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December 1st, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Seth and Ryan discussing college at the diner. Summer and Marissa soon join them. Marissa asks what is up. Ryan says today is the day they meet with the college counselors to discuss which college is right for them. Summer spaced on filling out her college forms, so she gets an extra form from Seth. Seth is psyched about college and says next year they get to leave Newport and live in real cities, with real non-plastic people and real weather. Marissa says its getting late so she is going to go. Summer asks Marissa what is wrong? She says nothing, this college thing is great for them, but she doesnt have a chance of getting in with her background. She says shes not going to college. Marissa walks off, and Seth says and that is a different approach. 

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At the Cohen house, Kirsten asks Sandy whats on the agenda today. He says its packed, and begins listing everything he has to do. She thinks it sounds exciting. Kirsten says shes going crazy here, she needs to get out of the kitchen. She says its too quiet. Sandy says theyll have to get used to a quiet house soon, the boys are filling out their college forms. Sandy thinks Seth will just be up the road at Berkley, but Kirsten reminds him that Seth always wanted to go to an East Coast school. Sandy says that was years ago, long before Ryan came along. She just doesn't want him to be disspointed.

At Newport Union, Chili tells Marissa how Johnny is very close to becoming a surfing legend. She says that is great. Chili says she needs to be more enthusiastic. He says Johnny might be the star, but he gets to be the entourage. Chili has it all planned out. Marissa says shell be there to watch him surf and shell see him later. Johnny thinks something is wrong with her.

At Harbor, Seth, Summer and Ryan meet with the college counselor to discuss all the things they are considering about colleges they are looking for. Summer doesnt seem to want to leave the  West Coast, Seth wants to go to the Northeast, and Ryan doesnt really know where he wants to go at all. Ryan says hes the first person in his family to even graduate highschool.

Kirsten meets with Julie at the condo, she finds it odd that Charlotte up and left. Julie says her father called and she ran off. Kirsten says but they weren't on good terms. Julie says you know family things, and enough about Charlotte, how is she. Kirsten says shes losing her mind at home. Julie spaces out, and Kirsten asks if she is listening, is there something she needs to tell her. Julies doorbell rings, and it is the woman coming for the ten thousand dollar rent check. She says this is her last warning. Kirsten asks Julie if everything is okay? Julie says fine, she doesn't need any steak knives and she slams the door in the woman's face.

At Harbor, Seth talks with Ryan about how he has his heart set on Brown. Ryan asks if he told his father hes not applying to Berkley. Seth says no, and hell stop by after school and break it to him somehow. Ryan says at least hes going. Seth thinks Ryan can talk Marissa into going to school. Ryans not so sure, his powers of persuasion haven't been that great lately. Seth suggests he get himself an ally to help him. Ryan gets an idea and makes a call.

Taylor tells Summer that she has college fever. Taylor knows where all the kids are applying, and she couldnt help but notice that she and Seth are heading to opposite ends of the country. Summer says they have different tastes. Taylor says well shes sure she and Seth have a plan worked out about their relationship. Summer says nothing, and Taylor says uh oh perhaps there is stormy weather ahead?

Seth drops by Sandys office to try and break the news to him about not applying to Berkley. Sandy cuts him off before he can say anything, hes just happy Seth is considering Berkley. Seth says yeah, sure he is. Sandy says as long as Berkley is on the table. Seth leaves, and Sandy gives a friend at Berkley a call.

Ryan shows up at Newport Union to pick Marissa up. He wants to talk to her about college. She says shes not going. He says he knows. Johnny shows up and asks what is going on. Ryan says he was hoping Marissa would talk to the guidance counselor about college. Johnny says hes a great guy, and Ryan says that is what he hears. Marissa realizes that they both conspired against her. She says this is her life, and she thought she could talk to them. She tells them to leave her alone and walks off. 

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At the Cohen's, Sandy is on the phone with Paul Glass from Berkley, hes stopping by tomorrow night for dinner. Kirsten knows what is going on here, and she doesnt want Sandy to pressure Seth. Sandy says it's just a nudge. She says anymore and shell confiscate his Berkley sweatshirt. Kirsten decides to go to Cardiobar with Julie. He says but she hates it. She says but Julie loves it. Shes worried about Julie, shes keeping something from her. Sandy says that isnt always a bad thing when Julie is involved.

In the pool house, Seth asks Ryan how it went with Marissa. He says she accused him and Johnny of ganging up on her and ran off. Summer and Marissa show up, and Summer tells Seth then need to talk, so they leave. Marissa apologizes to Ryan about yesterday, she knows he was trying to help. She says she made an appointment with the counselor and while shes not promising, shell try.

Meanwhile, Summer points out to Seth that they both want to go to different colleges. She was up all night thinking about how theyd be separated by a million miles. Seth says she stayed up all night thinking about it? She realizes Seth hasnt even thought about it, and she storms out.

Julie packs her stuff up into a Uhaul. A woman asks if she is leaving already? Julie says it wasnt permanent, only temporary while she renovated her other place. The woman wonders why if Julie lives in a wealthy community why she packed her own Uhaul. Julie says she's just keeping it real. As Julie takes off, Kirsten shows up and follows her Uhaul.

Summer goes to the college library and asks to read up on Brown. She knows it is a reach, but it doesnt hurt. The librarian says the file has been checked out. Taylor returns it, and Summer is shocked to see Taylor had it. Taylor laughs at her when she realizes Summer is interested in Brown. Taylor says Summer doesn't have what it takes, and says Summer can always come and visit, she and Seth will show her around.

Marissa meets with her school counselor, he says she has the grades and activities to get into school. Marissa says she just doesnt know if she wants to go. He asks if this is about what happened last summer. She says she would have to explain what happened. He says yes, but its a small price to pay to get into a college. Marissa doesnt know if she can handle dredging it all up again. He suggests she write about it and see what comes out, she cant run away from her past. He says before she lets it ruin her future, try living with it.

Julie arrives at her destination, a trailer park. Julie cant believe she is back her. She asks a guy to help her, but he says he's not a bellboy. He is Gus the landlord and he asks if she lived here before. She says she was speaking figuratively, she moved out of a place like this at 18 and never thought shed be back. He says he wanted to be a quarterback, and sometimes life doesnt work out. Kristen drives by and sees what Julie is up to. 

Marissa tries to write about her experience, and it dredges up all the bad memories. She becomes upset and ends up trashing her laptop when she throws it on the floor. She ends up in tears.

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At the Cohen's, Sandy tells Kirsten that Paul is coming over for dinner, and Seth realizes his dad is setting up an ambush. Sandy says he thought hed enjoy talking to him. Ryan says it sounds like an ambush to him.

Chili and Johnny arrive to pick up Marissa for the surf contest. She says she cant go, she doesnt want to be a downer. She says she has to write her essay for college, if she doesnt then she has to forget college. They tell her to forget college then, come on tour with them and take a few years off to think about things. She says give her five minutes. She goes in to get a sweater, and Summer asks if she is leaving and what about her essay. Summer says MArissa can use her laptop, if she is gentle with it. Marissa says she is putting it off for awhile.

Julie and Kirsten meet up for brunch. Julie talks about how she just moved to a great big place and how she's very busy decorating it. Kirsten asks Julie if shed like to go into business together. Julie says she doesnt need charity. Kirsten says then why is she living in a trailer. Kirsten says she is sorry, she followed her. Kirsten says this isnt charity, shes going crazy doing nothing, she needs this. Julie says okay, if she really needs this. Kirsten says just one thing, she needs the truth about Charlotte. Julie confesses the truth, Charlotte was a con-artist, she went to rehab to find an easy mark. Kirsten realizes Julie was in on it too and walks off. 

Seth arrives at Summers to talk to her. He shows her all these college and school things he has saved over the years. He explains how his whole life he wanted to go to boarding school away from Newport, but he stayed because of Ryan. He says now he gets his chance to leave. He tells her she can come with him, but she says she wants to stay west. He says he wont give up on them, Ryan and Marissa arent giving up. Summer says not yet. Seth asks what that means. 

The surf competition heats up, and Chili tells Johnny not to play it safe as everything rides on today. Johnny goes to the staging are, and Marissa says so this is what all next year will be like, hanging out as Johnny surfs.

Seth goes to see Ryan and gives him some not so good news about Marissa. He tells him to have a seat as this isn't easy.

Taylor and Summer meet up, and Summer tells Taylor that next year if she wants Seth then he is hers. Taylor thinks this is a ploy, what about a long distance relationship? Summer says to get together and break up every winter and summer break, no thanks. Taylor refuses to believe this. Summer says the truth is Seth will go to college and realize he is supposed to be with the smart and interesting girls. Taylor says and she is just his high school girlfriend, and she is cute but Seth wont want his kids to share her DNA. Summer says right, and they might as well call it quits now. Summer tells Taylor to be good to Seth. Summer walks off.

At the competition, Johnny wraps up and apparently did somewhat well. He calls his mom to let her know, and Ryan shows up to see Marissa. He asks why shes giving up on college? Marissa says she tried the essay and she couldnt do it. He says hell help her, but she says he cant. Ryan confronts Johnny about telling Marissa to blow off college. Johnny says maybe he doesn't understand what shes going through. Ryan asks Marissa if she thinks this, but she says it is complicated. The winner is about to be announced, and Chili keeps yelling for Johnny to come over. Ryan walks off and says he's leaving. Marissa wants to go after him, but Johnny says hell get him. Suddenly a car speeds out of nowhere and mows down Johnny. This happens just as Johnny is announced as the winner.

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The kids wait at the hospital for news about Johnny. A nurse comes out and asks if he has a parent. Marissa says shes flying in. The nurse says hell be okay, but his knee has been torn and will require surgery. Chilli asks if he will surf again The nurse says shes more concerned if hell walk. Ryan blames himself, but she says not to do this. She tells him to go, Sandy will be wondering where he is. She says she has to go after Chili, who took off.

Taylor brings Summer some information on colleges east, colleges close to Brown. Taylor tells Summer that Seth loves her and shes not giving him a chance. Summer asks Taylor while shes being so nice. Taylor says pathetic as it sounds, she and Seth are basically her only friends and she never had a shot with him. Summer says they are her friends, which gets her all excited. She invites Summer over for a sleepover, but then realizes it wont happen.

At the Cohens, Paul Glass shows up to have dinner and meet with the boys. They dine, and Sandy recounts meeting Kirsten at college. Paul says most people meet their future mate in college. Kirsten excuses herself to get some more food, and Julie calls and leaves another apology on the answering machine. She doesn't answer, but she does listen. Kirsten goes out and tells the guys that she has to run and shell be back soon. As she is going, Summer shows up to see Seth. Seth then leaves with her, and Sandy says and then there were three. Seth and Summer go to his room, and Summer says shes going east with him, she wants to give them a shot. She puts little snow hats on both of them. He asks what made her change her mind. She said Taylor, at Brown hell be surrounded by smarties that will make him feel stupid, so he needs someone like her around to make him feel smart. Seth calls her his little snow angel, and they kiss.

Marissa visits with Johnny. She asks how he feels. He says like he got hit by a car and shot full of drugs. She says this is all her fault. He says yeah, and Ryans, and Chili for coming up with the contest idea, and the chick who hit him didnt help. He says no matter how you slice it, his knee is screwed up. She asks what hell do. He says hes going to work to get back on a board. He says things happen and he cant give up.

Kirsten goes to see Julie in her trailer. Julie answers thinking it is Gus, she says she told his wife she doesnt swing. She is shocked to see it is Julie. Kirsten still wants to go into business, she knows what Julie did for her so she wants to do this for her. Julie says lets do it. 

At the Cohens, Ryan admits to Sandy and Paul that he doesnt know if hes ready for college. He says he finally has a home and a family, he doesnt know if hes ready to leave it. Sandy says this wont be a goodbye, and no matter where he goes this will always be his home. Seth shows up and asks his dad if he can talk to him inside. Sandy leaves, Paul asks Ryan if there is a girlfriend in this leaving equation. Ryan says oh boy.

Seth finally tells his dad that hes not considering Berkley, he wants to go to Brown. Sandy says hes not upset and he wishes he would have told him. Seth says he has been trying to tell him for years. Seth says he wants to go east and forge his own path, which is what Sandy did when he left the east to go west. Sandy says hes already forging his own path, and they hug. Kirsten returns, and she says it seems theyll be empty nesters soon. Sandy suggests they get an apartment in Providence.

Meanwhile, Paul talks with Ryan about Marissa. Ryan is afraid to leave Marissa. Marissa then shows up to talk to Ryan. Ryan excuses himself and asks how Johnny is. She says he is okay, amazing actually, hes determined to surf again. Ryan feels responsible, but Marissa says it wasn't either of their faults, and they cant keep blaming themselves for everything. Marissa says shes applying to college, and if she doesnt let the shooting go it will ruin both of their lives. She says shell write the essay and either the college accepts it or they dont. Marissa says the fact that they are still here after everything they've gone through, well  that means there is nothing they cant handle. Paul interrupts and says he has to go, and he hopes they both apply to Berkley. They look at one another and smile. 

Ryan and Marissa take some food to Summer and Seth, and they discuss colleges. Summer says she and Seth are going east. Marissa says she and Ryan are thinking about Berkley. Summer says Ryan and Seth will have to do the long distance thing. Ryan says well that is college. 

On the Next OC
Seth says it isnt polite to ask a woman her age or SAT score. Summer says she got a 2300 on the SAT
Summer and Seth meet with the Brown recruiter and ask what makes a good candidate, aside from grades and SAT scores. He says a good hook.
Summer joins the marching band and has a tuba, and Seth is dressed as a pirate, obviously haven joined the drama club.
Marissa takes care of Johnny a little too much for his liking.
Summer tells Johnny if he doesnt like it to tell her to scram. Johnny says that is the problem, he does like it, a lot.
Ryan takes an internship with Sandy so it will look good on his application. Sandy thinks Matt is a good influence on Ryan.
Matt and Ryan end up at a strip club where Ryan gets a lap dance!


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