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November 30, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Seth finding Ryan up late at night watching Bollywood movies. Ryan asks what hes doing up. Seth says he was having some dream about Summer and a wedding. Ryan says he should call her, but Seth is giving her space. Seth joins him to watch the movie. Ryan says he doesn't have to, but Seth wants to. Seth eventually falls asleep on the couch, Ryan stays awake. Morning comes, Ryan hasnt gone to sleep. He ends up putting a blanket over Seth. Later Kirsten wakes Seth up. They have a talk of love over coffee. She needs a slogan for New Match. Sandy shows up, hes talking about how is organizing some event at work. Kirsten says he's so wonderful. Sandy asks what she needs. She  needs a new slogan. She asks if he has any ideas as Seth came up with Love is Nice, Love Shmove. Taylor shows up, she quotes Shakesspear, Kirsten says it was beautiful. Kirsten wants to take some coffee out to Ryan. Taylor says shell do it! Taylor takes the coffee to the pool house, Ryan is shirtless and shes swooning. She gives him the coffee, he says hes not really drinking coffee now. She thanks him again for helping with her husband issue, she wants to repay Ryan back. He says its not necessary. Taylor says in some cultures when someone saves your life you are bound to them always. She asks Ryan to think what she can do for him. Back in the kitchen, Sandy and Kirsten watch Taylor walk out of the pool house, they try and act normal. Taylor returns and says she newver knew how funny Ryan was. She says have a nice day and leaves. Sandy says Did she say Ryan was funny?

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Julie wakes up, a man is in her bed. She tells him that he has to wake up and get out before her daughter does. She pushes him out of bed. He tries to sneak out, in the kitchen Kaitlin sees him. She asks if hes her new daddy? He says hes her moms personal trainer. She wonders how much he charges for that? He goes to say something, but she says save it. She says if her mom hooks up with younger guys it just leaves her mom less time to deal with her. Later Julie shows up saying she just had an early morning session. Kaitlin jokes her trainer must have given her a good workout.

Taylor talks with Seth at the comic shop. She goes on and on about Ryan. She knows Seth thinks shes pathetic and becomes obsessed with anyone who is nice to her. She agrees it is true and it is because she was raised by her she-devil of a mom. She says that doesnt mean she should give up on love should it come into her life. Seth asks what she wants him to do. She says find out if hes ready to date. Seth calls Ryan and asks if hes ready to date again. Ryan says he has no idea, why? Seth says thanks. He tells Taylor that Ryans not sure. He says right now Ryan has slept about four hours all week, hes a mess. She says interesting.

Summer shows up at a lab dressed as a janitor. She is with Che. They check on some bunnies that are in cages and being experimented on. A scientist guy is there, he is suspicious of them and doesn't think they are janitors.

At the club, Kaitlin is having lessons with her tennis coach. She likes him and tries to get them to play for kisses. He says hes told her many times before, shes fifteen.

Julie is on her way to the club and on the phone with her trainer. She ends up seeing Kaitlins trainer and likes what she sees. She goes over to introduce herself, the tennis trainer is Spencer. He asks if she plays. She says  she hasn't played in ages, but she was thinking of getting back into the game.

Sandy drops by Kirsten's new office. He has a gift, a wonder woman paper weight. Kristen thinks it might be more of a souvenir. It seems they are having some problems, they just lost a high end client list to another firm and they may not be able to compete. Sandy offers to set her up with some clients of his, they know lots of people. Kirsten doesnt know, she and Julie wanted to do this themselves. She relents to his idea though.

Che and Summer break back into the lab, which is now closed. Summer asks what they are doing to the rabbits? Che doesnt know, but the fact they are in cages means it is evil. He wants to let all the rabbits free. 

Ryan is in his pool house. Taylor calls him, its 3am. She knows he cant sleep, she thinks she can help him as she did an award winning study on sleep disorders. She thinks this is how she can pay him back. She tells him to meet her at 8am at the diner, she wont take no for an answer. He says fine.

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Its the next morning, Ryan still hasnt slept. He goes and meet Taylor at the diner. She is telling herself You can do this. She goes over to meet Ryan. He claims she is fine, but she says insomnia can go on for months. She has a questionnaire for him, the first one is how much of this is about Marissa. He says none, it started out after Thanksgiving. She says right after Volchek turned himself in. She says he used to go to bed thinking about revenge and how he'd get it the next day. She says nnow that purpose is gone, there is no point in going to bed and getting up the next day. He says he hadnt thought about that. She says shes an awesome sleep therapist. He says he has to go, this was good. 

Kaitlin and Julie are working with Spencer on the tennis court. Kaitlin says this is supposed to be her lesson. Julie says isnt mother daughter stuff fun? Kaitlin seethes as she watches Spencer help her mom with her serve. Later she ends up serving a ball into the back of her moms head. Julie then claims to have pulled a muscle, Spencer massages it. Kaitlin eventually hides her moms racket so she gets a chance with Spencer.

Sandy is on the golf course with some guy. The guy is from Texas, is loaded and has no idea what to do with his money and calls himself The Bullet. Sandy says his wife has a business and is looking to take on investors. The Bullet isn't so sure. Sandy says its a dating business, her partner is newly single. The man asks if she is hot?

Taylor finds Seth and Ryan at the mall at the restaurant, Ryan is working. Taylor asks for Ryans keys to get his room ready. Taylor tells Seth that she is Ryans new sleep therapist. Seth talks to her, he thinks she is doing this to seduce Ryan. Seth tells her not to do this, he doubts she is even certified. Taylor thinks Seth thinks shes not good enough for Ryan, that shes no Marissa. Seth and Taylor end up leaving, Ryan sits there and just looks at them.

At Brown, Summer talks to her roommate. Her roommate says the dean called, they need to see her tomorrow. Summer asks what for? The girl doesnt know. She also asks if she knows someone raided the science lab and set the rabbits free. Summer claims she didnt know. Her roommate says yeah, well the rabbits were being studied only for their socialization skills. She then tells Summer there is a rabbit under her bed.

Che and Summer talk, theyve both been nailed. Summer asks what they do? Che says the same thing when they tried to frame him for flooding the trustees dinner. She says he did that. He says oh yeah. She says cant lie, he says of course she can't and starts praising her character. She asks what if they get kicked out? He then quotes some Indian Chief and marches off.

At the club, Kaitlin and the Wards see Julie making out with the tennis instructor. Kaitlin is devastated.

Ryan comes home and finds Taylor has candles all over the place. Shes totally redid his place. She is also in pajamas. She says many people sleep better with a body beside them. She says this isnt sexual. Ryan asks if she likes him. She says yes they are friends. Ryan says he meant . . . he makes a hand gesture. She says no no no. She says she just wants to pay him back. He says okay. She says they should start with the massage.

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The next day Seth brings Ryan coffee and finds Taylor there in her pajamas. He asks if she spent the night? She says yes, only to help Ryan. She asks if hes seen him, he was gone when she woke up. Ryan returns, he went for a jog. They explain it isnt what it looks like. Ryan reveals he couldnt sleep, he read in the chair all night. She thinks she needs to adjust the plan for tonight. He says he appreciates this, but he needs to deal with this on his own. He says they are even and shakes hands. Taytlor is obviously hurt.

Julie is on the phone with Kirsten, she learns Sandy served her up like a piece of meat to a man called The Bullet, who owns half of Texas. She has to go to Sandys charity event as his date.

Summer is called before the dean and the board. She admits she helped with the bunnies, but she wont rat out who else was involved. They ask about other acts of environmental terrorism. Summer says she wasnt involved in them. They want to know who was. She cant tell them, it would be betraying the new her that she's found since coming to Brown. They ask one final question, one rabbit is still missing. She says she doesnt know about that.

Taylor talks with Kaitlin about her boy problems. She doesnt know what to do to get his attention. Kaitlin says dress up fabulous and flirt with him. She says touching is good and tell jokes, even if they arent funny. She also tells Taylor to show off her butt to the guy, she has a great one. Taylor says tell her more!

Julie is at Sandys event with The Bullet. Hes telling her stories about hunting, shes not exactly impressed. He slaps her on the butt as he tells his story.

Taylor arrives at the event in a smoking hot red dress. Ryan sees her and tells her that she looks . . . She says nice? He says yes. She asks if he would like to dance. He says hes not much of a dancer. She says maybe the exercise would tire him out. She says its not therapy, just fun. He says okay. They hit the dance floor.

Kaitlin arrives at the party with the Tennis Pro Spencer. Julie asks why hes here? Spencer says Kaitlin told her that Julie wanted him here. The Bullet asks the boy what hes doing here? As it turns out, The Bullet is the Tennis Pros dad! 

Sandy asks Seth about Taylor leaving the pool house this morning. Seth says shes pretending to be Ryans sleep therapist to make him fall in love with her. Sandy hopes it works out, Ryan could use a love connection. He says they arent the most obvious couple, but neither were he and Summer once upon a time. Seth watches as Ryan and Taylor dance, they are smiling and laughing.

Taylor is joking with Ryan about how she knows he hated her at first, he was the president of the "I hate Taylor club."  He jokes no the secretary. The music ends, Ryan asks if she wants a drink. She says that would be nice. He goes to get one. Seth intercepts him to talk about this. He actually tries to sell Taylor to Ryan. Ryan assures him that forget about it, he wont date Taylor. Taylor is standing behind them at this point. She runs off.

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Ryan talks with Taylor outside. He wants to explain, she says he was clear inside. She admits she lied when he asked her if she liked him. She says she must have been crazy, she pretended to be a sleep therapist to seduce him. She says dont worry, shell be obsessed with someone new next week. He goes to say something, she knows that for the longest time he wanted to kill Volchok and now that is gone he feels empty. Hes amazed she can tell him what hes thinking before he says it. She tells him that she wants him to be happy and if he gave it a chance that maybe hed feel something for her too. He says Taylor . . . She says hes going to tell her that he likes her as a friend. She storms off, he wonders how she does that.

Julie and Kaitlin fight with one another. Julie tells Kaitlin that date was about business, Kaitlin has no idea what shes done. Julie says that man was going to give them money. Kaitlin asks why she hooked up with Spencer then, she likes him. Julie says hes fifteen years older than she is. Kaitlin says Julie is her mother, she wants to barf when she sees guys sneaking downstairs in the morning. Julie feels terrible, what has she done? What is wrong with her? Julie says shes so sorry. Kaitlin tells her mom to just pick one guy that she doesnt like. Julie asks Kaitlin how she knew Spencer was Bullets kid. Kaitlin says she didnt. Julie thinks that is weird.

At Brown Che and Summer meet and talk. Che wonders if he accomplished anything here .Summer says of course he has, there would be no movement without him. She asks if hes getting kicked out. Che says no but she might be. He says she said it herself, hes too important to the movement. He says they needed a scapegoat, he told them she has done everything he has done since hes been here. Summer cant believe she protected Che. He says he wont forget what she did. Summer is furious, she tells Che to stay away from her.

Kailitn goes to talk to the Bullet. She wants him to invest in her moms business. He says or what shell tell people hes mean and hell have to sit alone at lunch? Kaitlin says her mom can make him a lot of money. He says he already has that, he just wants fun. Kaitlin says a night with her mom will be the best investment he could make.

Sandy asks Kirsten how it went with the Bullet? Kirsten says as it turns out, Julie was dating his 25 year old son. Suddenly The Bullet shows up to talk to Kirsten about her business. 

Julie asks Kaitlin if shes ready to go home. Kaitlin asks where Spencer is? Julie says she told him it was over and not to come near Kaitlin again. Kirsten then shows up, she says Kaitlin convinced Bullet to come meet with them on Monday.

Seth returns home, he finds Taylor in his room. He asks what shes doing here? She says last year when she had really bad insomnia and a herbalist have her this tea, she thought it could help Ryan. Seth suggests she give it to him. She says she is too embarrassed. She says he was right all along, she is pathetic. Seth says he never thought hed see Taylor quit, that he'd roll over like an old dog. She asks if hes trying to jedi mind trick her or something? She falls for it and heads to give Ryan the tea.

Seth gets a call from Summer. Summer has the bunny with her as she talks to him. She asks Seth if he still loves her. He says yes, what is going on. Summer says she got a rabbit. 

Taylor knocks on Ryans door and gives him a cup of tea. She says she thought it would help him sleep. She goes to leave, but he says hold on. He says he feels she has this idea that she has to trick people into liking her. He says she is amazing. She says he did it to her, she said what she was feeling. He says its true, and he wishes he did feel something. She says kiss her, maybe then hell feel what she feels. She says if he doesnt feel anything then she wont mention it again. She says just one kiss. Ryan agrees, they end up kissing one another. She thinks he didnt feel anything and goes to leave. Ryan sits down and says Woah

Seth and Summer say goodnight to one another. He then heads out to see Ryan. Ryan is now fast asleep.

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