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February 18th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the Cohen kitchen. Sandy is surprised by Kirsten, who shoots him in the butt with a love arrow. She tells him happy Valentines Day and kisses him. Sandy says Valentines Day isnt until tomorrow. She asks why hes not excited. Sandy says he is, he is just thinking about Oliver and that gun. Kirsten says Dr. Kim lifted Ryans suspension, so the best thing is for everything to normal, including celebrating holidays. Sandy says Valentines Day isnt a holiday: Rashashana, Memorial Day, those are holidays. Sandy says Valentines Days was invented by Hershey and Hallmark, it makes single people depressed and those in love shell out big bucks. Sandy says he hates this holiday! Seth walks in as says Dad must be talking Valentines Day! Sandy says he is indeed. Kirsten shoots Seth, and Seth says she is going overboard with this holiday. She says he is one to talk, Christmukah anyone? Sandy defends Seths holiday, but they all stop arguing when Ryan walks in. They ask how he is doing, and he says okay. Kirsten says hes about to be great because tomorrow is the Valentines Day single gala, a big fundraiser for the Newport Memorials Heart Department, and they will all be there, yes? When they say nothing, Kirsten says shes going for a walk.

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At school, Ryan and Marissa meet up, and Marissa gives him a hug. He doesnt rush to hug her back. They talk about what happened yesterday with Oliver, neither one got much sleep the night befre. Ryan hopes now that Olivers in the hospital hell get better. Marissa says yeah, hopefully everything will go back to normal. Marissa asks Ryan if he is doing anything tomorrow for Valentines Day? Ryan says Kirsten is hosting this singles dance and he has to go, but he didnt know if she would want to . . . She says of course . . . shell be going too. She says who knows, maybe theyll meet someone there. The belle rings, and they head off to classes separately. Both have puzzled looks on their faces.

In a lounge, Seth finds Summer playing a videogame. Seth goes to talk to her and makes her mess up. Seth says he is sorry, but tomorrow is Valentines Day. She says really? Thanks for reminding me! She tells him to have fun with Anna. He says Anna is in Pittsburg for the weekend. Summer makes a comment about how that is real commitment, so Seth tells her that they broke up. Seth says he wanted to know what she was doing tomorrow. Summer says so now that hes single he wants to go out with her? She rants that Anna has dumped him and he thinks shes still interested in him? Seth says he never said Anna dumped him, but yes she did. Summer says she wont be his sloppy seconds, and she calls him ass face! She says besides, shes going to be at the singles dance. Seth says so will he, so she says maybe shell see him there. Seth says or maybe hell meet someone first. Summer says maybe she will too, and walks off. Seth says Oh snaps!

At Kirstens office, Kirsten asks Sandy if he will be around to help set up the Valentines Day dance. Sandy says he cant because he has a huge lawsuit case, and he might have to be a little late to the dance due to restaurant stuff. Kirsten reminds him that they were supposed to go together, but Sandy says he has restaurant zoning ordinances to deal with. Kirsten says she forbids it, and invokes her wifely authority granted to her on this most romantic of holidays. Sandy says it isnt a holiday. Kirsten tells him not this again! Kirsten says he is going because this is important to her. Sandy says she doesnt do some of the things he likes, such as golfing and surfing. She says golfing is for when they are old, and as for surfing, get in the water with the fishes? Sandy says yet he is patient and forgiving when it comes to her, for example he puts up with her father. Kirsten tells him that hell be eligible for sainthood any day now. She tells him that she supported his decision to do the restaurant thing, she supported him going into a private practice, but he never wants to do anything she likes. She says everything is about his life, his job. They continue to yell, and Sandy asks what they are fighting about? Kirsten says she doesnt know, but it is serious, so he is on his own for lunch! Kristen then storms out of her office.

Jimmy comes home and finds Marissa on the couch reading. Jimmy is in a good mood because progress is being made with the restaurant. Marissa tells her dad that he got something; it was left for him at the door. She hands him a red heart shaped box. He says its not ticking, so its not from her mom. The card says she hopes hes not to lonely this Valentines Day, XOXO, your secret admirer. Jimmy thinks Marissa did this, but she says she didnt. Jimmy wonders who would send him this. Marissa says that is a good question, but this year shes trying to avoid Valentines Day all together. Jimmy asks about her and Ryan. She says she doesnt want to talk about it, and neither does he. Jimmy says a romantic gesture can sometimes be more effective than talking. Jimmy looks at the cookies, which are home baked, and wonders who could have done this. Marissa asks if she has kissed anyone recently.

Summer is in her room watching TV. There is a knock at her door, and she says she is busy studying naked, so go away. Seth asks if that is supposed to keep her away. Summer cant believe it is Seth, so she opens the door. She wonders why he is in her house. He asks if he can come in, but she says no. He says thanks and walks in. He picks up her My Little Pony and asks who this is? When Summer says no one, Seth begins talking to the pony until Summer says her name is Princess Sparkle. Seth says she is Captain Oats type. Summer says Captain Oats needs to keep his hooves off Princess Sparkle. Seth tells Summer that hes not choosing her because he and Anna broke up because the whole reason they broke up was that for him, it was always been her. Seth says he tried to fight it, and he tried to deny it, but she is undeniable. Summer grabs Seth and kisses him, and they fall onto the bed. Clothing starts to come off, and Summer asks Seth if has a condom. Seth says yes he does, its in his wallet. Summer takes off her top, and the two make love. 

At Julies place, Luke shows up to see Julie. She asks him what he is doing here? Luke asks if Marissa brought her bio-text book home because he forgot his. Julie says Marissa doesnt live here anymore, he knows that. He claims he forgot. She says right . . . goodnight! Luke stops her and says tomorrow is the Valentines Day party and he asks if she is going, because hes going and he could give her a ride. Julie says she was planning on staying home and avoiding this holiday. Luke says okay, and goodnight.

Back at Summers, Seth and Summer lay in bed. Seth says So, that was sex. Summer says yep. Seth says hes going to go, and Summer says me too. Seth says she lives here, and she says she meant downstairs. Seth says okay. Summer gets out of bed, pulling the sheet with her exposing Seths nakedness. Seth grabs a pillow to cover himself.

At the pool house, Marissa stops by to see Ryan. She brings him a rose and gives him a kiss. She pushes him down onto the couch, tells him that she loves him so much, and begins undressing him. She says theyve waited a long time to . . . and she thought she figured they could do it on Valentines Day. Ryan stops her and says he doesnt want to do this, not with everything that has happened. Marissa says she wishes it hadnt happened and they could be like they were. She says she just wanted to make it up to him. Ryan says she doesnt have to. Marissa says shell just go because this is just really . . . Ryan says wrong. Marissa says she was going to say embarrassing, but wrong works too. She says shell see him again tomorrow, and runs out.

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The next morning Seth comes to the pool house to see Ryan. Seth says he has some big news. Ryan says he was just about to head over and set up for the party, is he coming? Seth says that is not his thing, and besides, he has big news. Seth says hes a man now; he had sex with a girl, Summer to be more specific. Ryan asks how it was? Seth says he had sex. Ryan says that bad? Seth says no, not that bad, just weird and awkward. Seth says it was his first time and he did make some faces and whiney noises. Seth finally admits he sucked so bad, he was a fish on dry land, he was Nemo and he wanted to go home. Ryan says hell get another chance, but Seth is afraid he wont. Seth wants some tips, but Ryan says hes not the guy to talk to about Romance. Ryan just tells him to do it again, and heads out to set up the dance.

At the beach, Marissa tells Summer her story about how she and Ryan have decided to wait because they were both really tired. Summer says she wishes they had waited, and she tells Marissa that she and Seth had sex. Marissa is shocked, and admits she lied. She says things with Ryan went terrible, and she thinks he hates her. Summer says he doesnt hate her, but Marissa says Ryan turned down sex. Summer says he maybe onto something. Summer tells her not to beat herself up over it, nobody knew Oliver would turn out to be a Looney tunes. Marissa says Ryan did, and she didnt listen. Marissa says maybe they arent meant to be together. Summer says maybe they are chasing after the wrong boys. 

At Cohens, Sandy finds Kirsten working on decorations for the dance and ignoring him. Sandy asks how long will this continue? Kirsten says he has ruined her favorite holiday, so until Valentines Day is over they have nothing to talk about. Seth walks in and asks his dad for some advice about girls stuff. Sandy says hes come to the master, which makes Kirsten laugh. Sandy says he bagged her, but Kirsten says he was young, impressionable, and drunk! Seth reminds him that their only child is here. The doorbell rings, so Kirsten goes to get it. Seth ends up telling his dad that he never thought he would say this, but they need to have the talk. Sandy asks now? Seth says it will be as hard for both of them.

Jimmy has shown up with some cookies and Valentines Day wishes. Kirsten is glad to see someone has the spirit. She says she loves these cookies. She says they are called forgotten kisses, and Hailey used to make these. Jimmy asks if she has heard for Hailey. Kirsten says no, and she doesnt expect to. She says she could be anywhere, and remembers one time they thought she was off somewhere and she was really living on her friends boat in the harbor.

Meanwhile, Sandy and Seth have the talk. Sandy asks Seth if he wore protection. Seth says he did, and he cant believe his dad asked him that. Sandy says he is glad Seth did because it shows hes been responsible. Seth says it wasnt that great and didnt last that long, but Sandy says that is to be expected your first time, and he was lucky to hang in there after all the foreplay. Seth doesnt know what that is, so Sandy begins to explain. HE says just because he is ready to go doesnt mean she is. Sandy says the appetizer is as good as the main course. Seth says hes going to throw up, and hes going to pretend they never had this conversation. Sandy asks who he slept with, and Seth lets him know it was summer. Sandy says you dog you!

At the dance, Luke and Ryan are setting up, and Luke asks Ryan how things are with him and Marissa, is she coming? Ryan says he doesnt know. Luke asks if Marissas mom is coming? Ryan says he has no idea, why does he care. Luke says hes trying to get a head count. Ryan ends up running into his ex Theresa, who is walking around with a tray. He is surprised to see her. She says she is working here tonight.

At Summers place, Seth shows up to see Summer. He wants to talk about the sex. Seth says she didnt get her moneys worth last night. Summer realizes Seth wants another shot. Seth says yes, and they kiss. Summer says that was better than yesterday. Seth begins to give her a massage, but sucks at it. Then he starts nibbling her neck, but it only tickles her. He tries blowing in her ear, and she asks what he is doing? He says it is foreplay. Summer pushes him down and gets on top of him and says Uh-uh! Seth wonders why he listened to his dad. Summer takes off her top and says no more talking.

Back at the dance, Ryan explains everything that happened with Marissa and Oliver to Theresa, and she says no she knows why he is so pissed off. Ryan says it feels good to talk to her about this because he hasnt talked about it with anyone else. Marissa shows up and catches them together and is shocked. Theresa says she is helping cater the event. Marissa says shell just talk to Ryan tonight and heads off. Theresa heads back to work, and Ryan seems more confused than ever.

Commercial Break

At the pool house, Seth comes to see Ryan. They are both in their tuxes for the dance tonight. Seth needs to talk again. Ryan asks what is wrong with his eye? Seth, who is squinting, says Summer poked him during an accident during sex. He says it wasnt pretty, and he thinks he suffered a spinal injury. Seth says that he thinks it is really over now. Seth asks Ryan if he wants to skip the event tonight, but Ryan says there is an old friend that will be there that he wants to see.

Summer and Marissa are getting ready, and neither wants to go but Marissa says she has to because Ryans ex will be there. She doesnt know what is going on between herself and Ryan, and now this girl is going to be there. Summer limps over to hug Marissa. Marissa asks why she is limping? Summer says Seth tried something he must have learned in the kama sutra. Marissa asks if they had sex again. Summer says if you can call it that. 

Jimmy heads down to the docks in search of Hailey. She finds Hailey. Hailey is impressed that he tracked her down. Jimmy says he had to thank her for the cookies, and get the recipe for his restaurant. He also wants her to come and try and few dishes at the restaurant with him tonight. He says she can be her guinea pig. She accepts and says she just needs to change.

Sandy shows up at the dance after all, but is ignoring Kirsten. Sandy tells Ryan and Seth to never get married, and he heads to the bar. Ryan and Seth think they should go, but then Theresa shows up serving appetizers. Meanwhile, Marissa and Summer spy from the balcony, and Summer comments that Theresa is hot. Marissa says she is, she is also nice, smart and funny. She says they have been friends forever, they did musicals as kids. Its obvious Marissa is worried about the threat of Theresa.

Julie has shown up at the dance, and she and Kirsten are miserable together. Caleb didnt show, so Julie decides to head home and blast some Bob Seiger. Luke sees Julie leave, but doesnt make a move.

Marissa comes over to see Ryan, and she asks him if they can start over? She introduces herself to him, but Ryan says this wont work. He says he just cant, hes sorry. Ryan walks off leaving Marissa alone. Meanwhile, Seth asks Summer if they can talk. Seth thinks something isnt working and it is him. He says maybe in a few years hell be ready for her, but in the meantime hell just bow out. Seth walks off, and Summer looks disappointed.

At the restaurant, Jimmy and Hailey share a private dinner. Hailey says this place will really be great. Jimmy says for the first time his life is coming together. Jimmy asks Hailey why she didnt leave town? Hailey says she had no one to go see. Jimmy tells her to go, make a life for herself. Hailey asks why she should leave, he is here. Jimmy says he knows what she is getting at, but they cant. He says he feels guilty about lying to Kirsten about the cookies let alone . . . Jimmy says he really wishes they could.

Outside the restaurant, Theresa asks Ryan if he is okay? She offers him a cigarette, but Ryan says he quit. She says he is very different, new clothes and new haircut, and dating the homecoming queen. She asks him if he thinks about coming home? Ryan says sometimes. He asks if she thinks about leaving? She says all the time, but she doesnt know how. Ryan asks if she took the job here because . . .Theresa says she needed money, and she was hoping . . . . Ryan suggest they get out of here, so they leave.

Sandy finds Marissa in tears in the restaurant, and he sits with her. He says this day is wonderful isnt it? Sandy wants to talk about Ryan with her. Marissa says Ryan thinks she has abandoned him. He says she needs to surprise Ryan and show him that she hasnt abandoned him. Marissa says he doesnt want her to. Sandy says he is not expecting her to come after him, that is what love does to people. Kirsten listens in as Sandy gives Marissa words of advice. Summer comes over to get Marissa, and they head out. Kirsten then swoops in, and she tells Sandy sometimes he makes it hard to hate him. He says it is part of his charm. Kirsten suggests they go home as well.

On their way out, Marissa and Summer see Ryan get into Theresas car. (shes driving a nice yellow Mercedes convertible, pretty good for someone who is supposed to not have much money!) 

Ryan and Theresa head back to the pool house, and they reminisce about old times. Theresa thinks it is amazing that they ran into one another on Valentines Day. She says she needs to get back to work and help cleanup. She asks if he goes to lots of these events? He says almost every week. She says maybe theyll run into one another again. She says she knows where he lives.

At the Coopers, Luke shows up and Julie says he shouldnt be here. Luke say she looked so sad when he left and he couldnt bear her being alone on Valentines Day. Luke tells Mrs. Cooper that she is an amazing girl . . .woman . . lady, and if Mr. Nichols doesnt appreciate her than he is too old to know what he has. He also says she has always been the coolest mom. Luke tells her she let them watch R rated movies and stuff, and whenever they played Ultimatum (a game where they pick whose mom theyd do) he says she always won. Julie perks up hearing this news, and is glad to have beaten Kirsten. Luke goes to leave, but Julie stops him. She takes another sip of her drink, and tells him thank you. They then share a kiss! (as Bob Siegers Night Movie plays in the background) Julie then invites him in!

At the Cohens, Kirsten and Sandy head up to bed, and Sandy has decorated the room with candles and rose petals. Sandy says someone has to keep Hersheys and hallmark in business. There is a gigantic box of chocolates on the bed, and Sandy shoots her in the butt with her bow-n-arrow.

Seth sits in his bed talking to Captain Oats. He says Princess Sparkles really is his type. Suddenly, Summer bursts into his room. She tells him that the other night when they had sex, he wasnt the only virgin in the room. Seth says there was someone else in the room? Summer says, no she is a virgin, or she was a virgin. Seth asks why she didnt tell him? She says she felt like she had a reputation to uphold, and she thought he would think less of her. Seth says not at all, he is just shocked. Seth says this was a huge moment and they just blew past it. Summer says it should have been special, but they rushed it. Seth suggests they slow it down a little bit, maybe start from the beginning. She asks what he means? Seth puts on some music and they dance. Summer says he is cheesy. Seth says he is sweeping her off her feet, and she says sadly he is. 

Marissa heads to the pool house to see Ryan. She bursts in and asks where she is? Ryan was alone and reading. Marissa says if Theresa is here she wants her to know that she is not going to lose him, shes not going to give up on him. Ryan says she left. Marissa says she is sorry, and he says he knows. She tries to kiss him, but he stops her. She asks if he cant forgive her, but Ryan says no and he doesnt know if they should be together. Ryan says look how easy it was for someone to come between them, how is he supposed to know it wont happen again. She says he has to trust her. He points out she didnt trust him. Marissa asks if that is it? Ryan says he cant pretend it didnt happen. Marissa runs off in tears. 

On the Next OC
Summer is having fun with lots of jocks, and Anna asks if this is them being a couple? Seth says Isnt love great? Anna says she can sense the bond, their closeness is overwhelming. 
Kirsten tells Caleb that if he wants Sandys help than hes going to have to ask him. Caleb goes to see Sandy at the Lighthouse and says hes come to ask a favor.
At school Julie tells Luke that she cant do this. Luke says so its over? She says no, she means in the hallway! Late she tells Luke that shell see him tonight.
Marissa goes to see Theresa to see if she is still in love with Ryan. Theresa says she knows Marissa is . . .
Theresa comes to dinner, as does Marissa, and Seth says what they have here is a Spanish soap opera.

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