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April 21st 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

I unfortunately missed almost the entire opening of the show. Sorry!
Theresa is at a phone booth on the pier. She calls the Cohen house and talks to Sandy. Theresa asks him to meet her at the Balboa Bakery. He agrees, and she asks him not to say anything to Ryan about this. 

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Kristen is at the office when Julie shows up. Kirsten is on the phone with a client, and Julie is going on and on about all the problems she is having planning her wedding: the caterer wont serve beef due to Mad Cow, the DJ wont play Bob Sieger because he is so over. Kirsten eventually gives up on talking to her client and asks if she can call them back. She then asks Julie how she can help her. Julie asks Kirsten to host her shower for her. Kirsten says she cant host a shower. Julie says she knows it is last minute, but as her maid of honor she was hoping she would. Kirsten asks why she is asking her? Julie says she is her best friend, who else would she ask. Kirsten suggests Marissa. Julie says Marissa isnt speaking to her right now, but Caleb is convinced Marissa will help with it if she will host the shower. Julie says Caleb has already arranged to have it at the club. Kirsten agrees to host it, and Julie is pleased. Julie requests this be a grown up shower, a couples shower, sort of like a cocktail party.

Marissa and Ryan are at the coffee house, and Marissa gets a message on her phone from Caleb asking her to help Kirsten throw a shower for her mom. Marissa cannot believe she has to help plan a couples shower for her mom. Ryan asks Marissa if she has told her dad about moving in with her mom? She says no and shell do it today. Ryan tells her not to throw the shower if she doesnt want to, stand her ground. Marissa says she always stands her ground.

Meanwhile, Summer and Seth are on a couch, and Summer gets a call from someone about the plans for tonight. Summer tells the person on the phone how funny they are, and Seth makes a face. Summer tells her dad that shell see him later. Seth cant believe that is how she talks to her dad. Summer says her dad is her best bud. Seth wonders why he hasnt met her dad; he was beginning to think she was made in a lab or hatched in a pod. Summer says they just havent done the whole family meet and greet, and she has never introduced a boyfriend to her dad. Seth says he has a very non-threatening non-sexual vibe, so there are no worries. Summer eventually agrees to do lunch with his dad. Seth claims her dad wont need a menu because hell be eating out of the palm of his hand.

Sandy meets up with Theresa, who has a black eye. Sandy asks if Eddie did this to her? She says hes been under a lot of stress lately. She says he lost his job and his apartment, and last night he had some drinks and went off. Sandy asks if she is leaving him? Theresa says it isnt that simple. She asks what would happen if he did this again and she pressed charges? He says anything from jail time to a restraining order. Sandy tells Theresa that she still cant be thinking of marrying the guy after this. 

Summer show up at Seths room and says they are on for lunch with her dad tomorrow. Seth says excellent and begins talking about smoking Cuban cigars and going to the Russian bath house, male bonding stuff. Summer asks Seth to sit under a light tomorrow so her dad can see him well, and order steak because he thinks greens are effeminate. Seth says okay, Celerey is gay, got it. Seth asks Summer what she talks about with her dad, for some pointers. Summer says mostly they just talk about her. Summer says her dad loves her, and she likes him, so he will like him.

Jimmy and Hailey are getting hot n heavy on the couch at Jimmys place. They want to take it to the bedroom, but Hailey says Marissa will be home soon. Marissa shows up and nearly catches them together. Jimmy claims Hailey came over to fix her faucet which was leaking. Hailey says she should go, which she does. Marissa can barely hold back her laughter, and she tells her dad to work on their improve skills. Jimmy says he wanted to talk to her about it, but he thought this was the last thing she needed. Marissa says she is fine with it, in fact she is happy for him. Jimmy senses something is up with Marissa. She tries to tell him about moving in, but before she can, he tells her not to worry because with the money from the restaurant sale they can move into a real house. Jimmy says they will be okay.

At the Cohens, all four kids sit on the couch and talk about Seth meeting Summers dad. Seth jokes how great he is with the parents.

In the kitchen, Sandy is telling Kirsten about Eddie hitting Theresa . Sandy says Theresa does not want to press chargers, and unless she changes her mind there is nothing he can do. Kirsten wonders why Ryan isnt losing it. Sandy says that is because he doesnt know. Sandy says if he did he would beat Eddie up, violate his probation in doing so, and end up back in juvie. Ryan comes into the kitchen and asks what is going on. They say nothing, and he says okay.

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In Seths room, Seth is trying to pick a shirt to wear to meet Summers dad. Ryan says Marissa is going to be here soon so just pick one. Seth is nervous about meeting Summers dad, and he talks about how he has to spin a web of lies to earn Summers dads trust. The doorbell rings, and Ryan goes to get it because he knows it is Marissa and he wants to prevent her from running into her mom. Julie is over talking to Kirsten about the shower plans. Marissa goes into the kitchen to help Kirsten with the shower plans not knowing Julie was going to be there. Julie leaves, and Kirsten talks about the invitations with Marissa. She says she has ones for Julies friends, but none for her family. Marissa says her mom and her parents dont get along. Kirsten asks what about her sisters? Marissa says there is always Aunt Cindy, and she agrees to contact Aunt Cindy. Ryan is proud of Marissa for making an effort, but Marissa says he doesnt know Aunt Cindy.

Caleb gives Sandy and Jimmy a check The Lighthouse, and they are stunned as the check is double the amount of money they put into the restaurant, 2.5 million to be exact. Caleb says something about doing business with friends and family has perks, and he leaves to help Julie pick out places. Sandy thinks Caleb is up to something, but Jimmy doesnt care as this is a lot of relief for him. Jimmy also tells Sandy now he can go back to doing what he loves, helping down and out people.

Kirsten meets Julies sister Cindy, who is a bit trashy in appearance. Marissa and Ryan show up, and Marissa is glad to see her Aunt Cindy. Kirsten says Cindy has been telling her some wild stories about her mom. Cindy talks about Julies Def Leopard phase and going to Anaheim to scalp tickets. Cindy asks where the Belle of the Ball is? Kirsten asks how often she talks to Julie? Cindy says its been about seven years, and she was shocked Julie even wanted her here. Kirsten realizes Julie doesnt like her sister and wont want her at the wedding. As she asks Marissa if they can talk, Julie drops in and is stunned to see her sister. Julie asks Cindy what in the hell she is doing here? Cindy says Marissa invited her. Julie asks Marissa if this is true? Marissa says they have a lot of catching up to do, so shell give them some alone time!

Seth tells Summers dad about Chirstmukah, and his interests in Comic Books. The lunch doesnt go well at all, and Seth makes a big fool of himself. 

Hailey and Jimmy arrive at the Cohens and plan to tell them about their relationship. Hailey begins to chicken out and says the timing is all wrong, so Jimmy says they can wait until the timing is right. They kiss, and are caught by Kristen and Julie!

Ryan and Marissa head to a bakery to pick up a cake for Julies shower. Ryan sees Theresa, who is working there. HE realizes Eddie hit her, and when Theresa says she didnt think Sandy would tell him she was here, he realizes Sandy knows all about this.

Commercial Break 

Sandy returns from an early morning surf. Hes brought Kirsten some coffee, and he asks when the shower is? Kirsten asks why? He says he may be a little late depending on traffic, hes heading to Chino today to pay Eddie a visit. Kirsten says that there are plenty of people here who need him more. She says Ryan is furious with him, and Theresa is also here and is alone. Kirsten says he should call Theresa and invite her over.

Sandy goes to see Ryan, who is in the pool house. Sandy knows Ryan is pissed off. Sandy says he wanted to tell him but he couldnt until Theresa told him it was okay. Sandy asks Ryan what he would do if he did tell him? Ryan says he would have helped her. Sandy asks how hed do that, would he go to Chino and end up in the hospital or jail? Sandy says Theresa was trying to protect him. Ryan says he should have told him. Sandy says he didnt because he didnt want him to go do something stupid, and he hopes Ryan isnt going to prove him right yet. Sandy says Theresa is on her way over and perhaps the more shes around people who care about her the less likely she is to go back to Eddie. 

Seth shows up at Summers place to see her. Seth asks about her father and if he said anything. Summer says not really. Summer seems a little tense and upset, and she doesnt want to talk about her dad. She says they need to get to the shower.

Theresa shows up at the Cohen place, and Ryan talks to her. He tells her that she should have told him. Theresa says right, because you would have taken the news so well. Theresa says he would have tried to kill him. Ryan says he deserves it. Theresa says this is her problem, not his, and shes the one who has to figure this out. Ryan says there is nothing to figure out, she cant stay with him. Theresa says shell take some self defense classes and she and Eddie will live happily ever after. Ryan asks how she can joke about it? Theresa says because she is tired of crying.

In the kitchen, Kirsten tells Sandy that says she has missed seeing him like this, passionate and driven. She says this is the man she married. Ryan and Theresa come into the kitchen, and Kirsten asks Theresa to join them for the shower. Theresa says shes not looking her best, but Kirsten says she has some concealer that will cover it up. Marissa shows up and is a bit surprised to see Theresa, but invites her to the shower. 

At the country club, the shower is in full swing. Everyone is congratulating Julie and telling Kirsten that this is a lovely party. Julie wonders if it is too early to start drinking? Kirsten says she hopes not or she is in trouble! They both down the glasses of champagne they are holding. 

Some woman tells Marissa how after all her mom has been through she really deserves a man like Caleb. She says the two of them will never have to worry about money again. Marissa excuses herself and walks off. 

Julie is upset because her sister is flirting with Caleb. Julie says she is flirting with her sisters boyfriend like she is back in seventh grade. Kirsten sees Hailey with Jimmy, and Kirsten says for once she knows what Julie means. Julie wonders which past humiliation she is telling Caleb about now, and realizes it has something to do with Monster Trucks. Julie thinks she better stop her sister before her sister stops her wedding. Julie thanks Caleb for entertaining Caleb, but she suggests she go try some pastries and soak up some of the booze. Cindy leaves, and Julie apologizes for Cindy. 

Marissa is sitting off in a tent by herself. Theresa finds her and talks to her. Marissa says she was feeling a little lost out there. Theresa thinks Marissa needs Ryan, but she is getting in the way. Theresa says part of the reason she didnt want to tell Ryan about Eddie is because Ryan seems really happy right now and that is because of her.

Julie and Caleb are opening up all their gifts, and Cindy decides it is time to play a game. Drunk Aunt Cindy suggests they play How well you know Julie. She decides to play the part of Chuck Woolery and ask the questions. She asks what Julies favorite meal is, and someone says sea bass. Cindy says no, the correct answer would be a double double cheeseburger, heavy on the special sauce, fries and an orange soda. Everyone laughs.

Ryan finds Marissa and Theresa together. Theresa gets a call from Eddie. She doesnt answer and says he is probably just calling to apologize again. Ryan cant believe shes been talking to him. He takes her phone and tells Eddie to leave her alone. Theresa tells Ryan to stay out of this. Ryan says she came here, she had to know he would find out, what did she think he was going to do? Ryan tells Theresa that she cant go back to him. Theresa says he is not a bad person and he made a mistake. Ryan says what will she tell him next, this isnt the first time? Theresa says nothing, and Ryan realizes this isnt the first time.

The who knows Julie best game continues, and we learn Julies first love was the entire defensive line of their eight grade football team! Julie says she refuses to sit here and be humiliated. She gets up and storms off. Cindy says Oh crap . . .

Seth sees Ryan going through Marissas purse for car keys. Ryan is using Marissas car to go back and confront Eddie. Seth tells him not to do this and grabs Ryans arm. Ryan tells Seth to let go of him now! Seth does, and Ryan takes off. Marissa asks if Ryan is leaving? Seth says yeah, and he took her car. 

Commercial Break

Sandy stops Ryan before he speeds off in Marissas car. Sandy tells him to get out of the car. Ryan says hes done it before and hell do it again. Sandy tells him not to try and fix this. Sandy says he is his guardian and he calls the shot. Sandy tells Ryan that there is nothing he can do to change Eddie, so he should do nothing. Ryan says he cant do that and speeds off in the car. 

The shower has cone to and end, and Jimmy talks to Kirsten about him dating Hailey. Kirsten says she isnt jealousy, she just doesnt want to see him make a mistake. She thinks Hailey is using him to get back at her. Jimmy says this isnt about her, he and Hailey feel real. Jimmy also says he feels happy since the first time Julie left him, so he asks her to be happy for him. She says okay.

Cindy tries to talk to Julie .Julie asks Cindy what she wants, money? Cindy says she doesnt want her money. Julie thinks she does, why else would she come here and humiliate her in front of her friends. Cindy says those people arent her friends, they dont know her. Cindy says they were supposed to leave Riverside together and go to LA to marry rock stars, but she took off without her. Julie says she couldnt exactly take her with her when she left. Cindy says she just misses her sometimes. Cindy tells Julie that she is sorry, and she guesses she wont be invited to the wedding. Caleb shows up and says of course she is. Cindy thanks him and leaves then. Caleb tells Julie that there is nothing he could find out about her that would make him walk away.

Seth runs into Summer and asks why she is avoiding him. Seth is guessing that this has to do with her dad. Summer says that lunch was a train wreck. Seth says he was nervous and he gets chatty when he is nervous, next time he wont be. Summer says her dad has never been wrong, and he is really protective of her. Seth says hes sorry if her dad doesnt think hes good enough, and that sucks, but the only thing that matters is the two of them. Summer ends up in tears and runs off. 

Ryan shows up at the motel where Theresa is staying. Ryan says he realized Eddie wasnt who he needed to be talking to. He tells her not to go back to him. Theresa says her life is in Chino. Ryan says so was his. Theresa says some rich perfect family wont be adopting her. HE suggests she move in with the Cohens, but she asks then what happens? Ryan says he doesnt know, but he knows what happens if she goes back to Eddie. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten says nothing good happens at their parties, so shes never throwing another one again. Ryan and Theresa show up, and Ryan says he took his lawyers advice and went to see Theresa instead. Kirsten tells Theresa that she can stay as long as she wants. They put her in the pool house and Ryan with Sandy. Ryan thanks Sandy for doing this. Sandy says theyd do anything for him, and he says he knows.

Later, Marissa shows up to see Ryan. She learns from Kirsten that Theresa is staying with them. Kristen tells Marissa that Ryan loves her (Marissa) and hes not going anywhere, so make room for Theresa to be in his life.

Ryan goes to Seths room and apologizes for bailing on him at the shower. Seth thinks he should be apologizing to Marissa. Ryan knows hes right. Seth says if it makes him feel better, things between him and Summer pretty much suck right now. He tells Ryan to go talk to his girlfriend, one of them should be able to.

Ryan finds Marissa sitting out by the pool. He apologizes to her for not being there for her today. HE knows she has a lot to deal with, and he says theyll get through it together. He says they will be fine. Marissa sees Theresa in the pool house, and she says she thinks they will be fine. 

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