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December 12th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

This is posted as is, I haven't yet proofed it!

The show opens with Ryan having all sorts of dirty fantasizes about Taylor. Shes dressed like an 80s music video vixen and dances on the bar where he works. Ryan is standing in the kitchen where Sandy is holding some schmeared bagels out for him. Ryan says thanks. Kirsten asks if everything is okay. He says yes he wanted to go check on Seth. Seth walks in, hes leaving. He says he wasnt planning on a trip to see Summer, but RISD sent some dorm info. He says he thought hed check out his new home and give her some support for finals. They thought he was giving her space. Seth says that turned into him missing her. Ryan tells Seth that he has to talk to him, its very important. Seth says yeah he can call him, his cab is here.

Summer meets with the dean and learns she is suspended from the university until next fall. The dean says breaking into the lab was serious, if it wasnt for her record they may have involved the police. She is told to go to the dorm and start packing. Summer says but she has friends and finals. She is told to go home, shes no longer a student here. The woman tells Summer to go home. Summer says this is her home.

Commercial Break

Summer begins packing up her dorm room. Che shows up to see Summer. He says the iron fist of justice came crashing down on her. She says his plan worked out perfectly. Che says that on the reservation he learned sometimes the weaker gazelle must be sacrificed for the good of the heard. She tells him to shut up before she ties him up with hemp ropes, set fire to him and get high off the fumes of his burning flesh. Che thinks he made a better person out of her. She says he got her thrown out of school. He tells her that shes a hero. She says she just wanted to be a student. 

Ryan is tying his shoe when he has a fantasy of Taylor washing the windows to the pool house. Kristen shows up to see Ryan. She thought he would need a new Seth with Seth out of town, she wanted to audition for the job. She asks how it works? He says usually Seth talks about himself and he solves his problems on his own. Kirtsens says shes noticed hes been spending a lot of time with Taylor. She says if this is about girls well shes a much better resource than her son. Ryan says she cant repeat this. He says he kissed Taylor and now . . . Kirsten says he cant stop thinking about her? She says that is so cute. Ryan says but him and Taylor? Kirsten says given what hes been through, if something good happens he should at least be open to the possibility. He says shes right. She asks if she gets the job?

The tennis pro Spencer shows up at the Coopers with a racket for Kaitlin. Kaitlin hopes now that he and her mom are over he can help her with her stroke. He says he still has a no jail bait policy. He suggests she work meeting guys from her school, guys her own age. 

Ryan heads to work and runs into Taylor. He says he has to go, he cant talk. She says shes just here to cover for Seth while hes gone. She thinks hes totally uncomfortable around her now after the kiss. Ryan says its fine. Taylor starts rambling on and on. Ryan asks if she is busy tonight. She says she was going to update her blog. He asks so is she busy? She says blog schmog! They make arrangements to meet at the comic book store and watch some anime.

At a Water Polo match Kaitlin shows up to try and meet some guys. She sits down, some girls want to ask her something. Kaitlin asks if they have a problem? The girls saw her talking to one of the players, they think hes hot. They introduce themselves and begin talking to her. Their names are Jess and Olivia. Suddenly Reilly shows up. She demands the girls go start mailing her party invites. She then walks off. Kaitlin asks why they let her talk to them like that? They says shes having a Pimps and Hos party for her sweet sixteen, if they dont help they dont get to go. They say anyone who is anyone will be there. The girls then run off to do Reilly's bidding.

Ryan calls Seth to see how hes doing. Seth is heading to Summers place now to surprise her. Seth asks how things with Ryan are. Ryan says things are weird and about to get a lot weirer. He says hell call him later.

Kirsten and Julie meet with a client who has been out with seven men already. She claims shes been out with seven versions of the same man. The client demands a man who will surprise her, someone different. As shes leaving the Bullit walks in with flowers. Julie asks what hes ding here, he was supposed to be a silent partner. He says he came to see his girlfriend and invite her out to dinner. Julie says she is not going out with him, he repulses her. She says she has to go find a new man base for an unhappy client. Bullit suggests himself, but Julie thinks this woman isnt looking for a lunatic. He begins begging Julie to have dinner with him. She says no. He says then lets just make out. She says she can hurt him and shows him a tazer. He says wow, cal me! 

Taylor and Ryan are watching anime movies at the comic book shop. They have a hand meeting moment with the popcorn. Ryan pulls the arm over the shoulder move. He goes in for a kiss but stops. She asks if everything is okay? He says hes sorry, he cant do this. Taylor says he is the one who asked her to hang out, he was the one who leaned in to kiss her. HE says he knows. He says shes a great girl but this is just weird. Taylor says that makes him feel so much better.

Seth arrives at Summers place just as she arrives in his room. They call one another up to learn about their misses. Seth wanted to surprise her, she says shes surprised. He asks why she left school? She says she got kicked out. She says she listened to Che and he sold her down the river. She says she misses it already, she doesnt know what to do. Seth says hes going to defend her honor! She tells him not to do this. Seth hangs up on her.

Commercial Break.

Sandy comes to see Ryan. He knows Kirsten auditioned for the role of Seth. Ryan says yes, but he handed the whole Taylor thing. Sandy asks what happened. He says nothing happened. He says he thinks it is just too soon for him. Sandy says then keep it casual and they need to be friends. Ryan says every girl needs to hear that. Sandy says if it is the truth . . . Ryan says its the only shot he has. Sandy says if he needs him again then hell be in his room reading comics and listening to Indie Rock.

Seth goes looking for Che at Brown and kicks in his room. Hes not there. He ends up finding a CD in Ches room labeled for Seth. He plays it, its a video CD. Che says news of his vendetta has reached his ears. He says until cooler heads prevail then hell be underground. Summer is on the phone and hears this. She says he ran and hid, what a coward! She tells Seth to forget about Che, she needs him here. 

At the Coopers, Julie finds Summer what shes doing here? Summer says its a long story. Julie says well if she needs anything shes here. She also tells Summer to go reclaim her bedroom, Taylor has boundry issues. Julie asks Summer if that is a bunny she has? 

Reilly has gathered all these girls together to give out the invites, if their name isnt called then they arent coming. Kaitlin is smoking a doobie and listening. The two girls who helped Reilly arent invited, they are furious. Reilly says she didnt know theyd ruin the envelopes with their slut sweat, the whole school could get gonorrhea. Kaitlin walks up and says they and everyone else can come to her party. Reilly says shes hired a sushi chef and Danny Kane is playing. Kaitlin says sushi is high in mercury and Danny Kane sucks. She says she has five kegs and no parents. She says bring whoever they want. 

Spencer the tennis pro and his friends show up to join Julie and Kirstens dating service. They dont understand, most of the applicants are female and over thirty five. Spencer says they need new recruits. He gives them a check to cover it. Spencer then hands Julie his ringing phone, she knows who it is. Its the Bullit saying is he good or what. She asks what hes doing? He thinks she owes her a weekend as a thanks. Julie says she cant, she and Kirsten and Sandy are going away for the weekend for their anniversary. He says shes going away with them on their anniversary? She says they are having a recommitment ceremony and she is the witness. He thinks that is sweet, hell be there.

Ryan heads to the comic book shop to see Taylor. She opens the door and says Boo! She says he didnt run away so he must not be that scared of her. He says he wanted to apologize . . . he then sees she has company. She introduces Roger to Ryan, they bonded over this movie they both watch every night before bed. Ryan says he wanted to come by and see if she needed a ride home, as friends. She says so that is what he wants them to be? She says Ryan Atwood, mon amie, sounds terrif! Taylor says she and Roger were just going to hang out and order takeout. Ryan says okay, he heads off.

Summer is on the phone with Seth. Seth has left the airport and is on his way home to see her. She asks him to get here soon. Someone rings the doorbell, Summer thinks that was fast. As it turns out it is Che! Che says hes come to attone for his sins. She slams the door on his face. She opens it up again, then re-slams it.

Commercial Break

Kaitlin is on the phone with someone. She realizes she has to find a way to get her mom out of this house, that or throw a party with underage drinks. She goes to see her mom, who is packing a bag. Kaitlin asks if shes going somewhere? Julie says the montage for the weekend. Kaitlin doesnt guess they are spicing their relationship up as they dont scream threesome. Julie says if Kaitlin needs anything then Summer and Taylor are in charge. Kaitlin says Summer is here.

Che is following Summer around the house. She says shell get him some water and he can camp out on the lawn. Che cant go on with his life leaving this unresolved, he wants to go out on the lawn and have a truth circle. Summer says she hates him now leave, he cant just fix this, shes not a tree to be chained to. Che says theyll see about that. Che handcuffs himself to her and says he wont unlock it until they are done healing. She says then be prepared to stay up for the rest of his life. 

Kirsten tells Sandy about their weekend away to Montage. Kirsten says there is something about this romantic holiday she hasnt shared. The Bullit shows up, Sandy hopes he has a separate room. Sandy wonders who his date is. Julie shows up. Kirsten promises to make this up to him. The Bullit says he cant wait for their recommitment ceremony.

Taylor brings Roger home only to find Summer there, with Che handcuffed to her. They all introduce one another to each other. Taylor sees they are handcuffed together, she thinks Summer learned something from her roommate. Summer says ew! Summer says dont talk to him, hes not here. Che says that wont make him go away. She says how about killing him? Suddenly they all here sounds downstairs.

Summer, Taylor, Roger and Che find Kaitlin and the Wards bringing some kegs in. Summer asks what is going on here? Taylor says just having a few friends over to her house. Summer says its her house, she thinks. Taylor says Kaitlin cannot have a party. Che offers to entertain her guests with some tribal music. Kaitlin calls him a freak and asks why hes handcuffed to Summer? Summer says hes not, he doesnt exist.

Ryan is at home trying to watch TV, only to have more dirty fantasies about Taylor. Seth shows up at this point. Ryan asks what hes doing here? Seth says Summer got kicked out of school, hes going over to see her. Ryan asks if Taylor will be there? Can he come? Ryan admits to Seth about his fantasize about Taylor. Seth says his fantasies are so average. They both head to the house.

A huge party is going on at the house. Summer is walking around with Che still handcuffed to her. Taylor is trying to convince everyone to play pictionary. Summer is yelling at people, Che is asking people not to drink and drive. They wonder where Kaitlin is?

Kaitlin is hosting a game of seven minutes in heaven. Kaitlin ends up getting chosen to go into the closet with Reillys water polo boyfriend Conner. Olivia says right, its bad enough he didnt go to her party. Connor says she doesnt have to know, they head into the closet. In the closet he tells her that shes so hot, why doesnt he see her around school? She says so are they going to make out or what? He wants to talk. He avoids her, she asks if hes afraid of cheating on Reilly? He says know, she doesnt like her. Kaitlin asks if hes gay when he doesnt respond to her kiss. He says hes not gay, he doesnt think so. She says sweetheart you are so gay.

At the montage, the Bullit is going off on Jews controlling the media, and how he doesnt understand why they dont use the media to say someone else controls it. He says it would cause a lot less resent ment. Kirsten says shes full, they should do something else. The Bullit says less food in the stomach means more room for the booze. Julie says Kirsten doesnt drink. Kirsten says time for bed, she has a headache. The Bullit says guess she doesnt do that either! Sandy and Kirsten say they will be going and are going to try and cancel their rooms. They walks off. The Bullit asks what about the wedding plans? Julie says it was a lie to avoid him because he is an ignorant buffoon! Julie says she has to go try and salvage her friendship.

Ryan arrives at the party looking for Taylor. He heads into a bedroom and finds Roger in bed! Ryan says keep doing what hes doing, he was just looking for Taylor. From under the covers comes the gay water polo player! Ryan is stunned, he asks if Taylor is in there with them? Roger says no. Ryan says he thought Taylor liked him, what is he doing to her. Roger says he barely knows her, she offered to give him an action figure if he played along with her. Ryan says well that sounds like Taylor. He says carry on and leaves them.

Seth shows up and finds Che at the party. Seth says so he finally crawled out of his cave. Summer shows up, she was standing behind Che. Shes glad to see him. Che is telling Seth that he and Summer are on a journey with one another, a journey towards true love. Seth says hes on a journey to the pool. Seth doesnt realized they are handcuffed and pushes Che and Summer into the pool. 

Commercial Break

Reilly soon shows up at Kailins party and faces off with Kaitlin. Reilly says nobody came to her party. Kaitlin says so she dressed like a ho for no reason? Reilly says she changed before she came here. Reilly tells Kaitlin that she wins, shell do whatever she commands. Kaitlin says that isnt what she wants. Kaitlin tells her to just be nicer to her friends, oh and Connor is totally gay. Kaitlin walks off and calls 911 to report a lame party.

Che and Summer are out of the pool and soaked. Che is crying about something. Seth brings them towels and says hes sorry. Che is saying he hates himself more than they could. He says Summer is his best friend, she believed in the good they were doing. He says he knows he let her down. Summer says she did what she did because she believed it. She says she cant spend her life blaming him, she accepts his apology. Seth tells Che not that he deserves this. Che unlocks the cuffs and heads off. Ches butler shows up and says his bags are packed Mr. Winchester and his fathers G4 is waiting. Che admits that his dad owns a pharmasuitical company and some factories in Mexico. She says she guesses every kid finds a way to rebel against their parents. Che heads off. Summer tells Seth now shes back home. HE says that is great, but he has to leave. 

Ryan finds Taylor cleaning writing off one of the Wards faces. Ryan asks Taylor why she paid her gay friend to pretend to be in love with her? Taylor says what if she did rent a homosexual for the evening, what difference does it make? He says its strange. She says that is why he ran away. He says no that isnt why he ran off. He says she is strange, but hes not ready for a girlfriend. She says hes getting ahead of himself. She says he is a sweet, smart and hot guy. She says whatever happens happens. Ryan says that is . . . she knows, its normal. They finally go to share a kiss. Taylor stops and says this is her first high school bash, she wants to play seven minutes in heaven.

At the montage, Julie tells Bullit that thanks to him, Kirsten and Sandy are packed and on the road. He says hes sorry. He says when God was handing out brains he was sitting on the toilet. He says she makes him all nervous inside. She says so he acts like a sexist pig around her? He says no she makes it seem worse. He says she is a sexy and classy dame, he just wanted to make her laugh. He thinks she must be headed home. She says no way, she put the room on the company card. He suggests they do breakfast. She says okay. They end up shaking one another's hands. He tells her goodnight and walks off. 

Sandy and Kirsten finally arrive home. The Justice of the Peace shows up to renew their vows. It turns out the Bullit hired him.

Kaitlin watches as her party finally winds down and people make it out. 

Julie is drinking at the bar at the hotel. Spencer calls her up and thanks her for a great night. He says hell give her her cut when he gets back into town. She says Spencer you pay to join the service, the date doesnt pay him. She says that is illegal. Spencer says righ, his bad. He says anyways she has one satisfied customer. Just the the client Pam calls up. She tells Julie how she had a great night, shell be telling all her friends. Julie asks what shell be telling them? 

Sandy and Kirsten renew their vows out by the pool. 

Taylor and Ryan are playing seven minutes in heaven in the closet. 

Seth and Summer talk. They say they can try the long distance thing again. She says he could come to providence with him and get the job. She says thanks but no thanks. Seth says he could put off RISD for a semester and they could go back together in the fall. She cant believe hed do that for her. She says there is one more thing. She introduces her bunny Pancakes to Seth. 

On the Next OC
Its the Christmukkah Episode!
Taylor tells Ryan how Sandy is married to Julie, and Julie is having and affair with Che.
Sandy is either the mayor or running for mayor of Newport.
Kirsten tells Ryan that its Christmukkah, they make their own rules.
Kirsten is married to Jimmy Cooper!
The whole premise is that Ryan fell off the ladder while stringing lights, he gets to find out what the OC was like had he never showed up.
Taylor tells Ryan there is something else, in this world Marissa is alive. 


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