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December 3rd, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohen's house with Seth asking Ryan if he wants to have Christmas or Hanukkah? Ryan doesnt know what to say, so Seth tells him that he doesnt have to choose because in this house they have Chrismukkah! Kirsten and Ryan show up with the Christmas tree, and Seth continues to rave about his self created holiday Chrismukkah. He explains that his dad is a Jew, and his mom is a WASP, so he merged both holidays in order to have the best of both worlds. He says not only does he get eight days of presents, but another day of many presents! Kristen and Sandy ask Ryan to incorporate something of his own holiday tradition into Seths holiday. Ryan says his holidays usually consisted of his mom getting drunk and him getting his ass kicked. Sandy and Kirsten tell him that perhaps this year he can start making some new memories. Ryan says yeah sure. Seth is a little down that Ryan isnt excited about Chrismukkah. Sandy says it may take Ryan some time to adjust. Kirsten suggests they start trimming the tree.

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At the pool house, Ryan gets out of the shower only to find Seth is in his place and is already wrapping presents for Summer and Anna, the Seth Cohen gift packs he calls them. Unfortunately, he got them the same things, which Ryan thinks is a bad idea. Ryan tells Seth that hes going to have to choose sooner or later, but Seth says there is no choosing during Chrismukkah!

Seth and Ryan head into the house, and Kirsten asks Ryan what his shoe size is. Seth thinks she is making a Chrismukkah list. Ryan reminds them that they agreed on no gifts. Kristen says no gifts for them (her and Sandy). Sandy walks in and says Chrismukkah is officially ruined because her father wants to go to court to settle the battle of the Heights, so hes going to spend the holidays working .Seth tells them all to have faith in the miracle of Chrismukkah! Ryan tells Seth that hes starting to scare him.

At Jimmys, Jimmy is getting all dressed up for a meet-n-greet in hopes of getting a job. Marissa tells her dad that they can skip Christmas this year if he wants to, but he asks why. She says holidays are a lot of pressure and just make people depressed. Jimmy asks her if she is depressed, because she never did go to therapy after Mexico, which was she was supposed to do. Marissa insists she isnt depressed. He says good, and they are not skipping Christmas! Jimmy takes off for his meet-n-greet, and calls her the grinch on his way out. 

At school, Ryan and Seth are talking about the big party Caleb is hosting tonight, and both Summer and Anna are attending with Seth. Summer shows up and asks Seth what the deal for tonight is? Anna then shows up and asks about their date, and both Anna and Summer realize they are all going to the party together. Anna and Summer dont look pleased by this at all. Seth says they are all just going to go as a group tonight. Later, Ryan tells Seth to pray for a Chrismukkah miracle for tonight, because he will need it. Seth says nonsense, he has Jesus and Moses on his side!

Kirsten goes to see her father at his house, and she finds Julie decorating the house. She isnt decorating as Kirstens mom did, most notably she has put the tree in the wrong place. Julie says she wanted change, she is taking her advice and trying not to remind Caleb of the past. Kirsten says "Oh" asks where Caleb is. Julie says where else, he's in the office of course.

Kirsten goes to see her dad, who is talking about battling it out in court for the Heights, and making Sandy miserable in the process. Kirsten reminds him that he is speaking about her husband. Caleb wants 300 million dollars instead of the 2 million the land preservation people offered him for the land. Kristen has had it and tells her father that shes going to do something shes never done before, shes taking Christmas vacation! He is stunned and says she cant mean that. Kirsten does and she tells him to spend the holidays preparing to go to court.

Back at school, Ryan and Marissa talk, and both are bummed about the holiday. Ryan isnt exactly into Chrismukkah, and Marissa says shes spending Christmas Eve with her dad, and the day with her mom. Marissa says she also has to go to the party her mom is hosting. Marissa asks to meet Ryan after school, but he says hes supposed to go shopping in South Coast Plaza. She tells him that he cant go there alone and needs a seasoned expert to come with him.

After school, Ryan and Marissa shop at the plaza. They look at all sorts of items, hold hands, skip through the mall, etc. Unfortunately, everything is out of both Ryan and Marissas price range. Ryan wonders why they bothered coming? She says she likes this place, it makes every thing seem okay. They head out to the car, and a guard stops them and demands Marissa hand over her purse. Ryan thinks this is a mistake and tells the guy to back off, but Marissa says it is okay. She gives him her purse, and he dumps it and finds a ton of stolen things in it! 

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At the Cohens, Kirsten is at the table doing work and Seth asks if she is working from home? She says no, she is on vacation. He says it looks like shes still doing work to him. She says she hasnt taken a vacation for awhile, so shes easing into it. Seth asks where the presents on the table came from? She says from Ryans mom and brother sent them. Seth and Kirsten talk about Ryans dislike for the holiday. Kirsten says being part of a new family is hard, and they need to be understanding where Ryan is concerned Later, Kirsten calls the office and asks for a survey of the Heights that her father had done to be faxed to her because she must have left her copy at the office.

Julie shows up at Jimmys and is furious with Marissa for her latest stunt. Julie says she has to host the most important event of her life tonight! Julie also blames Jimmy for the change in their daughter's behavior. He asks how this is his fault? She says someone had to teach her how to steal. Jimmy says the store is not pressing charges, and they were just discussing her punishment when Julie arrived. Julie says no car, no allowance, and she is grounded. Marissa asks if it starts tonight? She says no, tomorrow, she is still going to the party. Julie wonders why Marissa did this? Marissa says she just thought some nice gifts would make the holiday more like normal. Julie says she has scheduled her an appointment with the therapist tomorrow. Marissa begs not to have to go to therapy, but Julie says she has to. Jimmy says that was a condition of her moving in here. Marissa is not happy and tells her mom to just leave and go to Calebs party because she doesnt want to keep him waiting.

Seth and Ryan and getting ready for the party, and they are all dressed up in nice suits. Seth asks how the mall was, and Ryan tells him that Marissa got caught shoplifting. Ryan wishes there was something he could do or say to help her. Seth remembers something he had to give to Ryan, a stocking with his name on it. Seth says they all have one, and he needed to have one too. 

Sandy arrives home from work late, and he says he'll hurry and get dressed. Sandy tells Kirsten that they reached a settlement with his father, and Caleb must have agreed to  settle because of her. He says her going on vacation hit him hard, and he says Caleb wants to spend the holidays as a family. Kirsten is upset, and she tells Sand that she found something today and she doesnt know if she should give it to him, but she does. She says her father will know she gave this too him, and he will have every reason to fire her. Sandy reads the document and is furious. He says this changes everything. Kirsten tells him that very soon she will have a lot of free time on her hands to spend with him. Sandy says hes sorry, but she says not as sorry as Calebs going to be. He asks if she still wants to go to the party? She says she wouldnt miss it for the world.

Anna shows up at the Cohen's house and kisses Seth under the mistletoe. She was hoping Seth would go to the party with her, but he says he was supposed to meet  both her and Summer there. Anna says Summer will never know, but Summer shows up, with the same idea, and is furious with Anna. Seth suggests they all go together with his parents, which they agree too. They all sit on the couch, with Seth in between them, and it is an uncomfortable situation. Both Summer and Anna have gifts for him, and they say they give him their gifts later. Sandy and Kirsten show up and look shocked to see both girls, but Sandy says this will be some party.

At Julie's house, Marissa tells Ryan about having to go to therapy. Ryan tells Marissa that perhaps it will be good for her to have someone to talk to. Marissa says if her parents wont go to therapy than why should she? She says she is the only normal one in her family! She asks Ryan to go back upstairs and get her wrap, so he does. She then grabs a bottle of booze from her moms cabinet and stuffs it in her purse. 

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Everyone arrives at the party, and Summer and Anna are pulling Seth in both directions.

Sandy and Kirsten say hello to Caleb and Julie, and Caleb asks Sandy if Kirsten gave him the news? Kirsten says that he did, but Sandy says there are still a few final details to iron out. Julie shows up and talks to Kirsten about the party and what she thinks, and more importantly if Caleb has said anything. Kirsten says he hasnt yet. Julie says that she just wants this to be really special night for Caleb.

Ryan and Marissa arrive, and Julie approaches them to say hello. Marissa is treating her mother horribly, and and Julie asks if this is how it will be between them now on? Marissa says she'll ask her shrink and runs off. Julie says she hates holidays, and Ryan says he is right there with her.

Sandy confronts Caleb with the geological survey he ordered for the Heights, and how he and learned the Heights was geologically unsound and worthless to him because he cant get a building permit. Sandy says the terms of their settlement has changed. Sand says his client will buy back the Heights for the some of a dollar.

Anna gives Seth his birthday present, a comic she made about the Adventures of Seth and Captain Oats. Seth likes the gift and tells her that it is fantastic. They see Summer staring at them from afar.

Jimmy dances with Kirsten, and he asks her about Seth and whether he does things that make her question herself as a parent? Kirsten says there have been some things he has done which have upset her, such as taking her car to a party and totaling it, and sneaking of to Mexico. However, she says they were both good kids, and they have good kids.

Marissa sneaks off to the bathroom to pour herself a drink, which she quickly downs! 

Later, Summer takes Seth off to a private room to give him her present. She knows hes into comic books, and gives him his Christmas present. She drops her gown and reveals she is in a wonder woman costume on underneath. Seth says he thinks hes going to pass out, and then she lassos him! She pulls him close to her, and ends up finding Annas present in his pocket, which she thinks is amazing. Summer seems a little jealous of Annas gift. Anna walks in and thinks Summers gift is way better than her dinky comic book. Anna says "God I made you a comic book, what am I, five?" Summer however, thinks she is just a big wonder whore, and both her and Anna tell Seth that he has to choose or someone is going to get hurt. They leave Seth alone to think.

A now drunk Marissa goes back to the party and pulls Ryan onto the dance floor and makes out with him. Ryan knows she is drunk, and he asks what is going on with her. She says she is just having fun, but Ryan is worried about her and thinks she may have a substance abuse problem. Marissa is not pleased and decides to leave. He tries to stop her, but she pushes him away and says she has enough people in her life telling her what to do! She says "see ya," and walks off.

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Ryan chases after Marissa, who jumps into her car. Ryan says he should drive her home, but she says she is fine. However, she backs into the car behind her, and then rests her head on the steering wheel and cries.

Back at the party, Caleb announces the sale of the Heights to the Balboa Land Trust Fund for the sale of one dollar. Everyone applauds, and Sandy toasts to Caleb, the most generous man in Newport. Caleb tells Sandy happy Hanukkah and walks off.

Ryan drives Marissa home, who pulls out her bottle of booze and begins drinking. Ryan tells her to put it away because hes still on probation. She drops the top and looks for it to put the bottle away. Unfortunately they are pulled over by a cop. The cop approaches them and asks to see Ryans license and registration. The cop pulled him over for a broken taillight. Ryan says it just happened. He asks if theyve been drinking, and Ryan says no. The cop sees Marissa is not well, and is about to ask her to get out, but is called to an emergency. The cops says hell let them go with a warning, but to go straight home and get the taillight fixed. The cop leaves, and Ryan gets out of the car, grabs Marissa's booze, and throws it away. He bangs the car door, and she says he is scaring her. Ryan says good because she is scaring him! Ryan says drinking and the cops, it must be Christmas! Ryan tells Marissa that he left this behind, and he is not doing it again. Marissa tells Ryan okay 

The next days Ryan is at the table eating breakfast. Seth tells Ryan that he has to make a choice. He says hes never been offered this by ladies, just rejection. He asks Ryan why he is so bad. Ryan tells him everything that happened last night, and he says this is why he hates Christmas. Seth says this is a Chrismukkah miracle because the old Ryan would have gotten busted, but Jesus and Moses fought for him and got him through this. Seth realizes he has to get ready because the girls will be here soon.

The girls arrive, and Seth talks to both of them separately about how much he likes them both. Seth ends up telling them both that they should just be friends, and he gives them their gift. Both girls give the gift back and says they dont want to be his friend. Seth is left alone with his returned gifts.

Caleb shows up and is furious with Kirsten. He says she could have had her fired, but Kirsten says he was extorting the county and it would have come out. Caleb still thinks Kirsten what Kirsten was dishonest, cold and calculating ,. . . he just might make a real-estate mogul out of her yet! She says that is something to look forward too. Kirsten gives him a gift, her moms Christmas ornaments.

Sandy catches Ryan leaving to go be with Marissa for her first therapy session. Sandy stops him and says this is something Marissa must do herself. Sandy convinces Ryan to go with him to pick-up a movie.

Marissa heads to the shrink, and almost walks off until a guy says he came here three times before he went in to see the doctor. The guy knows Marissa from school as the girl who organizes parties and things. She says she is the social chair, and she asks him if he goes to Harbor? HE says no, Pacific. He introduces himself as Oliver Trask. He tries to make small talk, but then gets right to the punchy and asks her what is wrong with her. Marissa says if she knew she wouldnt be here. He thinks shes not an alcoholic, yet, but has ODd once on something, probably muscle relaxants. She says pain killers. He says that means she didnt want to hurt herself. He says she must be here to find out why she is the way she is. A patient comes out, and Oliver tells her that she is next, and that hell see her here next week.

Seth is on the couch and Ryan asks him how it went with the girls? Seth says they gave it his gifts back. Ryan has his stocking and has decided to actually hang it, which pleases Seth. Sandy walks in with a bunch of movies: Fidler on the Roof, It's a Wonderful Life, and Stalone's Over the Top. Seth gives the girls gifts to his parents as Ryan hangs his stocking next to everyone else's. 

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