth and Summer look at one another, and Seth leans over and kisses her. She pulls away, and he says hes sorry, and she runs off. Seth runs after her, and finds her outside by the pier. She says he is unbelievable, she thought he just wanted to be friend. He says he does and he didnt mean for that to happen. She asks so this whole night wasnt a plan to get her back? He says absolutely not. He says unless thats what she wants. Summer tries to walk off, and she turns around and says she believed he just wanted to be friends. He says he does, but maybe he cant be just friends with her. She says then maybe this is it for them. Summer then walks away and leaves him standing there. 

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At the pool house, Seth sits on the floor in his jammies. He tells Ryan that he is so tired right now, he didnt sleep at all. He says he handled the summer situation so wrong. HE says he never should have returned her phone calls. Ryan says she never called. He says he should have dated other girls. Ryan says there were none. Seth says maybe if he messed with her mind than it could have worked. Ryan says hes sorry, and hed love to rehash the evening second by second, but hes got to go meet his lab partner. Seth says on a Saturday? He tells Ryan that hes taking this geek thing too far. Ryan says this chick is going down. Seth says he just needs to talk about himself for several more hours. Ryan says he thought Seth didnt do that anymore. Seth says that was the new Seth Cohen, but now the Classic Seth Cohen is back. Ryan tells him to hang in as he wont be gone for long.

Sandy comforts Kirsten, and he asks her what she will do? Kirsten says she is not going back to the office. She says she can tolerate Julie as a step mother, but not her boss. Sandy says she can hang out here with him, but she says she cant be unemployed, she cant even take a vacation for a week. She says she cant quit, but she cant go back there. Sandy says hes not the one she should be telling this too.

Marissa lays in bed with her care bare. Seth shows up to see her, and she asks how he got in her room, and what is he doing here? Seth says he has a problem and nobody else will listen to him. Seth says he really hurt Summer last night. Marissa says yeah he did. Marissa says if he really wants to be her friend then he should just apologize. Seth says it sounds so simple when she says it. He asks if he knows where Summer is? She says hes at the club having lunch with her dad, but he shouldnt go there now. Marissa asks if he knows where Ryan is? Seth says at school doing his physics homework. Seth says Ryan is kinda dorky now.

Back at the Cohens, Caleb shows up and Sandy says shes agreed to supervised visitation, twenty minutes max. Caleb says he doesnt need supervision with his own daughter, but Sandy says hes supervising her, she may kill him. Caleb says hes sorry. Kirsten asks if he will change his mind? He says he has to do this to save his marriage. She asks who will save the company? He says her, thats why hes appointing her Newport Groups new chief financial officer. He says they all know the person who control the money controls the company. She asks if Julie knows that? Caleb says shell find out. Caleb says the company needs her, the family needs her, he needs her. He says Julie will get bored after a day anyways. Kirsten asks if she gets a raise?

Ryan and Lindsay meet at school to work on their assignment, and Lindsay says he didnt do a bad job on his half. He says her work isnt terrible either. Lindsay finally tells Ryan she owes him several apologies. Ryan says she has to say the words, that is how it works Lindsay extends a formal acknowledgement that she may have unintentionally . . . She says shes sorry. He says hes sorry about the coffee and the black eye and the tampons. Marissa soon shows up and sees them together, and she seems unhappy to see them joking around with one another. She ends up walking off with her arms crossed across her chest.

Seth shows up at the club dressed to impress, only to see Summer, Zack and Summers dad having lunch together. Summers dad seems to love Zack, and Summer is laughing. Summer holds his hand, and Summers dad pats him on the back. 

Marissa ends up on the pier and Seth finds her there. He sits with her, and both are down in the dumps. He says if someone would have told him last year that theyd be the two loneliest people in Newport he wouldnt have believed them. 

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