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December 14, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Kirsten asking Ryan why hes not hanging the lights. He says he took a break, union rules. She says he better hurry up, a storm is coming. She knows he and Taylor are seeing one another, she is welcomed for the Christmas dinner. Ryan doesnt know. She knows he thinks if he invites her then it means shes his girlfriend. Ryan says Christmas Eve dinner is serious. Kirsten says it is Christmukkah, they make their own rules. 

At their place, Julie and Kailtlin are decorating a tree. Kaitlin cant believe they are celebrating in the ghetto this year. Julie says it is Riverside and it is where they are from. She says they are low on family these days. Taylor shows up singing carols. Julie invites Taylor to come with them, unless she has plans with her mom. Taylor says her mom invited her to Cabo, but she doesnt like Mexican food much. She says its okay, shell be at Ryans. Julie didnt know she was invited. Taylor says shes not, at least not yet.

Taylor shows up to see Ryan with the gift she got him, a George Forman Grill. Ryan decides to open it later and gets back to hanging the lights. He climbs up the ladder. Taylor says she saw a huge ham in the kitchen, are they having a special dinner? He says yes. She says poor Ryan, so many muscles but the one in his mouth doesnt work. She says she would love to come to Christmukkah dinner. Ryan isnt so sure as they have only been dating a few weeks. Taylor says so he thinks this makes her his girlfriend? Taylor is upset. She climbs up the ladder to give him his gift, since he gave her a big fat rejection for the holidays. She demands he take it, as they argue the ladder falls over taking them with it.

Kirsten asks the man in the kitchen if he is sure this is a Virginia ham?

Ryan and Taylor have fallen onto the patio outside of the house. Ryan gets up, he asks Taylor if shes hurt. She says only her heart. He says hell get her some ice. She says maybe she should jump at that, at least hes offering her something. She hands him his gift and says the receipt is inside, she hopes he grills his face. She storms off.

Ryan heads inside and looks around. Everything is different. The poolhouse is now a gym. Kirsten shows up and says she told the supervisor this is off limits to the staff. Ryan asks Kirsten what shes talking about? Kirsten asks if she knows him?

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Kristen asks Ryan if she knows him? A guy shows up, she asks if this is one of his workers. The man says no. Ryan asks where Seth is? She says oh hes a friend of Seths, well hes at the comic book store now shoo!

Ryan heads to the mall. Julie is giving a speech to a television camera. Shes running a charity for the poor and homeless. Ryan asks Julie what shes doing. She refers to Ryan as one of the poor street urchin who has found help with her charity. She gives him a food voucher and says run along.

Ryan finds the Ward twins picking on Seth at the Comic Book Store. Seth got into Brown, hes home for the holidays. The Wards wonder how Sandy Cohen had such a looser for a kid. Seth is oogling Summer, who is at a store across the way trying on a dress. Shes trying on a wedding dress. Seth runs off to be sick.

Sandy, who is the mayor, is giving an interview too. He is running for reelection and asks them to all vote for him. Ryan goes to see Sandy to try and figure out what is happening. Sandy asks what the problem. Ryan says he fell off the roof and nobody recognizes him. He says Kirsten and Seth dont know him. Sandy says Ryan must be having trouble, but stalking him and his family is not the answer. Ryan walks off.

Ryan sits down in the mall. He hears Kirstens voice asking Ryan if he can hear her?

We see Ryan is in the hospital, Kirsten is sitting with him. Sandy, Seth and Summer show up. Kirsten says both Taylor and Ryan suffered a fall, there are no serious injuries, they just have to wait for them to wake up.

Taylor shows up at the faux-reality mall, shes so glad to see Ryan. They hug.

Commercial Break

Taylor and Ryan go to the diner and try and figure this out. Taylor thinks they are in a parallel universe where they dont exist. She says the only way back is to fix whatever is going on in this world. Summer walks in and starts talking to some blonde. She is showing off her diamond ring to them. They see that in this world Summer is a mindless bimbo. Summers fianc shows up, its Che Winchester Taylor thinks obviously this is what theyve been sent to fix. Taylor says shell follow Summer, he should go to Seth and find out where it went wrong.

In the hospital, a doctor is telling the family there is no brain damage or cause for alarm. The doctor says just talk to them, that is all they can do. Summer says someone should find Taylors mom. Kirsten says she should turn off the oven at home. Sandy thinks they should bring Christmukkah here.

Taylor is trailing Summer, Che and her bimbo friend. Che gets a call and heads off. Its obvious hes cheating on Summer, he says hell be there in fifteen minutes and tells them to wear that red thong he got them. Che sees Taylor looking at him, he winks at her. 

At Kirsten's, Ryan shows up looking for Seth. Kirsten says try upstairs. Jimmy walks in, hes married to Kirsten in this world. Jimmy invites Ryan to the party tonight, all of Newport will be there. Kirsten says they better be if they want to do business with the Newport group. 

Taylor is trailing Che. Che is in the bushes at Sandy and Julies place, they are married. Julie says they have to go Kirstens party tonight, she has no idea how he was married to that Ice Queen. Sandy says they were different people then. Sandy heads off and Che goes to meet with Julie. They are having an affair. Taylor watches as Julie spanks Che. Che is saying yeah daddy likes it! A maid sees Taylor, she says Miss Cooper will be home from Berkley at three o clock today. Taylor is stunned.

Taylor meets up with Ryan at the diner. They fill each other in on what they have found out. Taylor also tells him that in this world Marissa is alive. Taylor says everyone is going to a party at Kirstens, they should go to this party and make things right. Ryan wants to go see Marissa. Taylor says she wont know him, they have to focus on making things right. Taylor realizes Ryan has to do this, she tells him to go. Ryan tells Taylor that hes sorry. He heads off.

In the real world, Kaitlin tells her mom how they are having a very Britney Christmas after learning the relatives only drink Wine Coolers. Summer shows up and tells Julie and Kaitlin about Ryan and Taylor's accident. Julie says Taylors mom is going to Cabo tonight, they should try and stop her before she leaves.

At the hospital, a nurse gives something to Kirtsen that was found in the ambulance and may have fallen out of one of their pockets. It's a letter to Ryan. Kirsten says they still arent waking up. The nurse says whatever they are doing in their heads, theyll wake up when they finish it.

In the dreamland, Ryan gets a glimpse of Marissa at the airport. Its not Marissa though, its Kaitlin. Kaitlin is the one at Berkley, not Marissa. In this world Marissa died three years ago, she ODd in Tijuana. She asks Ryan who he is again? Ryan says no one. Taylor shows up, she tells Ryan that shes sorry.

Commercial Break

Ryan is depressed as Marissa is still dead. Taylor says because of Ryan she lived a few more years, graduated and fell in love. She also says he saved the Cohens marriage and Seth. She says they need to go save them.

In the real world, Seth is telling his dad that he thinks Ryan and Taylor are trapped in an alternate world like the Wizard of Oz. They pack up the food art the house, Kirsten calls Sandy and says she thinks she knows why Ryan hasnt woken up. She has the letter that fell out of his pocket.

In bizarro world, Taylor and Ryan go to the party at Kirsten's. Taylor sees her mom, in this world she is a boy named Taylor. Veronica is telling at him that she told him not to wear that suit it makes his ass look big. She says her mom is still a bitch.

In the real world, Julie, Kaitlin and Summer find Veronica about to go to Cabo with her boy toy. They try and stop her and convince her to come to hospital. She still wants to go to Cabo, so Julie says she will tell security she has a bomb if she gets on that plane.

In bizarro world, Ryan is trying to talk to Seth and fix things. Seth doesnt know what Ryan has such a vested interest in his life. Ryan explains hes from an alternate universe and he has to fix things before he can go home. Seth says he always knew this would happen. Ryan says he will tell him everything he needs to know to woo Summer. 

Taylor talks to Kirsten about how her party is so great, shes glad the Mayor let her off to come. Kirsten asks how it is working for the mayor. Taylor says shes amazed anything gets done, he keeps moping about being in love with his ex-wife.

Summer and Che show up. Taylor tells Ryan that they have to get Seth and Summer as well as Sandy and Kirsten together and alone for ten minutes. She says that means removing the obstacles, Che and Jimmy. Taylor goes over and tells Che that some red haired lady is in the master bathroom and needs help with something. Che says he has an idea, Taylor should come with him. She says tempting but shell pass.

Ryan goes to see Julie. She says some guy wants to meet her in the master bathroom, something about getting a thong off. Julie says its charity talk, its an acronym for the homeless of Newport . . . go or something. 

Taylor talks to Sandy about how Kirsten wont shut up about something from Berkley, something about a mail truck. She says okay now bye.

Seth talks to Summer about how he really likes plastic horses and the show the Valley. She says her too! Shes amazed by how much they have in common.

Ryan and Taylor watch Veronica pick on the boy Taylor. Taylor decides to go talk to Veronica. She tells her to shut up, why is she so mean? She says they are smart, attractive and people like them. She says she wont let Veronica speak to them like this. She calls her mom a bitch! Taylor is stunned she did that. Suddenly something begins stirring in Taylor, she is hearing rain. Ryan says stay here, hell get her a glass of water.

Jimmy is yelling at Julie for having a fling in the bathroom with Che. Jimmy then rats them out to Sandy, Kirsten and Summer. Summer cant believe this, way too many women get their thongs stuck in his mouth. Seth stands up to Che, who ends up running off to tend to a blond. Summer tells Seth how brave that is.

Sandy and Kirsten talk, they realize Taylor has been telling them both a bit of fibs about each other. Ryan shows back up, he asks what is going on. Sandy demands they start talking. Suddenly Taylor feels a little dizzy. She realizes she has to go, she stood up to her mom and that is what she was here to do. Taylor says Ryan he has to get them back together, its his way back. She walks off and vanishes.

At the hospital, Taylor comes out of her coma. She is telling Kirsten, who is by her side, that she has to be with Sandy. Kirsten goes to get the doctor. Taylor looks over at Ryan and says he has to come back to her.

Commercial Break

Ryan begins telling everyone all that they dont know him, but where he is from they all saved his life. He says Seth and Summer should be with one another. He says Kirsten, she hates the Newport group. He says Sandy doesnt want to be mayor, he likes saving the little guy. Ryan tells Sandy and Kirsten that they need to be together. Julie has security come and drag Ryan out.

Veronica shows up at the hospital, she is stunned to see Taylor is fine. Taylor tells her mom to just go to the airport, she can catch the last flight. Veronica says shell have to fly coach. She says Merry Christmas mom. Veronica leaves. Kirsten asks Taylor if shes okay? Taylor says she feels just fine.

Kirsten gives a letter to Julie, Ryan had it. Its a letter from Marissa. Julie reads the letter. 

Ryan is taken to lockup in the bizarro world. Ryan is told someone is here to bail him out, as it turns out it is Sandy. Sandy tells him that he doesnt know who he is, but what he said made sense. He doesnt know why Ryan cares so much. Ryan asks Sandy what happened, how did his family fall apart? Sandy says it goes back to when Marissa died. He says everyone seemed to get stuck after she died. Sandy invites Ryan over to the house for dinner. Ryan says he has someplace to go, but thanks.

In the real world, Sandy and Seth return. Julie reveals the letter to everyone. She sent it the day Marissa was going to leave, she said she loved Ryan but she had to go so everyone could get on with their lives. Julie goes in and sits by Ryan. She puts Marissa letter on his night stand. It begins to glow. 

In bizaarro world, Ryan goes to Marissas lifeguard house and sits there. He reads the letter from Marissa and soon vanishes.

Ryan finally wakes up. Taylor is with him. He says hey to her. He says he had the weirdest dream, she was in it. Taylor says he was in hers. Ryan tells Taylor that hes glad shes here.

Sandy welcomes Ryan back. They are setting up dinner. Kirsten says everything will be okay now. 

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