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January 14th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Oliver showing up at Marissas place. He asks if he can come in? She says of course and lets him in. Marissa explains that the place she is living is just temporary. She tries to explain, but he says he doesnt judge. He says he does need to apologize for the other night. He says he hit rock bottom, but it was an eye opener. He says he talked to his parents, hes going back to meetings, and he and Natalie are getting back together. Oliver says none of this would have happened if Ryan hadnt come to his rescue. He says he wants to say thanks to Ryan, and he offers to take her and Ryan to Palm Springs for the weekend. Oliver says they can bring all their friends too, and they can meet his folks and Natalie. Marissa really wants to meet Natalie, but she says she should call Ryan and ask him first. She leaves to call Ryan, and Oliver looks at the photos on her mantle. He sees one of her and Ryan together, and he hides it behind another photo! 

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Sandy is trying to instruct Ryan how to play golf the game of gold. Unfortunately he seems to be making Ryan more nervous about playing. Ryan hits the ball into the pool, and Seth, who is swimming, gets it. Ryan thinks this is hopeless and says he can't play golf. Seth jokes that he can play golf, just very poorly. Sandy says there is more to do at Palm Springs than golf, he can spa. Ryan says he doesnt spa, and he is not going to Palm Springs. Seth tells him that he is going to Palm Springs because if he doesnt, none of them get to go to Olivers mansion. Sandy asks if Olivers parents will be there. Seth says yes. Sandy asks if they have met them? Seth says no, but if they are half as cool as Oliver is . . . Suddenly, Ryans anger causes him to hit the golf ball through a window!

Cut to the Cohen kitchen where Kirsten is talking to Sandy about the kids trip. Sandy asks when they will get her on the golf course? Kirsten says not today because Caleb and Julie return today, which means Haley will probably be on her way out after hitting Caleb up for money. Haley comes into the kitchen, and she already knows dad comes back today. Haley asks when they will see him? Kirsten says at dinner tonight, seven sharp. Sandy says hes going to have to miss that event. Haley hopes Julie wont be coming, and she rants and raves about how she can't believe their dad is actually dating her. Haley says she is only dating dad for his money. Sandy says that is such an unattractive quality!

At Marissas, Summer tells Marrisa that shes really looking forward to joining her and the rest of the gang for Couples Fest 2000! She thinks she wont have fun, especially not watching that geek bat his eyes at his pixie girlfriend. Marissa says clearly shes okay with just being friends. Summer says oh yeah. Marissa says she was being sarcastic, and Summer says so was she. Marissa tells her that if it is too hard to be around him, then why is she going? Summer says she claimed she could handle it and be friends with them, and she has a reputation to keep. Besides, she says she cant sabotage the trip if shes not there! Summer says she thinks about putting laxatives in his coffee or slipping his his hand in warm wetter so Anna thinks he is a bed wetter! Summer asks if she has lost her mind? Marissa says a little bit! Summer adds and over Seth Cohen.

Sandy runs into Jimmy out and about .Jimmy is in a suit, and is down because he just got turned down for a managers position at a fast food place. Jimmy says the dweeby kid in there is apparently more qualified than he is. Jimmy thinks they should reschedule tonight, but Sandy says they cant reschedule because tonight is the last night The Lighthouse will be open, so it is their last chance to get the best chicken parm around. Jimmy says he cant believe The Lighthouse is closing down the same week he is leaving town. Sandy asks what does he mean he is leaving? Jimmy says his brother in Phoenix has offered him work, and there is nothing for him here. Sandy tells him he cant leave, and Sandy offers to find Jimmy something at his office for him. Jimmy thanks him, and he says as long as he can stay here with Marissa. 

Marissa and Summer head to the Cohen pool house, and when Marissa kisses Ryan, Summer comments and so it begins! Ryan suggests she go see Seth, who in his room. Summer says that is a good idea. She says shes only going to make sure hes all packed and isnt holding them up. Summer leaves, and Marissa tells Ryan that they need to be nice to Summer because she thinks this whole weekend will be about couples. Ryan asks if it isnt? Marissa says they will be hanging out with Oliver and Natalie. She asks if he has a problem with Oliver. Ryan says he just shows up out of nowhere and hangs out with them. Marissa points out that not too long ago Ryan did the same thing! Marissa says Oliver only wants to repay him for helping him.

Up in Seths room, Seth and Anna are hanging out and holding hands. Anna thinks Palm Springs sounds old. Seth says yes, but the old Jewish man inside of him is getting excited. HE says he is ready to retire to a life of leisure. Anna says she is looking forward to having a weekend without their parents! They begin to make out right as Summer bursts in. She asks her friends if they are ready to go? Summer knocks over their game of Jenga with her purse, and she apologizes. She says they will have so much fun hanging out this weekend together.

Later, the kids all pack up the car, and Luke has shown up. Luke comments to Summer that they are the only single ones, so it seems. She says perhaps she should lay down in the driveway and let him back over her now! Oliver shows up all gloomy, and he reveals that he and Natalie are once again over. Oliver says maybe they shouldnt go, and Ryan agrees. Marissa says they should go because he needs to get away, and they should talk about it on the ride down. Marissa decides to take a ride with Oliver, so Ryan rides with Luke, and Summer rides with Anna and Seth. 

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At the Cohens, Caleb and Julie arrive. Julie is sporting a shorter haircut now, and it is dyed very red. Kirsten is shocked to see them home so early. Julie gives Kirsten a brie cheese wheel. Caleb asks where Haley is? Kirsten says she is showering. Julie comments that he just couldnt wait to see his precious Haley! Caleb asks Kirsten about Haley, and then Haley comes out to see Caleb. He gives her a hug. Haley comments about Julies hair, as does Kirsten. Caleb wants to hear all about Haleys adventures, and the two walk away from Kirsten and Julie. Julie doesnt look very happy, and neither does Kristen.

The kids arrive at Olivers place in Palm Springs. Oliver helps Luke put his beer in the fridge, and Ryan asks Marissa how Oliver is doing. Marissa says he is fragile, but she thinks getting out of town will help him. Oliver returns, and soon Seth, Anna and Summer arrive. They are arguing because Summer had them listening to the audio version of The Davinci Code all the way down. Summer says she was just trying to give Cohen a little bit of culture. Seth gets a call from his dad, and he comments that this is the sixth call from him in two hours. Seth says they are still fine, and hell call him from every place they go if it will make him happy. Ryan asks where Olivers folks are? He says their plane from Zurich has been delayed, and they probably wont make it. Oliver says they should get golfing, and he says he has set up some time on the Links for them. Oliver shows them all to their rooms, and he gives Marissa and Ryan a room with two twin beds. He apologizes and says they could push them together or switch rooms, but Marissa says it will be fine. Marissa excuses herself to change, and Ryan and Oliver push the beds together. Oliver also thanks Ryan for being so cool about them being friends. Oliver knows what happened with Luke recently, and he says it must be hard for Ryan to trust another guy with Marissa when he thought she was getting back with Luke for awhile. He also knows about Ryans background, thanks to Marissa. Oliver says Marissa thinks hes very healthy and well adjusted, considering . . . . .Ryan says Considering?

Sandy heads to work on Saturday, and he meets up with Tom Wellington. He talks to Tom about getting Jimmy a job working in the records department. Tom says no way, it will give them bad publicity. Sandy says there is no such thing as bad publicity. He says Jimmy was the best there was and everyone loved him. Tom says that was before he ripped everyone off. Sandy asks if he doesnt deserve a second chance? Tom says not at their firm he doesnt. He tells Sandy that the best thing he can do for Jimmy is to leave him alone and stay far away from him so that Jimmy's stench doesn't rub off on him. Sandy says he is a good guy. Tom tells Sandy to go into business with him then.

Meanwhile, Kirsten and Julie spy on Caleb and Haley. Kirsten says Haley looks so much like their mom, and that is why Caleb cant say no to her. She says Haley is probably telling him about her plan to help the oppressed indigenes of some country right now, but all she really wants is an all expense trip to Amsterdam. Kirsten says every time she vanishes the trips get wilder, she stays away longer, and one of these days she probably wont come back. Julia tells Kirsten that Caleb listens to her, so she can stop Caleb from letting her go.

Back in Palm Springs, the kids hit the golf course, and Ryan gets annoyed when Oliver gets close to Marissa to give her some golfing tips. Ryan smacks the ball into oblivion, and Oliver comments that he must have been visualizing his face on that ball. Later, Olivers wise cracks annoy both Ryan and Luke, and Luke offers to hurt Oliver for Ryan! Ryan says no thanks, he can hurt him. Eventually, Oliver suggests they head back to the house. Oliver and Marissa take one cart, and Ryan and Luke race them in the other cart. Oliver ends up getting way to nuts, and begins to play chicken with Ryan! Ryan veers off, and ends up crashing his cart. Ryan is furious with Oliver. Oliver says he thought they were just joking around, but Ryan doesnt think it is funny. Marissa says Oliver was just playing, and she runs after Oliver. Luke says that guy was NOT playing! 

Elsewhere, Seth is carrying both his and Summers bag, because Summer says her back hurts. Anna seems annoyed by Summer constantly hanging around with them. Summer hits her ball into the bushes, and she asks Seth to help her look for it. When Seth goes to help her, Anna says it looks like Summer isnt the only one who lost her balls!

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Sandy arrives home and talks with Kirsten in the kitchen. Sandy doesnt think Kirsten looks like someone who is ready to have dinner with her dad, as she is not dressed. Kristen says shes letting her dad and Haley have some one on one time. Sandy talks to Kirsten about coming up empty trying to get Jimmy a job, and he says Jimmy is right to be looking elsewhere for jobs because nobody here will give him a chance. Sandy decides to go to dinner with Jimmy anyways. Sandy says they will have a nice meal and some drinks, and then theyll talk about what his next move should be. Caleb shows up, and he asks Kirsten why she is not ready? Kirsten says she is not going because they both know why Haley is here. Caleb says she wants to catch up with her family, and he asks Kirsten not to be jealous of her sister. He says he loves both of his daughters equally. Kirsten says he doesnt, but that is okay. Kirsten says what isnt okay is that she takes advantage of his love for her. Caleb asks if Kirsten wants him to cut Haley off? Kirsten thinks that is what Caleb wants to do. 

Back at Olivers place, Seth tinkers with a humidifier that he brought before hoping into bed with Anna. Seth and Anna are just about to make out when Summer shows up and says she wants to know if she can watch TV with them because Luke is hogging the remote. Anna says arent watching TV, and Seth says they were going to go to bed. Summer says it is only eight o clock, are they seventy or something? Seth says yes, on the inside. Summer thought they were supposed to hang out as friends, but then says obviously they are only allowed to be friends at certain hours. Seth and Anna say that is not the case, so Summer yells great and jumps into bed with them and turns on the TV. She sits right in between Anna and Seth to watch TV.

Ryan is in the kitchen cleaning up when Oliver comes in and tells him he doesnt have to. Ryan says he doesnt mind. Oliver says he can at least help him out. Oliver asks where Marissa is? Ryan says Marissa is getting ready to get in the hot tub. Oliver asks Ryan if they can start over and be friends. Oliver asks what he can do? Ryan tells him that the next time he wants to be alone with his girlfriend to let him know so that he can stay home. Oliver smashes the plate he is holding, and then says this always happens. He says first it was Natalie, then his friends at Pacific, and now him. Oliver begins beating himself on the head and calls himself stupid! Oliver says everyone who knows him for more than five minutes ends up hating his guts. Ryan says nobody hates him. Marissa comes in and asks what is going on here? Ryan says they were just talking. Marissa asks Oliver if he is okay. Oliver says yeah and hes going to get some fresh air. Oliver leaves, and Marissa yells at Ryan for driving Oliver out of his own house. Ryan says Oliver just went off on him, and he says he doesn't trust Oliver. Marissa tells Ryan that Oliver has a lot of problems, and he (Ryan) is the one sounding paranoid here. She asks what his problem is? Ryan says maybe the fact that they spent the entire car ride talking about him? Marissa says she was talking about her life, and he is part of her life. Marissa says she doesnt understand what is going on with him.

At The Lighthouse, Sandy breaks the news to Jimmy that nobody in town is willing to give him a chance. Jimmy tells Sandy  that he's going to just have to start his life over again. Sandy asks what he wants to do? Jimmy says he used to want to be a pilot. Sandy says he always wanted to be left fielder for the New York Yankees. Jimmy says the most enjoyable job he had was working here. He says he managed The Lighthouse the summer he married Julie. They talk about all the famous people who used to come here to dine, and how much this place is worth historically and financially. They begin brainstorming about how fun it would be to run this place, and Sandy gets an idea. He asks the waitress to keep the drinks coming. 

Back in Palm Springs, Summer is annoyed when Seth and Anna begin to discuss everything they are seeing on TV. They discuss why McDonalds cant serve Egg McMuffins after 10am, where cabbage patch kids really come from, and how tall the Smurfs were. Summer ends up telling them how cute they sound, almost like brother and sister. Summer says shes going to bed, walks out of the room, and has successfully spoiled the mood for Seth and Anna.

Ryan attempts to talk to Marissa, who is waiting up for Oliver. She is worried about him. Ryan asks what is wrong with him? Marissa says he is battling depression and has substance abuse problems. Oliver finally calls Marissa. Oliver is somewhere, and he says something bad happened. He tells her that hes back in New Port now, and he just took a whole bunch of pills. Marissa tells him to call an ambulance, but he says no. Oliver says he is so scared, and maybe he can throw them up. Oliver asks her if she could come back? Marissa says they are leaving now. Ryan and Marissa get in the car and head back to New Port.

Commercial Break

Ryan and Marissa are driving back to New Port, and Marissa is worried because she hasnt heard from Oliver in twenty minutes. The scene cuts to Olivers place, where he is dancing and listening to a  Tom Jones song. Olivers phone rings, and he throws some pills around the place. Obviously Oliver has faked his entire overdose. Oliver sweeps a bunch of pills into an urn looking clock on the table and leaves the empty bottle on the table. He then begins drinking something.

At the Cohens, Haley is furious with Kristen for getting dad to screw her over. Haley says Kirsten has sabotaged her relationship with dad. Kirsten asks what relationship, she takes his money and then takes off! A car honks, and Haley says that is her cab. Kirsten asks where she will go, she has no money. Haley asks whose fault that is? Kirsten says she can stay here and work for dad. Haley asks why? So she can be independent like her and live in the McMansion dad built her? Haley says she needs to have her own life, and the only way she can do that is to get as far away from her and dad as she can. Haley then walks out.

Marissa and Oliver arrive at the Four Seasons and Marissa bangs on Oliver's door. She is in tears. Oliver finally opens up and says he is okay, but embarrassed. He says he didnt answer earlier because he was in the shower. He swears he is okay and tells them to go enjoy their weekend. Marissa says they arent going anywhere. Marissa asks what he took? He says some sleeping pills and pain killers, but he got them all out of his system. Marissa begins playing nurse and taking care of him. Ryan thinks they should go to the emergency room, but Oliver says no. He says if they go there, hell be put on suicide watch, the cops will be notified, and then his parents will have to come home. Oliver swears he is fine, he just wants to forget this day happened.

At the Cohen's Sandy sneaks into his room, and is completely plastered. Kirsten asks if he is drunk? Sandy says he took a cab, so it's okay. Kirsten says so did Haley, she took a cab and left. Sandy says she'll be okay. Kirsten asks how his night was. Sandy says hes not sure, but he thinks he and Jimmy went into the restaurant business tonight. Kirsten asks what about the law firm? Sandy says hes not having fun there, and hes not helping anyone there. He also says he doesnt want Jimmy to leave because he is his friend, and its been a long time since hes had a friend in New Port. Kirsten thinks it is great that he wants to help Jimmy and is going to be his friend after all this time. Sandy ends up passing out in Kristens arms.

Luke drives Summer, Anna and Seth home. Anna and Seth fall asleep in the back seat, and Luke thinks it is cute. Summer doesnt, and she honks the horn to wake them up. Seth and Anna get out, and Luke tells Summer that he knows it is weird seeing the one you like with someone else. Summer says she is over Seth. Luke tells her whoever she ends up will be one lucky dude because she is hot. Summer realizes Luke is hitting on her and she says Ew! She says she is sorry, he is cute, but there is no way.

Back at the hotel, Ryan is looking around the floor for pills. Marissa asks what he is looking for? He says nothing. He then puts the empty pill bottle next to the clock Oliver dumped the pills into. Marissa says she is staying here with Oliver in case he tries again. Ryan has his doubts that Oliver ever really tried at all. Marissa and Ryan  end up arguing, and she tells Ryan maybe he should just go home. She says shell see him in the morning. Oliver walks out and once again thanks Ryan for everything and hes sorry for ruining his weekend Marissa says shell call Ryan tomorrow.  The show ends with Ryan walking out of the hotel room.

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