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March 3rd, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

Please note, this summary has not been proofed! I will probably proof it and ad minor details within a day or two. Also, my sincere apologizes for it being so late!

The show opens in the Cohen living room with Seth questioning Ryan about kissing Theresa. Seth wants to know what kind of kiss it was, and if there was tongue. Ryan says it was just a kiss. Seth asks if they are couple now? Is she staying here? Has she found a place to live? Or are they going to commute? Seth says if they are going to commute whose car will they use, and how will they pay for gas? And which freeway will they take? Ryan tells Seth that he is making this a big deal, and he doesnt know when he will see her again. Theresa shows up and says she had the morning off, so she was going to drive them to school. She says she hopes it is okay she stopped by. Seth and Ryan both say sure, why wouldnt it be? Suddenly, Marissa walks in. Marissa didnt think Theresa would be here, and she also came to offer them a ride to school. Seth suggests he can go with Marissa and Ryan can go with Theresa. Marissa says no, it is okay. Theresa says it makes more sense if Theresa takes them. Theresa asks why, because they go to the same school and she lives her? There is a bit of silence, and Marissa says shes just going to go. Theresa thinks she should go to, and tells Ryan to call her later. Seth tells Ryan that it looks like they are hitchhiking!

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Sandy sips coffee in the kitchen when Kirsten walks in, as does Marissa. Actually, Marissa was just leaving (after talking with Ryan and Seth). As Kirsten talks to Sandy about how her dad made Rivieras man of the year award, she is stunned to see Theresa follow Marissa out of the house. Eventually Ryan and Seth show up, and Kirsten says she sees some of Ryans friends stopped in. Sandy says he thought Theresa was going home? Seth says she might be staying. Kristen asks how long she is staying? Ryan says they are figuring that out. Suddenly, Kirsten and Sandy launch into a line of questions about leases, school, the guy she is engaged to. Seth tells Ryan he is the way he is for a reason. Ryan doesnt answer, and Seth says theyll need a ride to school. Kirsten says shell give them a ride. Before leaving, Kirsten asks Sandy if he is taking the case to help Uncle Shaun. Sandy says hes thinking about it. Kirsten says they are hosting the reception for her dads award here, and it would be nice if Uncle Shaun could be here. Sandy says not if they have to pay for the bar tap. Kirsten gives him a kiss and heads off.

At school, Marissa finds Luke strumming a guitar outside. She sits by Luke and asks him when they broke up and she started dating Ryan, was it hard for him to see them together? Luke says yeah, but they wouldnt have broken up if he hadnt . . . Marissa says now she knows what it feels like, and she guesses she deserves it. Marissa sees Seth and Ryan arrive, and Luke tells Marissa that the sooner she realizes it will never go back to the way it was, the sooner she can move on.

Marissa meets up with Ryan and apologizes about this morning. He says its okay. Marissa asks how long she is staying? Ryan says she has to find a job and a place to live. Marissa offers her help if he needs any.

At lunch, Summer reads the issue of Riviera with Caleb on the cover as Seth and Anna talk about how angry he looks in the photo. Summer reads the society column and gushes about the plastic surgery gossip. She mentions how chin implants are really big now, they are the new nose job. Seth thinks this talk is boring Anna, but she says she is savoring it because shes moving back to Pittsburg to live with her aunt and uncle. Seth looks hurt and upset by her decision.

Ryan eats lunch with Theresa in her yellow convertible. Theresa is looking through the classifieds for a job. He tells her that shell find something, theyll figure it out. She says she knows, and shes glad he called her to come join him. The bell rings and Ryan has to go to class. He kisses Theresa, and he says it will be okay. 

Luke heads to Julies house after school and Caitlin answers the door. IT seems Caitlin has a little bit of a crush on Luke. Julie finally comes to the door, and she tells him that he shouldnt come to the house, Caitlin could become suspicious. As they are talking, Jimmy pulls up. Julie quickly tells Jimmy that Luke is here to defrag her hard drive. Julie lets Luke in and tells him to make it quick. Julie then goes to get Caitlin to spend time with Jimmy.

Ryan returns home and Sandy is barbequing sword fish. Sandy asks Ryan if he should put another piece on for Theresa, Marissa or any other ladies who might be dropping in. Ryan says hes going to go pick up Theresa. Sandy asks how things are going with them? Ryan says pretty good, they are still figuring things out. Sandy tells Ryan that he thinks they are both in way over their heads. HE says she has no job and no place to live, and please dont ask him if she can live here. Ryan says he wont, and Sandy says good because he has no idea how Kirsten reacted last time he floated such a concept. Sandy says Theresa has obligations in Chino and running away is not the answer. Sandy tells Ryan that he has to tell Theresa that it is time she faced the music, or at least the fianc.

Inside, Caleb helps Kirsten chop vegetables for dinner, and he talks to her about the plans for his celebratory dinner. Ryan comes in and says hello to Kirsten and Mr. Nichols. Kirsten suggests he call him Caleb! Ryan looks stunned, and Caleb doesnt look pleaded. Ryan congratulates him on his award. Caleb mumbles that it is nothing and they are lucky he posed for their cover. Kirsten suggests her father use that in his speech at the dinner! Kirsten decides to go check on the wine in the cellar. Sandy walks in and Caleb asks Sandy if he will help him with the legal issues? Sandy says only if he tells Kirsten everything. Caleb doesnt want to worry Kirsten if this goes away, but Sandy says it may not and he wont spend a year lying to his wife because of him.

Ryan shows up at Theresas motel to talk. Before he can say anything, Theresa says she has news. Theresa tells Ryan she called Eddie and told him that he wasnt coming home anytime soon. Theresa says she feels so free, and she asks what he had to say? Ryan pauses, and then invites Theresa to dinner.

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Ryan walks into the Cohen kitchen. Seth sulks at the table and says So shes leaving. Ryan says no, shes staying. Seth asks Annas not going back to Pittsburg? Ryan realizes they got people confused. Ryan says Theresa is staying, and Seth says Anna is leaving. Seth worries Anna is leaving because of him, and if she is leaving because of him, maybe he can talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Ryan worries about Theresa staying in Newport, and he wonders what he is going to do.

Caleb and Kirsten meet for lunch, and Caleb prepares to tell her the truth about Uncle Shaun. He says the hotel room Uncle Shaun stumbled into happened to be the room of a chief rival, and this isnt the first time hes done this, only the first time hes been caught. Kirsten is shocked and wonders what else Uncle Shaun has done. Caleb says nothing, and she realizes it is serious. She asks if he is going to jail? Caleb says not if Sandy can help it. She says if Sandy cant help it, are they going to go after him? Caleb tells her that it isnt just her theyd come after.

At school, Marissa finds Ryan studying. They make small talk when Eddie suddenly shows up. He demands Ryan tell him if he slept with her? Ryan says he didnt, but Eddie doesnt understand why she would call him and tell him that shes not coming back. Eddie cant believe Ryan is doing this to him after everything he did for Ryan growing up. Eddie tells Ryan to be a man and be honest, is he sleeping with her. Ryan once again says no. A teacher shows up and tells Eddie that this lounge is for faculty and students only, so Eddie leaves. Ryan looks at Marissa and then walks off.

Seth runs into Anna outside, and asks her why she is leaving. Anna doesnt want to talk about it, but Seth presses her. Anna says she misses the seasons, she misses her dog, she misses the super flea market on Sundays, she misses the vinyl collection at Record Village. Seth asks if there if there is no other reason? She says no. Seth invites her to his grandfathers party tomorrow, but she says she is leaving tomorrow. He says she cant leave without saying goodbye. Anna says shell come say goodbye, and then she runs off to class.

Out by the bike rack, Marissa asks Ryan if there is anything she can do to help him and Theresa? Ryan says sure, find her a job and a place to live. Marissa says she could at least be her friend, and she suggests Ryan invite her to Calebs party and they could all hang out. Ryan asks her why in the hell would she want that? Marissa says she is used to getting what she wants, which she knows is not an attractive quality, but she also knows she cant compete with a girl hes known his whole life, not after everything that has come between them. Ryan says he doesnt think Theresa has the clothes, the dress, but thanks. Marissa walks off to her car, and Ryan bikes home.

Sandy finds Kirsten out by the pool. Kirsten says she knew her dad wasnt above board, but this is worse than she could have imagined. Sandy says theyll figure this out, and he will do whatever it takes to protect her. Kirsten says no, she will get outside council, she doesnt want him involved. Kirsten says this is her mistake, not his, and she will not let him compromise himself for her. Kristen excuses herself to call the caterers about Calebs Party.

Seth and Summer make out on the hood of Summers car. However, Seth cant help but think about Anna. Seth thinks Anna is lying and is leaving because of him. Summer tells Seth that hes sounding a little self-absorbed. Seth says he never wanted to hurt her feelings. Summer says maybe she really doesnt like it here. 

Ryan heads to Theresas hotel to talk to her. She has all these candles set up. Ryan tells her that they need to talk. Ryan says he doesnt know what to do about them, about her. He says he cant get her a job or find her a place to live. Theresa tells him to hush up. She says she doesnt need him to take care of her, she can do that herself. She pushes him onto the bed and kisses him. She says the thought of him thinking that she needed him is sweet, sexy. Ryan asks her about Eddie. Theresa says she cant marry Eddie right now, and she is here to be with them. The two of them do some heavy making out. Ryan asks if they are doing this? Theresa says its not like they havent before. The camera pans to the window, and then to outside the motel. We see Eddie sitting in his car looking up at Theresas room. The light in Theresas room goes out, and Eddie speeds off in his car.

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The next morning Ryan wakes up in bed with Theresa. He kisses her and gets out of bed to get dressed. She rolls over and asks him what is the matter? Ryan says people will notice if he doesnt get back. Theresa says she has the day off, she thought they could go out tonight. Ryan says he has a thing to go to for Kirstens dad. He asks her if she wants to come? She asks if he wants her to come, because shes getting the vibe . . . Ryan says it is cool, it is just these things are, you know, the people. Theresa gets it, the girl who serves party is now a guest. Ryan says he wasnt saying that. He says if she wants to go . . . She says she wants to go, she just wants to make sure he is not embarrassed to bring her to his things. He says hes not. She says she has nothing to wear anyways, so shell come over after the party and they can wear nothing together. Ryan gives her a kiss and heads out.

Sandy goes to play golf and talks to an old friend named Otis who works in the DAs office. Otis says he knows this isnt a coincidence, but it will save him a phone call. Otis says they have a deal to offer his client Shaunessy. Sandy says hes not his client, but Otis says that isnt what he says. Sandy says he is drunk most of the time, you cant take him seriously. Otis says his office is taking what he has to say very seriously. Sandy asks what kind of deal was he going to offer, out of curiosity. Otis says if Shaun let them know who signs his marching orders than he would consider letting him plead to a lesser charge. Sandy thinks the plaintiff might drop the charges, but Otis says he wont. Otis says the Newport Group is Orange Countys Enron, and if Sandy makes this hard for him than he will come down just as hard on him as he will Caleb. Sandy says it must be election year . . . Otis tells him to save it, they have been friends for years, and he knows that is why Caleb hired him. Otis says it used to be that Sandys moral compass wouldnt point him anywhere but in the direction of the truth. Sandy says he speaks like a man who has never been married. Sandy says it was good to see him, and he walks off.

Back at the Cohens, Seth asks Ryan where hes been? Ryan says he was at Theresas, and he asks if his parents said anything? Seth says no, but he covered for him. In the background, workers are preparing for Calebs party. Seth asks Ryan what happened, and Ryan says he just fell asleep. Seth says he heard about Eddie showing up at school. Ryan tries to change the subject to Anna. Seth says he wont let him change the subject, but then finds himself powerless. Seth says he wants Anna to know he is sorry and he doesnt want her to leave. Ryan suggests Seth tell Anna just that. Seth thinks that could be a good idea.

Back at Theresas place, Marissa shows up to see Theresa. Theresa asks Marissa what is going on. Marissa tells Theresa about the party, but Theresa says she knows. Theresa also says she doesnt have any nice clothes to wear. Marissa says she has some options, and has brought some things for Theresa to borrow. 

At the Cohens, the party for Caleb is in full swing. Sandy gets a call from a contact about the case, so he goes off to talk about it. Sandy says Caleb will be pleased by this news, and he says hes fully aware (of something) and that they do what they must. 

Meanwhile, Summer asks Ryan if Theresa is coming? He says nope. He asks if Marissa is coming? She says she doubts it. Summer says she gets why hes doing what hes doing, but Marissa does love him. Ryan says he knows, but the Oliver thing. Summer says Marissa dated Luke for years, she cant always trust her judgment, but she has a good heart. Suddenly, both Theresa and Marissa arrive together. Ryan is stunned by Theresas appearance, and Theresa says she had some help.

Seth poses for some photos with his grandfather, who claims Seth is the future of the company. Meanwhile, Anna shows up to say goodbye to Seth. She runs into Summer. Summer tells Anna that she may not believe this, but she is going to miss her. Anna says she doesnt believe it either, but shes going to miss her! Anna tells Summer Bye Blanche, and Summer says See ya Rose! They then share a hug.

Some women are gossiping about various other womens plastic surgeries, which Theresa overhears. She is stunned to learn they have chin implants. Anna walks up and says it is the new nose job. Anna looks over and sees Seth taking photos with Caleb. She cant say goodbye, and asks Ryan to give Seth a note for her. She says she cant bring herself to say it. She says goodbye to Ryan and tells him to have the best life because he deserves it. Anna looks at Seth and then takes off.

Elsewhere, Luke approaches Julie and tells her that she looks so hot. Julie says not here, and for him to behave. Luke says he knows, but her ass! Luke touches her and walks off, and Julie looks over to see Jimmy watching.

Sandy meets with Caleb and says he saw the DA today, and it didnt go well. Sandy says he will be able to make this go away, but Caleb is going to have to give something big up. He says that Joe Macuin (the mans room Shaun broke into) is going to have to be the chief lumber supplier for the Newport Groups next big contract. Caleb says he knew he could rely on him, and offers his hand. Sandy doesnt accept. Caleb asks Sandy what is the matter, he cuts deals for his clients all the time. Sandy says usually they are the ones breaking the law, not him! Meanwhile, Kirsten sees Sandy with Caleb and doesnt look happy.

A woman gathers everyones attention to present the award for man of the year to Caleb. Jimmy confronts Julie about what he thinks. She asks what he thinks? Jimmy says if what he thinks is correct, this will destroy Marissa, and they both know she has been through enough. Julie says she honestly doesnt know what she is talking about. Meanwhile, Caleb takes the stage and begins his speech. Elsewhere, Eddie walks into the party and looks around. Marissa sees him show up, and hes walking around with something in his hand. Eddie walks up to Theresa, who asks what he is doing here? Ryan sees Eddie with Theresa and runs over to them to prevent anything bad. Eddie is trying to force Theresa to leave with him. Ryan tells Eddie to stop this, and Eddie tells him to stay away from him. Ryan doesnt listen, and Eddie decks Ryan, sending him crashing onto a table of food. Ryan gets up and tackles Eddie, and they disrupt the entire party. Eddie decks Ryan again, and sends him into the pool. Luke grabs Eddie, and Sandy tells Eddie to leave before the cops arrive. Eddie screams at Ryan that hes a dead man! Eddie is escorted out, and everyone stares at Ryan, including Theresa. 

Commercial Break

The party is pretty much over. Ryan sits with an ice pack on his face. Sandy, Kirsten and Theresa are with him. Sandy says that hes going to have some shiner, but it will look good on him! Theresa says she is so sorry about everything. Kirsten tells her that this isnt her fault. Sandy leaves, claiming he has to go break up a rumble in the bedroom. Summer and Seth come over to check on him, and Seth says he cant believe Anna didnt show. Ryan says she did, and he gives her the letter from her, which is now soaking wet. Seth opens it and says the ink is all smudged, he cant even read it. Seth goes into the kitchen to try and read it, and hes frustrated. He makes out the words I love you, but cant make out much else. Summer asks Seth why he cares what the letter says? Seth says he thinks Anna is leaving because of him and he doesnt want it to happen. Summer asks him what is going on, last week he was declaring his love for her, now hes talking about how he doesnt want Anna to leave. Seth says it isnt like that. He says Anna is just his friend and he doesnt want her to leave. Summer tells him to go stop her then. Seth kisses her and leaves.

Ryan asks Theresa what shes going to do? She says she needs to call Eddie and try and straighten everything out. Ryan says it will be okay. Seth interrupts them, apologizes for doing so, and asks Ryan to drive him to the airport because he had three glasses of champagne. Theresa tells him it is okay, so Ryan drives him. 

Outside, Caleb comes over to see Julie. He asks if she was going to ignore him all night? She says he seemed busy, and she congratulates him. Caleb says thanks, and asks if he can drive her home. Julie says she lives next door. Caleb says he wants to take her out on a real date. He says he knows he didnt make her feel appreciated, and he wants her to feel appreciated. Julie tells him to plan the perfect date, run it by her and theyll see.
Ryan speeds towards the airport as Journey blasts on the radio. Seth wonders what is wrong with the AC, and what is up with this music. Ryan tells him not to insult Journey. 

Theresa stops by Marissas place to return her dress. Theresa is embarrassed about the huge fight at such a fancy party. Marissa says that isnt the first time that has happened. Theresa is returning back to Chino. She says she has made a huge mess of everything, and she and Ryan both have their own lives to figure out. Theresa tells Marissa to take care of Ryan, and she leaves.

Sandy is sitting on his bed when Kirsten comes in. Kirsten says she talked to her dad and knows what he did. Sandy says he obstructed justice and tampered with a witness. Kirsten asks what happens now? Sandy says not much, the DA has no case now, and they cant go after Caleb and lose because it is an election year. Kirsten says she didnt want him involved, she would rather go to jail then be responsible for him being mixed up in this. Kristen tells Sandy when he does something like this, there is no going back. Sandy says if anyone is going to be putting her in handcuffs it will be him!

Seth and Ryan arrive at the airport, and Seth rushes to find Anna. Seth sees Anna as she is about to pass through the checkpoint, and he calls to her. She comes to see him, and he tells her not to go because of him. Seth says hes so sorry if he did anything to hurt her feelings. Anna says she loves him, but as a friend. Anna tells him that he is an amazing guy, a little self absorbed, but great. She says she knows they dont have much chemistry, and she is leaving because she needs to. She says one day they may be perfect for each others, but for now she needs to go to Pittsburg. She thanks him for coming and saying goodbye. They hug, and Anna heads through the gate. Seth doesnt know what hes going to do without her sage wisdom. She tells him to have confidence. Seth watches Anna leave. She has tears in her eyes as she smiles at him and gets on the plane. 

Ryan and Seth drive to the Mermaid Inn. Ryan wants to check on Theresa and is stunned to find she has checked out.

Ryan and Seth go to get some pizza and hang out on the pier and commiserate together. Ryan says they still have one another. Seth says actually, he has Summer. Ryan tells him thanks. Ryan says there is still Luke, and he begin to think about Luke and what hes doing right now. 

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Ryan and Seth catch Luke and Julie at the Mermaid Inn kissing, and they realize what, or who, Luke is doing.
Ryan confronts Luke at school about who he is doing, and he tells Luke that it has to end!
Kristen tells Sandy and Jimmy that if they need a cheap designer, go for Julie. Jimmy says no way! He says this restaurant is supposed to be his oasis. Kristen says Julie is good, and jimmy says yeah at manipulating others and backstabbing!
Julie meets with the boys and says shell do it.
The kids head to a strip club in LA where they run into Paris Hilton and Colin Hanks, as well as Seths Aunt Haley up on the stage doing a pole dance! Haley asks Ryan if he is having fun yet, not realizing she was talking to Ryan. They are both stunned to see one another. 

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