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January 21st, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at Harbor High. Seth and Ryan are talking about how Ryan upset Marissa when he said he didnt believe Oliver attempted to kill himself. Ryan says he doesnt trust Oliver, something about him is off. Ryan says all he knows is that he and Marissa are fighting about Oliver more and more each day. Seth suggests he is jealous, but Ryan says that is not it. Ryan says he has nothing to be jealous of. Seth tells Ryan to just try and make peace with Oliver, or try and enjoy arguing with Marissa. Ryan asks Seth if he and Anna fight. Seth says they like all the same things, they have nothing to fight about. Seth wonders if he is dating the female version of himself. Ryan says that is disgusting. Ryan decides to go and try and make peace with Oliver. Ryan meets up with Marissa, and he asks her how Oliver is. Marissa says he is feeling bad about what happened. Ryan apologizes to Marissa for being weird lately, and he says Oliver is her friend, so he is his friend too. Ryan says he will try and hang out with Oliver and get along with him. Marissa thanks him. Suddenly, a teacher introduces them to their latest transfer student . . . Oliver!

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Seth and Anna are at school and planning what to do after school. Seth thinks they should shake things up, not always do the same stuff, not always dress the same (they have on the same t-shirt under their jackets). Anna agrees to try different things. Ryan, Marissa and Oliver show up, and Seth learns Oliver is going to school here now. Seth says this is a surprise. Oliver doesnt know why Marissa didnt tell them. Marissa says she didnt think he really meant it when he said he was transferring. Oliver says he has more friends here than he does at his other school. Marissa decides to take Oliver to the book store since they both have free period now. Oliver says both he and Marissa have the same schedule, what are the odds! Marissa and Oliver leave, and Ryan talks to Seth about how odd this is. Seth says there must be a perfectly good explanation.

At the Cohen's, Sandy is on the phone getting his schedule at work. Jimmy shows up, apparently Sandy called him to come over and meet him. Jimmy asks Sandy what the big deal is? Sandy says tomorrow they are going to lunch. Jimmy says that he could have told him that over the phone. Sandy says they are going to the Lighthouse to see if they can buy it. Jimmy asks him if he is serious? Sandy says he is. Jimmy says they were drunk when they were discussing that, he thought they were joking, they cannot do this. Sandy thinks they can do this. Jimmy says restaurants fail, and he doesnt have the capital to buy that place. Sandy says hes working on it, and what does he have to lose? Sandy says the way he looks at it, they both have everything to gain.

Julie is at Kirstens work and is trying to convince Kirsten to go out to lunch, a movie, or see a show with her. Kirsten tells Julie that she appreciates her desire to be friends, but if she wants something to just ask her. Julie says she wants the interior design job, which she knows is available. Kirsten says she doesnt have the experience. Julie says she was on her way to being a designer before she had Marissa. Kirsten says she had Marissa when she was eighteen! Julie says she knows they need a designer bad, and Caleb likes the idea, but it is up to her. Julie asks her to give her a try, let her do one house as a test.

Back at Harbor High, Seth and Luke meet Summers new boyfriend Danny. Danny has everyone, including Anna, in stitches with his jokes. Seth seems to be the only one who doesnt find Danny amusing.

Oliver shows up at a student lounge and sits next to Ryan. Oliver says he is so far behind, and he wonders if junior year ever gets easier. Ryan says he thought he was a senior. Oliver says he wasnt a good one. He says Harbor is a little more competitive than his old school, so most of his credits didnt transfer. Ryan asks why he came here then? Oliver says it wasnt up to him, his parents insisted. Ryan wonders he would transfer when he was so close to graduating. Oliver says it wasnt working for him at Pacific, there was an incident. Ryan asks what kind of incident. Oliver says he knows hes made some mistakes, but if he would give him a chance and let him in than he could start over. Marissa shows up, and she tells Ryan that she thought they could go to Olivers place after school and order room service. Marissa says she wants to help him with his French. Ryan asks if Oliver didnt live in Paris for a year or two. Oliver says one year, when he was thirteen. Ryan wonders why he needs Marissa to help him with French. Oliver says he has trouble conjugating the infinitive. Ryan tells them to go ahead because hes supposed to meet up with Seth after school. Oliver extends his hand, and Ryan shakes it. 

Back at the Cohens, Ryan and Seth are playing Playstation 2, and Seth is talking about how he doesnt trust Summers new boyfriend. Seth says something seems off about him. Ryan, however, is thinking about Oliver and the incident he supposedly had. He also thinks it is odd that Oliver needs help with his French after living in France. Ryan wishes he could find out what is going on with Oliver. Seth seems annoyed that Ryan is focusing so much on Oliver and not enough on him. Seth tells Ryan that he can either break into the file room and steal his file, or he can be grown up and move on like he is . . . he is moving on to the fajitas which have just been served.

Ryan heads to school after hours. He is caught by the guard, who he tells he forgot a book in his locker. The guard lets him in, and Ryan breaks into the file room to sneak a look at Olivers file. Unfortunately, Ryan is caught by the same guard! 

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Ryan, Sandy and Kirsten all have to meet with Dr. Kim about Ryans offense. Dr. Kim says this matter has to be presented to the disciplinary committee, and suspension and even expulsion are not out of the realm of possibility. Sandy says he understands the school needs to do what it has to, but this is not like Ryan. Dr. Kim agrees, and she asks Ryan why he would do this? Ryan says he doesnt trust this Oliver, and he was concerned about Marissa. Ryan read the confidential letter from Pacific high, which details that Oliver was found in the mens bathroom at Pacific cutting his wrists over a girl, who filed a restraining order against him. Dr. Kim says Oliver has gone through two years of therapy, and everyone believed a change of place would do Oliver good. Kirsten asks why they would let someone like this into Harbor High? She points out that Harbor allows youths of troubled backgrounds but who show promise to attend their school. Ryan knows she is speaking of him in this statement, and he says he is sorry. Dr. Kim orders Ryan to attend detention until the committee hearing. 

Anna meets up with Seth in the halls. She has two tickets to see Brighteyes. She says that they have never seen them before, and she thought it would be different. Seth is excited, but his happiness seems to be dampened when Summer and Danny show up. Danny tells Seth he has something on his shirt hell want to clean. Danny points to the spot, but Seth doesnt fall for it until Anna says there really is something on his shirt. When Seth finally looks down, Danny smacks him in his nose. Seth says hahahahaha you got me. Summer and Danny walk off, and Seth continues to tell Anna that guy is not funny. Anna realizes he is jealous of Danny. Seth says he isn't, but Anna says if he wasnt than hed be happy for Summer. Anna then walks off.

Sandy and Jimmy head to The Lighthouse, and Jimmy realizes Sandy is serious about buying this place. They begin planning the new Lighthouse together: the type of drinks they will offer, music, etc.

At Kirstens work, Kirsten finds Julie holding a business meeting about the project house. She held it in Kristen's office. Kirsten looks around at the stuff cluttering up her office and tells Julie that this office is a disaster! There are samples of stuff everywhere. Based on the things she has seen (fountains and rock garden designs), Kirsten thinks Julies plans are way to big, and shell never have the open house done in time. Kirsten says all she needed was a few accent rugs and a potted plant. Kirsten says they are only selling a space. Julie says she is selling a lifestyle, and sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Back at Harbor High, Ryan sees Oliver talking to Marissa. Oliver hands her a note, and Ryan doesnt like it at all. Marissa puts it into her locker, and she and Oliver walk off. Ryan ends up looking at the locker . . . . 

Back at the Cohens, Sandy asks him why he did it, he has just tanked his one opportunity. They lecture him about how he has screwed up yet again. Obviously Ryan broke into Marissas locker to see what the note was. Ryan says if they want to throw him out they can. Sandy says he is part of this family now, and he will will be punished. Sandy says Ryan will wish they threw him out.

Seth goes to the pool house to see Ryan. He hopes Ryan has learned his lesson and this is all over. Ryan explains how he broke into Marissas locker to read the letter Oliver gave Marissa. Ryan admits he hasnt read the letter yet, so obviously he didnt get caught breaking into the locker, the lecture was for the file cabinet incident. Seth says Oliver has done nothing but be Marissas friend, and he makes Ryan promise to put the letter back. Ryan says he will. Seth leaves, and Ryan puts the letter into his backpack, but then caves and opens it. He reads the letter, and closes his eyes.

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Its a new day. Seth is in his room getting dressed for school when Ryan shows up to see him. Ryan admits he read the letter, in which Oliver said he couldnt live with out her. Seth tells him to stop there, he doesn't want to hear anymore because this letter could be like that tape in 'The Ring.' Seth warns Ryan that if Marissa finds out what he did, they could be over. He also says Oliver may be crazy, but right now Ryan is giving him a run for his money. Marissa shows up and asks Ryan if he wants to take that cooking class with her and Oliver after school. Ryan says he cant, he has to help Kirsten move furniture into the new model home.

Kristen shows up at work and finds Julie in tears. Julie tells Kirsten that it was a disaster. Kirsten asks what happened? Julie says it is what didnt happen. She says she has no slate, no sea grass, no bubbling fountain; and she only has 48 hours left. Kirsten says they can fix this, but Julie says they cant. Kirsten says she can call her vendors and they will help her out, but it wont be anything like she wanted. 

Back at school, Seth once again gets annoyed when Summer and Danny show up. Seth tries to prove he isnt jealous, so he invites Danny over to his house to watch some Jay Leno he has on his Tivo.

Sandy comes over to see Jimmy and he says they have themselves a restaurant! Jimmy says he doesnt have his share of the money yet. Sandy says theyll work that out in time. Jimmy doesnt want to be in debt to Sandy, but Sandy says this can be a new start for both of them. Jimmy thinks he just needs more time, but Sandy wonders how much more time he needs. Sandy says he has to go settle, and walks out.

Back at school, Ryan opens up Marissas locker to put Olivers note back in, when Oliver catches him. Oliver thinks it is cool that he knows Marissas combo. Ryan says it is for emergencies, and he forgot a book. Luke shows up, and Oliver tells them both that he and Marissa were talking about putting together a camping trip. Oliver heads off to the bathroom, and Luke says he doesnt like that kid at all. Luke says he is only here for Marissa, and he offers to pound Oliver for Ryan.

At the Cohens, Danny ends up beating Seth at his own videogame. Sandy walks in and meets Danny. Danny makes a stupid joke when Sandy introduces himself, he says if he's Sandy then he better go take a shower! Sandy agrees with Seth that this kid is not funny, and he tells Seth to get himself some funnier friends. Danny ends up asking Seth for a favor. Danny asks Seth that when he is around Summer could he be a little less funny. He says Summer always talks about how he is the funniest guy ever, him and some guy named captain oats. Seth is touched, and he tells Danny that he is funny, but he should go a little bigger with his comedy. Danny says hell give it a shot.

Dr. Kim meets with Marissa to talk to her about Ryan. Marissa thought she wanted to talk to her about Oliver, and is shocked to learn it is Ryan she wants to talk to her about. Dr. Kim thinks Ryan is unstable!

Ryan finishes up detention and heads out. He finds Marissa waiting outside for him, and she is not pleased with him to lying to her about helping Kirsten when he was really in detention. She also knows what he did to get detention. Ryan says he did it to protect her. He says he doesnt trust Oliver. Marissa says he has never trusted Oliver. Ryan thinks Oliver has serious issues. Marissa says they are just friends. Ryan gives her the note he stole, and she is shocked. She says she has been looking everywhere for this. Ryan says Oliver is in love with her, he said so in the note. Marissa tells Ryan that he wrote this to Natalie and wanted her to read it first. Ryan says he is sorry. Marissa says she cant do this anymore because now she doesnt trust him. Marissa walks off leaving Ryan standing in the halls.

Commercial Break.

Its a new day at the Cohens. Sandy is a bit upset because Jimmy has backed out of going into business with him. He doesnt know what to do now that he has no partner. She suggests Julie may be free because she doesnt think Caleb will be pleased with what Julie has done with the model home. Seth shows up in an odd shirt and a scarf of all things. Ryan walks in, and Seth asks when Marissa will be here to pick him up. Ryan says Marissa isnt coming. HE says no more, but the whole family seems to know what is going on.

Julie and Kirsten wait at work for Calebs call. Caleb ends up showing up. He says he just got back from the model home, and he loved it. He says the dcor was simple and classic, just the way he likes it. Kirsten is surprised, and then shocked when Caleb hires her as their new decorator. On his way out, Caleb sees the fountain Julie wanted to use and comments that it is unsightly, and he asks Kirsten if she has lost her mind?

At school, Summer tells Seth how she is a little embarrassed by Danny, who has gotten a little to big for her. Danny is following people around and humping them from behind! Summer decides to dump Danny, and she says she probably will end up bitter and alone. Anna shows up, and she is wearing the same scarf as Seth is. Anna takes her scarf off, and they make plans to head to lunch and buy different things. Summer decides to go dump Danny, and she thanks Seth for being nice and understanding towards her about this. 

Ryan is walking alone when he sees Marissa talking with another girl. He looks up at her, and she ends up walking away. She meets up with Oliver, and they walk off together.

Sandy meets with the man selling The Lighthouse. Sandy asks the man to give him a little more time, but the man says he has two more offers on the table. Suddenly, Jimmy shows up and hopes hes not too late. Jimmy is still worried that this could fail and he could ruin their friendship. Sandy tells him to just sign the deal, which he does.

Oliver meets up with Ryan after school. Oliver says he heard what happened between him and Marissa. Ryan says he is sorry, he was wrong about him. Oliver says if he really thought he came her because of Marissa, because he was in love with her. Ryan says he knows it was crazy. Oliver tells Ryan that he and Marissa connect, she understands him, gets him, and when they are together it feels like they belong together. Oliver says he (Ryan) and Marissa dont make sense, they are from different worlds. Ryan realizes he was right about Marissa, and he tells Oliver to stay away from Marissa. Oliver says you cant fight fate, and he didnt even have to lift a finger to break him and Marissa up. Ryan says he wont let this happen. Oliver says nobody will believe him at this point. He tells Ryan to walk away and not blow his life over some chick he wont care about in ten years. Ryan jumps on Oliver and begins beating him up. Other guys pull him off, and Marissa shows up and sees what Ryan has done.

In Three Weeks on the O.C.
Seth proclaims to Ryan that he had sex with a girl.
The announcer says relationships will chance (on camera are Sandy and Kirsten).
The announcer says a boy becomes a man (Seth and Summer are shown in bed)
Seth tells Ryan that he sucked at it, he was like a fish on dry land. He says he was Nemo and he just wanted to go home.
The announcer says the truth about Oliver comes to a shocking conclusion. We see Oliver, with a gun, yelling at Marissa to hang up the phone. Ryan, Sandy, and a woman are standing outside the door to Olivers place, and Marissa screams he has a gun. We then hear a gunshot go off!


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