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February 25th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at Harbor High where Seth is asking Ryan how he and Marissa are doing. Ryan says they arent seeing one another. Seth says theyll still see one another at school. Ryan says theyll go back to being friends. Seth asks when they were ever friends? When he was beating up her boyfriend? When they were spooning in Tijuana motel?

Meanwhile, Summer asks Marissa what she and Ryan are going to do as friends? Lift weights and try on wife beaters? Marissa says she doesnt want to just be his friend, but after the whole Oliver thing she needs to show him that he can trust her. Marissa asks how it is going with Seth? Summer says in public he is a huge geek who mumbles, but behind clothes doors and under the sheets he is like the Anti-Cohen. 

Seth tells Ryan that he thinks he and Summer are finally over that hump. Seth just hopes when they see one another she can control herself. Seth gets a call on his cell, and he jokes it is probably her calling him for phone sex. It turns out it is Theresa calling for Ryan. Theresa says she is coming out his way for work today, and she was hoping they could hang out tonight. Ryan says sure! Theresa makes plans to stop in for dinner. Ryan tells Seth Theresa is coming over to hang out . . .as a friend. Seth says who knew he was so friendly!

At Theresas place, a man asks Theresa who was on the phone? She says wrong number as she pushes a suit case under the bed. 

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At school, Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa all run into one another in the halls. A jock named Brad shows up, and he and Summer go off to talk. Marissa asks Ryan how he is, and Ryan says he is late. Ryan walks off. Meanwhile, Brad tells Summer, as Seth watches, about the kissing booth fund raiser. He says he is going to be the guy, and he thought she would want to be the girl, because he figured shed like to be paid to make out with a bunch of guys. Summer says she would totally do it. Brad walks off, and Seth tells Summer that guy talked to her like he didnt know they were going out. Summer says it is not like Brad wanted to kiss her, he just wants her to kiss a bunch of other dudes for money! Summer tells Seth to come to her house tonight and help her practice! She takes off, and Anna shows up. Anna says it didnt take long for them to get together. Seth says hes sorry, but Anna says she saw it coming. Seth asks how Pittsburg was? She says it was good to be home. She says she saw a good movie, got a tuna melt, and hung out with her friends. She says she didn't realize how much she missed it. 

At Kirstens office, Caleb tells Kirsten they have a problem. Someone who works for them was arrested the night before for being drunk and disorderly in public. When Kirsten finds out it is "Shaun" she says this is like the second or third time this has come up. Kirsten says shell have someone in legal handle it. Caleb asks if she can get Sandy to handle it, tell her that it would mean a lot to her. Kirsten tells Caleb that if he wants Sandys help than hes going to have to ask Sandy himself. 

Back at school, Summer is talking to a bunch of jocks in the lounge. Seth watches her, and Anna says So this is you and Summer being a couple? Seth replies Aint love grand! Anna says she can really sense the bond, their closeness is overwhelming. Anna tells Seth that Summer is totally ignoring him. Seth says she isnt, shes just focused on charities right now. 

Julie Cooper shows up at school, and Luke asks why she is here? She says parent teacher conference. Luke tells her how hot she is looking. Julie tells Luke that she is Marissas mother, he is a student here, they cant do this! Luke asks Its over? She says no, she means she cant do this in the hallway! Julie tells Luke that shell see him tonight. Jimmy shows up and is glad to see Julie showed up because he didnt want to go see Dr. Kim alone, the woman scares him. Luke says it was good to run into them both, and hell see them. Jimmy notices Lukes odd behavior, but doesn't seem to think too much about it.

Ryan and Marissa run into one another, and Ryan apologizes to her about this morning. Marissa says she was hoping they could be friends. Ryan says okay, and he says they should hang out. Marissa asks what hes doing tonight? Ryan says tonight is no good. Marissa tells him that they dont have to do this. Ryan suggests after school, and Marissa says that works for her. They agree to meet at his place.

Sandy is at the lighthouse testing out some his mothers meatloaf when Caleb shows up. Sandy offers Caleb some, but Caleb says the sight of it has turned him into a vegetarian! Sandy asks Caleb why he is here. Caleb says he needs a favor, a friend of his is in trouble and needs help. Sandy says he didnt know he had friends. Caleb says it is Bill Shaunessy. Sandy says he pays "Uncle Shaun" to be his friend, so he guesses Shaun counts. Caleb explains the situation to Sandy, and he asks Sandy to handle this quietly. Sandy knows Caleb is coming to him because he has friends in the DAs office. Caleb says this would mean a lot to him. Sandy knows Kirsten told him to say that. Sandy says hell take a look at the police report and make some calls, but hes not agreeing to help.

Back at Harbor High, Julie and Jimmy leave the meeting, and Jimmy is glad Dr. Kim feels Marissa is doing well. Julie tells Jimmy that she never really thanked him for doing a wonderful job with Marissa. She says he is totally involved in her life, and it showed in that meeting. Jimmy thinks she and Caleb must be doing very well because she is being so nice to him. Julie says she and Caleb arent seeing one another anymore, and she is much happier. Jimmy says he never thought being poor and alone is what would agree with her.

At Summers place, Summer and Seth are kissing in bed. Seth asks Summer why she ignored him at school today? Summer says she didnt ignore him. She says okay, maybe she did a little. Summer says she wants their relationship to be private, she doesnt want people knowing her business. He asks why not? She says there is pressure and scrutiny in the spotlight. Seth asks what spotlight? Summer says being in the public eye has never helped any couple. Summer goes on a tirade and says How many sweat suits does she need? That goatee is so mid-nineties. Pretty soon the movie bombs and the wedding is called off! Summer tells Seth that she wont let that happen to them because what they have is special.

At Ryans place, Marissa and Ryan play some PLaystation 2. It gets late, and Ryan thinks that he should start on his homework. They both agree this is weird, and it really shouldnt be. Suddenly, Theresa shows up! Theresa is early and says she can go and come back later. Marissa says it is okay, she was just leaving. Theresa sits down next to Ryan and decides to beat him at his own videogame. 

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At the Cohen kitchen, Sandy tells Kirsten that it is weird that he has never met her Uncle Shaun. Kirsten says he isnt really her uncle, and he is working all the time. Kirsten says Uncle Shaun is their liaison in the government world. Sandy says he read the police report and will try and put in a good word for the guy. Kirsten thanks him. Ryan and Seth come into the kitchen, and they are talking about Theresa. Sandy and Kirsten say theyd like to meet Theresa. Kirsten asks why Theresa is out here? Ryan says she took a semester off from school, and her mom got laid off so she is working to help her out. Seth asks if Marissa knows Theresa is out here? Ryan says they kind of bumped into one another. Seth makes jokes about Ryans friends and how they must all be getting along. 

At the Mermaid Inn, Luke and Julie finish making love. Luke gets dressed, and he tells Julie that she is so beautiful. Julie tells Luke that he is very sweet. Luke wishes they could stay here forever, and he kisses her. He says this place is awesome. She says it is not awesome, it is 79 dollars a night. Luke says he has to go, he doesnt want to be late for homeroom. Julie suddenly remembers Luke is in high school and hes not yet 18. Julies cell phone rings, and it is Caitlin. Caitlin was supposed to be at a friends, but returned home with her grandmother to get a diorama for school. However, Caitlin can't find her diorama. Julie tells Caitlin to wait there with her grandma and shell be right there. Luke asks if hell see her tonight? Julie thinks hotel rooms and dioramas are not the stuff of great romance. Julie says she is sorry, and kisses him. He says no worries. 

At school, Ryan eats lunch with Marissa. Ryan goes to apologize to Marissa, and he says he should have told her. Marissa says he didnt have to. She asks if he and Theresa are . . Ryan says they are just friends. She says she is staying at the Mermaid Inn and is in town for work. Marissa asks Ryan for a videogame rematch, and he asks if she is up for it?

Seth and Anna hang out, and Seth says Summer is basically ashamed of him. Anna goes to speak, but she stops herself. Seth says he was hoping she was going to say something very wise and helpful. Anna says no, but Seth knows she has something to say. Anna tells Seth that he has to take a stand, if he doesn't, Summer should be ashamed of him because her boyfriend is a coward.

Sandy meets up with Uncle Shaun at the lighthouse. Uncle Shaun is already pouring himself something to drink. Shaun says he hasnt seen a bottle of this since he hung out with Robert Mitchum. He points out Robert and his wifes favorite booth, and how they loved Sunday Dinners and chicken parm. Sandy says he loves Chicken Parm too, as well as blended scotch. Shaun jokes that Caleb claims Sandy doesnt have any good qualities. Sandy says he read the police report and this fellow who is pressing charges is in the lumber business, and he is in town bidding for a contract and is one of the Newport Groups chief rivals. Sandy says he is guessing that in the room he happened to bump into this guy were probably documents that might be very valuable to someone like Caleb. Sandy tells Shaun that nobody will believe a belly full of liquor or an odd coincidence landed him in that room, Sandy says he was there for Caleb. Shaun suggests Sandy not explore that theory too much because he and Caleb have had friends for many years, and if he had to sit down with the DA there is no telling what they might talk about.

Ryan and Theresa take a walk on the beach and eat ice cream bars. Ryan says they are called Balboa bars. Theresa says it is just ice cream, but Ryan says there is no such thing as ice cream in Newport. Theresa says the place is beautiful, and she can see why hed want to live here and start over. Ryan asks if that is why she came here, to start over? Theresa says she couldnt, she has her mom to think about, her brother, and Eddie. Ryan asks if she and Eddie are still? Theresa says they are taking time apart to see if they still belong together. She asks what about him and Marissa? Ryan says same thing. 

At Summers, Seth tells Summer that hes taking a stand. He says this whole separation of public and private spheres isnt working for him. Seth says he wont acknowledge her privately until she acknowledges him publicly. He tells her to let him know when shes ready to come to the bargaining table, but until then he is on strike! 

Ryan returns home and finds Eddie waiting in his driveway. Ryan is shocked to see him here. Eddie says he went to visit Ryans brother last week, and he cant believe he is still serving time. Ryan asks what hes doing here? Eddie says hes looking for Theresa. Eddie says her mom said she was working out here, and his brother said he was out here as well. Eddie says she just took off on him, no note, no nothing. He says it was some thanks for the ring he got her. Ryan learns that Eddie and Theresa are engaged. He says that is great. Eddie asks if Theresa has looked him up? Ryan says no. Eddie tells Ryan that he is really living the dream out here, but he deserves it for putting up with Trey all those years. Eddie decides to leave, and asks if he sees Theresa to . . . Ryan says yeah. Eddie says he just cant believe Theresa ran out on him. 

Commercial Break

Ryan goes to the Mermaid Inn to confront Theresa. He says he knows about her and Eddie, and he asks what she is doing? Theresa says she is not engaged, Eddie asked, but she did not say yes. Ryan asks if she thinks running away will fix everything? Theresa points out that he ran away. She quickly says she is sorry. Ryan says she will have to face him sometime. Theresa says she needs time to think Ryan says yeah about five years, your seventeen. Theresa says it will be a lot different for her in five years, and she reminds Ryan where they come from. Theresa says Eddie has his own place, hes a foreman at work, and hes not a drunk or a screw-up like the rest of them back home. Ryan says all of those are great reasons to marry him. Theresa says he loves her. Ryan asks if she loves him. Theresa says she needs time. Ryan asks what she is doing for dinner? She says nothing. Ryan knows she is hungry. She says she is starving, that is why shes being such a bitch. Ryan tells her to come to his house and have dinner. 

Summer shows up at the Cohens house and she orders Seth upstairs now. He says he just left her house two hours ago. Summer says it feels like four hours. She says what he said to her was totally insensitive. Summer says she is not comfortable with PDA. Seth says she is offering herself for ten dollars a pop at the kissing booth, how much more publicly can affection be displayed! Summer tries to convince him to go upstairs and fool around, but he says no and shows her the door.

Caleb shows up at the Cooper house and brings Julie flowers. He says he misses her, and she says she misses him too. Caleb says the two of them arent love struck adolescents looking to be swept off their feet, they're are adults with responsibilities and difficulties. Caleb says they should be able to come to an arrangement where they both get what they want from this relationship. Julie asks Caleb if this is a booty call? He asks what a booty call is? She says it is when you show up at night unannounced with some flowers, a crappy card, and the very mistaken idea that she just might want to Fffff . . . . Julie slams the door in Calebs face. Caleb turns and walks off. He says he guesses it was a booty call.

At the Cohens, Sandy questions Kirsten about her Uncle Shaun and his techniques for getting them information. Kirsten says Shaun can be a very persuasive man. Sandy asks convincing argument persuasive or baseball bat persuasive? Kirsten says if he doesnt want to help him than dont, she didnt think he would anyways. Seth shows up for dinner, as does Ryan and Theresa. Everyone is delighted to meet Theresa. Kirsten has ordered takeout for dinner. Seth asks Ryan what is going on, and Ryan explains that Theresa is engaged, and her fianc showed up earlier to look for her. Later, Sandy and Kirsten ask Seth what is going on here? Seth says what they have here is their very own telenovela, a Spanish language soap opera. 

Marissa is at her place on the couch watching TV. Jimmy comes home and asks what she is doing here? He figured shed be at Ryan's. Marissa says Ryan is busy with a friend from home, Theresa. She claims it isnt a big deal, and she doesnt want to talk about it. Jimmy wants to talk about it. Marissa says she and Ryan are just friends now, but Jimmy says she and Ryan were never friends. Marissa says shes already been told that. She says if they cant be friends then . .. Jimmy says she needs to let Ryan know what she wants them to be. 

Back at the Cohens, Theresa is telling the Cohens about Ryan when the doorbell rings, it is Marissa here to see Ryan! Kirsten invites Marissa in for dinner! Marissa sees that Theresa is at the table, and it is an uncomfortable scene. Everyone just sits there and says nothing until Marissa asks what everyone is talking about?

Commercial Break

The next morning Seth comes to the pool house and tells Ryan the phone is for him, and it is Eddie. Ryan refuses to take it, so Seth tells Eddie that he cant find him. Eddie hangs up, and Seth comments about how entertaining last night was for all of them. Seth says it was like a telenovela. Seth decides to give Ryan some advice from his own experience. He says the triangles is not a friendly shapes, it has points and sharp edges. Ryan says there is no triangle, they are all just friends. Seth says the problem is that Marissa and Theresa obviously still have feelings for him. He asks how Ryan feels about them? Ryan says it is complicated. Seth says it is as Eddie still has feelings for Theresa. Seth says this triangle is actually more like a rhombus. He tells Ryan to do something soon before someone gets hurt, and judging from Eddies voice on the phone, it will probably be Ryan. 

Sandy meets with Caleb at the office to discuss his friends business. Sandy knows Shaun is involved in illegal dealings for them. Caleb says construction is a dirty business, and guys like Shaun are the lifeblood of the industry. Sandy refuses to help Caleb out. Caleb is worried about Shaun talking to the DA about what he knows. Sandy says if you build your empire on quicksand, sooner or later your gunna sink. Caleb says the problem is he won't sink alone. He says he tried to protect Kirsten from all this, so he never told her about Shaun. However, Caleb says that Kirsten will be pulled down with him, she is number two here, she signs Shauns paychecks. HE says like it or not, they are in this mess together!

At school, Summer talks to Anna. She tells Anna that she is sorry about what happened between them, and if it makes Anna feel better, she doesnt think she and Seth are going to work out. Anna says that makes her feel great. Summer says she just cant be one of those couples who holds hands in the hallway and makes out in between classes, one of those couples that let the whole world know what is going on. Anna tells Summer that she doesnt have to ignore him. Summer says she doesnt, okay maybe just in public. Anna reminds Summer that she dressed up like Wonder Woman for Seth, and Wonder Woman has an invisible jet, not an invisible boyfriend. Summer finally admits that she doesnt know why Seth likes her. She says Seth is way smarter than her, they have nothing in common, and sooner or later hell get bored with her just like all the other boys do. She says if everyone knows they are dating, than everyone will know when he dumps her. She says being dumped by Seth wont be good for her rep.

Julie calls Luke at school and tells him to come to the hotel, park across the street, go to the same room, and knock twice. She also tells Luke that this is just a booty call. Luke smiles.

Anna goes to Seth and tells him that Summer is scared of what will happen now that she has him. Anna says Summer is afraid of losing him. Seth says hes not going anywhere. Anna suggests he let her know that.

Marissa goes to Theresas room at the Mermaid Inn. Theresa answers the door, and Marissa asks Theresa if she is . . .Theresa says Am I still in love with Ryan, because you still are. Marissa says she doesnt want to be because it would be a whole lot easier if she wasnt. Theresa invites Marissa inside to talk. 

Ryan drives around, and heads back to Chino to see Eddie. Ryan admits to Eddie that he wasnt honest with him last night about Theresa. Eddie and Ryan talk about Theresa. Eddie doesnt like that he popped the question to Theresa and then she ran off to him.

Back at the hotel, Marissa is shocked when Theresa tells her that she is getting married. Theresa says the plan is to get married. Marissa says she must love him a lot.

Meanwhile, Eddie asks Ryan if he loves Theresa? Ryan says he doesnt know. Eddie says well he loves her, and he wants to take care of her. Eddie asks Ryan if he can take care of her? Ryan says this is tough for them all. Eddie tells Ryan that he has a few choices, he can tell her to come home, otherwise he better be ready to fight for Theresa because he wont just walk away. Eddie tells him that he has a long ride home and a lot to think about.

Back at the hotel, Theresa tells Marissa about her mothers church and her first communion. She says there is a stain glass window at her moms church a saint who has her heart pierced because she loves a man so much, but she is smiling despite the pain. She says she used to think some day some man would pierce her heart like that and one day she would walk down the isle it a white dress and understand why the saint was smiling. Theresa says she knows it is lame, but life isnt like that. She says she cant get caught up in wishing for something like that to happen, you have to hold onto the next best thing. Theresa thinks she should call Eddie. Marissa says she should get back to school. As Marissa is leaving, her mom enters the room next door!

At school, Seth puts an end to Summers kissing booth. He tells everyone in line that the show is over. Brad asks Summer if this kid is bothering her. She says no. Summer tells him that he is making a scene, and shell IM him later. Seth gets up on top of the kissing booth to make his stand. He wants Summer to get up here and kiss him. He says he knows she is scared, but if he doesnt acknowledge him now than she will lose him forever. Brad cant believe Summer is dating this emo-geek. Everyone begins to watch the scene Seth is making. Seth tells everyone that he is a big dork and he is dating Summer. Summer asks why he is doing this? He says because he likes her this much, and he hopes she likes him the same amount. He extends his hand to Summer, who finally gets up on the booth with him and kisses him in front of everyone. Anna goes to smile, but stops. All the other girls smile. Summer tells Seth that he owes her ten bucks!

Back at the motel, Theresa is packing her things and is waiting on the phone to talk to Eddie. Ryan shows up at the hotel, and she puts the phone down to answer the door. Theresa tells Ryan that she is going home, it seems like the right thing to do. Ryan tells her that she has to do what is right for her and Eddie, and he has to think about what is right for him and Marissa. However, he says if this is the right thing, why doesnt he want her to go. Theresa says she doesnt want to go either. Ryan and Theresa kiss one another. The show ends with a shot of the phone lying on the bed and Eddie asking Theresa if she is there?

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