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March 31st, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohen house at daybreak. Ryan and Luke have returned from a night of looking for Marissa. They are talking about where Marissa could be. Ryan thinks she must have gone somewhere she would feel safe, somewhere they wouldnt think to look. They return to the pool house and hope Seth may has had more luck, but find him asleep on the bed. They ask him if Marissa called. Seth says no, and that he would have heard the phone ring if she did. Unfortunately, he did miss a call, which registers on the phone. He also says he wasnt asleep, he was adjusting his back. Luke cant believe Seth went to sleep, but Seth says none of this would have happened if it wasnt for him. Luke says it was an accident. Seth asks what was an accident, him accidentally sleeping with Marissas mom or him accidentally telling her about it? Meanwhile Ryan checks his voice mail and finds out that it is Marissa who called and she says shes okay. Julie shows up at this point and asks where Marissa is. They say shes not hear. Julie sees Luke is with them, and she asks what is going on here? Ryan says Marissa took off last night when they got back from LA. Julie asks Ryan what he did this time? Ryan says this is her fault. Luke says they all know about them, as does Marissa. Julie asks Luke and Seth to excuse them because Ryan and her need to talk. They leave, and Julie says Whatever you think you know about me . . . Ryan says he doesnt care about her, he just wants to get Marissa home safe. Julie realizes Ryan doesnt know where she is. Ryan says the message says shes okay, but not to look for her. Julie wants to call the police, but Ryan asks what she will tell them when they ask why she left? Julie says she at least has to call her doctors to make sure she doesnt hurt herself again. Ryan says she should have thought about that before she slept with her ex-boyfriend. Julie says shed love to stay and chat , but she has to go find her daughter. Julie leaves, and Ryan tells himself Not if I find her first.

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Seth asks Ryan what he plans on doing, riding around Newport on his bike looking for Marissa? Ryan asks if he has a better idea? Seth says not yet, but maybe he could come up with one over . . . (they walk into the kitchen and see a huge breakfast has been prepared) . . . Seth finishes and says "a massively over the top breakfast!" Hailey has made the boys this enormous breakfast as a way to thank the guys for what they did for her. Kirsten walks in and sees the breakfast Hailey made and is just as shocked. Hailey also has the want ads out and is looking for a job. She says the restaurant business is about all the experience she has. Seth suggests she apply for a job at The Lighthouse. Kirsten says shed have to wait and ask Sandy when he is in a good mood. Sandy suddenly rushes into the kitchen and has a mess of boxes with him. Seth says now is not a good time. Sandy tells them that they have to pack up the kitchen and hide the food because his mothers plane lands in two hours. He says she cannot come in here on Passover to see them eating pancakes! Seth, Ryan and Hailey all scramble to head out of the kitchen. Sandy asks Kirsten if they have any briscuit(sp?)? Kirsten says their friends the Ackermans are providing the food, they were bringing the wine. Sandy says not anymore, he told his mom they were having the satyr here! Kirsten cant believe him. Sandy says he told her they do it every year, and he told his mom that she converted! Sandy promises she wont have to lift a finger, hell shop and his mom will cook. Kirsten asks if she is supposed to just let his mother take over the entire house? Sandy says she was going to do it anyways, at least this way they get a decent meal out of it! 

At Summer's place, Seth tells Summer about Marissa running off. Summer says she knows because Marissa called her. Summer swears she doesnt know where Marissa is. Seth says he doesnt have a lot of time to look for her because his Nana gets into town in like an hour. Summer thinks that is so sweet, and she says she loves old people because they are cute. Seth says his Nana is scary, shes very judgmental, political, and opinionated. Summer realizes Seth doesnt want her to meet the Nana, and she thinks he is ashamed of her. Seth says he is not ashamed, he is protective. Seth says she will thank him for this. Seth takes off to pick up some stuff for the satyr for Passover, and he tells Summer that shes not meeting The Nana.

Back at the Cohens, Kirsten catches Sandy changing the sheets on their bed. Kirsten asks him why he is changing them because Rosa just put them on. Sandy says they are just a little too fancy for his mom. Kirsten asks why she would care what they sleep on? Sandy says his mother is a social worker in the Bronx, when she has extra money she gives it to charity instead of spending it on fancy sheets. Sandy ends up rambling about how his mother is probably upset with him for quitting his job at the DA's office and taking a corporate job. He says she is not coming out here for Passover, she is coming out here to stage an intervention with him and put him back on the path to righteousness. Kirsten doesnt think that is true, and she says his mother just wants him to be happy. Sandy says no, if your happy than your not working hard enough according to his mother. The doorbell rings, and Sandy takes off to answer the door. 

Jimmy shows up at the Cohens to see Hailey. He says he wanted to check on her and see how she was doing. Hailey says she is okay, just embarrassed. Jimmy tells her that she shouldnt be. He asks what shes going to do? Hailey asks what he thinks she should do. Jimmy says she has family, a place to stay here, and people who are about her. Hailey asks if she were to stay, would that mean . . . Kirsten interrupts and calls down to Hailey. Hailey asks if he wants to come in, but Jimmy says he has to go back to work Hailey and Jimmy make plans to see one another later.

In the kitchen, Ryan shows up and helps Kirsten, Hailey and Seth unpack groceries. Sandy walks in and asks for a volunteer to come with him to the airport, but nobody wants to. He thinks they arent ready for The Nana, no one is, the woman is scary. Suddenly, The Nana calls out Hello? She says the front door is wide open, a person could walk in, take everything and kill them all. Seth says Its The Nana! Sandy runs to the front door and says he was coming to get her? She says he would have been late! The Nana says she is only joking, and she says the plane was early so she took a taxi to surprise him. The Nana, aka Sophie Cohen, hugs Sandy, and then goes over to hug Kirsten. She gives Kirsten all sorts of compliments, like how beautiful she is and has such classic features. She then hugs Sethala, and even goes over to Ryan and welcome him to the family. Sophie doesnt know who Hailey is. Kirsten says this is her sister. Sophie says Oh right, the bad seed! She then gives Hailey a hug. Sophie looks at the house, the yard, and the view of the ocean. She says "California, not so terrible!"

Ryan and Seth go to the pool house. Ryan is still thinking about where Marissa could be, while Seth wonders who that woman was because it was not The Nana. Seth says he loves The Nana, but she is not a nice lady, it is part of her charm. Seth says she was even nice to his mom, and The Nana has never like The Kirsten. He says they are two people who have nothing in common and are suddenly getting along. Seths talking about The Nana and The Kirsten gives Ryan an idea as to where Marissa has gone. 

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Ryan arrives at Theresas house looking for Marissa. Theresa answers the door and tells Ryan that it took him long enough! Ryan asks if she is here. Theresa says she is, but she wont be happy to see him. Ryan says she should have called him, but Theresa says Marissa asked her not to. Ryan says her mom is freaking out and is going to call the cops. Eddie shows up, carrying a case of beer, and he asks Ryan what in the hell he is doing here? Theresa says she didnt invite him, but Eddie cant believe he has shown up on the day of. Eddie tells Ryan to stay the hell away from him, and he heads into the house. Ryan asks what this is the day of? Theresa says it is their engagement party.

At the Cohens, Kirsten asks Sophie if there is anything she would like Hailey to pick up from the store for her. Sophie says whatever they do every year will be just perfect. Sandy says he was hoping they could talk her into the Sophie Cohen special: the briscuit and the macaroons. Sophie says she doesnt do macaroons anymore. Seth is looking at some old photos of Sandy as a kid, and Sophie tells Sandy that his old friend Shawn Sullivan asked about him. Sophie tells Seth that Shawn and his dad used to run in a gang together. Sandy says it was more of a youth group. Sophie says after Sandys father left them, she had to work so much that Sandy was raised by practically the entire neighborhood. Sandy says someone had to do it. Sophie asks when she will get to see his new restaurant? Sandy is surprised she wants to. She says shell go freshen up and they will go. Sandy and Seth both wonder who this woman is. Kirsten says maybe she has mellowed and is happy to be here? She says okay, so something is up. Sandy wants to find out what is up. Kirsten asks him not to because she loves this woman, she is sweet and kind. Suddenly, Summer shows up at the door and The Nana answers. Summer introduces herself, but before she says who she is, Seth intercepts her and calls her buddy. Summer says she was in the neighborhood and thought she would bring some macaroons by for the satyr. Sophie tells Summer that was sweet, and she asks if they are . . . ? Summer says yes they are! Sophie says then Summer will be here tonight, and she can ask the four questions. Summer impresses The Nana with her knowledge of Judaism and the customs. After The Nana leaves, Summer tells Seth that she is not scary, he is! She also says she is going to study the Haggadic so hard that she will out Jew him tonight! 

Back in Chino, Ryan asks Theresa when the wedding is. She says June. She says she wanted to call him and tell him. Ryan says he thought she didnt want this. Theresa says he (Eddie) really loves her, but Ryan wants to know how she feels about him. Theresa tells him that he doesnt get to show up the day of her engagement party and ask her questions like that! Ryan says he didnt know this was happening. Theresa says she didnt want him to know because she knew hed act this way. He says she ran away from here to Newport to find him, but she reminds him he also ran away from Chino to Newport. Theresas mother comes out and is glad to see Ryan made it, but Marissa says he didnt come for the party. Marissa says he came for her. Marissa asks Ryan why he is here? He says to make sure she gets home safe. She tells him that he wasted his time because she isnt going anywhere.

Hailey shows up at Jimmys place with pasta, cookies, and all sorts of treats. She also has an invitation for Jimmy to come over for Satyr dinner, courtesy Nana Cohen. Hailey then grabs Jimmy and gives him a big kiss. Jimmy says they cant do this. Hailey says she thought when he came to LA for her, and when he showed up at the house this morning . . Jimmy says he just wanted to make sure she was okay. Hailey is not pleased and says she cant believe this. Jimmy says he can't do a relationship right now, this restaurant is all he has right now right now, he cant jeopardize it in any way. Hailey thinks he doesnt care about her, but he says he does. She says obviously not as much as he does for Sandy, Kirsten and the restaurant. Hailey goes to leave, but Jimmy tells her to wait. She asks for what? When he cant answer, she says shell see him.

Back in Chino, Ryan says everyone is worried about her (Marissa), and Luke and her mom are over now. Marissa says she is not going back there, Marissa says that Theresa is letting her stay in Arturo's room until she can find a job and save enough money. Ryan asks for what, to run away? Ryan says her mom is ready to call the cops and her doctors. Marissa says she isnt going back. Ryan says hes not going back without her. Marissa tells him then she guesses he isnt going back.

Back at the Cohens, Sandy and Sophie return from the restaurant. Sophie says the restaurant was nice. Sandy has had it with his mom and asks what she is doing here and what is with the Jewish Mary Popins. Sophie tells Sandy that she has advanced  lung cancer, she has four to six months tops. She says the reason she came here was to say goodbye. 

Back at Theresas place, Eddie and his friends confront Ryan. Eddie asks him why he is still here? Eddie says he and Theresa have finally worked things out, and now he has shown up. Ryan says he is only here for Marissa. Eddie says Marissa doesnt want him here, and neither does he. Eddie says hes going to get a drink, and when he comes back he wants him gone. Eddies friends push Ryan around and tell him to go. Ryans phone rings and it is Julie. She demands to know where Marissa is. He says he wont tell her, so she says if he doesnt get her home now than she will call the cops and tell them that he is holding her against her will!

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In the Cohen kitchen, Sophie is busy cooking. Sandy says they have to talk about this, but Sophie says no they dont. She says she needs to get the food in the oven or they won't be eating until midnight. Sandy says she cant just drop a bomb like that and not talk about it. Sandy asks if she has told anyone else? She says she hasnt told his sister or his brother, and she doesnt want anyone to know, not even Seth. Sandy asks what treatments the doctor recommended? Sophie says by time she saw the doctor it had spread, so that is that. Sandy asks her what she is going to do? Sophie says shes going to make dinner, and shes going to enjoy what is left of her life. Sandy wants her to see a doctor around here, but Sophie says no. Sophie refuses to put herself through the treatments only to die like Kirstens mother. Sandy says it still gave them more time to spend with her. Sophie reminds Sandy that he left home when he was sixteen and moved across country, he obviously didn't want to spend time with her. Sandy says he had a scholarship and a chance to make something of himself. Sophie says he also married a woman whose father represents everything she has fought against her entire life! Sandy says he married her for love, not because of her fathers politics! Seth and Summer walk in at this point and quickly walk out. Sophie doesnt know what she is doing here as she hates this state, she hates the sunshine, she hates the ocean, and she hates Schwarzenegger! Sophie then storms out of the kitchen.

In Chino, Ryan goes to see Marissa, and she sees he has been a little messed up by the guys. They pushed him down and he scraped his arm. Ryan tells Marissa they need to go, but Marissa says she is not going anywhere. Ryan gets another call, this time it is from Seth. Seth says The Nana has gotten scary again, and mom and dad want to know when he is coming home. Ryan says Marissa wont leave, Eddie is threatening to kick his ass, and Julie Cooper is threatening to have him arrested for kidnapping. Seth says if Marissa is fine than he has to come home, but Ryan refuses to leave her. As they talk, Summer practices her Hebrew. Seth tells Ryan to come home, he has to co because Summer is giving him a Hebrew Hernia.

At the Cooper house, Luke apologizes to Julie, but she says it is not his fault. Julie says she is the grownup, she is the one who is at fault. Luke asks Julie if she is going to lock Marissa up again? Julie says she doesnt have much of a choice, if she doesnt come home on her own than she has to make sure Marissa is safe.

Sandy finds his mother in the backyard smoking. He says she has got to be kidding him! Sophie says the best thing about having cancer is she can smoke all she wants. Sandy sits next to her and says he called her doctor to talk to him. Seth listens in on them talking, and he hears his Nana has cancer. Sandy says the doctor says she hasnt been returning his calls, and while there is no cure, if she takes the drugs she can slow the cancer down. Sophie refuses to take the medicine because she has kids in the Bronx counting on her, and she can't work on chemo. Sandy says she has kids of her own who are counting on her. Sophie asks what they are counting on her for? Sandy says to be there, that is all he ever wanted. Sandy says he was surprised she even noticed that he left home when he was sixteen. Sandy says she was never home, she was taking care of other peoples kids or marching on city hall. Sandy says he felt like she had no time for them. Sophie says it was his father who ran away, not her. Sandy asks now who is running away? HE tells her to enjoy her cigarette and walks off. Sophie gets up to go inside and sees Seth standing there. Seth looks at her and walks back inside.

Back at the party in Chino, the party is actually heating up. Marissa seems to be having a good time, and she tells Theresa that both she and Eddie are really great. Marissa asks Theresa if it is sure that she stays here, especially now with Ryan here. Theresa says Ryan is her oldest friend, and that is it. She says when she went to Newport it was because she was afraid and Ryan was safe. However, Theresa says she now realizes she has nothing to be afraid of, and neither does she. Theresa tells Marissa that Ryan didnt come her for her (Theresa), he came her for her (Marissa). Eddie sees that Ryan is still here, and Ryan says it isnt his choice. Eddie says that is too bad. They talk, and Eddie says with Arturo and his brother in jail, they are the only ones from the old crew left. Eddie says he thought Ryan came here for Theresa, but he knows now that isnt why he is here. Eddie says he talked to Marissa. Ryan says he doesnt think she wants him here. Eddie says of all the places Marissa could go she picked the one place she knew he could find her. 

Sophie knocks on Seths door and asks if he is in. He says he is. She comes in to see him, and she asks where Summer is. He says she went to change for dinner. Seth asks why she wasnt going to tell him. Sophie says she wanted to spend this time getting to know him, not be the dying Nana. Nana says they could all be dead tomorrow for all they know. Seth says that is comforting. Sophie asks Seth about him, but he says the things he like seem trivial next to cancer. She says that is why she didnt want to tell him. Seth asks her if she is scared? Sophie asks what he thinks? Seth says dad always said she wasnt afraid of anything. Sophie says his dad doesnt know her as well as he thinks he does. Seth says shes the one who doesnt want to stick around , so whose fault is that? 

Back in Chino, Ryan goes to talk to Marissa. He asks her what she thinks of Chino? She says she thinks there is more trouble where she is from. Ryan apologizes for everything, but he says the longer they stay here the worse it will get. Ryan says her mom could try and put her away again. Marissa tells him to let her try. Marissa goes to change, and she tells him that shes leaving. He says she cant keep running away, and she replies who asked him? She says she never asked him to come chasing after her. Ryan says maybe she should start thinking about others instead of always thinking about herself! Ryan refuses to let Marissa go anywhere, and she ends up breaking down in his arms. She says she cant go back there. Ryan tells her that it will be okay. Theresa knocks on the door and says someone is here to see Ryan. Ryan goes to the door and it is Luke. Ryan tells Luke that he cant be here, what is he doing here? Luke says he is here for Marissa.

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Luke tells Ryan that Julie isnt kidding, she is going to call the cops if Marissa doesnt come home. Ryan says he is the last person Marissa wants to see , but Luke doesnt care. Eddie comes over and tells them that this is his engagement party. Marissa shows up and slaps Luke. She tells him to get out of here. Luke says that this is not what she thinks. Marissa doesnt want to hear it and tells him to go. Luke says he is sorry, and he leaves. 

At the Cohens, Summer walks into the kitchen and says is smells so good in here. Summer asks Kirsten what happened to make The Nana scary again. Sophie walks in at this point and asks what is going on? Summer says nothing, and runs off. Sophie thinks Kirsten told her, but Kirsten says she didnt. Sophia asks what they were talking about then? Kristen says they were talking about how scary she is. Sophie says she is scary. Kristen wants to talk about Sophie's choice to die and not know her family. Sophie says she didnt know Kirsten had it in her to be honest. Kirsten says that is because she doesnt know her, and she never wanted to know her. Sophie says her son made a choice. Kirsten says maybe, but she can also make one. Kirsten says she could get treatment, have Sandy back in her life and get to know her grandson, but that isnt important to her. Sophie says Guilt huh, impressive, are you sure your not Jewish? 

Back in Chino, Ryan asks Theresa how Marissa is doing? She says Marissa is fine, Luke is the one who is going to have a handprint on his face. Theresa apologizes for not inviting him to the party. Ryan says she should invite him to the wedding. She says she will, both him and Marissa. Eddie and Marissa joining them, and Eddie asks who wants cake. Ryan says he cant, he has to go back. He says Seths grandma is in town and he has to have dinner with them. Theresa tells Eddie that her mom needs help in the kitchen, and drags him off. Marissa tells Ryan that she doesnt want to go back. Ryan says he knows that. Ryan says she didnt do anything wrong, they did and they know that. He reminds her that her dad and Caitlin are back there, as is he. He says hed get over her eventually, but it would take awhile.

At the Cohens, satyr dinner begins. Sophie couldnt find a satyr plate, and Sandy says that is because they dont have one. He says this is the first actual satyr theyve had, they normally go to the Ackermans. He says the didnt go this year because of her and Ryan. Sophie says she has been helping kids like Ryan find homes for over forty years, but it never occurred to her to bring one of them home. She tells Sandy that he had to show up his own mother didnt he? Sandy says he is a good kid and she should spend some time with him. Sophie says she cant, shes flying home early to get her first treatment. Sandy thanks her and gives her a hug. He says she could have it out here, but she says she likes her doctor, and his brother and sister are back there.

Ryan and Marissa arrive home, and Julie is glad to see Marissa is back. Marissa says she came to get her stuff and go. Marissa says or what, who will she call? She tells her to call everyone because shed love to tell them all why she ran. Julie tells her to get her stuff and leave. Marissa says gladly! 

Back at the Cohens, Jimmy shows up for dinner, and Hailey is glad to see him. He says he thought about what she said today and she was right about everything. Hailey says he was right, Kirsten and her are finally getting along, she has a second chance with her dad, so why risk all that. Jimmy says because she is fun and he cant help himself. She asks are they really going to do this? Jimmy says he thinks they already are. He says the real question is how to tell Kirsten. Hailey says she doesnt have to know right away. 

At the pool house, Summer continues to practice her speech, and Seth is impressed that she memorized the whole thing. Ryan and Marissa show up, and Summer hugs Marissa. When Seth asks about Luke, Ryan says they wont see much of him for awhile because Summer smacked the hell out of him. Summer says nice! Seth says she has been hanging out with Ryan too much. Sandy tells them all that the satyr is about to begin so get in there. 

The Cohen's and their guest sit down to dinner, and they read the story of Passover. 

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