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November 26th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with a flyover of the coast and and the town of Newport. Seth is dancing in the halls of his house in his boxers, a t-shirt, and robe. He heads into the kitchen where Sandy is getting ready to head off to work, and he fakes sick. He says he may have a fever and or the chills. Ryan sits at the table and watches Seth try and get out of school, but Sandy says he doesnt feel warm. Ryan says maybe he has the Summer flu . . maybe he needs some Annabiotics . . .Sandy asks Seth if he doesnt want to go to school? Seth says he does, he just doesnt want to infect others. Sandy says they could take him to the emergency room. Ryan says or you could go to school and face Anna and Summer and apologize. Seth says no and no, its not his fault that they both tried to kiss him. He says he was the one who was assaulted he is the victim. Kirsten walks into the kitchen in her robe, and asks Seth why he isnt dressed? Sandy asks why she isnt dressed, or is that what women are wearing to yogalates (yoga + pilates). Kristen says shes not feeling well so she might not go. They say she is probably still hung over from Thanksgiving. Kirsten says Julie has probably told anyone who will listen that she has a drinking problem. Sandy says that is why she needs to go, otherwise the women will think shes at home sleeping off another bender. Ryan tells Seth that Summer and Anna will think hes too afraid to face them. Seth says hes not afraid of Summer and Anna, well, not Anna. Kristen wonders why the two of them are so smug. Seth says because they didnt do anything wrong. Sandy and Ryan toast to that, but Kirsten tells them that knowing them it wont last long, so they should enjoy it.

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At school, the kids are all in history class and are being informed about their projects for the class. They are told they will be divided into teams of two and will have to present to the class something important from European history. The teacher says hes going to be selecting the teams himself. He pairs Ryan and Luke up, and tells them they have to do the Spanish Inquisition. 

At lunch, Seth, Ryan and Marissa discuss Luke and Ryans partnership. Marissa has been paired up with Marcy and are doing Cortes and the Aztecs. Seth says he likes Marcy, and Marissa asks if he is going after her next, because she suggests he tell Anna and Summer if he is. Seth decides to ignore her and asks Ryan what he and Luke are doing. He says they are doing the Spanish Inquisition, and hes meeting Luke at his house after school. Seth asks him if hell go into the heart of darkness? Marissa says hey, maybe theyll end up being friends. Ryan asks her if she thinks, but she says no, it is just too weird. Marissa wonders what they will talk about? Seth says he can only think about one thing.

Sandy is talking to Jimmy about his case and financial troubles. Sandy says all charges will be dropped if he makes financial restitutions to his clients by January first. Jimmy says that would mean selling the house, and he cant do that to Julie and the girls during the holidays. Sandy says all he has to do is show the house, he doesnt have to sell it yet. Sandy says Julie cant afford to live there is he is in jail, but Jimmy thinks she can now that she is going out with Caleb. 

Back at school, Summer questions Marissa about Seth while they are in the bathroom. Marissa says shes not getting involved, and she walks out. Anna walks in, and Summer and Anna come face to face. Anna begins flossing, which Summer is grossed out by. Summer tells Anna that if she wants Seth than she can have him, but Anna says that is okay. She says she isnt interested in someone who treats women the way Seth did.

Anna and Summer leave and run into Seth in the hall. HE is intimidated by running into them at the same time. He asks how they are, are they getting along? Anna says yes, and they were just going to the library to do some research. Summer says yes, and afterwards they were going shopping. They walk off, and Seth thinks this is not good.

Kirsten shows up for class, and the girls in the locker-room ask her how she is feeling? They say they heard from Julie that she was under the weather after Thanksgiving. Kirsten confronts Julie and asks her if she told everyone if she was drunk? She says everyone was wondering where she was, and they are all friends here. Kirsten says if that is the case then maybe Julie should start acting like a friend. 

Ryan shows up at Lukes house. Ryan is shown in by Lukes mom, Meredith. He also meets Lukes younger brothers Eric and Brad, who are fighting over a toy. Lukes dad, Carson, shows up, but is only dropping off his wifes car. He says hello to Ryan, and when he learns about their project he says that is not one of historys proudest moments. It turns out Carson was a history major at USC, and now he sells cars for a living. Meredith says he now owns three auto dealerships. Luke shows up and tells Ryan that they should just get to work. Carson tells Ryan to keep Luke on his toes, and he reminds Luke  about a big football match this weekend. He tells Ryan that he is welcome to come if he wants. 

Ryan and Luke head up to Lukes room, and Luke has already started thinking about how to go about this presentation, which involves a whole power point presentation. Ryan seems boggled by Lukes tech speak. Ryan says okay, and they decide to head to Lukes dads office to use his scanner.

Jimmy calls Julie up to talk to her. Julie is packing some of Marissas winter things up and is going to drop them off in the morning. Jimmy tells Julie about the deal to save him from going to jail, and she is furious. She asks where she and Caitlin are supposed to live? He says her mothers or Caleb's. Marissa says they cant and they shouldnt have to. She says they arent selling this house, and maybe he deserves to go to jail! 

At Lukes dads car dealership, Luke walks in with Ryan, but the place is empty. Luke checks out some of the cars, and he and Ryan sit in one of the convertibles and pump up the music. They see Lukes dad show up with his business partner, Gus, and they decide to go say hello. However, before they say anything, they see the two men holding hands in the office, and Carson kisses Gus hand! Gus grabs Carson and they share a passionate kiss! As the two men kiss we can see that Gus is also wearing a wedding ring! Luke is devastated when he sees his father kissing another man, tries to run, trips and sets off a car alarm. Carson and Gus see that they have been caught. Luke and Ryan run, and Ryan promises not to tell anyone. Lukes dad sees him run and realizes he has been caught.

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Marissa shows up at the pool house to meet Ryan. She asks him how things went last night since he didnt call her. Ryan says they worked pretty late. She asks if he met Lukes mom, and Ryan says yes. She asks if the dad was out of town, but Ryan says he was there. She is shocked because he is usually not around. She says hes always traveling to other cities. Marissa thinks something happened, but Ryan tries to pretend like nothing happened. Marissa thinks they talked about her. Ryan finally says that she has to promise not to tell anyone what he has to say, not even Summer. Marissa says she wont say a word. 

Ryan and Marissa go out to the kitchen where Seth is. Seth asks Ryan how his date with Luke was. Ryan says it was fine. Seth wants the gossip about Lukes family, but Ryan wont say anything. However, Seth realizes something has happened, but they dont tell him.

Ryan, Seth and Marissa head to school, and Seth moans about how Summer and Anna are now friends and have been brought together over their mutual hatred of him. They head up the steps of the school, where Luke is hanging out. Ryan says they should talk about . . but Luke says they have nothing to talk about! Ryan says he was going to say the presentation. Luke says hell finish it himself. Ryan walks away, and Luke ends up calling Seth a queer. Seth heads off, and Marissa tells Ryan I promise before leaving.

Seth goes to the library and sits across from Anna, who ignores him. She is studying for a test, and when he tries to talk to her, she tells him not to and walks to another table. Summer walks in and heads to sit next to Anna. Anna gives Summer some tips for the test they are about to take, and Seth is clearly bothered by their laughing, which echoes in his head.

At the Yogalates class, Kirsten tries to talk to Julie about the house. All the girls in the locker room watch, and Julie says she is not selling the house. Kirsten offers to find her and Caitlin a house, but Julie says Caleb wont help her because it will compromise their relationship. Julie says she told him they dont have to have a relationship anymore if that is the case, so now they dont. Kirsten says she is sorry. Julie tells her to go ahead and tell everyone that shes been dumped and her husband has to sell their house to stay out of jail. She says now is her chance to get even with her. Kirsten tells Julie that if she needs anything to let her know. Suddenly, a woman walks in giggling and says she just heard a huge secret from Betsy, who just got her car serviced this morning. She tells them not to tell anyone, but they wont believe this . . . .. 

Sandy has another meeting with Jimmy about showing the house anyways. He says Julie will change her tune when she learns she is being investigated as a coconspirator. Jimmy asks if that is true? Sandy says he can make a call. Jimmy thanks Sandy and thinks hes been really cool considering everything. Jimmy appreciates him not saying anything, but he wants him to know that it was just a huge mistake. Sandy asks him what he is talking about? Jimmy realizes Kirsten never told him. Jimmy has to admit to Sandy about kissing Kirsten. Sandy looks pissed! Jimmy tries to tell him that it meant nothing, and that Kirsten probably didnt want to hurt him so she didnt tell him. Sandy gets a call on his cell phone from Kirsten. She says she has some news, and she is only telling him . . .. 

Back at school, Summer tells Marissa and Seth about Lukes dad . . . . .Seth runs off to Ryan to tell him about Lukes dad. By this time everyone in school is making fun of Luke. Ryan goes to Luke to say he didnt tell anyone, but Luke doesnt believe him. Luke tells Ryan that he is dead, and then he runs off.

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At school, Ryan finds Marissa and thinks she told, but she says she didnt. Ryan says he is the only one who knew, and she is the only one he told. Marissa says she didnt tell anyone, and she realizes that Ryan doesnt trust her. She tells him to find his own ride home, and she walks off. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten is doing some gardening when Sandy talks to her about her kiss with Jimmy. Kirsten says the kiss meant nothing. Sandy says if it meant nothing than why didnt she tell him. She says she knew it would upset him. Sandy thanks her because he felt so much better hearing it from someone else! He cant believe she has been suspicious about him and Rachel when shes been sitting on this. Kirsten says it means nothing, but he says it means something to him.

At the dinner table, everyone is quiet and not talking. Seth opens his mouth and says he thinks it is great that the shoe is on the other foot with Luke, speaking about how Luke has been calling him gay for years. Sandy tells Seth that this is not funny, their marriage is over. Ryan says they seemed very happy, and Seth asks if he means happy as in gay? Kirsten tells Seth to cut it out. Ryan wonders how you could be married to someone that long and keep that kind of secret. Sandy says secrets always come out. Kirsten says some marriages can handle the truth and some cant. 

In the locker room at the gym, the women are all gossiping about the Wards. Julie and Kirsten do not partake in the gossip. Julie says she used to love hearing about the fall of the rich and famous, until she was one of those who fell. Julie and Kirsten head off together to have a lunch of fried food and beer! 

At school, Ryan and Marissa are still on the outs. History class begins, and Luke is absent. 

In the library, Summer and Anna are making another study date. Seth shows up and tells them that he would like to apologize to the both of them. He says nothing in his life prepared him for what happened that fateful Thanksgiving day. However, he says he wont make excuses for what he did. He says he knows he hurt their feelings, and it wasnt intentional. He says he doesnt want to ruin their friendships, and he hopes some day they will forgive him. Seth walks off, and suddenly Anna and Summer both dont want to study together anymore. 

Julie and Kirsten head to the Crab Shack where they dine and talk. They bond over their problems with Caleb, and his stupid pet names for them. Kirsten tells Julie that Caleb cant spend more than three months with the same woman before he freaks. Kirsten says he knows his dad is trying to replace his mom, but he cant do that. She says she wishes he would stop trying, find someone to share his life with, and be happy. However, she doesnt know if he will ever figure that out.

Back at school, Summer tells Seth that his apology was not only the first shes ever received from a boy, but the nicest. She then asks him out on a date for Saturday! Later, Anna runs into Seth and offers to walk to class with him. She tells him that his apology was very sweet, and she asks him what hes doing Saturday night! Seth says he has a date with Summer. Anna says Oh, so what are you doing Friday night?

Ryan heads over to Lukes house, only to find Marissa there. Luke invites Ryan in, and Ryan sees a bag packed by the steps. The two boys are now watching TV and being very good, and we can hear the wife crying in the background. Luke apologizes to Ryan. He says his dad confessed all to his mom, and she was the one who blabbed. Ryan tells him not to worry. Lukes mom runs upstairs. Lukes dad follows her, but she runs away from him. Lukes dad tries to speak to Luke, but Luke runs out the door. 

Ryan and Marissa find Luke at the soccer field, and they talk. Luke says his life has been one giant lie, all his dads business trips or when he was working late . . . Luke wonders how many men there have been in his dads life. Marissa tells Luke that she knows it is hard, but coming from her own experience perhaps he can finally really be close to his dad. Luke, however, says he doesnt want to hear what his dad has to say. Ryan tells Luke that even if his dad lied to him, he still cared about him. Luke asks why it matters? Ryan says it matters, he could have had a dad that didnt even care. Suddenly, some guys show up and tease Luke and Ryan, calling them Harbor butt pirates. It so happens that the kids are from an opposing school team, and they have heard about Lukes dad, and they call Luke a fag. Luke goes to pick a fight with the guys, and Ryan tries to play peacekeeper. However, Ryan soon comes to Lukes aid, and they beat the guys up together. Unfortunately it is more than just two guys, the entire opposing team has shown up! 

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Julie shows up at the Cohen house with a flower and to say thank you. Kirsten says why? Julie says she got a call from Caleb, and he wasnt ready to apologize yet. She says he gave him all the usual excuses, so she let him have it. She says she remembered what she told her at lunch, and she told Caleb that life was too short and he should spend it with someone he loves. She says it worked, and Caleb is buying her house as an investment. She says Jimmy wont go to jail, she and Caitlin still have a place to live, and maybe one day her dad will be her new neighbor! Kirsten looks stunned and says she doesnt know what to say. Julie tells her that she might want to water the flower, and then she takes off.

Sandy is watching bugs bunny cartoons, and he asks Seth to asks his mother who was at the door. Kirsten says Julie Cooper. Sandy asks Seth to ask what she wanted. Seth does, but then tells him dad to ask her himself! Kirsten tells Sandy that Julie sold her house to Caleb. Sandy doesn't seem happy by this news. Suddenly, Ryan, Luke and Marissa walk in. Luke and Ryan have been beaten up pretty badly, Luke took the brunt of it. Kirsten is stunned and runs to get the first aid kit. Sandy offers to call Lukes folks, but he asks him not to. Sandy says okay, but decides to call his dad anyways.

Outside, Marissa and Ryan have patched things up. Ryan still feels he shouldnt have told her about Luke's dad, but Marissa says it is the unwritten rule that your allowed to tell your girlfriend any and all secrets because anything between them stays between them. Marissa and Ryan kiss, and Lukes dad, Carson, shows up. Luke is upstairs sleeping in the guest room by now, and apparently he wont come down to see his dad. Sandy tells him that perhaps they should talk in the morning, but Carson says he wont want to talk to him. Carson says he does love Lukes mom, he always has. He says he loves his family too, and he didnt want to hurt anyone. Carson says the best thing for him to do is to disappear, but Sandy says that is what he has been doing all along. Sandy tells Carson that coming out in this town is the bravest thing he could have done. Carson thinks he should go, but Luke shows up and tells his dad that hell go with him, just let him get his shoes. 

Later, Kirsten and Sandy make-up in the kitchen. Kirsten and Sandy agree to be honest and tell one another all their secrets. Kirsten asks him if he has any, like a hidden porn stash on the PC. Sandy says obviously she knows about that one. Kirsten tells Sandy that there is no way one can know everything about someone, that is what keeps it interesting. Kirsten says they just have to learn to truth the other person, because that is what love is. Sandy and Kirsten kiss as the tea pot boils.

At school the next day Luke, Marissa, Ryan and Seth all head to school together. Luke knows everyone will be staring at him and talking. HE wonders if he should just blow the day off and and let this settle down, but the others say it doesnt work like that. Ryan says hes still the kid from Chino who burned a house down. Marissa says shes still the girl who tried to kill herself in Mexico. Seth says hes . . .. hes still Seth Cohen. Luke says this is going to suck. Seth tells him Welcome to my world! They all then head off to school.

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