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December 17th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Ryan and Marissa coming home after a date. They went out to see Master and Commander. Ryan apparently liked it, but Marissa didnt enjoy it all that much. She says that Russell Crowe really doesnt do it for her. Marissa then realizes there is only one more day in 2003. Ryan says its been a good year. She says yeah, my parents divorced, my dad went bankrupt, and I ODd. Ryan says he meant it was a good year for him. She says she knows, and that she cant wait to celebrate the new year with him. Marissa kisses Ryan, and she asks what he wants to do? Ryan thinks they should take it easy after what happened at Christmas. Ryan just wants to hang out here and maybe rent some Russell Crowe movies. Ryan and Marissa continue to kiss, and Marissa tells Ryan that she loves him. Ryan is shocked and, she says I mean . . . Ryan can only respond with Thank you, so she says youre welcome? Embarrassed, Marissa says she has to get home before curfew, and speeds off in her car.

Ryan heads into the pool house, and tries to say I love you out loud. A woman in a white tank top and panties tells him that saying it is easy, meaning it is another thing. She asks Ryan who he is? Ryan asks who she is. She says this is her pool house, but Ryan says it is his. Haley realizes the tank top is Ryans, and she asks if he wants it back. Ryan realizes the woman is Kirsten's sister, Haley. She says she is, and Kirsten doesnt know she is here. She tells him to hit the living room couch and theyll sort all this out in the morning.

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Seth finds Ryan sleeping on the couch, and he wonders what hes doing here. Ryan says the pool house is occupied by his aunt. Seth cant believe his aunt is here, and goes into the kitchen. Kirsten and Sandy are doing a cross word puzzle, and they are sharing a chair. Seth tells them Separate seats guys, there is no sex in the champagne room. Seth asks where Aunt Haley is, and Sandy and Kirsten spout of a list of possible places she could be. Seth says no, shes in the pool house. Ryan walks in and says her sister is here. Kirsten wonders why she is here. Sandy says she probably ran out of money. Haley walks in, still wearing the undies and tank top. Sandy says Hello! and Seth says later when she is dressed theyll hug. Kirsten makes Seth give Haley his robe, and she put it on. Kirsten says they would have picked her up if they knew she was coming. Haley says it was late and her cell phone got shut off. Kirsten realizes she is going to be spending some time with them, so she says shell make up the guest room. Haley tells Seth that hes looking good. Seth says puberty happened, and he shows her his chest hairs. Seth introduces Ryan to Haley, and Haley asks Seth what his plans for New Years are? He says he had two girls, but now he has none, so hell hang out with Ryan and Marissa. Haley doubts they will be doing much because of three little words Ryan couldnt say. Seth learns Marissa said I love you to Ryan, and he asks what he said back? Ryan says he said thank you. Seth thinks theyll be watching Carson Daly and the ball drop tonight.

Marissa heads to the shrinks office where she runs into Oliver. Oliver asks Marissa what her resolutions for the new year are? Marissa says she wants to eat more vegetables. Oliver asks her about her plans, and she wonders why he asks so many questions. She asks what he is doing? Oliver says hes having a party, and he invites Marissa. She looks at the invitation and wonders why he lives at the Four Seasons. Oliver says its a long story. Marissa says maybe she and her boyfriend will show up, but she says Ryan isnt very social. Oliver says his girlfriend Natalie is the same way. Oliver thinks it would be fun for them all to meet, and Marissa says maybe. 

Back at the Cohens, Kirsten tries to question Haley about where she has been. Haley doesnt seem to want to talk about it. Kirsten warns Haley that dad will be back in two weeks, so shes going to have to explain herself. She says hes in Paris right now with Julie Cooper. Haley cant believe that, and she asks how Jimmy feels about this? Kirsten says they are getting a divorce. Kirsten once again asks her what her plans are, but then Sandy walks in. Hes getting ready to go surf. They discuss their plans for dinner, and he runs off. Haley tells Kirsten that she and Sandy are way too married. Haley knows of a party where they may have a lot more fun, but she says she is boring now. Kirsten says she is not boring. Sandy returns, he forgot his keys, and Kirsten tells him tonight they are going to a party after dinner.

Marissa shows up and tells Ryan about the party Oliver is throwing, but Ryan doesnt want to go. Ryan thinks Marissa has changed her mind about staying in because he couldnt say it. She teases him about it, and he insists he is staying here. Marissa says fine, but she is going. She gives him a kiss and runs off.

Ryan and Seth are stuck in on New Years Eve and playing videogames. Seth thinks Ryan should just go to the party, but Ryan says no. Kirsten and Sandy come in and say they are heading off, and ask if they need anything. Seth says Ryan needs a tear in the time space continuum so he can tell Marissa that he loves her. Kirsten cant believe she said the words, and Sandy asks what he said? Seth says Thank you! Sandy says well it was polite. They tell them to have fun, and they leave. Haley sees them out, and she tells them not to return until after two. Kirsten thanks her for this, and says when they get back they will catch up. Haley then goes to see the boys and convinces them that they have to go out. When she learns Marissa is at a party with some guy named Oliver, Haley says at the countdown to midnight his girlfriend will be at that party looking for someone to kiss, while hes here playing videogames. She convinces Ryan that he needs to go to the party. As they are heading out, Seth asks Haley what she will be doing? Haley claims shes going to hang out here and lay low. As Ryan opens the door, a bunch of partiers rush into the house. They begin moving furniture, breaking thinks, and squirting booze everywhere!

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Summer and Marissa arrive at the penthouse at the Four Seasons. Summer is completely excited about the party. Marissa isnt all that excited, so Summer tells her that the way she spends her New Years Eve is the way she will spend the rest of the year. She tells her not to think of Ryan and she wont think of Seth Cohen. They arrive at the party and run into Anna. Annas parents happen to be friends of Olivers parents. Summer asks Anna where Seth is, but she says she doesnt know and doesnt care. Summer says Me either, Seth Cohen is so 2003! She says in another 74 minutes she wont have to think about him again.

Back at the Cohen house, a bunch of people are skinny dipping in the pool, and Seth says that is a whole lot of genitalia in his pool. Ryan says they should go, but Seth says he cant leave Haley here to trash his parents house. Ryan tells him to stop the party, but Seth says that would make him dad. HE thinks Ryan should be the one to end the party.

Sandy and Kirsten are driving to dinner, and Kirsten asks Sandy if they are in a rut? Sandy says no, they are in a marriage. Kirsten fears they are becoming boring. Sandy says they arent boring, but Kirsten wonders if they should take more chances? Sandy says they should, and he decides not to follow the automated driving directions provided by his GPS. Sandy ends up arguing with the directions, and he says they are living on the edge! Kirsten says they arent living on the edge, they are getting lost. Sandy tells Kirsten not to let her sister get up inside her head. Sandy says they will go to this party and have fun. Kirsten thinks they should skip dinner all together and just go to the party.

Back at the Four Seasons, Oliver talks to Marissa about his parents, who own this and a bunch more hotels. Marissa is not drinking, and she tells Oliver that he can feel free to drink if he wants to. He says he is clean and sober for the past 11 months. Oliver asks where Ryan is? Marissa says hes not here. She asks him about his girlfriend, Natalie. He says shes not coming either. He tells her that it is a long distance relationship, shes in school in Arizona. Marissa thinks he is dating an older woman, but he says hes not. Oliver says being kicked out of three schools in one year got him held back a year. He says hes redoing his senior year while she goes to college. He also thinks she is having too much fun at college and doesnt want to be in this relationship. Oliver and Marissa decide to try and have fun without their significant others.

Back at the Cohens, Ryan searches for Haley and finally finds her arguing with someone. Haley is in Sandy and Kirstens room arguing with another woman, whom she owes three thousand dollars. They argue over the money, and Haley tells the woman that she is supposed to be her friend. The woman tells Haley that she doesnt have any friends, she burned all those bridges. Haley tells her friend to get out of here, but she refuses to leave without her three thousand. She also tells Haley that she better hope Cameo doesnt show up here after what she did to Alex. Haley walks out of the room, and Ryan tells Haley they need to end this party. She says no, so Ryan threatens to call the cops. Haley tells him that they should talk about this first.

Sandy and Kirsten arrive at Haleys party, and Tarrin, one of Kirstens friends from Yogapilates, sees her. Tarrin says she had no idea Kirsten was so much fun to come to a party like this. Kirsten asks if she knows her husband, and Tarrin says she might at midnight. She tells Sandy to put his watch in the bowl, and tells Kirsten whoever ends up with him is going to be one lucky lady! Tarrin walks off, and Sandy and Kirsten realize they are at a swingers party. Kirsten says shes going to kill Haley, and that they should go because they cant stay here. Sandy laughs and says they arent in this big of a rut. Kirsten realizes Sandy thinks they are in a rut, so she dares him to stay at the party. Sandy says he will, but she doesn't believe him. He says they will stay, and he ends up putting his watch in the bowl! 

Back at the Cohens, Haley takes Ryan and Seth to the pool house to talk, and ends up locking them in there! 

Ryan is furious that they are stuck in the pool house, and Seth begins to freak out because hes claustrophobic. Ryan tells him that this place is huge. Seth says the could use up all the oxygen, they are trapped in here and are being forced to look out at naked dudes. Ryan cant believe he is stuck with a lunatic while his girlfriend is kissing some guy.

At the swingers party, Sandy talks with some woman as Kirsten watches. Tarrin talks to Kirsten and says the first party can be a little challenging. Kirsten says she is easing into it. Tarrin says it is worth it, this party saved her marriage in 1998. Kirsten says her marriage doesnt need saving. Tarrin says shes knows, it is just in a rut. Kirsten says they are not in a rut. Tarrin rambles on about how so many of them sleepwalk through their lives and are unaware until someone wakes them up. Tarrin tells Kirsten to take a chance, what is the worst that could happen? Tarrin looks at Sandy and says he looks like hes having a lot of fun for someone who isnt in a rut.

At the penthouse party, some guy smiles at both Anna and Summer. They dont know which one he is smiling at, and argue with one another over the guy. Summer decides to find out which one he likes, and she tells him he has to choose, someone has to choose between them. The guy, whose name is Alan, tries to talk to Summer, but she is on a tirade about how she wants someone who doesnt want to be her friend, someone not like Seth. Anna decides to leave, and Summer stays with Alan. Meanwhile, Marissa talks to Oliver about telling Ryan that she loved him, and how he couldnt say it back. She doesnt know if she overreacted, and Oliver pipes up "Or maybe Ryan . . . " Marissa worries Ryan may not love her. Oliver tells her not to listen to him..

Back at the swingers party, Kirsten is talking to some guy when Sandy shows up and tells Kirsten thats hes ready to go. He says was this fun or what? Kirsten says she was just starting to have fun. Sandy says if they hurry they can still get their table, but Kirsten tells Sandy that she wants to stay. Sandy thinks this is about Haley, but Kirsten says this isnt about Haley. She says she thinks they are in a rut and they need to do something dangerous. Sandy walks off and continues talking to the woman he was talking to earlier.

At the pool house, Seth is breathing into a paper bag to keep him from hyperventilating. He asks Ryan why he didnt tell Marissa that he loved her? Ryan says he doesnt know, maybe because hes never said those words. Seth asks him if he loves her, and Ryan says he guesses, he doesnt really know. Ryan ends up talking to Seth about his girl problem, and why he didnt choose? Seth says he doesnt know, but hes optimistic about this friends thing.

At the party, Cameo shows up and asks where the bitch is because she cant believe she showed her face in Newport. Haley sees Cameo show up and runs off to hide. She heads out to the pool house, lets the boys out, and says she needs help. Ryan tells her no way, he is leaving. Haley says there is a girl out there that wants to kill her. Ryan says Just one? He says there is a girl out there who will kill him if he doesnt get to her in 39 minutes. Haley says this girl will tear this house apart, so she needs help shutting down this party. She asks him to do it for Sandy and Kirsten. Ryan says fine, and manages to end the party somehow. We learn Ryan shut the power off and told them the cops were coming. Ryan then leaves to try and get to Marissa in time. Seth and Haley are left with a very trashed house.

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At the Swingers party, everyone gathers to pick the watches out of the bowl. The girls begin drawing watches and leave with their sex partners for the evening. Tarrin ends up picking the watch of an older, pleasantly plump man, and she doesnt look pleased. She tells Kirsten that she hopes she has better luck. Everyone gets picked, and Sandy and Kirsten are left with one another. Sandy says he doesnt get it? Sandys watch is not in the bowl, and we learn its in his pants. Kirsten kisses him, and Sandy calls her swinger and suggests they head home.

Ryan is stuck in traffic as he tries to get to the Four Seasons.

At the Four Seasons, Summer talks with Alan, while Anna remains alone and by herself. She tells Marissa that she is going to leave, and she tells Marissa happy new year. Oliver asks Marissa how she is doing? Marissa is hoping Ryan will show up in time. Oliver understand and says he keeps hoping to see Natalie. However, he says it is just them tonight, but at least they have one another.

Sandy and Kirsten arrive home, and Sandy is stunned. He asks Seth what happened here? Seth says he doesnt know enough people to cause this much damage. Haley turns up and asks how they party was? Kirsten asks her what she has done? Haley says she can undo this, she has it covered. Sandy says he looks forward to waking up to a clean house, and he heads to bed. Kirsten is furious with Haley and screams at her. Haley says she is not mom so she cant talk to her like this. Kirsten says this is her house so she will talk to her anyway she wants! Upstairs, Sandy finds his bedroom is already occupied by a guy and two girls, in his bed nonetheless. Back in the kitchen, Kirsten tells Haley this is no longer cuter, it is embarrassing. She says she is not a child anymore, people her age have finished college and are married. She tells her sister to grow up. She says it is a new year and she suggests Kirsten make a new start. Haley asks why? She says she doesnt want to be like Kirsten, she doesnt want to build McMansions for dad or plan charity evens with the Newpsies. Kirsten says she loves her life and her family. Kirsten tells Haley that she spends so much time trying to have fun, but is she even having any? Haley says shell finish cleaning up in the morning and leaves to go to bed.

Seth takes out the trash and runs into Anna. Anna says she didnt want him to be alone on New Years, and she didnt want to be alone either. Seth says he isnt alone, he has Captain Oats and Carson Daly. She says she can go, but he tells her to stay.

Back at the Penthouse, Ryan arrives at the stroke of midnight and rushes into Marissas arms. Back at the Cohens, Kirsten and Sandy spend the night together (on new sheets), and Seth and Anna are making out in Seths room. Back at the Four Seasons party, Summer kisses Alan, but pulls away and says hes not Seth Cohen. She tells him that she has to go, and walks off. Ryan finishes kissing Marissa, and he tells her that he loves her. She tells him Thank you! and kisses him. 

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