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November 19th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the Cohen's kitchen. Kirsten is working on Thanksgiving dinner when Seth walks in and groans. Seth begs her not to cook, but Kirsten says she wants to make this a special thanksgiving because it is Ryans first one with them. Seth says this is his favorite holiday, and she knows that he loves eating all the delicious food that comes with it, so she cant deny him that by cooking. Seth begs his mom not to ruin the food. Kirsten says she wont ruin the dinner, and they can all work on the dinner as a family if hed like. Kirsten takes the turkey out and doesnt know what to do with it. Sandy and Ryan show up, and they end up chipping in to help, Sandy does the turkey, Ryan does the cranberries, Seth chops the veggies, and Kirsten is left without a job! The phone rings, so she decides to answer it because she can still do that. The phone call is for Ryan, and it is Trey calling from prison. Ryan takes it in the other room, and Kirsten wonders what he is calling about. She says sometimes she forgets Ryan has a family of his own.

Ryan talks to Trey, and Trey asks him for a favor. Trey wants Ryan to come out and see him. Ryan doesnt know because it is Thanksgiving, but he eventually agrees to come out to the prison to see him. Ryan goes back into the kitchen, and he tells the others that his brother wants him to come see him because he doesnt want to be alone on the holiday. Kirsten asks if he is going? Ryan says it is only an hour away, so he could be there and back before dinner. Sandy tells him that it is great that hes going to see his brother on Thanksgiving. 

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Seth continues to work on the dinner and Ryan is helping him. Seth tells Ryan that he should be heading out, but Ryan says he has to finish up what he's doing. Ryan is stalling, and finally says Trey is going to want something from him. Seth says maybe not, but Ryan knows he will want something. Seth offers to go with him, saying legally they are like brothers now. Ryan thanks him but says he needs to keep Kirsten away from the food, and he has Anna coming over.

Out at the grill, Sandy is cooking and Kirsten tells him that she wants a job. Sandy finally tells her that he and the boys struck a deal to keep her away from the food. She is hurt, and Sandy says hes glad she wants to explore new things, but with company coming over tonight is not the night for her to try her hand at cooking. They soon end up discussing Rachel and Jimmy, who have been invited over in order to try and fix them up, but neither Rachel nor Jimmy know that! It seems neither Sandy nor Kirsten told Rachel and Jimmy about them being fixed up tonight. Kirsten soon begins ranting that Caleb is having Thanksgiving with Julie Cooper. Sandy says better with her than with them! 

At Jimmys, Marissa is telling her dad that she really doesnt want to go have dinner with mom and Caleb. Jimmy says it will only be for an hour. She says Caleb is creepy and weird. Jimmy says her mom is moving on, and so is he. She asks really? He says he is trying, but it might not seem like it considering he has no money, no job, and a ruined reputation. Jimmy tells her that he knows dinner will be weird, but her mom is still her mom.

Back at the Cohens, Ryan is getting ready to head out. He is hanging out with Seth in Seths room, and he asks Seth when he started wearing cologne? Seth says hes trying it out for today. Ryan teases him and thinks it is because Anna is coming over. He thinks it is cool, and he says Anna digs him. Seth swears Ryan to secrecy regarding what he is about to tell him, and then Seth tells him about his kiss with Summer. He says for the first 16 years of his life he had no woman, and now he has two and he doesnt know what to do!

Jimmy and Marissa show up at the Cohen's, and Marissa says she stopped by on the way to her moms to talk to Ryan. They head out to the pool house, and Jimmy gives Jimmy and Sandy some wine he brought over. Jimmy is not dressed up at all, and Rachel is worried. He asks what is wrong with the way he looks, its just them right? They quickly tell him that he looks fine and walk away.

In the Pool house, Ryan and Marissa make out for awhile, and Ryan says he needs to head off. She asks where he is going? He explains, and she says she would like to go with him. She wants to see where he is from, what that life was like. Ryan tells her that is not his life anymore so it doesnt matter. IT is obvious Ryan doesnt want her to come with him, and Marissa seems hurt by this.

Meanwhile, Rachel shows up and brings a bottle of wine. She gives Sandy a little kiss, and Kirsten an awkward hug. Jimmy shows up, and introduces himself to Rachel. He says they have met before, and she says "right." Sandy suggests they both have a seat, and Sandy and Kirsten just sort of stare at them. Kirsten and Sandy both claim they have to check on something, and then run off. 

In the kitchen, Sandy and Kirsten say they suck, that was not smooth of them at all. Ryan has to leave, and Sandy gives him some money just in case of an emergency. Kirsten gives him the car keys, and a pie to take to Trey, which she tells him is store bought so he doesnt have to worry. Ryan leaves the house and heads to the car where Marissa is waiting in the passenger seat. She insists on going with him, and she says her mom said it was okay. Ryan isnt sure about this, but eventually agrees to take her along with him. Ryan starts the car and they take off.

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Ryan and Marissa arrive at the prison and go in to see Trey. They walk through the inmate yard and come upon Trey, who has a bloody lip and  a black eye. Ryan introduces Trey to Marissa, and Trey and Ryan hug. Marissa leaves them to talk alone and sits a ways away from them. Trey tells Ryan that it looks like hes been doing pretty good for himself. Ryan wonders what Trey wants. Trey tells Ryan that hes in trouble, he owes some people six thousand dollars. He says the people he owes money have friends in here who remind him that he owes them money, and things are only going to get worse for him. Ryan says he doesnt have that kind of money. Trey says he isnt asking him for the money.

Ryan and Marissa are back in the car, and he tells Marissa that hes dropping her off at the bus station. She asks why? Ryan says he has to pick up a stolen car and drop it off at a chop shop in order to help his brother out, and he doesn't want to involve her. Marissa, worried about Ryan's parole, says she is not leaving him, end of discussion.

Back at the Cohens, Anna arrives and meet Seths parents. Sandy asks Anna if her family doesn't celebrate the slaughter of the Native American people? She says they do, but her parents went back to Pittsburg to have dinner with the rest of their family, and she decided to stay behind. Kirsten still isnt allowed to help with dinner, so she begins drinking some wine. Anna decides to pitch in, and grabs some sweet potatoes, old gravy,  and some corn flakes. Seth says hes not so hungry anymore, but she says hell be eating his words. Anna looks at him and tells him to come help her.

Later, Rachel is not pleased with Sandy for setting her up with Jimmy. She accuses him of not wanting to deal with what is going on between them. Sandy says nothing is going on between them, and Jimmy is a good guy. Rachel says it is not going to happen. Meanwhile, Jimmy confronts Kirsten about the set-up, and she tries to ignore him, but he wont let her. Later, Jimmy and Rachel both run into one another, and they both make it clear that they did not know about this set-up. They soon end up watching a football game together, and they are each rooting for opposing teams. Jimmy loves the Dolphins, whereas Rachel is a cowboys fan. They soon begin to talk sports, and they both love ESPN classics.

Julie and Caleb show up, and Sandy says the gruesome twosome! Julie says the catering truck with their dinner broke down, so they are going out to eat. She is here to get Marissa, but Kirsten says hes not here. Caleb decides they should just have dinner here. Kirsten is ticked off that her father has just invited himself to dinner. Julie and Caleb head inside, and Julie asks where Marissa is. Kirsten says she was saying goodbye to Ryan, who went home, the last she knew. Caleb and Julie walk into the living room where Jimmy and Rachel are, and it is an awkward little scene as Caleb is faced with Rachel, and Jimmy and Julie come face to face.

Back in Chino, Ryan shows up at his friend Arturos house. Arturos sister, Theresa, answers the door, and it is an awkward meeting between her and Marissa. Theresa was Ryans ex-girlfriend, and she realizes Marissa is the new girlfriend. Marissa asks how she knows Ryan? Theresa says she and Ryan grew up together, she was the girl next door. Marissa says so is she. Ryan asks for Arturo, and she invites them in. 

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Theresa introduces Marissa to her mother. Theresas mother is glad to see Ryan, and she says it's been a long time. She asks how his mother is? He says she is fine. She asks about his brother, and Ryan says that is why he is here. Arturo shows up, and he knows Ryan is here for the car. They head out back, and Theresas mother asks Marissa to help them cook dinner. Marissa says she'd love to help, but Theresa says she probably has maids who cook for her!

Back at the Cohens, Sandy and Kirsten are not happy that Caleb and Julie have crashed their dinner. Caleb tries to talk to Kirsten, but she refuses to talk to him. Anna soon lays into Caleb about his building on the wetlands and polluting them? Sandy gets a chuckle out of this. When Caleb tells her about his company's plans to preserve some of it, she calls his plans a band aid for a bullet wound. The doorbell rings, and Summer shows up. Seth is shocked to see her at the door. She says she was supposed to meet Marissa for thanksgiving, but nobody is there. Summer wants to talk about what didnt happen on the yacht. Seth says Okay, and suggests they go to the pool house. He doesnt want Anna to see her, so they leave. Once at the pool house, Summer and Seth begin some heavy making out. She says she cant explain her attraction to him, but she still doesnt want him to tell anyone. Seth says he just remembered he has green beans to check on, so he runs out.

Back in Chino, Marissa sees a picture of Ryan when he was younger on the fridge. He was dressed as snoopy. Theresa's mom says he played Snoopy  in his Eighth Grade play Youre a good man Charlie Brown. Marissa laughs because she didn't know Ryan was into musicals. She also sees Ryan and Theresas picture from the winter carnival last year. Theresa tells Marissa that Ryan just left, he was there one day and gone the next. She says he didnt even call her. Theresa says they grew up together, but now she wonders if she ever really knew him at all.

Outside, Ryan and Arturo work on the car. Arturo wonders why he is doing Treys bitchwork? Ryan says he is his brother. Still, Arturo doesnt understand why Ryan doesn't goes back to his new life and forget about Trey.

Back at the Cohens, Kirsten is sucking back the wine, and Sandy tells her to slow down. She lashes out and Sandy. She says she doesnt want him to tell her to slow down, she wants him to tell Caleb to hit the bricks because shes tired of being used by him.

Seth sneaks back to the house, and Anna asks where hes been? Seth says he was feeding Ryans sea monkeys. She says she loves those things and she wants to see them, but he says theyre dead, they killed themselves due to holiday pressure! Anna suggests they head to the pool house and spend some alone time together, but Seth suggests they do that in his room. They go upstairs, and soon begin making out! Seth then remembers he has cauliflower steaming, and runs out on Anna. Seth calls Ryan for some advice, but Ryan cant talk now. He says hell call him back when he and Marissa are on the road. Seth cant believe Marissa is with him because her mom is looking for her.

Back in Chino, Ryan sees Theresa and Marissa talking and giggling, and we can see he doesnt like this.

Back at the Cohens, Seth tells his mom that Marissa is in Chino with Ryan, and Julie overhears this and is not pleased.

Back in Chino, Ryan says goodbye to Theresa, and he says they will talk. Marissa asks Ryan why he didnt tell her about Theresa. Ryan doesnt want to talk to her about him right now because he knows she lied to him about her mom giving her permission. He tells her to take a bus back to Newport. 

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At the Cohen pool house, Summer and Seth are doing some serious making out and Summer tries to get Seths shirt off, but she has troubles and says it must be childproof. Seth begins to undo his shirt for, and he cant stop giggling because it is finally happening. When he says this out loud, Summer  pushes him off of him and says this cant be happening! Seth falls to the floor and claims he's going to have a monster bruise on his butt. Summer says she is feeling lightheaded and needs some food. She wants to go inside, but Seth says hell bring food out to here because she is his guest. He also says his mom is cooking, his dad is in an apron, and she doesnt want to see that.

Meanwhile, Julie is busy blaming Jimmy for Marissa leaving, but Jimmy says this is not his fault. She calls him a horrible father, and Caleb agrees that he is a pretty bad father not to know where his own daughter went off to. Sandy chimes in and tells Caleb that he is one to talk. Caleb says he is a good parent, and at least he never took in a kid from the hood. Kirsten defends Ryan. Soon, everyone is arguing.

Seth runs upstairs to check on Anna, who seems a bit annoyed at being left alone in his room for so long. She says she made do by playing Jenga with Seth's toy horse. She forgives him, and they begin making out. Anna decides to help Seth get his sweater off, but he ends up falling onto the floor and comments Thats two bruises today! She wonders what he means, and he makes up some lame excuse and then says he has to leave again to check on more food.

Summer walks into the Cohen kitchen and sees someone who she thinks is Seth, they have her back to her. She says something a bit provocative, and she's horrified when Sandy turns around! She squeals Eeew! And then runs off

In Chino, Ryan brings the hot rod to the guys Trey owes money to. Unfortunately, the guy says Trey is not off the hook and they demand interest. They begin to beat him up, when Marissa shows up with the car and saves his ass. He runs to the car, and she speeds off.

Back at the Cohens, everyone is still bickering with one another, and Seth finally has to explain what is going on with Anna and Summer to his dad. Sandy tells him to be a man and tell Anna that he likes Summer. Seth says he is right, and he should, but . . . Sandy thinks Seth likes Anna, so he should tell Summer that. Seth says again, there is a problem. Sandy tells him hell have to figure this out on his own. 

Suddenly the turkey begins to smoke, and everyone runs into the kitchen. Anna and Summer both run into one another when they come to see what is going on, and they are not happy, especially when they both learn they have been kissing Seth! Both Anna and Seth walk out on Seth. The turkey is fried, and a drunk Kirsten walks out of the kitchen.

Back a the prison, Ryan tells Trey that he settled his debt. Ryan says hell try and visit when he can, but Trey says no. Trey tells Ryan that he has a real chance now, so he needs to leave him and all of this behind. Ryan and Trey hug, and then Ryan and Marissa leave. They drive back to Newport, and t is a quiet ride home. Ryan finally says That was Chino. Marissa says she never realized that when he left, he left people behind. Ryan says he doesnt want to do that again. Marissa says he wont have to, and she calls him snoopy.

Ryan and Marissa finally arrive back at the Cohen's. Sandy is in bed eating Chinese food and watching football. Kirsten is passed out next to him. Rachel and Jimmy are eating Chinese food in the living room, and they make a date to watch a game together. Julie and Caleb are eating in the kitchen, and she is relieved when Marissa comes home safe. She asks why she didnt tell her she was leaving? Caleb tells her that it is thanksgiving . . . and then he offers Ryan some food.

Ryan and Marissa go upstairs and find Seth all alone. They bring him some food, and they have dinner together. Seth asks what Trey said, and Ryan says he said goodbye. Ryan says it is good to be home. Marissa tries to liven up the situation and says Ryan used to do musicals when he was younger. The show ends with the three of them talking and eating Chinese food.

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