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December 12th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

Ryan and Seth are at a gas station somewhere. They are in the desert. Seth is cleaning the windshield off, Ryan is demanding to know what is going on. Seth says they are their way to Vegas. Ryan says the girls are acting strange, what is up. The girls are in a bathroom stall watching a watch counting down. Ryan demands to know what is up with Seth, he hijacked his New Years Eve plans with Taylor. Seth says he told him that hed pay him back. Ryan demands to know what is happening. The girls say one more second! We then see a rewind to seven hours earlier.

Ryan visits Seth at the comic book store. He tells him about his surprise trip to Vegas with Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor is telling Summer how she is trying to surprise Ryan. Summer is spacing out as Taylor is talking. Ryan wonders if Taylor will think Vegas is cheesy. Taylor tells Summer she wonders if getting lingerie for him is cheesy. Taylor says well obviously shell be wearing it. Taylor think it is way too soon for lingerie. Summer says shes being paranoid. Meanwhile Seth tells Ryan people go to Vegas and come back married. Taylor asks Summer what her plans are. Summer says probably a typical night with Seth, some Korean cinema and then myspacing. Seth keeps telling Ryan how marriage is a dirty word, its up there with responsibility and they are in college. Ryan is running late, he says Happy New Year to Seth. Ryan runs into Taylor and Summer. Ryan and Taylor decide to surprise one another with their gifts. Summer heads off to see Seth. Ryan opens Taylor's lingerie and is shocked. Taylor asks if he thinks shes a whore. He says no, he just already has this. He laughs and says it will be great. Meanwhile  Seth gives Summer a t-shirt that says Jamacin Me Crazy. Seth says its funny because its not. Summer realizes Seth has no plans made and shes done with him. 

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Taylor is packing some stuff for her and Ryans trip. She sees a box of tampax and then goes to grab a date book and look up something.

At NewMatch, Julie is on the phone with Spencer. She knows doing it with the delivery boy is in fact a valid fantasy, but they are paying for the pizzas as well and it is adding up. Spencer says this is the cost of business. As Spencer talks to Julie, a man (Kevin Sorbo) is watching him. Julie is telling him that he must not know anything about business, she cant keep filing this money under other business.

Kirsten tells Julie that Jimmy called. Jimmy was supposed to call Kaitlin at midnight but hes on the boat and may be out of cell phone range. Kirsten offers to help Julie with the books, she probably has more experience than Julie anyways. Julie says all the more reason for her to learn. Kirsten asks if there is something she can do. Julie asks if she can get some more coffee? The Bullit shows up to invite Julie to his New Years Eve party. He asks when he should send the limo. She says shes not sure when shell get done here. He says he thought bankrolling this place would allow him to see her more. HE says since they got back theyve only had two dinner dates and no hanky panky. Julie says it is a new business. He says he can at least help her out. He offers to hire someone to do her books.  He sees all the pizza receipts, Julie claims they eat a lot while working. He asks if shes coming tonight or not. Julie says if she can.

At the Cohens, Sandy has some work to do. One of Seths homeless friends from Thanksgiving is in trouble and wanted him to bail him out. Sandy can see Seth is in trouble. Seth says Summer wanted elaborate New Years plans. Sandy says romantic planning is not a Cohen trait. He tells Seth to put some thought and effort into real plans pronto. He tells Seth to have a wonderful New Years Eve and be safe. Ryan shows up, Sandy tells Ryan to be safe too. Seth suddenly gets the perfect idea. Seth tells Ryan that he and Summer are going to Vegas with them.

Julie meets Spencer in some parking lot. Spencer has lost his book with everyones names and numbers. Julie says they need to shut this down, but Spencer says they need this money. He says after tonight theyll each make 40grand. Julie says and they burn everything tomorrow? Spencer assures her they will.

The man from earlier (Kevin Sorbo) is at a hotel looking at photos of Julie. The Bullit shows up and calls him Frank, saying its good to see him. Bullit asks him what hes doing here? Frank says well he always said if he needed a job. The Bullit has a few places he can work. Frank knows hes invested in a dating service. Bullit says his girlfriend Julie is running that one, he just invested. He swears shes not a con-artist like that waitress. He also says Julie is very proud and wants to do everything herself. Bullit gets a call and has to go. We see Frank has Spencers address book.

Taylor shows up to see Summer. Summer tells Taylor that she looks terrible. Taylor has a secret and  tells Summer that she thinks SHE might be pregnant! Summer says if she was pregnant it would be her secret. She says second she was late, but how did she know it? Taylor says when she visited she had her period, now she sees her box of tampax havent even been opened. She asks Summer if she had unsafe sex. Summer says there was the time that Seth visited . . . . Taylor knows this is what has been on Summer's mind all day. Taylor gives her a pregnancy test to prove it. Suddenly Seth shows up, Summer is glad to see him.. Seth has a surprise, well actually it is Ryan's surprise. He says they are all going to Vegas. Taylor says before they go, she and Summer have to use the bathroom. Summer ignores Taylor, so Taylor claims shes packing the toothpaste as they may want it in Vegas. She puts the pregnancy test into a bag.

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The kids begin driving to Vegas. Taylor asks Ryan if they can stop soon as she and Summer have to pee. Ryan says sure. Taylor suggests they try out their toothpaste when they stop.

Seth tells Ryan that he knows they are crashing Ryans trip, so he will buy him the best room that Sandys money could buy.

Taylor tells Seth hypothetically speaking, if she was his girlfriend and had health issues, would he want to know? Seth asks what kind of issues. Summer says diariah now keep driving.

Taylor tells Summer that she needs to tell Seth the truth. Seth then realizes he forgot his tooth brush and now he has to use his finger. HE wonders what kind of toothpaste they got. He grabs the bag from them and sees what is inside. Taylor says its hers and takes it back. Ryan wonders what is going on here. Taylor makes the zip-it signal to Seth. 

The Bullit shows up at Julies. Hes with Kaitlin. They just bought a dress for Julie to wear at his party tonight. Kaitlin realizes this guy really likes her mom. Bullit says he does. The Bullit asks what shes doing. Kaitlin says nothing much. The Bullit suggests she comes to his party. Kaitlin doesnt seem to keen on the invite. Kaitlin then gives the Bullit some advice dealing with her mom, just ignore her and do what he wants to do. Kaitlin says that is how she handles her mom. The Bullit gives her some money to buy a dress if she decides to come to the party.

The kids stop at the gas station they were at during the opening. Taylor and Summer go into the bathroom to take the test. Ryan asks Taylor if shes okay, she says yeah. HE also apologizes for the trip, it was supposed to be just them. Ryan says in exchange Seth is going to give them a room. Taylor says she doesnt think they should, she wants their first time to be special and tonight isnt the night. Taylor runs off to catch up with Summer.

Seth talks to Ryan, he was eavesdropping a little. He asks Ryan if hes sure he never had sex with Taylor? Ryans silence leads him to take that as a no. Ryan wonders what is going on here.

A woman shows up dressed as an Alien. Shes in the bathroom with the girls. 

Julie shows up at NewMatch and finds Frank waiting for her and looking over his books. Bullit is there too, the Bullit says he hired Franks to put her books in order. He says a little birdy told him to ignore her saying no. He says they have a party to go to. Frank tells Julie that it was nice meeting her.

Back at the gas station, the girls count down. When they get to one, Summer begins hyperventilating. Taylor puts the pregnancy test into the box and in her purse. As Taylor is trying to calm Summer down, the alien woman steals the purse from under the stall! As Taylor goes to get the test, she realizes it is gone.

Meanwhile as Seth is telling Ryan that he thinks Taylor is pregnant, the alien woman runs by, jumps in her car and speeds off. Summer and Taylor show up yelling at her to stop. She tells Ryan to follow that alien, she stole her purse. The boys end up chasing after the woman.

Commercial Break

Its now dark and the kids are still driving. Seth asks why they cant just cancel her cards and get her a new purse? Taylor says no, there are pills she needs to get in there. Taylor says she has to take them before midnight too. Taylor asks Ryan why hes being quiet? He says there is a lot of that going around.

They soon arrive at where a huge party is going on. They head into the part, everyone is disguised as Aliens. They split up to look for the alien girl.

At Bullets party, Julie talks with Spencer. She asks Spencer if when he paired these ladies up with their dates did he know they were all coming here? Spencer didnt. She asks about this Frank guy. Spencer doesnt know much about him, it's like he has no record. Julie asks if they can bribe Frank? Spencer doubts it.

Kaitlin shows up at the party. Bullit introduces Kaitlin to some princes from Saudi Arabia.

Back at the rave, Ryan tells Taylor that he knows, Seth told him about the thing. Ryan wishes she had told him this. Ryan says obviously she was sleeping with someone before they were dating. Taylor thinks hes accusing her of having random unsafe sex between when they stared dating and her divorce. She says he obvoiously thinks she is a big fat divorcee whore!

Back at Bullits, Kirsten demand to know what is going on. She tells Julie all their clients seem to be dating college students. Frank shows up, he claims his name is Frank Perry. Julie says Bullit hired him to put their books in order. Frank says it looks good and business seems to be booming. Frank says it was a pleasure to meet them and walks off.

Over to the rave. Seth asks Summer why they are looking for a purse when they know the bigger issue is Taylor maybe being pregnant. Summer says the test is in it, they need to get it before midnight and know where they stand before the new year comes. Seth tells Summer that they should be celebrating that this isnt her test. He tells her to high five him. Summer is stunned and walks off. Seth then realizes it is her test.

Some guy recognizes Seth. He says hes a huge fan, he came dressed as Kid Chino tonight. He asks for a photo with him.

Frank talks to Julie about how  her dating service isnt what Bullit thought he was investing in. Julie asks what she has to do to keep him quiet. Frank gives her his keycard to his hotel room and says meet her in a half an hour.

Sandy shows up to the party and meets with Kirsten. Kirsten tells Sandy how odd things are. She says their clients are here, but not with the dates they are supposed to be with.

Sandy and Kirsten run into Frank. Kirsten introduces them. Frank says it was nice meeting them and runs off. Sandy is sure he knows Frank from somewhere. 

The Saudi princes think Kaitlin looks bored. Kaitlin sees her mom talking to Frank. She later confronts her mom and realizes Julie is going to meet that creep. Kaitlin says the Bullit really likes her. Julie says and she likes him. Julie says trust her, dont tell Bullit about this. Kaitlin says okay. Kaitlin is missing dad. Julie knows, she says theyll call him tomorrow. Julie then heads off. 

Ryan finds Taylor drinking and dancing. Ryan thinks she shouldnt be drinking. Taylor says why because she maybe pregnant with her whore baby. Summer shows up and asks what is going on. Ryan wants to know why hes the last person to find out about Taylors pregnancy test. Summer tells Ryan that it is her test, not Taylors. The clock is almost to midnight, she realizes she wont know the truth now. Summer grabs Ryans keys and runs off. Seth soon shows up and tells Ryan that its Summers. Ryan says he knows.

Ryan and Seth find Summer speeding off in their car.

Commercial Break

Ryan makes some calls, he tells Seth where the nearest cab company is. Seth just cant believe that summer could be pregnant. The guys then see the female Alien running up some steps with a guy.

Summer is with Taylor, they both sped off. Summer thanks Taylor for today, she hopes she didnt damage anything with Ryan. Taylor says dont worry about her. Summer doesnt understand how this happened. Taylor says its a new year, they all get a fresh start this year. She says everything negative is left in the last year. 

Ryan and Seth find the female alien about to procreate with a male alien. They see the purse on the floor. Seth goes to get the purse. The phone in the purse begins ringing. Seth grabs it, she and Ryan run for it.

Outside they run into Seths fan, who happens to be in a car,. He gives him a quick getaway.

At Bullits party, Sandy is still sure he knows Frank from somewhere. Kirsten wishes he could remember as shed love to know who Bullit has doing the books.

In the car, Ryan is giving Seth a pep talk about how to handle this. Will what is in the purse change him wanting to be with her. Seth says no. Ryan asks if hed ever not want to be with her. Seth says no again.

Kailtin talks to the Bullit. She says great party, but the Saudis arent her cup of tea. The Bullit asks about her mom. Kaitlin says she went home with a migraine. The Bullet hopes shes okay. Kaitlin asks Bullit to dance with her. He says its her night ,she learns the Texas two step.

Ryan and Seth return to Newport. Ryan goes to see Taylor. He says hes sorry he jumped to conclusions. He says she needs to not be paranoid about being divorced. She is in bed and all covered up. She says so he doesnt think shes a whore. Ryan says no. Taylor says because she could be. She then reveals she has on his negligee. Ryan joins her in bed.

In Summers room, Seth shows up to see Summer. HE finds her with the bunny, he knows hes thinking about the baby. She says shes sorry she abandoned him. Seth says its okay. He found her purse though. He says he freaked about the pregnancy test, but Ryan made him realize that he cant imagine not wanting to be with her. Summer thinks shes pregnant. Seth doesnt know, he didnt open it. He pulls out an eyeball ring and proposes to Summer. She asks if hes insane. She says they cant. He says they can, she just has to want to. Summer thinks they should look at the test first. He says no, shed wonder if he is doing this only because shes pregnant. He wants to spend his life with her, he asks her to marry him. She says yes. Summer says now the test. Summer looks at the test, shes not pregnant after all. Summer wonders if it is inappropriate to celebrate. He says no, now they can just have a normal wedding and not a shotgun one.

Sandy goes back to the office to do a little work. He finds Franks mugshot. He has a huge rapsheet . . . and we see his name . . . 

Julie goes to Franks room to meet him. She finds him waiting. She tells him that she wont trade sex for silence, shes not a whore, just a madam. He says that isnt why he brought her here. He tells her to sit down. Frank needs info about the Cohens. He says hes not who he says he is. Julie asks who he is? He says hes Ryan's father!

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