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December 15th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with the gang shopping at the tree lot. Summer is shaking the trees and criticizing them all. Ryan and Marissa are a tad miffed, theyve been here three hours. Seth tells them to get into the spirit, it is Christmukah. He says it is the single most important thing hes ever done, every Jewish kid wants Christmas so he gave it to himself. Summer asks what every Christian kid wants. Seth says a Bar Mitzfah. Ryan says hes never wanted one. Seth says he doesnt know any better. Seth tells him to consider one, but Ryan doesnt know. Summer and Marissa go off looking at trees, and Marissa considers getting Johnny a tree as she feels bad for him. Summer doesnt know if thats a good idea, but Marissa says Ryan is cool with everything that happened. Summer says fine, but she gets to pick the tree out. Meanwhile, Seth asks Ryan how things are going with him and Marissa. Ryan says good, they talked everything out and he thinks Johnny is the last thing on her mind. The gang all meets up, and Marissa says so they found a great tree for Johnny. Seth says did she. Marissa thinks he could use some holiday cheer. Ryan says that is a good idea. Summer asks Seth what he thinks? He says his Christmukah forecast calls for trouble.

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The gang brings Johnny and his mom a tree, and they thank them. Johnnys mom takes the tree, and Marissa asks what is wrong? Johnny says the doctor wont do the operation, his mom insurance wont pay for it and they cant afford it right now. He says hell be living here a little longer than he thought, and hes getting sick of surfing anyways.

At the Cohens, there are Christmas and Hanukah decorations everywhere. Kirsten pulled all the decorations. Kirsten is feeling a bit sad, its her first holiday without her dad and the last one with the boys in the house. Kirsten says the year is flying by and she feels so adrift. He says well she has her business with Julie, and spending time with Julie will make anyone feel better about their life.

The kids are at the dinner and they are waiting for Summer to come up with a Christmukah miracle to help Johnny, but she hasnt a clue. Marissa asks how much surgery can cost, and Ryan says a few grand. Seth says too bad nobody is Jewish, they could pool their Bar Mitzfah money. He then says that is it! Ryan says no way dude. Seth says yes way dude. Ryan says hes not having it. Seth says he is. When Ryan says Seth wants him to have a Bar Mitzfah, and Summer laughs. Seth says this will be a Christmukah Bar Mitzfah. They all think they could throw a huge party, Ryan would rake in the money and theyd give it to Johnny. The girls and Seth begin planning it, and Ryan realizes they are serious about this.

Julie is in her trailer watching Nascar and drinking beer. Kirsten arrives to see her. Julie thought they werent doing business till after the New Year. Kirsten says shes here to see how shes doing. Julie says she is doing great. Kirsten says that is great, but shes doing awful. Julie is doing awful too. Kirsten asks if shes at least spending the holidays with Marissa. Julie says no, and she hasnt told her about the trailer. She says Marissa thinks their new condo is being remodeled. Julie is going to let Marissa have her fun and shell be miserable. Kirsten says misery loves company, and she joins her watching Nascar. 

Seth and Summer head to Summers place where they run into Seths father. Seth tries to kiss up to Dr. Roberts, and he fails miserably at it. Summer tells him to go comb Princess Sparkles tail, and so he leaves. Summer asks her dad about going to pick out a tree, but Dr. Roberts says her step-mother is out of town as shes meeting with the Maharishi in New Deli. He says beside he has lots of work. She asks if he isnt bummed his wife ditched them. He says he has been too busy to be bummed, and he leaves for the hospital.

Ryan and Marissa show up to see Johnny, who has been in front of the TV all day watching his old surfing tapes. They have good news for him. They tell him about his fundraiser idea to raise money for the surgery. He says so hes a charity case now? The rich people pay for the poor kid. Marissa says they are trying to help. He says he has always taken care of himself, thanks for nothing though. He says hes going to go lay down as his knee is killing him. He then leaves the room.

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At the Cohens, Ryan is cleaning the pool as the girls and Seth talk about the party. Seth thinks about his Bar Mitzfah. Marissa remembers it was the same day as Lukes birthday and they played paint ball and how fun it was. He says yeah, and nobody came to his party. He says now hell get a do over all these years later. Ryan says but Johnny doesnt want their help. Summer says hes slight of build and on crutches, hes like their own Tiny Tim. They decide to throw the party anyway and hopefully will convince Johnny to go along with it.

Ryan and Seth talk to Sandy and Kirsten about giving Ryan a Bar Mitzfah. Sandy says this is a little offensive, and for starters he has to be Jewish. Kirsten asks why they are doing this? They say its a fun raiser to help a friend in need. Sandy says it is a sacred Jewish event that marks a boy becoming a man and observing the Ten Commandments. Seth says that is the problem with the Jews right there, they have no concept of marketing. He says a long time ago moms team allowed Christmas to be about reindeers and snowmen and movies, and that is a religious holiday. Kirsten says yes the birth of Christ is a religious holiday. He says now the Bar Mitzfah is their chance to cross over to the public. He says this is the Christmukah Bar Mitzfahka. Kirsten likes the idea, and she says they can hijack the clubs holiday party and claim they are raising money for the hospital. They ask Sandy to go along with it. He says as long as it is honorary, minimal Hebrew. Seth says as long as people dance to YMCA and hand over cash, they are in. Sandy says then so are they.

Marissa goes to see Johnny, who is playing solitaire. She asks if he has time to talk. He says hes busy. She says she can see, and she asks what is his problem? He says his problem is his problem, not hers. Johnny gets a call and says he has to take it, its private. She leaves, and Johnny tells the person its not a goodtime. Marissa says its okay, shell go. He says hes sorry.

Ryan looks at old photos of Seths Bar Mitzfah. He cant believe he went out in public like this. He says it is one of the most awkward moments in a Jewish boys life but also the most photographed. Ryan asks if there is a video. Seth says hed have to kill him to get it. Seth finds an old CD he trained for his Bar Mitzfah with. Ryan doesnt know if he can do this. Seth says all he has to do is chant a little torah, dance a little horah and then when he hears Thats what Friends Are For hes done. Ryan decides to go study as he has to meet up with Marissa later. Seth says no slacking with the ladies, he has 24 hours to get this together.

Julie and Kirsten go to the hospital and plan on pitching their holiday fund raiser to the head. They say the hospital will get the proceeds in return for a free surgery for Johnny. They meet up with Dr. Roberts. Julie thanks Neil for letting Marissa live with him. He says its okay, he knows a remodeling can be nerve wracking. They need to meet with the head of the hospital, but hes not here. Neil asks if he can help as hes on the board. They tell him about their fundraiser idea.

Seth is watching a video of his Bar Mitzfah. He is upset because his friends didnt show up, and he considered it to be his funeral. Kirsten doesnt understand why they arent here, and she says Summer Roberts RSVPs. Ryan returns home and Seth turns off the video. Ryan says he has to go meet Marissa, hes late. He also says hes a dead man tomorrow by the way. Ryan leaves, and Seth continues to watch the tape. 

Marissa waits for Ryan at the diner. She sees Johnny outside and he meets with some guy and buys something. Johnny then walks off. Marissa follows him down to the beach. She asks if he is okay. He says not really. She says hell get better. He says what if he doesnt. He says hes only dreamt of one thing his while life. She says it can still happen. Meanwhile, Ryan shows up and finds Marissa is not at the diner. He heads outside and sees she is on the beach with Johnny. Johnny says hes sorry he took this out on her, knowing she is pulling for him is the only thing that keeps him going. He goes to kiss her, but she just gives him a hug. Ryan sees this and isnt very happy.

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Its a new day and Ryan tells Seth hes not doing it, hes not helping this kid anymore. He says Johnny is in love with Marissa and she cant seem to get enough of him. Sandy thinks there is a relationship issue brewing. Ryan says no problem, hes not humiliating himself tonight. He walks off, and Sandy says this is bad news. Kirsten walks in and says good news, they are all a go for the fundraiser. She thinks it will be the best Christmukah ever.

At the Roberts house, Dr. Roberts and Summer are decorating the tree. Dr. Roberts tells Summer that her mom taught her well, shed spend hours picking out the perfect tree. They are decorating the tree by the pool! Summer asks her dad why mom left. She says she was only thirteen when it happened. Dr. Roberts says she just didnt like it here with him. Summer says the day she learned it was the worst day of her life. He says he knows, and she was upset because he wouldnt let her go to Lukes birthday as she has RSVPd to some other engagement first. She says oh yeah. He says it didnt matter, she locked herself in her room for three days when she found out about her mom. Dr. Roberts says theyve done okay, and her stepmother is sweet on her. Summer says only because shes medicated. Summer says she just misses mom sometime. Dr. Roberts says him to. He has to head off to the hospital, and Seth shows up. Seth asks if everything is okay. She says the holidays are just hard for her. He asks if he can help. She says he already has.

Marissa meets with Johnny at the dinner. She tells him they have to talk about last night. She feels weird about the vibe. He says he likes her and she knows that. She says she just wants to stay friends. He asks if they can just start over. She says of course, but she needs to know everything is okay with him. She asks what he was doing, she saw him with some guy. He says hes just taking care of things. She asks what that means. He says it means dont ask questions she doesnt want answers to, and he walks off.

Sandy comes to talk to Ryan. He tells him that they have to talk, he has to give him a big uplifting speech. Ryan says he has his reasons for bowing out, but Sandy says the hospital, Kirsten and Johnny are all counting on him. Ryan says have the event without him. Sandy says that he is missing the point, it is time for him to become a man. He says whatever is going on to set it aside. Ryan says and do the right thing, he feels like he does that a lot. Sandy says because hes a minch, and after tonight hell know what that means. 

At the trailer park, Julie decorates her little tree and it she blows a fuse to her trailer. Kirsten shows up and gets Julie to come with her and set up the party. Kirsten thinks shes avoiding Marissa. She wants Julie to tell her the truth and be together for Christmas. Julie says shell do it this evening. 

Ryan gets all dressed up. Marissa shows up, she hasnt heard from him all day. He says hes been studying. She also says she thought they were supposed to have dinner last night. He says he was studying. She says that was good, if he showed up then he might have seen her and Johnny and it might have seemed like something happened that didnt. Ryan says he saw them, and she says well nothing happened. She says they were just talking. She says hes in bad shape and shes worried about him. Ryan asks what is this thing she has with helping these kinds of guys. She says sometimes they turn out to be good guys. She says she doesnt have feelings for Johnny, but shes worried about him. She thinks hes up to something dangerous, hes scared and desperate. She thinks hes dealing drugs. Ryan says hell talk to him and hell see her tonight.

Ryan stops by to see Johnny. His mom sends Ryan to Johnnys room. Johnny says hell just be a minute, hes in the bathroom. Ryan quickly snoops in Johnnys room, but he finds nothing. Johnny asks if everything is cool. Ryan says he just wants him to come to the party, and he says hes getting Bar Mitzfahd. Johnny says thanks for the invite but he cant. Ryan convinces him to come, and he thanks him for doing this. Ryan leaves the room, and Johnny pulls out a gun. 

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At the party everyone signs a blown up photo of Ryan. Summer says so no one came to Seths? He says the Nana came and the Guttermans came by. Summer says that is so sad. Meanwhile, the photos are about to be taken, so Ryan tells Marissa not to let Johnny out of her site. She asks if he is sure, and Ryan says yes.

Julie arrives at Summers place to see Marissa, but Dr. Roberts says shes already gone to the event. Julie says just as well she supposes. He offers her as drink since shes here. They have a talk, and Dr, Roberts knows Julie is lying about the remodel. He says hes lying to Summer, hes looking at divorce number two coming up. Julie says she is sorry. He says dont be, his wife has been miserable for years. Julie says she lives in a trailer park, and she wishes she can tell Marissa. He says well shes remodeling her life, its all how you slice it. Julie invites Neil to go to the party with her. 

At the party, Summer is ushering people and showing them to the seats. The family photos keep being taken, and Johnny slips away. Marissa goes in search of him. Sandy takes the mic and welcomes them to the first and probably last Christmukah Bar Mitzfah. Marissa tells Ryan that Johnny is gone, and he runs off to find him. Sandy then introduces Ryan, who is gone. Marissa tells Seth to do something, but Seth says once was horrible enough, he cant do it again. Seth takes the mic and says Ryan forgot his glasses and hell be right back. Sandy says he doesnt wear glasses.

Ryan sees Johnny speed off in a car, so he follows him. Meanwhile, Seth tells everyone the story of Christmukah and the story of Hanukah. He makes Summer and Marissa join him on stage to tell the story of Hanukah. He says shell play the June Mackabe, and Marissa will play the miraculous oil. Elsewhere, Johnny heads to a mini mart. Ryan follows and sees that Johnny has a gun. It looks like hes going to rob the place. Johnny heads inside and waits for them to begin closing. The teller becomes suspicious of Johnny and goes for his gun. Just as Johnny is about to pull his out, Ryan walks in and buys a lottery ticket and some cigarettes. The teller says sure and sells them to Ryan. He then tells Johnny that this was a great plan of his, and not to do it. Johnny says he has no choice. Ryan says he understands more than anyone, and sometimes you have to let the rich people help. He says let them help. Two cops then show up, and Ryan says they should go. They then leave. Back at the event, Seth and Sandy are trying to do a dreidle sing a long. Summer and Marissa take charge and they begin singing Christmas carols. Ryan and Johnny finally return, and Ryan takes the stage finally. Sandy asks where he was, and Ryan says figuring out what a minch is. Ryan takes the stage and tells them how they are here for a Bar Mitzfah for him, and he wouldnt be here if it werent for the Cohens. Later Thats what Friends Are For is playing. Summer decides to dance with Seth as shes owed him this for like five years. Ryan goes to see Marissa, and he says Seth has waited for this moment for a long time, he finally has friends. Marissa goes to Johnny and asks if they are friends. He says friends. The kids all dance in a circle together just as Seth has always wanted. Julie and Dr. Roberts show up. Summer is surprised to see him and makes him come dance with them. Julie also dances with them, and Kirsten tells Sandy this is the best Christmukah ever.

When The OC returns in January.
Summer tells Taylor that they are launching a campaign to get Marissa back into Harbor,
They make T-shirts and fliers that say Free Marissa! on them.
Sandy says he loves student activism!
Everyone is shocked when Kaitlin returns. Seth and Ryan see her first when she shows up at their house. Seth says shes grown . . . . she says boobs?
Julie says her little girl is growing up.
Kaitlin flaunts her bod in a bikini, and flaunts it in front of Johnny. 
Johnny tells Kailtin that hes not interested in Marissa. She tells him to prove it, and they kiss. 

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