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December 8th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with the kids picking Johnny up from the hospital and driving him home. He says they didnt have to do this. Marissa says Chili's out of town and his mom is at work, they werent going to let him take the bus. They arrive at Johnnys house. Its not much, but he plans to buy his mom a better house when he goes pro. They drop him off and then they get ready head to school. He insists hes fine, but he cant even get up his steps. Marissa has a free period, so she decides to help him. Seth looks at Ryan, who  tells Seth that he trusts Marissa.

Commercial Break. 

Julie and Kirsten discuss their new business. Kirsten wanted to do something that would provide Newport with something they are missing, a great bookstore perhaps. Julie says interesting, but she thought theyd provide Newport with something Newport actually wants, like nude maids. Kirsten asks who wants to see their maids nude? Julie says they are strippers. Kirsten asks who wants strippers doing their laundry. Sandy walks in and says as long as she gets his shirts the way he likes them it's okay by him. Julie says Sandy gets it, and you have to give them people what they want. Sandy says right now hes trying to give people who need a place to live a place to live. He has a meeting set up with some investors. Julie says shes not in favor of low income housing. Kirsten points out that she lives in a trailer park. She says and shes highly motivated to change her circumstances. She says if you make being poor comfortable then nobody will make the incentive to get rich. Sandy takes off, and Kirsten and Julie finally settle on a business, something they know, party planning. 

At Harbor high, Summer is on her way to see Dr. Kim to change her college files since she got her SAT scores. Seth says they got those months ago. She says she took hers late, she missed the first ones because of a Valley marathon. Ryan asks how she did. Seth says you never ask lady her age, weight or SAT scores. She says she got a 2300. They are stunned. She asks if that is bad. Seth says that is goooood. Summer says as good as him? Ryan says better, and Seth says by the tiniest bit. Seth says he read a study that if third graders took the SAT one would get a perfect score by probability alone. Summer says shes not a third grader. Seth says he knows, but how else do you explain it. She leaves, and Seth wonders how this is possible. Ryan says she did save Christmukah.

Marissa gets Johnny all set up, and she says shell stop by after school with his homework. He says hell get it later. She thinks Johnny is trying to get rid of her. Johnnys mom returns home from work. Johnnys mom gives Marissa a hug and says Johnny talks about her so much. She thanks Marissa for bringing him home as nobody could cover for her at the nursing home. She also says she got Johnny an appointment with the best sports medicine doctor in town. She says the only problem is there is a waitlist, it will be months before he can see Johnny. He says hell miss the tour. Marissa says maybe they can get moved up on the list, but his mom says she tried and its a no go.

At school, Summer comes to see Seth. Summer says it turns out she is totally smart, she has a lot of aptitude as Dr. Kim says it. She says she is academically gifted and just didnt apply herself. Summer says if she gets her grades up she can go to Brown with him. Seth asks if she even wants to go to Brown. She says now she does, she can make her own major and she loves that the school colors are seal brown. She says tomorrow they are having a fair for prospective students and she thought they could go together. Seth says yeah sure. She then decides to read what Seth is reading since shes smart now so she should enjoy it.

At the Cohen's, Sandy and Matt are working, and Kirsten orders Thai for dinner. Sandy says happy days are here again. Matt thinks Sandy and Kirsten are so perfect together. Sandy says theyve been working on it for 25 years. Sandy thought Matt had a girlfriend in Chicago. He says he does. Seth and Ryan come in. Matt and Sandy have their proposal and model for affordable housing. Seth goes off to help his mom with dinner, and Ryan gives them his opinion on the model. He suggests they put some walls up and turn a space into a courtyard. They like it, and Matt suggests they give Ryan an internship as it will look good on college applications. Matt asks what he's doing tonight. Ryan had plans tonight with Marissa, but Matt suggests he cancel them.

Marissa is still at Johnnys trying to help him get an appointment the doctor. She thinks she can get him in with the doctor. Johnny doesnt want her to think this is her problem. She says too late. Summer shows up to pick up Marissa. Marissa gets Ryans call canceling dinner plans. She goes off to talk to him, and Johnny asks Summer to help him as Marissa wont leave him alone. Summer says Marissa can be clingy. Johnny says its not that he doesnt like it, he does like it, a lot. Summer says she called this so long ago, and this is a problem. Johnny says only for him, and he asks her not to tell Marissa. Marissa returns and asks what she missed?

Commercial Break

Marissa and Summer are headed to school. Ryan is going to work at the Newport Union after school so he cant pick her up. She asks Summer to pick her up at Johnnys, shes going to drop off his homework. She asks if Summer could get her dad to put in a good work for Johnny with this doctor. Summer asks if her getting so involved with Johnny is a good idea? She says he doesnt have anyone else really, his mom is sweet but works a lot. Summer says shell ask her dad, besides the sooner Johnny is better the sooner she can stop being his nursemaid. Marissa says she likes being his nursemaid and maybe she should be a nurse. Summer laughs and says that is a good one.

At Harbor, Seth asks Ryan if he has a problem with Marissa canceling on him? Ryan says he canceled on her. Seth thinks hed have a problem with it. Ryan thinks Seth has a problem with Summer being a genius. Seth says hey nobody used the G word. Ryan tells him not to compete with Summer. Seth asks why, does he think Summer would win?

Julie and Kirsten meet at the club to discuss work. Kirsten is all about the business , Julie is all about the club food menu. Kirsten thinks Julie isnt interested. Julie says shes just been eating a lot of ramen noodles lately. Kirsten says if this business works then shell never boil her dinner again. Kirsten has to run to the car and get something she forgot. Julie then decides on her order. She also notices a man at the bar checking her out. He comes over and asks if shed like to join him for a drink? She says her friend will be back shortly. He says he can buy them both drinks, but Julie says her friend is  an alcoholic and they are having a business lunch. She says they are business partners. He asks what kind? As they talk, Kirsten returns and sees some man has moved into her seat with Julie. Julie introduces Jeff to Kirsten, and Julie says she invited him to enjoy them for lunch as he just hired them to do a dinner party at his house this weekend. He says for five thousand dollars. Kirsten tells him to have a seat! 

At Harbor, the college event for Brown is going on, and people didnt expect to see Summer there. Summer soon gets the idea that Seth doesnt think she belongs here. Summer says its not about him, she says for once she wants to do something important for her life. She says maybe shell be the first woman in space or win a noble prize. He says women have gone into space, and Marie Curie won the NOBEL prize already. Summer says he made his point. She says he may know more about history and science, but she knows how to work a room.

At the Newport group, Matt seems distracted. Ryan asks what is going on. He says he has a lot on his mind. He says he relocated to take this job, and his girlfriend well his ex now, well he proposed to her but she dumped him. Matt refuses to let this interfere with his work or to tell Sandy. Sandy walks in and says his plate is full, so they need to work out some new scenarios for him in regards to some new zoning laws. Matt says he and Ryan can handle this. Ryan asks if they are going to be able to do this? Matt suggests they take a little field trip.

Back at Harbor, Seth watches as Summer works the room. The Brown recruiter then speaks. He thanks them for all coming and says on average Brown only admits one student a year from Harbor. He says it is stiff competition, and good luck to them. Summer asks the Brown guy what makes a student stand out? He tells Seth and Summer that what it really takes is a hook. Seth asks what is an example? He says say the cellist in their string quartet was graduating and he played the cello . . . . 

At Johnnys, Marissa has good news, Johnny has an appointment with the doctor next week. Johnnys mom says this calls for a celebration, and she wants Marissa to stay for dinner Marissa has plans with Ryan, but Johnnys mom says invite him too. Marissa gets a call from Ryan, he thinks it sounds good but suggests they start without him. He sees that Matt has brought him to a strip club! Of course Ryan is too young, so Matt bribes the doorman to get him in. 

At the strip club, Ryan asks what they are doing here? Matt says he does some of his best thinking here. A woman named Billie comes over, and he says this is his muse. He needs some one on one time with her, so she gets the champagne room ready for him. Matt goes off, but not before he pays for Ryan to get a lap dance as well. 

At the Cohens, Sandy is working and Kirsten is cooking for the party this weekend. Seth walks in with a pirate costume. They ask what it is about. Seth says he and Summer are in a war. Sandy says a pirate war? Seth explains how he needs a hook to get into Brown. Sandy says oh like Captain Hook. Seth goes to get the door when the doorbell rings, and Kirsten says Summer going to Brown? Sandy says she did save Christmukah. Kirsten asks if Ryan is eating with them. Sandy says no hes working with Matt tonight, and he thinks that Matt is a good influence on Ryan. 

At the club, Ryan continues his lap dance as his phone rings. The stripper reaches into his pants to get his cell phone for him, but he doesnt answer it. Its Marissa calling to find out where he is as it is getting late. 

At Johnnys, Johnny has fallen asleep, so Marissa covers him up. Marissa continues to watch TV, and Johnnys head falls on her shoulder. She pushes it off with her finger, but it falls back over. 

Back at the club, Ryan is looking at his watch, Matt is no where to be found. He finally goes outside and calls Marissa back. By this time shes not answering, shes fallen asleep in bed with Johnny! 

Commercial Break

Summer has a Tuba in her room. Marissa walks in and crashes. Summer asks where she has been? Marissa says she fell asleep at Johnnys. She says they were watching a movie. Marissa asks what that is. Summer says a Tuba. Summer knows how to play the Tuba, she went to band camp in fifth grade and told everyone she went to model camp. Summer asks if Ryan knows what happened? Ryan walks in and asks what he knows. Marissa says how bad the movie was last night, and she asks Ryan where he was. He says he was working with Matt, they have a big presentation today. He asks how Johnny is, and she says better. They share an awkward hug and then head to schools.

At the Newport group, Matt hasnt shown up and he has the presentation. Sandy asks Ryan if he knows where Matt is? Ryan says maybe he slept in? Matt shows up all disheveled. Sandy suggests he clean up quickly, he has four minutes. Matt thanks Ryan for not busting him. Ryan asks if hes going to make him wish he did? Matt says he has it under control.

At Harbor, Summer joins the marching band, and Seth is trying to become the school mascot. Summer asks Seth what hes doing? He asks what shes doing? She says she knows what hes doing, and he says hes not the one with a tuba. She says at least she plays the tuba. Seth laughs, but she says she does. They end up fighting. Summer asks why he has to be better at her than everything. He says hes not, there was only one thing he was better at. Seth then walks off. 

At the Newport group, Sandy gives his pitch, and then it is up to Matt to take the lead. He passes out the various reports he worked up, but its clear he hasnt done his homework. HE cant answer some of the investors questions. Sandy realizes Matt blew it, and the investors arent happy as they didnt drive down for this. Sandy assures them that theyll have the numbers they need by this afternoon. The investors say they have heard all they need to today. They then leave. Matt apologizes to Sandy and walks off. Sandy asks Ryan if there is anything hed care to tell him?

At Johnnys place, Johnny falls and break a glass. Marissa shows up just in time to rescue him. 

Julie and Kristen arrive at Jeffs place to cater his party, but it turns out that they are the party. He actually wanted Julie to join him for dinner. Kirsten hopes this isnt a joke, but he says hell pay them. Kirsten wants to leave, but Julie doesnt. She says he did all this for a date with her? She accepts! Kirsten says fine but they are serving themselves. She leaves, and Julie asks if he is hungry. He says nope!

Back at the strip club, Sandy finds Matt and asks what happened? He knows what happened last night, he lied to him and disrespected him. Sandy fires Matt! Ryan tells Sandy not to do this, but Sandy tells Ryan not to think he has anything to be sorry about. 

Back at Johnnys, Johnny is doped up on his pain killers now, and he ends up admitting the truth to her under the drugs. He tells Marissa that he really likes her. She says she really likes him to. He says no, he likes her likes her. He thinks hes in love with her. 

Commercial Break

At the pool house, Seth needs to talk about his issues. He says his biggest fear, what if Summers being smart changes their whole dynamic. Ryan asks why would it. He says because his intelligence is what she admired, it made him almost a man in her eyes. Ryan says he has plenty of other qualities, he is funny, he is an expert in comic books, he knows how to work a grill. Ryan says the point is, Summer doesnt want to be him, she wants to be with him. Seth knows, and he knows that he has to apologize. Ryan has to go to Sandys and do some apologizing himself.

Marissa and Summer are sleeping. Johnny calls. Summer tells her not to answer. Marissa says Johnny will think shes mad at him. Summer says that isnt such a bad thing. Marissa says he probably doesnt remember and its not a big deal. Summer says its still a love confession, and she tells Marissa that Johnny told her too. She says he made her promise not to tell her, he didnt want her to know. Marissa says now she knows, what will she do. Summer says pretend she doesnt know and stay away from him. Marissa thinks she has to call Ryan. Summer says she's not going to tell him is she?

Ryan shows up at work, Sandy cant get the investors to return his calls. Ryan says hes sorry, Matt said he had it covered and he believed him. Sandy says so did he. Sandy says it makes no sense for him to blow this off. Ryan tells him that his girl friend dumped him for taking this job. Sandy says he should have said something. Billie the stripper walks in and says Matt didnt want anyone to know. She says sorry for the drop by, but Matt is her friend from college. She says yes she went to college. Billie says she dances to pay for law school, and she and Matt talk at the club. She says Matt has been under a lot of pressure, and he crashed and burned. She says Matt is a good guy and this job means the world to him. Billie says she put Matt in touch with the investors and she can get him another meeting, they are customers. 

Seth shows up at Summer's to see Summer just as she was leaving to see him. He says he came to apologize. She says she was going to apologize too. They talk. He says hes sorry hes been such an ass. He says shes just so superior to him in so many ways. She says shell always look up to him and not because hes taller. They share a kiss. Seth says the Brown guy says they didnt say they wouldnt take more than one student. Summer says this could be the year.

Back at the Newport group, Sandy tells Matt he knew he didnt do the work, he knew hed get caught, he knew how hed react. Sandy thinks he wanted to get fired. Sandy tells him if he needs help then ask for it, if he has a problem say something. Matt says hell remember that. Sandy tells Matt to be here at 8am on Monday, they will give it one more try. He says this is his last chance, dont screw it up.

Julie shows up to see Kirsten. She says the date was awful. She says she should never have stayed, they made that food for nothing. Kirsten says they got paid and it was a success, so to speak. Julie thinks it is odd that a guy would pay that much to have dinner with a woman. Kirsten gets a look and says she has a new business idea. Julie says high class call girls? Kirsten says no, a high end dating service. Julie says that could work too. 

Johnny comes over to see Marissa, who was on her way out to see Ryan. He says hes sorry, and she must think hes a stalker. Marissa says he doesnt have to explain himself, those pills can mess up ones head. Johnny says he meant what he said, but he doesnt want things to be weird. She says they already are. He says they can still be friends right. She says yes, but they should spend time apart for awhile. Marissa gives him a hug. 

Seth and Summer work on their Brown applications together and then mail them. They agree if one gets in and the other doesnt, they have to go and they still love one another. 

Marissa and Ryan drive someplace separately. Marissa goes to see Ryan and he goes to see her, but they miss each other. Marissa and Ryan call one another, they learn they are both in one another's rooms. They talk on the phones about their strange weekends. They confess one another's secrets to one another. 

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