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April 14th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with a shot of Marissa at the movies. She is crying her heart out. Ryan is next to her, and Seth and Summer are also there. Seth is also crying. Ryan asks if the movie is the only reason she is crying? She says yes, she is emotionally stable, and besides she is not the only one crying. Seth says he is crying because he is allergic to the pollen in here. Summer is also crying, and Seth says tomorrow they are watching football. Summer says football season is five months away. Seth says they can watch ESPN classics. Ryan suggests next time they see a comedy. Marissa says she can handle sad movies. The kids leave, and they all want to do what Marissa wants to do. Marissa says it is getting late. Summer suggests they have a slumber party. Marissa knows they are worried about her, and she assures them that she is fine. They say of course she is, why wouldnt she be? Marissa says maybe because the guy she lost her virginity to had sex with her mom! Some strangers hear this and stare at her. Marissa tells them it isnt a big deal, and she suggests they go to Java Juice. Meanwhile, Julie meets with Luke at Java Juice. Julie only came to meet him because he is becoming obsessed with calling her and messaging her. Julie asks what he needs to tell her that is so important? The kids show up, and when Marissa sees her mom meeting with Luke, she freaks out and runs off. Julie walks away from Luke, and Ryan runs after Marissa

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Its a new day, and Seth comes to the pool house where Ryan is getting dressed. Seth apologizes for walking in on him getting dressed. Ryan is heading off to find Luke and beat the crap out of him. Seth says he doesnt have to look far, Luke has just shown up in their back yard. Ryan asks Luke what is going on, he thought it was over. Luke says it is, and he just needed to talk to Julie. Luke says nobody will talk to him, and he thought they were his friends. Ryan says right now he has no friends. Luke says he needs their help because hes leaving town. Luke says his parents divorce is final, and his dad is leaving for Portland where he has family. Luke says that is what he was trying to tell Julie, and that is what he wants to tell Marissa. He says he just wants to say goodbye, and he just needs five minutes. Ryan doesnt know if he should help.

In the kitchen, Sandy is nervous about the big opening of The Lighthouse tomorrow night, and he fears something will go wrong. Tonight they are having a family celebration there, and he hopes nothing goes wrong there either. Jimmy shows up and he and Sandy do some weird business partner secret handshake. Kirsten asks what that was? They say its a guy thing. Hailey shows up in a stunning red dress and asks if this is okay for tonight? Jimmy is stunned by her looks. Sandy says her outfit will certainly distract the customers since they wont be drinking. Sandy has just opened up a letter from the liquor board, they are is refusing to give the restaurant a license. Jimmy says this cant be because he applied and they were granted one. Sandy says it must be a mix-up, and hell call the inspector. Sandy and Kirsten leave, and Jimmy and Hailey flirt with one another and share a kiss. They are nearly caught by Kirsten when she returns.

Summer shows up to see Marissa at her place, and she asks what they will be doing today? Marissa says she is meeting Ryan for lunch at the pier. Marissas phone rings, and she thinks it is Ryan calling her. She misses the call because her phone is lost in her room, which she has never unpacked. Summer asks how she lives like this? Marissa says she guessed she figured if she didnt unpack than it wouldnt be so permanent. Marissa asks Summer if she wants to come, but Summer says no she should get back to her step-mom because she is whacked out on percocet after having her wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

Marissa meets Ryan on the pier, and she says she cant believe they (Luke and her mom) are still seeing one another. Ryan says they arent. Ryan says he talked to Luke because he showed up at his place. Ryan says Luke wants to talk to her and apologize. Marissa says there is no way she could forgive him. Ryan says it would mean a lot to him. Marissa says it isnt important to her, and shed like to keep that part of her life separate from this part. Ryan looks at Marissa and asks if she knows what they havent done in awhile? He then leans in to kiss her. 

Seth is with Summer at Marissas place, and he says while hes into getting it on in exotic locals, her best friends bedroom is not the place. Summer wants to surprise Marissa with a room makeover. Seth says the idea is sweet, but he doubts it would make her forget about what her ex-boyfriend did. However, he does begin to get into the idea of fung shuiing (spelling?) the place up.

At the Lighthouse, Sandy is putting the final touches on things when Peter Johnson from the liquor board shows up. Sandy asks why their liquor license has been reneged? He says without a license this place wont make it because everyone in Newport is a borderline alcoholic. Peter says hes sorry but the temporary license was issued before the paperwork landed in front of the newly appointed commissioner. Sandy asks s? Peter says the new commissioner was an old client of Jimmys. He says Jimmy stole half a million from the new commissioner, which forced him out of retirement and back to work. Peter says the only way hell get a liquor license is if Jimmy quits.

Marissa and Ryan return to Marissas place, and they are making out on the couch. There is a knock at the door, and it is Caleb. He has dropped by to see Marissa. He asks Ryan to excuse them while they talk. Marissa says no, she wants Ryan here because they have no secrets. Caleb says okay, but what he says doesnt leave this room. Caleb tells Marissa that her mother is a wonderful woman and he would like her blessing to ask her mom to marry him. Caleb says he lover her very much. Marissa tells Caleb that he doesnt know her mom! Ryan suggests Caleb give Marissa some time to think about this. Caleb says she doesnt have time because he intends to propose to her tonight with their friends and family in attendance. Marissa says she cant stop him. Caleb thanks her for her time, and asks her to keep this quiet because he wants it to be a surprise. Caleb leaves, and Marissa realizes if her mom marries him than she will be the most powerful woman in Newport. Ryan says not if she tells Caleb the truth. 

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Ryan returns home and finds Luke waiting for him. Ryan tells Luke that he doesnt think Marissa will agree to see him because shes dealing with a lot of stuff right now. He says her dad is getting ready for opening night so everyone is really busy. Luke says he is getting ready to leave town forever. Luke reminds Ryan that he had his back with Oliver. Ryan tells Luke that he had sex with her mother! Luke says he didnt just have sex with her, he is in love with her! Luke says he has to talk to her, he has to explain. Luke says he wont leave without talking to her and making it right.

Meanwhile, Seth and Summer continues to plan the makeover of Marissas room. She says they will sneak out of the dinner party tonight and come makeover her room. Summer finds last years year book, and she sees all these clubs Seth is in and the only member of: the sailing team, the comic book club, the film society. She begins feeling bad about how she treated him. She asks if she was really mean to him? He says that would require her talking to him. She tells him a lot has changed in a year. Summer reads Lukes message to Marissa in her year book, which says he will love her forever. Seth says a lot has changes and Marissa will need a lot of fung shui.

At the Cohens, Kirsten asks Sandy why he doesnt look ready to celebrate. Sandy explains what he found out about the liquor license. He says he has tried to call in favors all day, and the only way they will get a license is if Jimmy leaves. Kirsten says he could go to her dad. Sandy says hed have to throw a few more drinks back to even consider that. 

Luke parks his truck in a parking lot outside The Lighthouse. He is drinking. Inside the party is in full swing. Summer signals to Seth that it is time for them to leave and redecorate Marissas room. Julie tries to talk to Marissa, but Marissa walks away from her. Caleb offers to help Julie out with Marissa if he can, and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Kirsten and Hailey wonder why their dad is all mushy and warm lately. Hailey says maybe it is the new blood thinning medication he is on. Kristen asks Hailey how her romantic life is going? Hailey tells Kirsten that she knows her. Hailey looks over at Jimmy adoringly and says he is such a different person, it is great. Kirsten looks as if she suspects something.

Jimmy is talking to Sandy about how great things are going, and hopefully the official opening tomorrow will be even better. Jimmy asks how it went with the liquor board today? Sandy says he is working on it. 

Meanwhile, a drunk Luke decides to stumble into the party to see Marissa. Back in the party, Marissa thanks Ryan for being here because she couldnt do this alone. Ryan says you know him, he cant get enough of this stuff. Caleb then calls everyones attention. As he is about to propose, Luke shows up. Ryan tells Luke that he should leave, and he realizes Luke is drunk. Suddenly, Caleb gets down on his knee and asks Julie to marry him! He produces an engagement ring with a huge emerald in the center and diamonds all around it. She says she will marry him. Everyone is stunned, and Luke tears out of the restaurant. Ryan runs after him. Ryan asks Luke to give him his keys, and he offers to drive him home. Luke says what home and speeds off in his car. 

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Ryan asks Marissa for the keys to her car, but she says no way. Marissa says Luke needs to take time alone and think about what hes done. Ryan says Luke does feel bad. Ryan says Luke is moving with his dad to Portland because of what happened. 

Back in the restaurant, Kirsten is getting drunk. She says this is the apocalypse for them all, Julie Cooper is going to be her new step-mom. She asks Jimmy if he ever thought that when they were younger that in the future her dad would marry his ex-wife? Sandy says this could be good, but Kirsten says this marriage is an asteroid which will hit the earth and all they have to do is wait and see what species survive!

At Marissas place, Seth and Summer are redecorating, and Seth is having a hard time being a handyman. Seth didnt use the stud finder before putting nails in the wall, so he ends up causing the drywall to crumble. Summer tells him that he has to use the stud finder. Seth jokes that she is a stud finder and has found him. She says she needs the stud finder and a level. She says he does know what a level is doesnt he? He says he knows what it is in a video game. Seth says that his people just arent handy, and he says they should get a contractor. Summer revs up her drill, so he says hell paint. Summer says And here I thought you could only paint ceilings.

Luke is off in his car listening to Bob Segers Night Moves and drinking. Someone calls his cell phone. It is Ryan. Ryan and Marissa are out looking for Luke. Luke insists he is fine, he is just having a few beers. Luke tells Ryan to tell Marissa that he gets it, he doesnt deserve her forgiveness because he is scum. Ryan asks Luke to tell him where he is. Luke says goodbye and hangs up. Luke begins kicking the crap out of his car, and then starts throwing beer bottles around. Luke calls up Julie and leaves a message for her. He tells Julie that hes leaving tomorrow and he needs to see her. He says hes coming to see her right now, she owes him a goodbye! Luke then takes off in his truck.

Back at the Cohens, Caleb tells Sandy that without a liquor license they will be belly up in no time. Sandy says he had no idea! Sandy asks Caleb to do him a favor, which shocks Caleb. Caleb tells Sandy that he should never mix business with friendship. Sandy reminds Caleb that he still owes him for Uncle Shaun. Kristen walks into the kitchen looking for water because she is feeling the booze. When Caleb says he needs to get back to his bride to be, Kirsten says shes definitely going to vomit now!

Out on the road, Ryan and Marissa approach the scene of an accident. They fear the worst, and then recognize Lukes truck. They get out of their car and see Luke being put onto a stretcher and put into an ambulance. 

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The kids are all at the hospital waiting for news on Luke. Lukes dad tells them that he is out of surgery and the worst is behind him, but hes going to be out for awhile so there is no need for them to wait here. Seth and Summer decide to leave, and Marissa was going to leave, but Ryan decides to stay. Marissa says she will stay too.

Jimmy and Sandy discuss Lukes accident at the Cohen house. Jimmy tells Sandy that hell go down to the courthouse to try and deal with the liquor license. Sandy tells jimmy that he is the hold up with the license. He explains everything to Jimmy about the new commissioner and his grudge. Jimmy says this place was supposed to be a chance for him to escape from his past, but he guesses there is no escape. Sandy says there is one chance for them, hes asked Caleb for help. Jimmy says he could have asked him to bow out, but Sandy says that wasnt an option.

Back at the hospital, Marissa and Ryan are still waiting around. Lukes dad tells him that he is up and okay. He says they should go home. Marissa asks Lukes dad to tell him that shes here and wants to see him.

Back at the Cohens, Julie is going on and on about the wedding. Kirsten sits and sulks. Julie asks why she isnt excited? Kirsten says it was a rough night. Julie says Ohhh! and mimics taking a drink and winks at Kirsten. Seth shows up, he has been up all night and has just come from finishing Marissas room. Seth asks if Ryan is back from the hospital. Julie asks what happened, and Kirsten explains about Lukes accident. Julie is stunned, and says perhaps Luke just never recovered from what happened with his father. Seth says yeah, that must be it.

At the Lighthouse, Caleb has not been able to come through and get them the license. Sandy cant believe he couldnt help them considering what a bad ass he is. Caleb tells them that one mans misfortune is another mans fortune, and he suggests they have a talk.

At the hospital, Marissa and Ryan go to see Luke. She asks him if he is okay. He tells her how sorry he is. He says he didnt mean for this to happen, any of it. He says he had no one and it just happened. Luke says he is going to leave and let things go back to normal for her. He says as long as hes here then he knows they wont. Luke says before he goes he wants to know if she can forgive him. Marissa says yes. She takes his hand and kisses it. She tells him that shell miss him. Marissa ends up and tears, and walks out. Luke tells Ryan who would have thought when he (Ryan) moved to town that hed (Luke) be the one to leave. Luke says perhaps in Portland he can fall for the girl dating the captain of the football team. He jokes welcome to Portland bitch! Luke says hell email him and maybe even drop back in and say hey. Ryan wishes Luke luck.

Ryan and Marissa walk through the hospital. Marissa says she hates her mom so much for everything she has done. Marissa says she has to do something. Ryan asks where they are going? 

Marissa ends up going to see Caleb at his office. She says they need to talk about her mom. Caleb says he was thinking the same thing. He wants Marissa to put the past with her mother behind her. Marissa says he has no idea what her mom is like or what she has done. Caleb says he knows; he knows everything. Caleb says they should just make a fresh start. He says family is important to him and he wants them to be a real family, which includes her and Caitlin. Marissa says they already have a dad. Caleb knows that, and he says he is the only chance her father has. HE says he has offered to buy the Lighthouse from her father and Sandy, otherwise if he doesnt than they will both be ruined. He says he offered them a good amount of money, but if he was to change his mind, her father would be ruined and run out of town. Marissa realizes this is where she comes in. Caleb tells Marissa that she is important to her mother, and he wants her to come live with them after the wedding. Marissa says he has to be kidding. Caleb says it would mean everything to her. Marissa realizes Caleb isnt leaving her a choice. Marissa says if she does this will he by the restaurant. Caleb says this conversation would have to remain confidential. Marissa says you mean you dont want my mom to know that he is blackmailing her. They strike a deal, and Marissa leaves.

Marissa and Ryan return to Marissas place, and Marissa hears Summer and Seth up in her room arguing. Marissa goes upstairs and sees what they have done to her room. They have created a whole Paris/Moulin Rouge painting on the wall and theme for her room. She is so moved she cries, and she doesnt know what to say. She thanks them both and says it is so cool. They also found her old Care Bear. She thanks them and says she really needed this.

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