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March 4th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

I'm posting the summary as is for now, I have a severe migraine but don't want to delay the summary like I did with the last one! I'll proof this on Friday and add any more tidbits to it!

The show opens at the Mermaid Inn, and it is nighttime. Seth and Ryan are still at the Inn, they have come about a watch Ryan left in Theresas old room. The man working at the counter has Ryans watch, and also talks about the beautiful girl who was in that room. When he asks if she was his girlfriend, Ryan says no. Ryan and Seth leave, and Seth tries to convince Ryan that all is right and now is a good time for him. Seth says he has a clean slate and has no women to worry about right now. Seth says since day one it has been nothing but lady drama with him, and he says he deserves a break. Ryan gets into the idea of being angst free for awhile, until Ryan and Seth spot Luke meeting with, and making out with Julie Cooper! Ryan says his angst free period didnt even last the night!

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At the pool house it is the next morning Ryan and Seth are still thinking about the night before and seeing Luke at the motel with Julie. They wonder how Luke could do this to Marissa. Seth says Marissa cannot find out about this. Ryan thinks that Luke has to end this before she finds out.

In the kitchen, Jimmy tells Sandy that they are screwed. Jimmy says opening day is around the corner and they still dont have a contracter or a designer, and what is worse is they have no money left in their budget. Sandy tells him that hes really not so good managing money. Jimmy says no hes really not. Sandy looks at the books and wonders who this happened. Jimmy says construction, labor and permits sucked them dry. Kirsten sees a letter from Haley mixed up in the books, and it says Haley is an aerobics instructor now. Sandy cant believe she actually got a job. Jimmy decides to interview some cheap designers. Kirsten says if they need a cheap designer to go with Julie. Jimmy says no way. Kirsten says she is good. Jimmy says shes good at manipulating others, backstabbing, pot stirring, and creating an auro of distrust. Sandy says she did a good job at Newport Group. Jimmy says no way, but Sandy doesnt think they have a choice. 

At the beach Marissa and Summer are talking. Summer tells Marissa that she needs some time off from guys, she needs to learn to be independent. Marissa thinks maybe Summer is right. The girls end up running into a television shoot, and Summer begins to flip over one of the actor. Summer recognizes the guy as Grady Bridges from that show The Valley. She thinks they should go say high, and she drags Marissa over. Summer tells Grady that she is his biggest fan and she loves the show. Marissa asks what they are doing here. Grady begins to explain the scene they are shooting, but Summer stops him and says she doesnt want it ruined! Grady asks Marissa if she is as big a fan as her friend? Marissa says shes never seen the show.

At school Marissa and Summer run into Ryan and Seth, and Summer is still gushing over running into Grady Bridges. Neither of the boys know who this guy is. Summer says he invited them all to Gradys birthday party tomorrow night. Seth is thrilled, but she tells him not to be jealous cause she could never date an actor. She wants to go show everyone her photos, which are on her cell phone. She says camera phones are the autograph of the twenty first century. Marissa asks Ryan how Theresa is. Ryan says she is good, and that they are taking time apart. The belle rings and the kids head off to class.

Julie meets with Sandy and Jimmy about decorating The Lighthouse. She agrees to do it for free. She says it will be worth it to add this to her portfolio. Julie says theyll have to pay for the materials, and she thinks a low 6 will do it. Jimmy asks if she is skimming off the top? Julie says no that was him! Jimmy says his happy place has been violated! Kirsten offers to help, but Sandy says no way because this is his thing. When Julie suggest Caleb help, Sandy says no way because this is his happy place, this is his oasis from the rich and insufferable. Kirsten suggests Caleb join in as a silent partner, but Sandy says no way. Jimmy says they dont really have a choice.

Back at school, Ryan confronts Luke about what hes doing with Marissas mom. Luke claims it isnt what Ryan thinks, but realizes hes been caught. He says they have a connection! Ryan says not anymore. Luke says Marissa wont find out, but Ryan says yeah just like she didnt find out about Tijuana? Ryan says this is a small town and people find out things and talk. Luke says hes never felt this way about a girl, a woman before. Ryan doesnt care and says this has got to end, and it will end tomorrow while Marissa is in LA. 

At the Cohens, Seth is watching the first season of the Valley on DVD. Seth soon realizes this Grady guy is just like him, but with his own TV show. Seth panics because he fears hes going to lose Summer to the TV Seth Cohen. HE says they cant go to LA. Ryan says they have to because Luke is going to break up with Julie while they are in LA. Marissa suddenly shows up and tells Ryan that she isnt going to LA. He asks why not? Marissa says she thinks they really need time apart. She says since he has showed up it has been intense, good and bad, but intense. She thinks perhaps they just need to be away from one another for awhile. She tells him to go to LA while she spends time with her mom.

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In the kitchen the next morning, Ryan tells Seth he should stay here so that Marissa will go to LA. Seth says that wont happen because his parents wont let him go to LA without him, so Ryan not only needs to convince Marissa to go to LA, but to get his parents let them go as well. 

Sandy and Kirsten are on the patio eating breakfast. Seth tries to smooth talk his parents and say how great they look. They want to know what he wants. Seth says there is a party in Hollywood tonight. Sandy says hell no! Seth asks why not? Sandy says he doesnt have to tell him why, just no. Seth says he could have lied to them, but he wanted to make a bond of trust between them. Seth asks Ryan to try. Ryan says it is a birthday party, no drinking, no drugs, no fighting, they will be home by midnight. Sandy asks whose birthday? Seth says Grady Bridges. Kirsten knows who he is and says he is so cute! Seth says this guy wants Summer which means he has to go! Sandy agrees to let them go, but they are not allowed to stay a minute longer. Sandy says that town will steal their souls. Kirsten asks for an autograph and then remembers that his cellphone takes pictures. 

Ryan shows up at the Coopers. Marissa answers and she says when she said they needed to spend some time apart she meant more than a couple hours. Ryan says he knows. Ryan sees something in Marissas hand and asks what it is. It is a shell necklace of Lukes that Marissa happened to find at her moms. She thinks it is just a little blast from the past. Ryan says he knows she feels they need time apart to be independent, but to be really independent they should go to LA and try and be independent from one another together. Marissa tells him that hes starting to sound like Seth. Ryan says he knows, and it is rubbing off on him. Ryan says he has to go to watch over Seth, but he doesnt think she should miss out on this because of him. He says it will be fun, and they havent had fun for awhile. Marissa says he usually doesnt think anything is fun, and she is the one who usually talks him into going out. Ryan says people change. He says they have to live in the same town and go to the same school, so they are going to have to learn to do things independently together. Marissa eventually agrees to go with him.

Sandy, Jimmy, Kirsten and Julie go to see Caleb for help with the restaurant. He says that Sandy did him a favor so now it is his turn to do him one. Sandy tells him not to do him any favors. Caleb asks them some questions about their chef. Jimmy says his name is Marco and he was the head of another restaurant in town, and that he is fantastic. Jimmy offers to have a dinner made for Caleb tonight, but Caleb says hes having dinner with the board of the Philharmonic. Julie thinks some of those guys also own of the Mighty Ducks, Riviera Magazine, etc. She says some of them used to be some of Jimmys clients. Jimmy asks where she is going? Julie says these people are the tastemakers of Newport, and she thinks Marco should make them all dinner. Julie says it will be free press. Sandy says the place has just been gutted, there is no place for anyone to eat! Kirsten suggests they do it at their house then. Kirsten says with the kids in LA they have the place to themselves.

Seth, Ryan, Summer and Marissa are stuck on the freeway. Seth doesnt know how people in LA live like this. Summer says at times like this she wishes they had a Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. Seth says he always wishes they had one because its a fun car. Marissa tries to call her mom, but she isnt there. Marissa says her mom is never home anymore. Summer says, speaking as a child of divorce, that it sounds like her mom is having an affair. Seth decides to change the topic and says Look a flying car, oh wait, it is just a plane. Ryan says perhaps her mom just works a lot. Seth begins to think about all the stars they may see, and he thinks about Kate Bosworth. Summer smacks him on the back of the head for the comment. He says she pines over Legolas, but Summer says he saved Middle Earth, that is a huge part of European history! 

Back in Newport, Caleb drops Julie off at her house. Caleb asks Julie what about that date? Julie says they should focus on tonight right now. Caleb pulls away, and Julie is surprised by Luke, who was hiding in the bushes. He says they need to talk, and he wonders if Julie has been using him until Grandpa came back. Julie kisses Luke, and he kisses her back. Julie says they dont have a lot of time, and they rush inside to make love. 

Out in LA, the kids arrive at a place called The Luna Chicks which is where Gradys party is. It happens to be a strip club. Grady is glad to see Summer and Marissa, and he whisks them off to meet some people. Marissa and Summer see a bunch of strippers doing cocaine, and Marissa says she thought that was just a clich. Grady introduces Summer, Marissa and some guy (Seth) to his friends, his publicist, his manager, and his producer. Grady tells them how he is working on several projects, such as making the Golden Girls into a movie. That was the magic thing to say as Summer goes nuts over the news. Meanwhile, Ryan calls Luke up and tells him to take care of it. Later, Paris Hilton shows up at the club, and Seth goes gaga over her. Summer smacks him, and Paris tells Summer to relax! She says all you LA chicks are so lame. Summer says they arent from LA, they are from Orange County. Paris says Orange County, Ew! Meanwhile, Ryan and Marissa are hanging out, and one of the strippers bends down and asks Ryan if he is having fun yet. Ryan looks at her and is shocked to see that the stripper is Haley! Haley is equally shocked to see Ryan. 

Commercial Break

Ryan asks what she is? She asks what he is? The owner of the club comes over and tells Haley to keep moving! Ryan worries and says Kirsten is not going to like this as all she does is worry about Haley.

Back in New Port, Julie rushes off and leaves Luke after their quickie. She says she cant talk now because she has to go meet with the adults. 

At the Cohens Caleb is speaking to the board members about how New Port used to be a glamorous town, and escape for Hollywood stars. He thinks the Lighthouse could be a way to bring the glitz and glammour, as well as cash, back to Newport. Jimmy says it could be a bridge not only from the past to the present, but from New Port to the rest of the world. Julie finally walks in, and Caleb tells her that she is glowing. Julie says she is just excited.

Luke gets into his car and takes off. He checks his messages and hears Ryans message telling him to take care of it. Luke turns his car around and heads back to Julies. 

At the Cohens, in the kitchen Sandy talks to Jimmy. Sandy is not happy that they are getting into business with these people. Jimmy says they need this money, they are stuck. Suddenly Sandy gets a call from Ryan. Ryan tells Sandy that they found Haley stripping in a club. Sandy wonders what kind of party they are at. He tells Ryan not to worry about Haley because she is not his responsibility. Jimmy eavesdrops in and learns where Haley and the kids are. Sandy tells Ryan that Haley will be dealt with tomorrow, and for tonight he wants the kids home now. Jimmy is worried about Haley, but Sandy says they will deal with it tomorrow and they shouldnt let Kirsten know. Caleb, Kirsten and Julie come into the kitchen, and Caleb cant believe Sandy is making meat loaf for their guests. Julie says this is a disaster, she was trying to get Catherine Zeta Jones for the opening, but not now. Caleb wants the chef to prepare crabs, but Sandy says no way. Caleb says they wont have him if they are serving meatloaf. Jimmy says perhaps they are better off without him than. Jimmy says the restaurant was supposed to be fun, and now it isnt. He refuses to be a part of this and leaves. Caleb tells Sandy if he wants to sink this ship than go right ahead. Kirsten notices a hickey on Julies neck, but she says it is a curling iron burn. 

Back in LA, Ryan and Marissa look for Seth and Summer to leave. Marissa says they cant leave Haley. Ryan eventually agrees to look for Haley.

Meanwhile, Grady is drinking and sitting next to Summer. Meanwhile, Paris begins flirting with Seth. Paris is extremely smart and is working on her masters. She asks Seth not to tell anyone that she is in Grad School. Elsewhere, Grady lures Summer into a backroom with the promise of a new episode of The Valley. Summer says she should get Seth, but then she sees Seth with Paris Hilton and decides to go off without them. 

Back at the Cohens, Sandy is out by the pool. Caleb finds him and says he thought he flew the coop with Jimmy. Sandy says Jimmy went after Haley. Caleb says Haley is at Club Med. Sandy says shes at a club all right, but in Hollywood and working as a stripper. 

Back in Hollywood, Summer is in a limo with Grady and is watching the Valley. She is into the show, and not into Grady. 

Back in the club, Ryan and Marissa find Seth, and Seth finally sees his Aunt Haley. Seth runs over to Haley and asks what she is doing here? Seth says Kirsten is going to freak when his mom finds out. She says Kirsten doesnt need to know. The manager returns and tells Haley to keep dancing. He asks what is wrong with her, hasnt she done enough coke for the night? Ryan defends Haley and almost gets into a fight with the manager. The manager then has the kids thrown out. 

Commercial Break

The kids sit outside the club and wonder what to do. Seth cant find Summer, and Marissa says they cant leave Haley. Seth heads off to find Summer, and Marissa comes up with a plan to sneak them into the VIP entrance.

At the Cohens, the financial backers love the meatloaf, and Caleb claims they had this all planned out, back to basics, what is old is new again! Julie goes into the kitchen to get more wine, and Luke knocks on the window to get her attention. Julie continues to try and shoe Luke away, but he wont go. She eventually goes to see him. He says they need to talk. She tells him to go wait by her house or something. 

At the club, Marissa goes to VIP entrance and freaks out when Ryan shows up. She claims he is on that show The Valley. Fortunately the bouncer doesnt watch it, and he believes Ryan is here for the party. He lets Ryan in, and Ryan brings Marissa as his guest.

Back at the limo, the show ends and Summer gets bored. She wants to go back to the party, but Grady wants to party with Summer. He tries to kiss Summer, and she freaks out. Seth shows up to rescue Summer, and Gradys girlfriend shows up and wonders what he is doing with this girl. The girl, April, is also on the show. She cant believe the two actors are dating in real life, and she says that could be bad if they broke up! Grady ends up running after April, and Summer tells Seth that she is sorry and that they should go home. 

Back in the club, Ryan and Marissa find Haley, who just came out of the bathroom. She tells them to get out of here before he manager catches them. Too late, he catches them and throws them all out of the club! Fortunately Jimmy shows up to rescue them from the manager and his oversized bouncer. Ryan thanks Jimmy for coming. Jimmy tells the kids to head back and he says hell give Haley a lift. The kids leave, and Haley feels bad that Jimmy has seen her like this. Jimmy says it is okay, and it doesnt matter. Jimmy asks her if she wants to come home? Haley cries that she does. 

The kids walk back to their car and are walking along the walk of stars. Seth says they all make a great team, Marissa is the beauty, Ryan is the brauns, and he is the brains. Summer asks what she is? He says the boobs? She hits him, and he says the bitch? Summer says shell take the boobs! Seth says so will he!

Back at the Cohens Jimmy returns with a surprise, Haley. Everyone is shocked to see her, and Jimmy claims he just picked her up at the airport. Caleb thanks Jimmy for bringing her back. Kirsten hugs her sister and then goes to draw her a bath. Julie decides to head out and let the boys talk business. Caleb says he is in, and they will do it their ways. Caleb says they were right, it is all about good food and good people coming together.

Julie meets up with Luke, and Luke says they cant so this anymore. Julie cant believe he is breaking up with her. Luke says it isnt a good idea, it cant work. Julie says he is right, and okay. Luke walks off, and Julie calls Caleb up and says shell take him up on his offer to go on a date.

Ryan and Marissa hang out in the pool house while Seth and Summer watch The Valley. Ryan asks Marissa if she had fun? Marissa says she did, and they end up in a cute little pillow fight. Marissa ends up leaving, and she says shell be right back. Meanwhile, Luke shows up and heads to the pool house to see Ryan. He tells Ryan that it is over, hes done having sex with Julie Cooper. Unfortunately Marissa returns to hear this! Marissa is stunned. Ryan tries to talk to Marissa, who realizes this is why Ryan took her to LA. Ryan says he didnt want her to find out like this. Marissa says she has to go, and she runs out.

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