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January 7th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the Cohen kitchen. Hailey is at the table listening to a walkman and eating breakfast. Sandy and Ryan walk in and are preparing to go to work and school. Seth comes in and looks at the paper as Hailey continues to rock out. Kirsten shows up, and everyone stairs at Hailey. Sandy complains to Kirsten that shes eating them out of house and home. Seth agrees and says Hailey just sits around her all day, she goes no where. Ryan says she cant go anywhere because all her friends want to kick her ass. Hailey, who doesnt hear any of this, complains that they are out of coffee, and asks Kirsten to make some more. Kirsten assures the family that shell talk to her.

Before heading to school, Seth talks to Ryan, and he is feeling a little neglected because they havent had any special time together. Seth asks for some advice with Anna, whom he is going to the next level with. Seth says he has to tell Summer that hes dating Anna, and hes afraid of hurting her feelings (and more importantly of Summer hurting him). Marissa shows up to meet Ryan and Seth and head to school. Marissa asks what they are talking about, and Seth says just guy stuff. Ryan and Seth make plans to hang out tonight, and then Marissa drags Ryan off with her.

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At school, Marissa and Ryan discuss whether they are one of those couples who cant do anything without one another and have lost all their friends. They both think they are not. Marissa says she needs to go to her class, and Ryan has to go to his. However, Ryan decides to walk her to her class first, and she says okay! It is clear that they are one of those couples.

In class, Seth and Anna are goofing around when Summer shows up. Seth and Anna cool it, and Summer asks Anna if she has plans this weekend. Seth says no she doesnt, and neither does he, neither of them have plans. Summer tells Anna they need to study, and she walks off. Anna says she hates liars and she lying to Summer. Seth promises he will tell Summer about them tonight.

Back at the Cohens place, Jimmy talks to Sandy about what to do with his life, especially what career to pursue. As they are talking, Hailey walks in. Jimmy tells her that she looks fantastic, and he asks what is she doing these days? Sandy says she has no job, no friends, and no prospects. Jimmy thinks they have a lot in common.

Later, Sandy asks Kirsten if she has talked to Hailey yet? She says she tried, but hasnt had the chance. Kirsten admits she is not looking forward to having this talk. She says she knows her sister is a nuisance, but shed rather have her sister here where she can keep an eye on her. Sandy thinks Kirsten is just going to stay with them and mooch off them until she makes a withdrawal from the bank of dad and can run off again

Kirsten and Jimmy continue to hang out, and they compare their lives. Jimmy jokes that who knew when he and Kirsten used to baby-sit her that theyd both turn out to be so complicated. Hailey and Jimmy agree to hang out soon and compare how they screwed up their lives. Jimmy says her story probably doesnt have a fistfight at cotillion. Hailey says she bets his wont involve half a pound of hash and a border guard in Budapest. Jimmy says no it wont. 

Back in the Cohen kitchen, Sandy and Kirsten are getting fresh. Hailey and Jimmy walk in on Kirsten and Sandys frisky moment in the kitchen. Jimmy seems embarrassed and heads out. Hailey informs Kirsten and Sandy that she is hanging out with Jimmy tomorrow night. Sandy and Kirsten, thinking Hailey will be gone, make plans for a rendez-vous tomorrow night.

Back at school, someone has slashed Lukes tires, and Ryan helps him out. The other kids tease Luke and say they should get Lukes dad to bend over and help them with the tire. Luke thinks this is payback for being such a jackass for all these years. Ryan, feeling bad for Luke, invites him over to the Cohens.

Seth is furious with Ryan when Ryan shows up with Luke. Seth says this was not supposed to be Seth, Luke, and Ryan time. Luke is friendly with Seth, which Seth doesnt understand. Seth also doesnt feel like being nice to Luke, considering all the teasing he has endured from Luke, but reminds himself that Luke has a gay dad. Ryan gets a call from Marissa, who is with Oliver. She says she knows he had plans with Seth, but she wanted him to come over to Olivers place if he could .She never gives him a chance to answer, she just says see you soon. Ryan invites Seth and Luke to come with him to Olivers.

At the Four Seasons, everyone eats the Moroccan food Oliver has prepared. They discuss how lucky Oliver is to live in a hotel. Oliver says it gets a little lonely. They soon begin discussing Europe, because Oliver says his parents are in Paris looking to purchase yet another hotel. They all discuss what is cool and not cool about Paris, everyone but Ryan who has never been. Oliver says lately his family has been spending a lot of time in Switzerland. The kids say the snowboarding there, is great and they all decide Ryan needs to go to Europe soon. Later Oliver brings up the band whose CD they are listening to, Roonie. The kids, again all but Ryan, think Roonie is great. Oliver says he knows the manager at the club they are playing at tomorrow night, so he can get them in to see them. They all agree that it is a group date.

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At the Cohens, the next morning Seth once again tries to talk to Ryan about how to deal with Summer. Seth thinks he should call Summer and break the news that way, but Ryan says no. Seth says he could text message her, but Ryan says that is cold. Seth says a carrier pigeon could be cool, and Ryan tells him that he is a coward. Seth says fine, hell tell her on Monday, no Tuesday, actually Friday would be better. Ryan says do it today, but Seth says that would ruin tonight, and tonight is Roonie. Hailey walks in, and she says she saw Roonie once and they were great. She says she thought their concert was sold out. Seth says it was, but Oliver is getting them in. Hailey asks if that isnt the guy who has been hanging out with Ryans girl. They says yes. Hailey wonders why a guy with a girlfriend is always hanging out with Ryans girl. When she learns Oliver is getting them backstage, she teases Ryan that hes going to have to worry about Marissa hanging out with Oliver and rock stars now.

Sandy and Kirsten discuss their Hailey free night. Sandy says Hailey has cluttered up the Tivo, so tonight hes deleting her stuff and clearing the Tivo out. Meanwhile, Kirsten is worried about this Roonie concert, and she and wonders if they are devil worshippers.

Marissa exposes Ryan to Roonies music so he knows who he is seeing tonight. Ryan is worried about Oliver, and he asks if she has met Natalie. She says no, and she asks if he is jealous? Marissa says Oliver will be with Natalie tonight, Roonie is a good band, and tonight will be fun.

In his room, Seth exposes Sandy to Roonie, probably to satisfy his parents worries. Sandy asks Seth if anyone will be doing drugs tonight? Seth says he hopes so or it will be a lame concert. Sandy asks if Seth will be doing drugs tonight, but he says no because he has to stay clear for his first date with Anna. Sandy thinks hes told Summer, but Seth hasnt. Sandy suggest to Seth that he tell Summer sooner rather than later because it will make him feel better, and it is what a man would do. Seth says she wont be there tonight, so shell tell her Monday. 

The kids head to the concert, but Oliver is a no show. When they tell the woman at the door they are with Oliver, and she says she doesnt know who he is, and hes not on the list. Marissa decides to call Oliver. Seth worries that they will miss the whole concert, but Anna says even if they do theyll still have fun. Suddenly, Summer shows up, and Seth is surprised to see her. Marissa cant get in touch with Oliver, so they all decide to leave. As they are leaving they run into Oliver in the parking lot. He told them that he thought he told them to go to the backdoor. Roonie shows up, and they walk by the kids, who are star struk. The kids are let in with the band, and Marissa asks where Natalie is. Oliver says they had another fight, so he is dateless. 

Back at the Cohens, Kirsten and Sandy discuss how to spend their night, when they discover Jimmy and Hailey are staying in instead of going out. Hailey says there is Golden Girls (her favorite show) marathon on lifetime, so she dug up all her board games and they are having a throw back to the 80s night.

At the concert, Oliver and the others are back stage. Luke takes a guitar and begins playing some stuff he wrote. Meanwhile, Anna urges Seth to tell Summer the truth tonight. He doesnt want to. As they discuss it, Summer shows up. Anna leaves them to talk, and Summer asks Seth if he an Anna will stand with her at the concert since everyone else (except Luke) seems to be on a date. Seth says sure theyll stand with her. Oliver hands out backstage passes to the gang, and then heads outside and makes a call. He tells the person on the phone that the guy was supposed to be here an hour ago. He tells them to send someone and make sure the stuff is good!

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Ryan becomes increasingly unhappy as Oliver continues to hog Marissa as the night progresses. Meanwhile, Anna is disappointed when she learns Seth still hasnt told Summer. She makes an excuse to leave them alone, saying that she says she has to go pee. In the bathroom, Summer and Anna strike up a conversation about the Golden Girls when they are each find the other be singing the theme song. They talk about their favorite episodes, and how it is odd that they relate to these women in their 60s.

At the Cohens, the other gang hangs out and plays Connect Four. They soon discuss Hailey and Kirsten, Hailey says she learned everything she did about being a rebel from her older sister. Hailey continues to dig herself deeper into a hole as she discusses how Kirsten used to piss dad off, now she is just is his real-estate slave. Jimmy realizes Hailey is really stuffing her foot into her mouth, especially when she critiques the homes Kirsten designs, sells, and even the one she lives in. Sandy scolds Hailey, who is living in his home, for insulting his wife and driving them all crazy. Sandy tells Hailey that they are tired of her talk of growing up, which is just a bunch of crapola. Sandy says hes tired of putting up with her, and the only reason their family does so is because of Kirsten. Hailey tells them they wont have to put up with her much longer, and storms out.

As Jimmy is leaving, Hailey comes out and apologizes to him. Jimmy says he knows its always been complicated between her and her sister They hang out on the door step and discuss the good old days and how theyd really love to be back in high school. As they talk, they lean in and kiss one another. Hailey tells him that she always had a crush on him. Jimmy says he didnt know, after all she was 8 when he went off to college. Jimmy thinks this is odd because she is Kirstens sister, and this could make things more complicated. Jimmy says they dont need to be caught by Sandy and Kirsten, unless that is what she wants. Hailey seems hurt by that comment. He tells her that shes lucky to have Sandy and Kristen looking out for her, because he knows he is. Jimmy decides to head off. As he gets into his car, they exchange a last look.

Back at the concert, the kids all rock out as Roonie plays. Everyone but Ryan seems to be having a good time. Ryan asks Marissa to come with him for a second, which seems to upset Oliver, who becomes very jittery. Ryan pulls Marissa off to the side and kisses her. Marissa says they are missing the concert, and they are ditching Oliver. Ryan says Oliver will be fine. Marissa is worried about Oliver, who is trying to stay clean. Marissa says if he wants to leave . . . Ryan says Right, later and takes off. Meanwhile, Seth is embarrassed by Lukes behavior as he cheers on the band and plays air guitar.

Ryan heads out, only to find Oliver fighting with a guy. Ryan runs to Olivers aid, but the man says he is a cop and Oliver just tried to buy three grams of coke from him. As Oliver is arrested he tells Ryan to go back inside and not tell anyone. 

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Back inside the club, the concert continues, and Seth is trying to get a drink but cant get the barkeeps attention. Ryan shows up, and the barkeep asks what he can get Ryan. Seth doesnt know how Ryan did that. Ryan asks for some mountain dews. Seth tells Ryan that Anna is telling Summer about them as they speak. Ryan says that is great, and asks Seth for the keys to his car. Seth asks what is wrong? Ryan says it is Oliver, and he cant say anymore. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten is worried about Hailey. She says shed rather have her hear where she can keep an eye on her than running off somewhere. Sandy says she cant watch over her forever. Suddenly, Sandy gets a call from Ryan, who is at the police station.

Back at the concert, Anna finds Seth, and he asks if she told Summer. Summer walks up and asks tell me what? Seth and Anna finally break it to Summer that they are a couple. Summer learns when Anna left the New Years party that she went to find Seth. Summer seems okay with it, but says Rose would never do that to Dorothy, but Blanche would. Anna says she knows. Summer congratulates them, but it is obvious she is not happy. Anna is glad that Summer isnt mad, and she is glad this hasnt affected their friendship. Summer agrees to continue to hanging out with them, and she asks what they are doing right now?

Sandy arrives at the police station and meets up with Ryan. Sandy worked his magic and has gotten Oliver released. Sandy asks if Oliver is his friend? He says he is Marissas friend from therapy. Sandy tells Ryan that he is glad called him. Oliver is released, and Sandy leaves to finish up his paper work. Oliver thanks Ryan for helping him out. Oliver asks why Ryan did this for him when he doesnt like him. Ryan says he doesnt know really him. Oliver says if it is any consolation, he doesnt like himself much right now. Ryan asks what happened tonight? Oliver says Natalie didnt show, and he saw him and Marissa having a good time together, and saw all his (Ryans) friends and realized all his left when he got clean. Ryan says he has Marissa, that Seth likes his taste in music, and Luke likes everyone at this point. Oliver asks Ryan what about you, you must like me a little to get me out of jail. Ryan says no, that was Sandy who got him out of jail. Ryan gets a call from Marissa, and Oliver asks if hes going to tell her. Ryan says no, he is, and he gives the phone to Oliver so he can tell her what happened.

Back at the Cohens, Sandy is going for a midnight snack when he runs into Hailey, who is snatching the last salt bagel, which he wants. He stops her, and she apologizes for not being the best house guest. She also tells Sandy what he said about her was right. Sandy asks what her plan is this time, where will she run off to when she gets cash from Caleb. Hailey says she doesnt know, and perhaps shed like to have what he and Kirsten have. Sandy suggests she stay in Newport, get a job, and settle down. Hailey says that is what she doesnt want, and all she knows right now is what she doesnt want. Sandy says shell figure it out, and shares his bagel with her.

Marissa shows up to see Ryan, who has his pool house back for the moment. She joins him on his couch bed, and she thanks him for what he did. Ryan says Oliver is not a bad guy. Marissa says right now she doesnt want to talk about Oliver. They kiss, and Seth, Anna and Summer show up, with Luke trailing. Luke is raving about the concert still, and they all head to play Playstation. Ryan and Marissa decide to head out before anyone else comes in. In the Cohen living room, Summer sits between Seth and Anna and says shes glad they are hanging out together. Ryan and Marissa show up. As they all hang out, Oliver spies on them from outside, his face still twitching.

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