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December 16th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

Caleb meets up with Sandy on a pier, and he complains about how cold it is so what is the point in living in Southern California. Sandy says 50 degrees isnt cold. Caleb says maybe his blood is getting thinner. Sandy says maybe he has ice in his veins. Caleb talks about the possibility of spending the holidays behind bars. Sandy says he can avoid it by telling the truth. Caleb says he cant because of the child. Sandy says you mean Lindsay? Sandy says hes not trying to protect Lindsay; hes trying to protect himself. He tells Caleb that facing Kirsten and Julie has to be better than going to jail. Caleb says Kirsten maybe, but not Julie. Sandy says fine, he is done, happy holidays.

Seth is busy putting up his decorations, and he says the menorah is looking a little waxy and asks his mom to shine it. Ryan and Kirsten bring the tree in, and Ryan asks Seth for a little help. Seth ignores him and says if his sense of the cultural zeitgeist is accurate than this is the year that Christmukah sweeps the nation. Kirsten tells Ryan that its so nice having someone to help around the house. Seth says this year hes created a Christmukah warp wheel so everyone understands his duties this season. Seth says hell be supervising, as well as controlling the merchandising. Seth spins the wheel and tells his mom shes in charge of the holiday dcor, and she needs to make it classy. Seth also wants to get some Jews together for the holiday. Sandy walks in and he tells his dad that he just found the perfect job for him this Christmukah. Sandy tells him to leave him out of it. Kirsten says Oy Humbug!

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At school, Seth is working on his official Christmukah theme song. Ryan cant believe hes writing a song. Seth says they need an anthem to promote the holiday, and he thinks hell have little JoJo record it. Seth asks if hes going to invite Lindsay over, but Ryan doesnt know. He thinks it will be hard for Marissa and Lindsay to be in the same room. Seth says Marissa will be with her dad for the holiday, so shes not coming to their party. He still doesnt know as it could be rushing things. 

On Jimmys boat, Jimmy and Julie are going at it hot and heavy. Julie says its been so long since they did this. Jimmy says its like riding a bike. Julie asks if this counts as adultery? He says technically he thinks it does. Julie begins to feel guilt, but then starts rationalizing it. She says Caleb hasnt touched her in months, and hes probably going to jail. Jimmy asks if he wants her to stop? She says no. 

Sandy meets up with Renee in some public place. Sandy talks to her about coming forward. He says he knows she thinks shell lose her daughter by coming forward, but she may lose her anyway. He says the DA has enough evidence to put her away for accepting bribes, because that is what they think is going on. She doesnt know if she can admit to her daughter that she lied to her for her whole life. Sandy says Caleb wont come forward, he cant, so she is their last hope. She says she cant, and walks off.

At school, Ryan meets up with Lindsay for a study session, and he tells her about Christmukah. Lindsay says she and her mom dont even buy a tree anymore, it looked so sad with only two gifts under it. She says when she was little all her friends were waiting for something from Santa, and she just wanted something from her dad. Ryan asks if she is still waiting? She says no, she stopped believing in her dad long ago when most kids stopped believing in Santa. Ryan says hes been disappointed by his family durring the holidays as well, so she should do what he did, find another family to do the holidays with. He tells her to come spend them with him, and she agrees.

Marissa and Summer commiserate over the fact that both of their boyfriends are away for the holiday season. Marissa says this sucks, last year the holidays were fun. Summer says yeah, she got rejected by Cohen in a wonder woman costume, and Marissa got arrested for shoplifting. Seth shows up and wishes them a Merry Christmukah, but they arent in the mood for his festival holiday. When Seth finds out theyre holiday plans have been canceled, he invites them both, as well as Jimmy, to spend the holidays with him. They say sure why not.

At the Newport Group, Julie shows up 2 hours late for a meeting, which is long over. She tells Kirsten that her new assistant keeps putting the wrong hours into her blackberry. Kirsten says she tried to call her, but Julie says her battery must have died. Suddenly her phone rings. Kirsten says that is one of Jimmys favorite songs on her ring tone! Julie says it is Jimmy calling her, and she ignores him. Kirsten says she thought they were getting along really well. Julie asks what she means by that. Kirsten says nothing, Julie herself said they were getting along better. Kirsten asks her if she is okay because she looks frazzled. She says she just hasnt had time to blow her hair out. 

Ryan works on his homework in the Cohen kitchen, and Seth talks to him about how awesome Christmukah will be with Marissa and Summer coming. Ryan says woah woah woah! Ryan says he invited Lindsay after all, and this is going to be weird. Seth says oh no, what if the backlash is starting. He says Christmukah is just getting too big and commercial. He begins ranting about how the government will soon want more holidays like Eastover. They go outside where Sandy is working on the grill. Seth says they have a problem, Ryan invited Lindsay over tomorrow and he invited Marissa and Summer. Sandy doesnt like this idea, and Ryan says he didnt mean to impose. Sandy says its not that, it is just uh . . . He asks Ryan how serious it is between them. Ryan says its still a mystery, more of a suspense. Seth says he wants to see her naked. Sandy says so you really like her, and Ryan says hes starting to. Sandy says her mom is involved with Calebs case, so the timing probably isnt great. Ryan says okay, but wonders what Lindsay has to do with the case. Seth jokes that shes Calebs illegitimate love child! Sandy gives them a look, and they realize she is. Sandy tells them that this stays between them until they make it through the holidays. 

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Its a new day, and Ryan is getting ready to go see Lindsay and uninvited her. He asks Seth to un-invite Summer and Marissa, because Lindsay wont like it if she found out they came over. Seth says okay, and while hes going out to go tell Summer for him. Ryan says no.

Ryan goes over to Lindsays house to see her. She gives him a big hug and says happy Christmukah. Ryan wants to talk, but she says first she has something to tell him. She drags him up to her room and says Christmukah inspired her, and she hands him a yamaclaus (a yamaka that looks like a santa hat). He says wow. She says making this was fun, and she never has fun this time of year. She says she doesnt know if it was the new holiday or the idea of spending time with a family who enjoys the holidays. She says shes sorry for rambling and asks what he wanted to talk about. He asks her to bring eggnog tonight.

Seth arrives at Summers place to talk to her, but she wont let him get a word in. She says she wants to go pick out a Christmas tree because shes feeling all festive. They head to the Christmas tree lot, and Summer is pick with the tree she wants. Seth tries to talk to her about tonight, but she says its really great that hes invited her and she thinks they are finally becoming friends. Seth says great. They get stuck under the mistletoe and she gives him a kiss. Seth ends up asking her to bring some latkes tonight. She says shed love to.

Back at the pool house, Ryan and admits he couldnt un-invite Lindsay. Ryan says Lindsay made a yamaclaus. When Seth sees it he says its beautiful! Ryan asks how Summer took the news? Summer and Marissa show up, and Ryan realizes they are still coming.

Julie and Caleb show up later, and Sandy says if it isnt the grinch and lady grinch. Julie brought fruitcake, and Kirsten says she shouldnt have. Caleb asks Sandy if they can go talk, so they go off together. Julie meets up with Jimmy in the kitchen, and she says shes missed him so much and plants a huge kiss on him. Jimmy tells her to meet him in the bathroom in five minutes! Kirsten walks in and almost catches them together, but Julie saves it by pretending to hit Jimmy for sticking his fingers in the food.

Renee drops Lindsay off at the Cohens. Renee asks if she really wants to do this, they hate the holidays. Lindsay says its time to get over that, and over their pact. Kirsten opens the door when Lindsay arrives and invites her in. She also waves to Renee, who is sitting in her car. Lindsay heads out to the pool house where the gang is. Ryan asks if she wants to play playstation, and she says no. Its an awkward situation, and Seth says he loves how the holidays bring everyone together. 

Caleb talks to Sandy and admits it is time to tell Kirsten the truth. Meanwhile, Renee returns, and Kirsten asks if she is looking for Lindsay? Renee says actually she wants to talk to her. 

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Kirsten and Renee go into the kitchen, and Kirsten asks if anything is wrong? Kirsten can see something is, so she pours herself a glass of wine. Renee says what shes about to say should be Caleb saying this. Kirsten says he is here and he could get him. Renee says no. Caleb and Sandy walk in, and Caleb asks Renee what she is doing here? Sandy thinks she is doing what hes about to do. Just then all the kids walk into the kitchen. Lindsay asks her mom why she is here? Caleb finally sees Lindsay, and Lindsay wonders if they have met. Renee asks them to give them a moment, and Lindsay asks why what is wrong? Kirsten says that is what shed like to know. Renee says she should be going, but Kirsten says no one is going anywhere until someone tells her what is going on. Julie and Jimmy then walk in at this point and ask what is going on? Sandy suggest Caleb take it from here. Caleb says he cant believe Renee just showed up. Renee says did you think wed get away with it forever? Lindsay asks what they got away with? Caleb asks if everyone has to be here for this? Julie asks for what? Caleb says hes sorry it had to happen like this Lindsay, Kirsten. He says he wanted to protect them both from this forever, but they have no choice now. Caleb admits to having an affair with Renee, which he calls an error which almost ruined his marriage. Renee says shes sorry to Lindsay and she should have told her. Lindsay realizes Caleb is her father. She ends up running off, and Renee runs after her. Kirsten is in complete shock. Caleb says he doesnt know what to say to her. She slaps him and then says get out of my house. She then walks away. Julie then slaps Caleb and tells him to be ashamed of himself! Jimmy goes after Julie when she walks off. 

Sandy tries to talk to Kirsten, who is furious that Sandy didnt tell her. Caleb shows up, and Kirsten goes to attack him for doing this to her and to mom. Sandy holds her back, and she runs into a closet and closes the door. Caleb wants to talk to her, and Seth says maybe he should leave. Caleb says he would have been better off going to prison.

Ryan goes to Lindsays house to see Lindsay. Renee answers the door and says this isnt a good time as Lindsay isnt okay. Lindsay shows up and says its okay, she can talk to Ryan. Lindsay has been crying, and Ryan says hes so sorry. He says he knows she wants to be alone, but hes here for her. Lindsay says she thinks it is best they dont see one another as she doesnt want to be near his family ever. She says thanks for trying though, and happy holidays. 

Marissa and Summer go up to Seths room, play with Captain Oats, and talk about how weird this is. Marissa says her ex-boyfriend is dating her step-sister. Seth eventually shows up, and they ask if there is anything they can do. Seth says theyre gunna have to cancel Christmukah.

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Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Ryan sit around a table at a diner and talk about how Christmukah is officially cancelled. Summer says that is so sad, this is the time of year he looks forward to the most. Seth doesnt think there is anything they can do. Summer refuses to give up on Christmukah, and makes a passionate speech. Seth thanks Tiny Tim for trying. Summer tells them that they can all give up, but she still believes in a Christmukah miracle, and she has a plan.

Caleb finds Julie in Marissas room playing with her care bear. Julie says when Marissa gets back she will make this about her and they will suffer the consequences. He says he knows, and thats why he tried to keep it a secret. She says he needs a walk in closet for all of his skeletons. He says this is the last secret he has. Julie says she cant believe he cheated on his wife. He says it was hell and he wouldnt do it again. He says he gets everything he needs from this marriage, and hopes she feels the same. Julie tells him not to put this back on her. Caleb asks her to forgive him, but she doesnt know. Julie says shes going to go find Marissa.

Ryan finds Sandy in the dining room eating Chinese food. Sandy says Kirsten locked herself in the closet and wont speak to him. Ryan says hes sorry that he didnt uninvited Lindsay. Sandy says this is not his fault, but no good deed goes unpunished. Ryan decides to try and talk to Kirsten. He goes up to the closet, and she says she doesnt feel like talking right now. Ryan says he wanted to talk about Lindsay. Kirsten asks if she is okay? Ryan says no, not right now. He says it depends on whether or not she figures out shes part of a family thats good about letting in new members. Kirsten opens the door and tells him good line. She tells him not to tell Sandy that she came out for him. Sandy shows up and says yeah he wouldnt want to hear that. Sandy asks if she wants to meet her sister? Kirsten doesnt know if shes ready to start calling her that, but Lindsay seems like a great girl.

Marissa and Summer end up on Jimmys boat, and Marissa knocks on the door. Jimmy comes out, and they ask for a generator and an extension cord. He doesnt like the sound of that. They say it is for Chirstmukah. He tells them where to find it, and then he asks Marissa if she has spoken to her mom because she is worried about her. Marissa says who cares. She says he seems awfully friendly with mom. He asks if that would be so terrible. She says yeah for him. Marissa and Summer leave, and we learn Julie was hiding below. Julie heard what Marissa said. Jimmy wonders if they are making a huge mistake. Julie says yes, but she wants to be with him.

Lindsay is sitting on the beach alone. Seth shows up after finding out where she was from her mom. Seth tells Lindsay that they are now kin, she is a Cohen now. He says welcome to a life of insecurity and self doubt! Seth tries to convince her that they have a lot to be grateful for, most of all that they didnt start dating. She says that would have been gross on several levels. He gives her a stalking with Lauren written on it. He says it was the only one left, theyll fix it later. They head back to the Lindsays house, and Seth explains the point of Christmukah to her. When they get there, Sandy and Kirsten are in the front yard, and her house has been covered in lights and decorations. Ryan and the other kids are there as well. Kirsten and Lindsay approach one another. Kirsten says shes Kirsten and welcome. Kristen and Lindsay hug one another. Lindsay cries this is weird, and Kirsten says this is their family. Renee thanks Sandy for doing this, and he thanks her for coming forward and doing the right thing. Renee hopes one day Lindsay will forgive her. Seth tells Summer that she saved Christmukah, and she says she did. Marissa passes out the food to everyone. Lindsay tells Ryan that she doesnt know what to say. He says she doesnt have to say anything right now. Seth then begins to sing the Christmukah theme song. 

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