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December 3rd 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the Cohen kitchen. Seth is asking Ryan for help finding a new girlfriend because Zack and Summer are full on dating. Ryan says so he wants to date someone to show up Summer? He says there are other reasons, but he cant think of them right now. Ryan is busy getting ready for a physics quiz and doesnt have time for this. Seth thinks they need to find Ryan a girlfriend while theyre at it because Seth isnt entering this new era alone. Kirsten and walk in as Ryan and Seth are walking out, and Sandy says this is a new era and its the best thing that could have happened to him. He says now he answers to himself and not to a boss. Kirsten says and her father as he is his only client. Sandy says yeah, and she works for his wife, so there. Sandy thinks if he wins this case and gets his practice off the ground . . . Kirsten says he can spend his entire career defending her fathers rich clients. Sandy says she isnt bringing him down, and it is a new era just like Seth said. Seth and Ryan show up, and Seth has his yearbook and is looking for a new girlfriend. He thinks he has just found a new girlfriend, a girl named Wu. Kirsten asks if hes ready to start dating so soon after Summer? Sandy says is it better he sits around and mopes? Sandy encourages his son to get out there and not listen to his mother. Seth says he can either go for the new girl, the Wu, or keep talking about Summer. Kirsten says heres to the New Era! The all toast with their coffee mugs and say Im in

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Ryan and Seth arrive at school, and Seth has been turned down by The Wu. He says a simple no would have sufficed; she didnt have to laugh at him. Ryan points at another girl and says what about her. Seth says he and Tiffany Rosenberg have history. He explains he was talking to the dolphins on a class trip to Sea World and Tiffany overheard and made fun of him. Ryan continues to point out girls, and Seth says no, no, no. Lindsay shows up and asks if they are shopping for girlfriends in the quad? They say yeah, and she says classy, and not remotely demeaning. Ryan introduces Lindsay to Seth. She asks how their system works, is it a ranking method or is each girl judged by her merits, meaning her chest and ass. Ryan says its a simple yes or no survey. Lindsay looks at both of them and says in that case No and No, and she walks off. Seth asks Ryan to hook him up with Lindsay. Ryan says he should wait for someone else, but Seth wants her and asks Ryan to make it happen.

Marissa and Summer arrive at school, and Marissa is telling Summer that this is a new era because for the first time in her life she has no boy drama. Summer finds that hard to believe, but Marissa says its true. She says she and Ryan are just friends. Summer asks what about DJ? Marissa says he wants nothing to do with her, and he went MIA on her after quitting. Summer says he works for the Hendersons so it cant be that hard to find him. Marissa asks Summer about her boy drama, but Summer says she is free of drama because Zack has been her cure for the Cohen virus. Zack shows up and Summer gives him a big hug and calls him Ducky. He is stunned to learn they have nicknames. Marissa says they are cute. Summer tells Ducky that Marissa is bummed because she doesnt have anyone in her life as wonderful as him. He offers to hook her up, but she says no thanks. 

Sandy and Caleb meet up at a restaurant, and Caleb says this is a start of a new era as they have put aside their difference and are working together to battle the man. Sandy says hes bringing a tear to his eye. Caleb tells Sandy how this place serves a mean furtada. Sandy isnt interested and suggests they go over what they already know at this point. Sandy says hes been funneling money into a trust fund, and the person running the trust is an associate of the city councilmen who issues building permits. Sandy says this looks like bribery. Sandy asks why he set up the trust, and who is this woman who runs it, this Renee Wheeler. Caleb says the fund was set up tax benefits, and he doesnt know the woman who runs it. Caleb tells Sandy hes very grumpy today and he thinks he hasnt eaten. He orders Sandy a furtada. Sandy cant believe hes about to spend his twighlight years in jail and all he can think about is eating furtadas. Caleb says he wont go to jail and this thing wont make it to court. Caleb says Phyllis, his old secretary set up the trust. Caleb says now lets get him that furtada.

At school, Ryan talks to Lindsay about Seths interest in her. He starts off by saying for all he knows she has a boyfriend, so there maybe no point in him asking. She says she doesnt, and looks happy about his line of questioning. He says if she would maybe wanna go out on a date. She says okay, and he is pleased. Ryan says so youll go out with Seth? She says what? She quickly says she means yes shell go out with Seth. He asks if she is positive, and she says yes. She says thanks, and Ryan goes back to his desk. Its obvious she thought he was asking her out.

Kirsten brings a new fichus into Kirstens office, and she says she thought now that she was in charge she could introduce a little more life into this place. Kirsten thanks her for the plant but says they are one failed deal from total ruin. Julie says the boss is here so let her lighten her load. She asks what she is reading? Kirsten says the budget projections for next year, and they are very dense. Julie thinks Kirsten thinks she is dense. Kirsten says no, and she suggests Julie just let her take care of this while she continues to be . . . Julie says stupid? Julie says she knows about their important presentation tomorrow, so she needs to read up for it.

DJ is off working somewhere and Marissa pulls up. She gets out of her car and approaches him. She says she thought shed stop by and say hi. She asks how he is, and he says busy. She asks if he wants to go see the Killers tomorrow night. He asks if they are friends now? She says she wants to try and be something. DJ asks how her boyfriend feels about that? She says he isnt her boyfriend, which DJ thinks is why shes talking to him. He thinks he was just time killed. She says shell be at the Bait Shop tomorrow in case he decides to stop by.

Ryan shows up at the Bait Shop and tells Seth, who is working, that he has a date with Lindsay. Seth says he doesnt want to date the girl, he just wanted to go out! He says Ryan has to go on a double date with him, and Seth decides to set Ryan up with Alex. Ryan says there is no way shed go out with him, but he says they are a marriage made on the wrong side of the tracks, shes his Nancy and hes her Sid. Ryan says hes done dating for now. Seth says kids dont date anymore, they hang out in groups and head off to hook up. Seth tries to talk to Alex about it, and she says his idea sounds lame and why should she want to spend her night off here? Seth tries to convince her to give Ryan a try, but she says hes out of his mind. Seth continues talking nonsense and she says shell go just to get him out of her office. He says great, tomorrow night at 8, it will be awesome. 

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Julie walks in the meeting to the Newport group business meeting very late, interrupts it and introduces herself to everyone, and then decides to asks if there are any questions she can answer. One person asks if Calebs indictment will affect the group. Julie says no it wont. Kirsten tries to jump in, but Julie says she can handle this. She tells Kiki to make her a copy of a document, which she hands her, tout-suite. Kirsten says this is the lunch menu? Julie tells her to shoe! Kirsten thanks them for her time and walks off. Julie asks what the next question is, and the man gets into questioning her about rising interest rates, which she knows nothing about. She just says Yes . . . .

Back at school, Summer walks by Seth and Ryan, and Seth cant help but blurting out he has a date. She tells him and Captain Oats to have fun. He says its with a girl, and she laughs. Marissa shows up and Summer says Cohen has a date with a real girl. Marissa says that is great. Summer walks off, and Seth feels like a fool. Seth walks off, and Marissa asks Ryan what he is doing if Seth is abandoning him? Ryan says he has a thing, not a date, more of a group hang. She tells him to have fun tonight on his date, or hang.

On his boat, Jimmy is working when Julie shows up for a visit. She brought him a lobster roll from the Lobster Shack. He says she drops by with his favorite sandwich, and wonders what has happened. She admits it is work, and she has found it a bit of challenge. She says being the CEO is a bitch. He says she should be a natural. She says she tried to google herself and crashed the whole computer network, then an investor ran out on an important meeting. Jimmy says she may not have Kirstens experience, or any experience, but she is savvy and that goes a long way in this business. Julie asks if this is fixable? Jimmy says she is good at getting money from rich old men and do it the Julie Cooper way, but by do it hes not saying sleep with them. She says he has given him the confidence to execute plan B. Jimmy likes their new relationship and thinks they should have gotten divorced years ago.

At the Bait Shack, Lindsay shows up and Seth suggests Ryan go talk to her for an hour and warm her up. Ryan says its his date. Seth says details, and he goes off to find Alex. Ryan talks to Lindsay, and she asks if he is chaperoning? He says he has a date, and she asks if this is what she read about in the latest magazines. She says she believes it is called hanging. Ryan says he doesnt know what it is. Meanwhile Seth find Alex and she says Ryan is cute, and gets Alex to admit he (Seth) is cute when hes not talking like an 8 year old. Everyone introduces everyone to one another, and they all just stand around and say nothing. Seth says this should be great and not at all awkward.

Sandy is sitting around the Cohen couch eating chips and watching a Judge Judy like show. She asks what is going on, he is in his pajamas with orange cheeto dust all over him. She asks what has happened to his husband? Sandy says her fathers case is as good as lost, he is giving him the runaround. We learn Calebs former assistant Phyllis died last year, something he didnt tell Sandy. Kirsten says Julie is on the same seek and destroy mission as her dad. Sandy suggests they both just give up and destroy their careers themselves instead of let the gruesome twosome do it. Kirsten says if her dad is acting weird then he is hiding something. Sandy says he knows, and Kristen says it is his job to find out what. Julie shows up at the door and says she knows shes not their favorite person, but she suggests they have a party! Kirsten says they should talk about this tomorrow, but Julie says the caterers are here now. Julie says she knew if she asked theyd say no. Julie has set up a client party here tonight, and Caleb has gone to the club to meet someone from work. 

At the Bait Shop The Killers are performing and the place is rocking with kids. The foursome is just hanging out and Seth tries to get them to talk. Alex asks Ryan if he likes live music, and Ryan says not really. Alex says it is her passion. Ryan and Seth have a conference, and both of them are dying on their dates. Seth thinks they cant get worse, but then Ryan sees Marissa and Summer have shown up. Ryan says they just hit a new low.

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The Killers continue to play more songs, and Summer has dragged Marisa along on her date with Zack/Ducky. Zack doesnt like his new nickname very much and wants to talk about it. Marissa, Summer and Zack run into Seth, Ryan, Lindsay and Alex. Summer says this is . . . Seth says this is awesome! Summer says yes, awesome. The girls and Zack leave, and Lindsay realizes they just met the Exs. 

At the Cohens, Julies party is in full swing. Jimmy has shown up and Kirsten is fuming. Julie is giggling and touching the clients. Jimmy says she is just snoozing them, but Kirsten says she is grazing the asses of their star clientele. Jimmy says Julie knows what shes doing.

Back at the bait shop, Summer watches Seth with his date and she tells Zack and Marissa she should go stop Cohen from talking that poor girls ear off about some boring comic book. Zack thinks she should put her Cohen obsession on hold and watch the band. Summer says she is not obsessing. They get into Summers obsession, and Marissa excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Ryan ends up looking over at Lindsay, who is ignoring Seth. Seth is going on and on about his breakup with Summer. Meanwhile Alex looks at Seth as he talks to Lindsay.

Sandy heads to the club and sees Caleb giving an envelope to a woman, who gets into her car and takes off. Sandy writes down the womans license plate, and he later confronts Caleb in the bar. Sandy tells Caleb no more games, who is the woman he just saw him with. Caleb says she is an old friend. Sandy thinks that was Renee Wheeler. Caleb says he doesnt know her, but Sandy knows that was her car, he had her license traced. Caleb tells him to stay away from her and leave it alone. Sandy asks if hes having an affair. Caleb says its much deeper than an affair, and they could lose everything.

Back at the Bait Shop, Lindsay eventually tells Seth that there is something seriously wrong with him. Seth says no he is fine, and perhaps he should tell Summer he is fine too. Lindsay says Summer and the others are leaving so he better hurry. Seth says hell be right back and chases them down. 

Meanwhile, Marissa sees DJ has shown up. DJ says his friends had an extra ticket. Marissa says oh and shell see him around. She walks off.

Elsewhere, Alex tells Ryan to go tell Lindsay that he likes her. Alex says shes not offended, and its okay. She says besides shes not feeling a spark with him. He says wow, an honest conversation with a girl. Ryan thanks her and says hell go talk to Lindsay.

Outside, Zack tells Summer hes had enough of her talking about Seth. He suggests she go home and log onto some Cohen chat room and talk because hes had enough. Seth shows up and asks to talk to Summer. Zack says hell just go jump off the pier. Seth tells Summer that he just wanted to say he was fine with her dating Zack. Summer tells him to beat it, and she runs after her Ducky. Zack asks her to promise to stop calling him Ducky. She says okay, and they walk off holding hands.

Back in the bait shop, the concert is ended. Ryan offers to take Lindsay home, but she says hes done enough for her already. Ryan says this was a bad idea. Lindsay says the invasion of Iraq is looking good in comparison to this. He asks if they can just talk, but she says no and shell see him at school.

Commercial Break

Julie continues to snooze one of the clients, and Kirsten apologizes to the client about the meeting today. Julie wont let her talk about the meeting. The man goes to refill all their drinks, and Julie says shes not totally usless. She says she is going to go get the clients contract and tells Kirsten to make sure the client gets another whisky sour.

Ryan and Seth talk on the pier about their horrible night. Ryan says he was going to just go . . . Seth says he was going to maybe . . .They part ways. Seth goes to see Alex, and he tells her that he got discod by two girls in one night and this isnt the first time it has happened. She says shes not surprised. He says twist the knife deeper into his heart. She says oh so hes the one hurting, not Summer or Lindsay? Seth says hes sorry about the whole group hanging thing. Seth goes to leave, but Alex follows him. She says its so hard to believe all those girls running out on him when hes so bratty, immature, but sometimes charming. She says especially when hes not talking about Summer, and perhaps there is hope for him. Seth asks if she wants to go get an ice-cream? She says he really is eight. They kiss, and Alex says lets go. 

Meanwhile DJ drives home and sees Marissas car parked on the side of the street somewhere. He pulls over and gets out of his truck. He finds Marissa out on the beach in a lifeguard tower. He goes to see her and she asks what hes doing here? He says he was headed to his house to surprise her. She asks this means? They kiss, and DJ says he doesnt know what it means but he guesses he better prepare himself for drama. She says he has no idea. 

Elsewhere, Ryan pulls up to Lindsay, whose waiting at a bus stop. He asks if she needs a lift? She says no, the bus will be here soon. He gets out of his car to talk to her. She says she knew this would be a disaster, so he asks why she said yes? She says because she thought he was asking her out. She says she didnt mean to say that out loud. He says what? She repeats what she said, and he says he is an idiot. She says that is the twist, she turned out to be the idiot t his time. Ryan says when he asked her out, he wanted to ask her out for him but he didnt think shed say yes. Lindsay says they he is an idiot. He asks if hes an idiot shed go out with sometime? She says its possible.

Kirsten and Sandy meet up in their bedroom. Kirsten says the party is over, and the invertors resigned his contract. Kirsten just hopes he remembers signing it in the morning Sandy says Julie understands the weakness of men. She asks where he has been? He says hes been driving around thinking about finding himself in a triangle with her and her dad. Sandy says her dad thinks there is something they are better off not knowing. Sandy and Kirsten end up getting done to business.

Summer and Zack head back to Summers place, and they watch DVDs of the Valley in her room. We see shots of DJ with Marissa at the lifeguard tower, Seth and Alex eating ice cream on the pier, and Ryan and Lindsay talking on the bench. 

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