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December 9th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Seth and Ryan arriving at school and recapping the end of their double dates. Seth asks Ryan what is next for him and Lindsay, Saturday nights at the train station, whispering sweet nothings at the airport? Ryan says they are just going to take things slow, no pressure. Seth asks if hes going to ask her to the big dance? They see a banner for the Sno.C. hanging across the quad. Seth tells him to do it because hes going to take Alex. He says they could have the double date they should have had. Ryan doesnt know, he says Lindsay may have changed her mind about him, and besides every time there is a big party to go to things dont turn out for him. Seth says that was last year, maybe this year it is his turn to take on that burden. Seth tells him to ask her, but he thinks hell just go alone.

In school, Summer and Marissa are at their lockers. Summer tells Marissa that she cannot go to the dance alone. Marissa says its only a dance, but Summer says its the one night that winter comes to Newport Beach. She says it is also her first dance as social chair. Zack, who shows up, asks what happened to DJ? Marissa says she didnt ask him. She says her mom is chairing the host committee and would freak. Zack asks if her mom doesnt like him? Summer says she doesnt know about him. Marissa says besides it isnt his thing. Seth and Ryan show up, and Marissa tells them that they havent bought their tickets so can she put them down for four? Ryan doesnt know. Summer tells Seth to invite the girl from Saturday night, but says she forgot she pulled a Houdini on his ass. Seth says that was Lindsay, Alex is the one he made out with later that night. Summer says her mistake, here she is feeling sorry for the wrong girl. Zack says hes going to class and walks off. Summer doesnt notice him walk off because shes too busy yelling at Seth. She thinks his other girl probably walked out on him as well. Seth says you mean like Zack just ran away? Summer runs after him. Seth says that worked out rather nicely. 

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In the Cohen kitchen, Sandy is on the phone leaving a message for Caleb. Sandy says he still needs to set up a meeting with Renee Wheeler and her attorney, and he asks Caleb to call him back. Kirsten asks Sandy if he is okay? He says yeah. She says she knows cant ask him about the case. Sandy says even if he could talk he has nothing to say. He wonders what Caleb has done that hed rather go to jail then admit to. Sandy says maybe life with Julie Cooper is tougher than they thought. Sandy plans to ask for a continuance to try and buy time to find out what hes hiding.

Lindsay and Ryan meet up in physics. Lindsay tells Ryan hes so sweet and nice, and she thought about what he said all weekend. He says great because there is this dance . . She says shed love to, but she cant. She says they are lab partners and that could be awkward if they broke up. Lindsay says relationships always end badly, and they should just be friends. 

Elsewhere, Marissa gets a call from DJ on her cell phone. Hes in the parking lot and asks her to get away for lunch. They head back to her place and begin making out in Marissas bed. He asks what the Sno.C. is. She says it is a dance where they pretend it is winter in Newport. He says that sounds like fun. She says it is very Harbor High and hed hate it. He says its a good thing nobody has asked him. She says she would, but shes kinda running it. He says so she doesnt want to be distracted by introducing him to her friends? She says she thought shed be a bad date, and they could go out afterwards . . . or stay in. Meanwhile, Julie comes home and hears some moaning coming from upstairs. She bursts in on Marissa and DJ getting hot and heavy. Julie says Oh my God, the yard guy! She asks what MArissa is doing home from school? Marissa says shes on her lunch break, and now she has to get back. DJ says he has to get to work. Julie says no he doesnt, hes fired. She tells Marissa that she is grounded. Marissa says like that will keep her from seeing him. Julie tells DJ to stay away from her daughter.

Kirsten meets up with Sandy (I think they are at the Newport offices) and asks how it went with the judge. Sandy says his motion was denied, and the trial has been fast tracked. Sandy says they have less then two weeks. Sandy decides to call Caleb again, but once again gets the voicemail. Kirsten doesnt know how she didnt see this the whole time. Sandy says its not her fault. Sandy says they also dont know for sure that he was bribing this woman, and her lawyer wouldnt let her speak at the deposition. Kirsten says and he cant talk to her without her lawyer. He says he could, but she says that would be unethical. He says desperate times .. . She doesnt want him to get in trouble over this. Sandy says its a little too late.

Back at school, Zack asks Ryan where he can get Sno.C. tickets. Ryan says he doesnt know. Ryan says hes not going, and asks if Zack is going with Summer. Zack says yes, unless Cohen has other plans. Ryan says Seth isnt asking Summer. Zack says he doesnt have to, even if he doesnt ask her the night will end up about them. Ryan says he understands, but he thinks it is really over. Ryan says Seth is seeing a new girl now. Ryan insists Seth is over Summer, well he thinks so, at least Seth wants to be over her.

At the Bait Shop, Seth goes to talk to Alex. She is glad to see him and asks him to take some boxes to the storeroom. He says sure, maybe shed like to show him where it is. He then winks at her. She says they need to work. He says by work she means make out? She says no, work. He says he can respect the no romance in the workplace. He brings up the Sno.C. and asks her to it. She says he got the wrong idea about the other night, they arent happening. Seth says she kissed him, and she says it was fun, but it was just a kiss. To prove it she kisses the beer guy. He says you kissed the beer guy! She then ends up kissing another girl to prove it. She says Saturday night was fun, but that was all. 

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Ryan and Seth pull up in the car at school. Seth tells Ryan about Alexs kissing fest. Ryan says wow when he hears Alex even kissed another girl. Seth says he couldnt even enjoy it because he was so consumed with how crazy women are. Ryan says he knows, he spent all night talking to Lindsay thinking everything is great, next thing he knows she is dumping him before they even go out. Marissa shows up carrying a bunch of stuff. Seth and Ryan offer to help her, and Ryan ends up carrying a huge penguin. She tells him to be careful with it because it is expensive. He says really, and begins playing with it and making her attack Marissa. Lindsay is on the steps and sees this. Seth goes to her and says it isnt too late, she can still ask him. Lindsay says he will think shes crazy. Seth says she is a girl, he expects it. 

Ryan and Marissa go inside with the stuff, and they both admit they are dateless for the dance. Marissa says she cant not go because both her parents are hosting. Marissa suggests they go as friends, and he says okay.

Seth runs into Summer in the hallway and says he needs help. She says no argument here. He says Ryan is good for some things, but sometimes a more feminine viewpoint is required. She realizes he is asking for girl advice. Seth says he knows this is weird. He ends up saying hes sorry, but she says it is okay, and shes kinda listening. He tells her about Alex and how she said no and then kissed two other people. Summer says she is playing him hot and cold, so she needs to go ice man on her ass. He asks you mean like X-men? She says no, Top Gun. Seth says one of the great love stories of their time. As they talk Zack sees them and he looks worried. He ends up walking off.

Sandy corners Renee Wheeler in a parking lot, and she says she cant speak to him without her attorney present. He says she didnt say much when he was there. She says shes not on trial here. Sandy asks why the D.A. indicted her then? She tells him to ask her lawyer, hell hearing from him and the bar association. He knows she is hiding something and something was going on between her and Caleb. He says so they had an affair, so what, its over. He asks why not come forward and risk both of them going to jail over nothing? She says she has to go and will see him in court.

Back at school, Lindsay tells Ryan she wants to go to the dance with him. He is glad, but says he has a date now. She asks if it is Marissa? He says yeah. Lindsay says she was right to say no the first time, and he should have fun. 

Summer talks to Zack and says she missed him at lunch. He says he had work to do at the library, and now he has to head to class. She wants to talk about the dance, but he says he cant go anymore because of a family thing. She says unless someone is dead there is no excuse for missing this dance. He suggests she ask Seth because hed love to take her. 

Seth goes back to the club, and Alex asks him to sweep, mop, and clean the bathroom. He says hell get right on it. He basically ignores her, which annoys her. She says hes not very chatty. He asks if there is something she wants to talk about? She says no. She ends up walking off, but he says there is something they should discuss. Seth says while he loves working here, with school he doesnt know if he has time anymore. She asks if he is quitting? He says yeah. She says because she wouldnt make out with him in the store room? He says no, and he just has a lot of obligations. She says okay. She gives him his pay for the week and says it has been great working with him. She says see yeah, and he says take care. Seth leaves and shakes his head. He almost turns to go back in, but doesnt.

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At the Cohens, Sandy calls and leaves Caleb another message to call him. Kirsten asks Sandy what he wants to do tonight? Sandy shrugs, and suggests they take pictures of the boys before they head out to the dance. 

Ryan is dressed for the party, and Seth is watching a kung fu movie. Ryan tells him to get off his ass and come, they can all go as friends. Seth says hes so lame he cant even be third wheel to an actual relationship. Sandy shows up and tells Ryan that he looks sharp. He asks if he is taking that girl? Ryan says it didnt work out. Kirsten asks Seth why hes not dressed? Sandy says hell be late for the party. Seth says not the Seth Cohen pity party. HE asks them to leave him alone because hes watching his movie. Sandy and Kristen say theyll join him then. They sit on the couch next to him, and Kirsten asks what they are watching. Sandy and Kirsten begin talking about the movie, discussing whether they are ninjas or samurais, and Seth eventually tells Ryan give him five minutes to get ready. Ryan tells them nice work, and Sandy says never underestimate a parents ability to mortify their child.

Marissa and Summer are getting ready for the dance, and Marissa says DJ is not coming with her mom there, hell just pick her up afterwards. She says maybe Zack will show and they can all go out. Summer says she doesnt care if Zack doesnt show. Marissa says she is coming with her and Ryan. She says at least she doesnt have to deal with Cohen knowing shes going alone. Ryan and Seth show up, and Seth is thrilled to see Summer. She says Oh God, and he asks where Zack is?

Ryan drives them all to the dance, and it is a quiet ride. Ryan says its just like old times. Seth says four people and none of them could get a date, theyll win the awards for biggest losers in Newport. Summer says he must win that one a lot. Seth says oh is Zack in here hiding somewhere? He begins calling out Zachary? Summer says at least he didnt kiss two people in front of her. Marissa asks who did that? Summer says Seths girlfriend, oh thats right, she dumped him! She says the girl kissed two guys in front of Seth. Ryan says he thinks it was a guy and a girl. Summer says what! Summer says Seth didnt tell her that. Seth says that a gentlemen never tells. Marissa laughs and says it is like old times.

The kids all arrive at the Sno.C. Its like a sheik party, with white Christmas trees and white lights everywhere. Ryan and Summer say its great, and Seth says its like when Mr. Freeze attacked the Gotham City Ball. Marissa is just glad people showed up and are dancing. Marissa and Ryan go to dance, and Summer tells Seth not to think about it.

Ryan and Marissa are dancing, and Ryan thinks she probably wishes DJ was here. She says its okay, but he is dancing way too far from her and it looks like they are in fifth grade. They pull in closer. Julie shows up, grabs Jimmy and shows him Marissa. Jimmy says she looks beautiful. Julie says more importantly she is with Ryan, who right now looks like Prince Charming. He asks so shes happy? She says so happy, and thanks Jimmy for coming. She gives him a kiss on the cheek. She then looks at him, and before anything else can happen some old friends show up to talk. 

Back at the Cohens, Caleb shows up to see Sandy. He tells Kirsten that Sandy says he has something that could save his hide. Sandy says he said call him, not come over. Caleb says he was in the neighborhood. They go off to talk. Sandy says he knows about the affair with Renee. Caleb says this has no relevance, but Sandy says it does. He says even if they had an affair, sixteen years is an awfully long time to pay palimony unless there was a child involved. Sandy asks if there was a child? Caleb says they were together for just a few months, and she ended up pregnant. He says then he set up the trust fund. He says it was a long time ago and it was a mistake. Sandy wants him to tell the judge, but Caleb says he cant. Sandy says theyll both face jail. He says he cant, and drives off.

We see a shot of Zack dricing, and he hears the radio station airing from the Sno.C. He quickly pulls a U-turn and turns around.

Back at the dance, Julie tells Ryan he looks so handsome, and shes glad he and Marissa are back together. Ryan tries to tell her that they arent, but Marissa shows up, and she pulls him away. They walk off, and Ryan tells her what happened with her mom. She cant believe this, and wonders what would have happened if she brought DJ. He asks why didnt she, she usually doesnt pass up a chance to ruin her moms night. Marissa says why put DJ through all of this. She says she told him to come after. Ryan asks why, so shes not embarrassed? She says this isnt his thing? Ryan asks who decided that, him or her? DJ pulls up in his truck, and he honks at her (they are outside now). Ryan takes off his jacket and tie, and he says they are probably the same size. She thanks him and runs off to DJ. She stops and asks if he will be okay? He says yes, there is something he has to do.

Back at the dance, Summer and Seth are dancing, but saying nothing. Seth finally asks why Zack isnt here. Summer says he was jealous, he saw them talking in the lounge. As they dance and talk, Zack shows up and interrupts. Summer is glad he came. He says he thought she might still need a date, but that was stupid. Seth says its not like that. He says it is, they are one of those couples who when they arent a couple, they still are. He says they are Joni and Chachi, Luke and Leah. Seth says they were brother and sister. Zack says may the force be with them. Zack then walks off. 

Ryan goes to Lindsays house to see her. He says he was in the neighborhood. She is wearing Freud fuzzy slippers, and she says they are her Freudian Slippers. Ryan says he should have gone with her, and he was hoping they could hang out. She says no, shes sorry. She says this isnt going to work. He says why not. She says because he is him. She says he is the tough kid from Chino who lives in a rich familys pool house, and he has the most beautifully intimidating ex in the history of high school. Ryan says right now he is here with here, and theyll see one another in school, and he wont give up. He says he likes her, and if she got to know him then shed like him too. He says goodnight and walks off. Lindsay goes back inside, and she smiles and shakes her head.

Commercial Break

Caleb and Renee meet up at the Newport Group offices after hours. Caleb thanks her for coming. She asks what this is about? Caleb says he knows she had a run-in with Sandy, and that this must be tough on her. He says they just have to get through the next few weeks. She says and then what, he goes to jail. She asks if he is willing to do that just to protect the secret. Caleb says its not the secret hes trying to protect, its his family. He says this would devastated his daughter. She says what about hers, theirs. Caleb says he could arrange for them to leave the country till this blows over. She gets up, and he asks what she will do. She says she doesnt know anymore.

At the Bait Shop, Zack shows up and says it is quiet. Alex says all the kiddies are at the winter dances. He orders a yoo-hoo, and he recognizes her as being at the Killers show with Ryan. She realizes he goes to Harbor, and she asks why he isnt at the Sno.C. Winter Wankoff. He says its complicated. He says the girl he likes loves another guy and always will. Zack says and right now she is at the dance with that guy. She says if she didnt love him before then this display of courage and dedication will do the trick. Zack asks what hes supposed to do? She says be a man, fight for her. He says hes not a much of a fighter. Alex says she means the girl cant fall for him if hes not there to catch her. HE says shes right, and he should go fight for her. He says even if it does turn into a fight, he can take Seth Cohen. He thanks her and runs off. 

Back at the dance, Marissa and DJ are dancing, and all of the moms cant believe it. Julie wants to go stop them, but Jimmy stops her. Jimmy reminds her of when they were kids, but she says its not the same thing, and she was never the yard guy. Jimmy says his parents threatened to cut him off if he didnt break up with her. She says he never told her that. He says he didnt want to hurt her feelings, and he told them to go to hell because he loved her. She says she was easy to love then, she was beautiful and much nicer. He says she still is beautiful, and the both know she was never nice. She gives him a kiss, a real kiss. They begin some heavy making out.

Seth finds Summer outside on the bench. She says she thought they were staying away from one another. He says yeah, but Ryan left wit the car. She says she has to wait for DJ and Marissa to finish making out. Seth sits on a bench next to Summer, but quickly moves to the far end. Zack soon shows up, and he decks Seth! Seth falls down, and Summer cant believe he hit him. He says he never hit anyone before and hes so sorry. Alex then pulls up in her car, and she runs to Seths defense. Seth asks why she is here? She says she felt responsible for him. Alex tells Summer she can take it from here, and Summer says okay. She tells Seth to come with her to the club, they have a first aid kit back there.

Summer talks to Zack, and he says hes really sorry. He says every time he turns around it is her and Cohen. She says she knows, and shes sorry, but hes not her boyfriend. She says he is just Cohen. Zack asks what he is. She says he was her boyfriend till he decided not to take her to the dance. He asks if shell go to the dance with him, and she smiles and says shell think about it. 

Alex and Seth go back to the club, and Seth insists he is fine. Seth says it is a shame she got there when he did because he was about to bring the hurt on. She laughs at him as he pretends to fight, so she teacher him to defend himself. She begins smacking his head, and she really nails him in his eye. He says she scratched his cornea! She says he is fine and gives him a kiss on the head. She asks if she hit him anywhere else, and he points to his lips. They end up making out. 

Ryan is at the pool house reading when Lindsay shows up. She says after he lest she tried to read, but she wasnt able to read at all. She tells him how she has this system of putting dots on the pages as she reads to measure how efficiently she reads, and she ended up with a page full of dots because of him. She knows she is talking too much, and she does that when she talks too much. Ryan kisses her, and she says that shut her up. He says he knows something they can do that doesnt involve a lot of talking, and they end up playing videogames. 

Meanwhile, Renee shows up and she apologizes for coming by so late. Kirsten asks if anything is wrong? Sandy introduces her as a witness in her fathers case. They go out by the pool to talk. Renee says she shouldnt be here, but Sandy says no one will find out. Renee says she needs to know what Caleb has told him. Sandy says he knows everything without any help from Caleb. He says if she would come forward then the DA would drop the charges. Lindsay and Ryan walk out of the poorhouse, and Lindsay asks her mom what shes doing here. Sandy is shocked when he figures it all out. 

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