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November 5th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohens were Kirsten is serving the boys breakfast. It is the first day of school, and she asks Seth if he is excited. He doesnt respond, which annoys Kristen. Sandy shows up after his morning surf, and Sandy and Kirsten poke fun at Seth by telling him that he looks rad. They ask Ryan if he is nervous, but he doesnt know why he should be. Seth gives Ryan plenty of reasons to be nervous, including the fact that Ryan apparently has some notoriously horrid teachers.

At Jimmys place, Marissa doesnt want to go to school, but Summer says she has to go. She says she owns the school and is still the head of the schools kick off carnival. Summer says she realizes her boyfriend cheated on her, she almost died in Mexico, and her dad was involved in a huge scandal; but she says there is no such thing as bad publicity. Jimmy shows up with some burnt French toast for the girls. He claims hes getting used to the new stove. Marissa says there are a lot of things to get used to now. He tells them that this year is going to be very different, that is for sure.

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The kids head to school, and Marissa hears some kids making fun of her. They say, out loud as she walks by them, that they heard that they she died in Mexico, and she looks pretty good for a dead girl. Summer sticks up for Marissa. Ryan and Seth show up, and Seth tries to talk to Summer about meeting up sometime, but she blows him off and says her schedule is full. Ryan talks with Marissa about blowing off class, but she says she cant. He asks to meet her after school, but she says she has to work on the carnival committee. However, she says shes going to try and get out of working on the carnival, so they make plans to meet up at some point. Luke approaches Marissa and asks if they can talk, but Summer tells him to get lost. Luke says he only wants to talk, but Summer says he should have thought about that before hooking up with one of her best friends. Summer and Marissa then walk off.

At the Cohens, Kirsten gets frisky with Sandy in their bedroom, and he thinks it is because of her jealousy of Rachel. He makes the mistake of saying he should have found an attractive co-worker years ago. She is not happy about this, but he says he only meant she is attractive because she brings out the best in his more attractive better half. Kirsten tells him good save. As they make out on their bed, Kristen makes the comment about how mornings used to be their time together. Suddenly, Sandy gets a call from work on his cell phone, and Kirsten gets a call from Caleb on her phone. Their romantic morning is interrupted by business.

Back at school, Seth tries to talk to Summer and asks if they can sit together at lunch, but she says there might not be any room at her table. When Anna shows up to talk to Seth, Summer seems a bit annoyed that conversation with Seth was interrupted. However, she still walks off. Anna asks Seth why he is still hung up on Summer because she thought he got over that after the cotillion? Seth says no matter how much he tries he cant seem to not be interested in Summer. Anna tells Seth that girls arent interested in guys who chase after them. Seth thinks that sounds like a game to him, and he doesnt like playing games. He also says hes not really schooled in the ways of women, so Anna agrees to help train Seth in the ways of snaring a girl.

At Sandys office, Rachel asks Sandy if she distracted him this morning? He says he was just spending time with his wife, and Rachel realizes she spoiled some morning romance. She says she is sorry, but it might be awhile before his wife is in the mood for love with him. He asks her what she knows that he doesnt? Rachel talks about the balboa wetlands, and how many people have been trying to get a hold of the land next to the wetlands, known as the heights, in order to develop it. Sandy is aware of this and is very much opposed to it. Rachel tells him that someone finally got the rights to the land, and she thinks a tree hugger like him would be interested pursuing a case against the company. She gives him the folder, and he is shocked because the company involved is his wifes company. She says it is his father in laws company. Sandy thinks this is a conflict of interest, but Rachel says the environmental group brining the lawsuit specifically requested him.

At school, everyone is still gossiping about Marissa. Ryan heads into class, where he feels a bit uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Marissa goes to see Dr. Kim to try and get out of being in charge of the carnival, but Dr. Kim refuses to let her out of her responsibility. She tells Marissa that people will always talk, and she cannot just disappear because of gossip. Dr. Kim says she doesnt want to see Marissa just drop out of school activities because it would look bad on her transcripts and hurt her chances at getting into a good college.

Outside the school, Seth, Anna and Ryan all meet up. Ryan is very behind in school work because everyone did summer reading for class, which he didnt know about. Marissa shows up and tells Ryan that she couldnt get out of the whole carnival thing, and she thinks it might not be bad for her to get involved in school again. She asks Ryan for a date rain check, and he says okay. She invites him to the carnival and says shell save him a seat on the Ferris wheel, but Ryan says he doesnt do Ferris wheels because he hates heights.

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Its a new day at the Cohens. Kirsten greets Sandy and says she didnt hear him com in last night. She wonders if this is going to be how it is from now on, him working late nights. He apologizes, and they make a dinner date, and Kirsten says he can pay for it now that hes working on a high profile case. We can see by the look on Sandys face that hes worried about telling Kirsten about his latest case.

Sandy heads downstairs and asks Ryan how school is going? He says it was just fine. Sandy thinks he is brave for facing the preppy snots there. Ryan isnt so sure this was a good idea, him in private school, because everyone has something but him. Sandy says he has Seth, but Ryan says Seth has his women. Sandy is shocked, but also a bit proud of his boy. Seth shows up, and Sandy tells Seth that they need to get Ryan involved in an activity. They discuss it and suggest Ryan try out for soccer. Seth basically says he always wanted to play soccer, but he was never good at it. Ryan says he used to play soccer, and contemplates the idea.

At Jimmys, Marissa is making up the sofa bed, and Jimmy apologizes and says it is only temporary until they get her a real bed. She says it is okay. Jimmy says the phone company is coming today and installing an actual phone. When the doorbell rings, Jimmy thinks that could be them now. However, it is Luke, and Jimmy is not pleased to see Luke. Luke asks to talk to Marissa, but Jimmy says he thinks that is not a good idea. Luke asks Jimmy to cut him some slack because he should know what its like being in the dog house. Jimmy tells Luke that hes basically not scoring any points. Luke asks what he can do, and Jimmy suggests he leaves. Luke agrees to leave, but asks him to tell Marissa that hes sorry. Marissa heard every word, and thanks her dad for what he did.

Back at school, Ryan asks Marissa how the carnival meeting went. She says it was so exciting, and asks him to join her today the preparations. He says he cant because he is going to soccer practice. He says hes taking a lesson from her and getting more involved in school Marissa seems happy, and they agree to meet after their clubs out in the quad.

Seth shows up for class and goes to sit next to Anna, but then Summer shows up. He looks torn, and Anna tells him to sit by her. He ends up sitting between Anna and Summer. Anna and Seth begin talking about sailing and Tahiti, and Summer becomes annoyed and jealous! She makes smart little remarks about how sailing is drab because it takes forever to get where youre going. Anna responds by telling her that she should really join the debate team!

At Sandys work, Kirsten shows up and is not happy with him. She asks when he was going to tell her? He says he wasnt sure, and he isnt even sure he is taking the case. Kirsten says there is no case, they have already agrees to preserve 30 acres of wetlands. Sandy says their development will still bringing in traffic and pollution to the area. Kirsten realizes Sandy is taking the case. She says she has to go keep this off her fathers radar before he has a conniption.

Ryan heads to soccer tryouts, only to learn Luke is the captain of the soccer team. After tryouts, Luke heads off to find Marissa and talk to her. Marrisa tells him that he doesnt want to hear what she has to say, but he says he does. Marissa tells Luke that she has nothing to say to him because he obviously doesnt care about her. He says he does, but Marissa says he slept with one of her best friends after sleeping with her. She says he lied and humiliated her! Luke says hes sorry, and he says it is horrible not being able to talk to her on a daily basis. Marissa says it is hard for her to. He asks her to give them a chance, to start over because he doesnt know what hed do without her. He also says he did love her, and he still does love her. Ryan shows up to meet Marissa, only to see her apparently making up with Luke. Marissa tells Luke that the sad part is if she hadnt caught him she would still love him too. Marissa walks out, only to see Ryan heading out the door.

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Its another new day on New Port. At the Cohens, Kirsten is furious with Sandy because the lawsuit is on the front page of the local paper and now the entire community knows they are fighting! Sandy says this wasnt supposed to hit the press.

Meanwhile, Seth tells Ryan that they never seem to talk anymore, and he wants to know what is up. Ryan tells Seth that last night he saw Marissa making up with Luke, and Luke was crying. Seth says so what. Ryan says it appeared they were getting back together. Seth tells him to talk to her about it, maybe it isnt what he thinks. He says the worst she can do is be honest with him.

Meanwhile, at school Summer is telling Marissa NOT to tell Ryan about her conversation with Luke because what he doesnt know wont hurt him. Ryan shows up and Marissa asks where he was last night? Ryan says he had a lot of homework. Marissa says its okay, and she says she went home when she couldnt find him. She tells him perhaps shell stop by soccer practice later and see him.

Seth and Summer are in biology, and Summer is grossed out by having to dissect a frog. She asks Seth to be her partner, seeing he is good at this stuff, but Anna shows up and says Seth has already promised himself to her. Seth jokingly says yes, he is betrothed to Anna. Summer gets another partner, and Anna tells Seth to just follow her lead. Seth asks her where they should start. She takes the scalpel, looks over at Summer, and suggest they begin with the heart.

At Sandys work, Sandy asks Rachel if he was brought into this firm because of this case. Rachel says they didnt have this case before he came. Rachel thinks Sandy can win this for them, and he agrees but is more concerned about what he could lose. Rachel says he doesnt have much of a marriage if it cant survive this.

Marissa shows up at soccer practice, and Luke assumes she is here to see him. He apologizes for getting all emotional yesterday. He makes a comment the only other time he lost it like that was when McCully Culkin died in My Girl. Ryan sees her talking to Luke and is not happy. Luke has to return to practice, and Ryan and Luke end up in a scuffle on the field. Ryan trips Luke of the field, and the coach says that was an illegal move and orders him into his office!

That night everyone is very quiet at the Cohen dinner table. Seth asks how soccer was, but Ryan says nothing. Then he asks his dad about his new job, and Sandy says nothing. Seth says perhaps hell just quietly eat his dinner.

At the pool house, Marissa stops by to see Ryan. She asks him what that was about on the field today. Ryan says it was nothing, but Marissa thinks he is lying to her. He says she is lying to him, and he says he knows about her and Luke. Marissa says she never lied to him, and what happened between her and Luke has nothing to do with him. She says he is just as bad as Luke is. Ryan ends up asking if this is going to happen, and she says no its not. She then walks out of the pool house.

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Its once again apparently a new day. At the Cohen house, Sandy is reading the paper when Ryan walks in. Sandy says the coach called and wants to suspend him. He says the coach thinks he has talent, but that his attitude sucks. Ryan acts like he doesnt care, so Sandy tells him to sit down and listen good. He tells Ryan that this school could do great things for him, and he should not let the spoiled rich kids get to him. He says he knows it is hard and that they will probably taunt him. However, Sandy says he cannot afford to get suspended because they are always one mistake away from someone taking him from them. Ryans head hangs low as Sandy tells him this. Sandy says Seth was never big on sports, so hed love to be able to see Ryan play. 

At school, Ryan talks to Seth about how he messed up big. Seth recommends he apologize, even if he feels he didnt think he did anything wrong, because apologizing always helps. Ryan doesnt know if he can apologize to Luke. He sees Marissa and Summer heading his way, and when he tries to talk to Marissa, she blows him off.

Back at the Cohens, Kirsten is relaxing in the Jacuzzi and watching the sunset. Sandy shows up with flowers for her. Sandy apologizes to her, and he figures hes been pissing her off for years so why should he stop now? Kirsten tells him this could be a long year for them. Sandy says this lawsuit could drag on for a couple of years. Kirsten tells Sandy that they will get through this. Sandy says he had that suspicion. The two kiss and make-up. As they are kissing, Kirstens phone rings, and it is Caleb. Suddenly Rachel calls for Sandy. Once again their romance is interrupted by business.

At the school carnival, Seth is hanging out with Anna and playing ski-ball. Ryan shows up and cant find Marissa anywhere. Anna scores big at ski ball, and Seth makes a crack that she is clearly a lesbian (referring to her skill with a ball I guess). He walks off to buy them some more tickets, and Ryan asks Anna why he is helping him with Summer? She says Seth doesnt see her in that way. She ways when Seth he looks at Summer he sees hair, lips and boobs. She says when he looks at her he sees a lab partner. Ryan tells Anna that guys want to be chased by girls who arent interested in them. Ryan sees Marissa, and Anna tells him so do girls. He says he should really go talk to Marissa. 

Ryan takes off to find Marissa, only to run into Luke on the way. Ryan apologizes to Luke for yesterday. Luke says nothing, and then realizes Ryan is heading to see Marissa. Luke does not stand in his way or say anything. Ryan walks over to Marissa and joins her on the Ferris wheel. Marissa was about to get on it with Summer, but Summer lets Ryan take her seat. Marissa asks him what he is doing? He says they need to talk. The Ferris wheel goes up, and Ryans fear of heights begins to get to him. They stoop at the top and the car swings, which freaks Ryan out. He wonders why they have stopped, but Marissa doesnt know. Down below Anna bribes the Ferris wheel guy to keep them at the top and let them work thinks out. Anna then grabs Seth and gives him a huge kiss, which shocks him. He looks over and sees a jealous Summer watching. Seth asks Anna if this is part of her plan, because it seems to be working. Anna claims it is part of the plan, and she tells him to go to Summer. Seth walks off, and Anna is obviously crushed. Seth returns and gives Anna a stuffed sock monkey, which he say he won for her. She thanks him and watches him go to summer. Seth asks Summer what is going on. Summer says Marissa is on the Ferris wheel, and she needs someone to go on the tilt-a-whirl with her. Seth says he will, and she says okay. Back at the top of the Ferris Wheel, Ryan is petrified, and Marisa purposely rocks the car they are in. Ryan says the reason he wanted to talk to her was to tell her that he really doesnt trust many people, but he trusts her. He says he wants to make this thing between them work. When the car swings again, Ryan moans. Marissa suggests Ryan needs something to take his mind of his fear of heights, but he doubts anything could do that. Marissa then leans over and kisses him! The Ferris wheel begins moving again, but they dont stop kissing! When they get to the bottom, Ryan tells the operator to spin them around again! The show ends with a shot of the Ferris wheel going round and round.

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