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February 11, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the pool house. Sandy comes in to talk to Ryan. Sandy asks if he is not having breakfast. Ryan says hes not hungry. Sandy says Dr. Kim just called and he has been suspended until the disciplinary committee can decide whether he is going to be expelled. Ryan says he knows Sandy wants him to say hes sorry, but hes not. Ryan says Oliver is dangerous, and he basically admitted to him that he was after Marissa and wanted him gone. Sandy wonders why he had the assault charges against him dropped then? Ryan is shocked to learn he did that. Sandy says if Oliver wanted him gone than he would make sure he was back in juvie. Sandy asks Ryan to talk to him, tell him what is going on. Ryan says Oliver is dangerous. Sandy says what he knows is that he attacked Oliver while he was out on probation, he doesnt know why he would risk everything. Ryan says talking to Sandy is pointless because he wont believe him. Sandy says this is not about believing, it is about what he did. Sandy says the next time he wants to raise his fist, he should open his mouth and talk. Sandy says he cant ground him, he wont chain him, if he wants to leave than he can. However, Sandy tells Ryan that if he wants to stay and be a part of this family then he will go nowhere and see no one unless he and Kirsten say it is okay. 

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Ryan is stuck in the pool house trying to entertain himself as school is starting for the others. He reads, does some sit-ups, and just sits around bored out of his mind.

At school, Marissa is ranting to Summer about what happened between Ryan and Oliver. Summer can't believe that Ryan just punched Oliver for no reason. Marissa says that is what Ryan does, he punches people, he doesn't talk to them. Summer says he had to have a reason, Ryan is violent but not stupid. Marissa says Ryan thinks Oliver is in love with her. Summer replies isn't he, at least a little? Marissa says Oliver and her are just friends, and Oliver is the only guy who talks to her and isn't the least bit jealous. Summer asks how she and Ryan are? Marissa says they broke up. Summer says that means they are both single, which rocks. She says they are free and liberated, so she thinks they should do a facial and massage after school. Marissa says she can't because she's studying with Oliver. Summer asks "this weekend?" Marissa says she is spending the weekend at her mom's. Summer asks when they will hang out? Marissa says soon. 

Seth and Anna are discussing Ryan's situation. Anna asks if his parent will kick Ryan out? Seth doesn't think Ryan will be kicked out of his house, even if he does get expelled. Anna asks how Ryan is doing. Seth doesn't know because he hasn't talked to him. Seth says there is really nothing he can do, he told Ryan to just stay away from Oliver, but Ryan didn't listen. They run into Summer and Marissa, and it is an awkward moment. Seth says this is weird, just because she and Ryan aren't together anymore doesn't mean . . Summer finishes his sentence and says doesn't mean we can't all . . . Seth says exactly. As Marissa is asking if Ryan is okay, Oliver shows up and asks what they are all doing this weekend. He proposes a ski trip, and he and Marissa walk off to Western Civilization. They basically skip off, and Anna says Oliver seems almost . . . Seth says "Happy?" Summer says he should be, he has Marissa all to himself now. 

At Kirsten's work, Sandy asks Kirsten if he made a mistake bringing Ryan into their home. Kirsten says they will work everything out. Suddenly, some workmen show up in Kirsten's office to do some work. Julie follows and says Kirsten isn't supposed to be here. Kirsten asks what she is doing? Julie says she is giving the office a facelift. Kirsten says she can't just initiate a redesign, she has to get approvals. Julie says Caleb said it was okay. The workmen take all Kirsten's furniture out, and then an angry Caleb walks in and asks what is going on because some man in jumpsuit just took his massage chair. Caleb says he wants his office back! Julie says by the time they get back from lunch he'll have his office back and he will love it. Julie and Caleb leave for lunch, and Kirsten is left with an empty office. 

At the Cohen's, Ryan is still bored out of his mind and trying to find something to do. He picks up the phone and dials it, but then he puts it back down.

Back at school, at lunch Oliver tries to convince Marissa to go away for the weekend, but she says she can't. Luke shows up, and he asks what is going on. Oliver asks Luke to convince Marissa to go to Mammoth with them for the weekend. Luke asks who is going? Marissa says not her because she's going to be spending the weekend at her mom's. Oliver says that means she'll be near Ryan, which is not good for her right now. Luke says that is up to Marissa. Marissa says it is not a big deal. Oliver says at least let him get her and her mom a suite at the hotel so she doesn't have to think about Ryan. Marissa's phone rings, and she sees it is Ryan calling. She decides not to answer it. Luke asks if she's not going to answer it? Oliver says she's not talking to Ryan. Luke asks Oliver if she is talking to him, or if she is doing all of her talking for her? MArissa thinks she should go, but Luke tells her to stay and enjoy her lunch. Luke leaves, and Oliver apologizes. HE says he can just be a little overprotective sometimes. Marissa says it is okay, and she leaves to get dessert. Oliver grabs her phone, listens to Ryan's message asking to meet her in the library after school, and he deletes it! 

Anna asks Seth what the plan for after school is? Seth says he wants to go home and check on Ryan. Summer shows up and asks what is going on? Seth lies and says they were thinking about the comic book store, so Summer asks if she can come. Seth is shocked, but Summer says she likes comics, Betty and Veronica had a huge influence on her. They say they believe that. Summer says besides MArissa is with Oliver, and she has a whole afternoon to kill. Anna says that is great, but shouldn't Seth check on Ryan? Suddenly, Ryan shows up, and Seth goes to talk to him. Seth tells Ryan that he shouldn't be here. Ryan says Marissa isn't taking his calls so he has to see her. Ryan rants about Oliver being unstable. He says one girl had a restraining order against him, and he's positive his girlfriend Natalie doesn't exist. Seth tells Ryan that Oliver may be crazy, but this mission impossible act he is pulling isn't helping. Ryan says he has to go.

Ryan goes to the library, and meets up with Oliver, not Marissa. Oliver says she isn't coming, and she asked him to tell Ryan not to call her anymore. Oliver says if he does she will get a restraining order against him. Ryan says really, what's that like? Oliver says this is not his fault, Ryan is the one who lied to her, who stole from her and beat up her friend. Oliver said he tried to help him by not pressing charges, but if he doesn't give up nobody will be able to help him. Oliver says it is over, but Ryan says it hasn't even begun!

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It is a new day in Newport. At the Cohen's Kirsten has all her work stuff scattered about the kitchen. She is furious with Julie because she still has no office in which to do her work. Sandy looks around and says he has no place to eat. Kirsten rants that Julie is driving everyone at the office crazy. Sandy says she is driving him crazy. Sandy tells her to talk to Julie or her dad. She says she can't talk to Julie because she is Julie, and if she talks to her dad he will just think she is jealous. Ryan shows up for coffee, and Kirsten pours him some. Ryan says nothing to Sandy, and Sandy says nothing to him. Ryan leaves, and Kirsten thinks perhaps they are being to tough on Ryan. Sandy says it is for his own good. Suddenly, Julie shows up and wonders why Kirsten is in a bathrobe when it is almost time for work. Kirsten says she was going to work from home since she still has no office. Sandy tries to push Kirsten out of the house and get her to go to work, which he is successful at doing. He tells Julie to wait here while Kristen catches a quick shower. As Julie drinks coffee and reads the paper, she sees Ryan. She asks why he is late for school? Ryan says he got suspended. She says what a surprise, and she asks if he beat up Dr. Kim this time? Ryan says he guesses she and Marissa haven't talked for awhile. Julie says she is spending the weekend with her, which shocks Ryan. She says obviously he and Marissa haven't talked in awhile. Ryan explains what is going on with Marissa with Oliver. He begs her to keep Marissa away from Oliver because he is not well. Julie thinks it is ironic that the boy who lives in the pool house is warning him about the boy who lives in the penthouse. He explains Oliver's history to Julie. Kirsten shows up and asks Julie if she is ready. Julie says yeah. She tells Ryan to stay out of trouble, and they head to work.

At school, Oliver is disappointed when Marissa hasn't talked to her mom about going away to Mammoth. Oliver says if she doesn't want to hang out it is fine, but just tell him. Marissa says there is nothing she'd rather do than hang out with him, but . . . Oliver says you mean it? Seriously? He thinks they should blow everything off and head to LA. Marissa says her mom would kill her and she's supposed to have dinner with her. Oliver promises to get her back by dinner, and Marissa eventually agrees to ditch everything and go away with Oliver. Seth and Luke see them leave, and Luke says he doesn't trust Oliver. Seth tells him to stop it because now he sounds like Ryan. Seth asks if he has met Natalie, but Luke says no. Seth says Ryan thinks he made her up. Luke decides to ask his friends at Pacific about Oliver and this Natalie girl. 

At Kirsten's work, Kirsten talks to Caleb about Julie. Caleb admits to Kirsten that Julie is driving him crazy, she is always around him. Caleb asks Kirsten to talk to Julie and fire her for him, as well as break up with her for him! Kirsten is stunned.

At the pool house, Seth comes in to see Ryan, and he says Summer and Anna are both here, and Summer is about to read her first comic. Seth says he thought he wouldn't want to miss that. Ryan tells him to let him know how it goes. Seth says he can see he is busy. Ryan tells Seth to invite over Oliver, and Natalie if he can find her.

Sandy finds Anna, Seth and Summer in the living room. Anna is on the couch, and Seth and Summer are on the floor reading comic books. Anna is not looking happy. Sandy asks where Ryan is? Seth says he has chosen to stay in the fortress of solitude. Seth gives Summer some starter comics (Batman, Sandman, for example), all of which Anna thinks are too dark and gritty. 

In the kitchen, Anna asks Sandy if he read comics when he was a kid? Sandy says he did, but not like Seth. Anna says it is so hard to find another comic book person, especially one who likes "Deathcap" and sailing. Sanyd says Deathcap is a band, right?  She says she thought she was the only one who liked them. Suddenly, Kirsten shows up with some groceries, and Anna asks Sandy if he and Mrs. Cohen have a lot in common. He says yes at first, but then says no not really. She asks him what he thinks is a key to a successful relationship? Kirsten keeps yelling for help, and Sandy says as far as Cohen men are concerned the key is patience. Seth walks in and asks his dad if Summer can stay for dinner? Anna makes a face and leaves to help Kirsten with the groceries. Sandy smacks Seth up across the head and asks him what he is doing. Look shows up carrying groceries, he says he came to see Ryan.

Luke goes to see Ryan and he tells Ryan that Marissa and Oliver skipped school today. He says he also checked with some friends at Pacific, and it turns out there is no Natalie, at least not at Pacific high.

Meanwhile, Summer and Anna set the table. Summer asks if it's okay that she stays, and Kirsten says absolutely. As they eat, Ryan sneaks out of the pool house. Meanwhile, Sandy decides to go invite Ryan to dinner. However, Ryan is waiting out front of Marissa's house. When she arrives home, she tells him to leave. Marissa is furious with Ryan for talking to his mom about Oliver because she has called the school about him and the hotel to find his parents. Ryan says they really need to talk. Marissa asks what Oliver ever did to him? Ryan says there is no Natalie. Marissa tells Ryan that he is pathetic. Ryan says he came to show her Oliver's yearbook and that he made Natalie up. Suddenly, Julie shows up and orders Marissa inside because she is in big trouble. Marissa tells Ryan he can stay because she is going. Marissa jumps in her car and speeds off. Sandy witnesses the whole scene from the balcony of his place.

Marissa shows up at Oliver's penthouse at the Four Seasons. Oliver answers the door, and she asks if she can stay here tonight. HE invites her in.

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The next morning Sandy brings Ryan some coffee and a bagel. Ryan admits he shouldn't have gone to see Marissa. Sandy asks if he wants to talk. Ryan says not really. Sandy says he will do everything he can to help him, but he can't do that if he doesn't talk to him. Kirsten shows up with some breakfast for Ryan, only to find Sandy had the same idea. Kirsten says Luke is here to see him. Ryan heads outside to see Luke. Luke asks how it went last night? Ryan says she didn't believe him, and she got mad and ran away. Luke says they should go find her, but Ryan says no. Ryan says she won't listen to a word he has to say. Luke says she'll listen to him, and he takes off. 

At the Penthouse, Oliver is busy planning his weekend with Marissa. Marissa wishes she could go away with him, but she says she can't. Marissa gets a phone call, and it is Luke calling her. She answers it. Luke asks if she is okay? She says she is fine. Oliver gets upset that Luke is calling her, and he says "why is he calling her?". Luke tells her that she has to get away from Oliver because Ryan is right about him. She tells him not to start. Luke says he is trying to help. She says if he wants to help to pick up some clothes and bring them over to her. Luke says he'll be there soon. Oliver tells Marissa she doesn't have to stay if she doesn't want to. Marissa says she wants to stay, she just can't go on a trip right now. 

Kirsten shows up at her office and is stunned by what Julie has done, it looks amazing. Julie is there finishing up and says she wanted her to be surprised. Kirsten tells Julie that it is gorgeous. Julie has been working all day because she didn't have Marissa like she was supposed to, and she hasn't heard from Caleb. Julie asks Kirsten if she has heard from Caleb. Kirsten says no, not today, but . . . Kristen tells Julie to sit down. Julie asks what is going on. Kirsten looks at her and tries to speak. Julie realizes Caleb has sent her to break up with her. Suddenly, Caleb walks in. and he says he tried to call her earlier. Julie tells him not to bother, Kirsten has already done his dirty work because he is not man enough to do it himself. Caleb says he is sorry. Julie says he should be! Julie says she deserved so much better from him, from both of them! Julie tells Kirsten to enjoy her office because she quits!

At the Cohen's, Sandy finds Seth, Summer and Anna sitting on the couch watching Batman: The Animated Series. Seth says they are watching the episode where Batgirl and Supergirl team up to battle evil, and delight Seth Cohen. Summer is shocked that Supergirl is wearing Doc Martins. Anna ends up completely miserable, and Sandy sees this. He asks to talk to Seth in private, and then tells him that he is hurting Anna's feelings. Sandy says he is flirting with Summer right in front of Anna! Seth refuses to talk about this, but Sandy says that is unacceptable. Sandy says he is his father, and if he sees something going on with him than they will talk about it! Seth wonders if this is about him or Ryan. Sandy says it is about him. Seth says just in case this is a little bit about Ryan, he thinks Ryan will come to him when he's ready.

Luke shows up at Julie's place to get some of Marissa's things. Julie has been crying, and she invites him in. Julie packs some things up, and she says she is impressed he and Marissa are still friends. Luke says he's surprised Marissa forgave her. Julie hopes one day she will forgive her. Julie says in the past six months she has lost her husband, her daughter, her boyfriend and her job.  Julie apologizes and says she shouldn't be telling him this. He says it is okay because these past few months have been hard on everyone. Julie thanks him for listening because she hasn't had anyone to talk to in so long. Luke says he doesn't know what good he can do. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, and then they lock eyes. They come close to kissing, but Julie says he should go because Marissa is waiting.

At the Four Seasons, Marissa goes to the concierge desk to see if anyone dropped off a bag for her. There she  meets the woman who works there . . . Natalie! Marissa asks Natalie if she knows Oliver? Natalie says she used to baby-sit Oliver. Marissa asks if her last name is Bishop, and Natalie says it is. Marissa heads back up to Oliver's place. He asks where she went. Marissa says she went to check if her bag came. She tells Oliver that the weirdest thing happened, she met the concierge at the front desk who has the same name as his ex girlfriend. Oliver says he can explain. She says she has to go, but he stops her. He says he always does this, and he begins beating himself with his fists. Marissa tells him to stop this! She says she won't go anywhere, so he should go get changed and they can go. Oliver goes to his room, and Marissa goes for her phone. She quickly calls Ryan, but Ryan doesn't want to answer his phone. He finally does, and Marissa tells him that she can't talk right now, but he was right about Oliver. Suddenly, Oliver shows up with a gun and demands Marissa hang up. Ryan overhears them arguing on the phone, and then Oliver takes the phone and says "Bye Ryan!"

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At the Cohen's, Kristen is once again setting the table. She says it is too bad Summer couldn't stay because there is so much food. Anna is helping set the table, and Seth says "Never fear, Anna is here." Anna replies "Oh, you noticed." Sandy asks Seth to go get Ryan. Seth says okay, and he asks Anna to come with him. She says sure, because maybe they can be alone for ten seconds. Seth apologizes for the Summer thing, and he says she knows how excited he gets turning people onto comics. Anna says she knows how excited he gets turning Summer on! He says that it not fair, he thought they were all friends. Anna says Summer is his friend, she is supposed to be his girlfriend. Suddenly, Ryan bursts in and he says Marissa is in trouble and he has to go. Sandy demands Ryan hand him the keys. Ryan says he always said if he needed help he could come to him. Sandy demands Ryan give him the keys, and he says he'll drive.

At the penthouse, Oliver says he is so sorry as he walks around waving the gun. Marissa asks Oliver to put the gun down, but Oliver says he can't because she'll leave. She says she has to go sometime. Oliver says "yeah, to him!" He asks what about me? Marissa says they will always be friends. Oliver shouts "Friends!" Oliver tells Marissa that he is in love with her, he has always been. He says she is the only person that gets him. She asks then why he would want to hurt her. Oliver says the gun is not for her, it is for him. Oliver says if she leaves he'll have nothing to live for. The phone rings, it is Ryan calling from the lobby. Down in the lobby Ryan says nobody is answering. Sandy and Ryan go to the concierge, and Sandy explains they got an emergency call from the penthouse and nobody is answering . He asks if they can let them up. Natalie says she can't, not without the guests permission. Ryan sees the woman's nametag says Natalie, and he says he is a friend of Oliver's. This gets Natalie to let them up. Natalie, Sandy and Ryan head up to the penthouse. Natalie knocks on the door and says she is coming in. Oliver shouts back No, and that everything is fine. Marissa begs him not to do this, but he tells her to hush, Ryan refuses to leave and yells out Marissa's name. Marissa finally yells back that he has a gun. Sandy orders security to break it down. Oliver screams "Why did you do that!" Security bursts in, gun drawn, and orders him to put the gun down. Oliver says or what, you will shoot me? He says let me save you the trouble! Oliver puts the gun to his head, and everyone stares at him. Oliver says he is sorry. Ryan tells him to put the gun down. Oliver says he is doing him a favor! Ryan tells Oliver that this won't hurt him, but it will hurt Marissa. Oliver tells Ryan that he doesn't know anything about him. Ryan says he knows what it is like to be abandoned by his parents, his friends, and to have mo one who believes in him. Ryan tells him to put the gun down and get a second chance Oliver puts the gun down, and security grabs him. Marissa cries to Ryan that she is so sorry, and he tells her it is okay.

At the Cohen's, Kirsten tells Seth and Anna that Marissa is okay. She says Julie has Marissa, and Oliver has been taken to the hospital. Kirsten leaves to clean up the pool house before Ryan returns. Seth thinks he should call Summer. Anna asks why? Seth says to let her know Marissa is okay. Anna says she never knew she wasn't okay. Anna tells her to call her because she is leaving. Seth asks why? Anna tells Seth that he is a great guy, but she is not going to pretend she is his girlfriend when she isn't. She says she will see him in school, and she walks off.

Ryan shows up at the pool house, and Seth is waiting for him. Seth has found a book he lent Ryan, and he says it is a good book. Seth tells Ryan that he knows he blew it between them. Seth says Ryan has always had his back, and from now on he will never fail him again. Seth says he is so sorry. Seth asks if he wants to talk about his night, or since he has heard about it they should skip to his breakup with Anna. Ryan assumes Anna broke up with Seth, and Seth asks why he assumes that? The show concludes with Seth explaining what happened. 

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