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April 28th 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Seth turning on the light in his room and waking up Ryan so that they can talk. Seth is afraid Summer is going to dump him, and he doesnt know what to do. As he talks to Ryan about his problems, Ryan tries to go back to sleep. Seth says hell let him go back to sleep because as bad as things are for him, they are much worse for Ryan. That wakes Ryan up, and Seth talks about how he just got back together with Marissa yet his Ex is sleeping in his room. Ryan says Marissa is fine with it. Seth says yeah, like you would be fine with Oliver sleeping on Marissas couch. Ryan insists he is not worried about this at all. Seth asks if he isnt the least bit worried about how long Theresa plans on staying here? Ryan says no, so Seth says okay go back to bed . . on the floor. Ryan tries, but says okay they should go talk to Theresa. Seth says hell come with him. Ryan and Seth head to see Theresa. Theresa comes out of the bathroom. She says she didnt hear them come in. Seth tells her to let him know if she needs any women's things because he can get them from his mom. Theresa says it is okay because she doubts shell be here that much longer. Theresa says she may go stay with some family. Ryan says hell see her tomorrow then. Ryan and Seth leave, and Theresa pulls out a pregnancy test from her bag. 

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In the Cohen's kitchen, Kirsten is making breakfast as Sandy sits at the island in the kitchen. Caleb is at the table where Julie is presenting him with places where they can get married. Caleb tells her whatever she likes as he has to get to work. Kirsten says she thought they were having this breakfast to discuss work because hes always so busy with the wedding. Julie says he is always telling her that he cant help her with the wedding because hes working with Kristen. Sandy asks Caleb what he has been doing all this time? Caleb tells Julie they can get married at the Wayfield chapel, it's fine with him. She says she should really take him up there this weekend to see the place, but he says hes going to Nevada for business this weekend. Julie thinks hes going to Vegas to have a bachelor party. Sandy says he feels hurt that he wasnt invited Seth says he is hurt too. Sandy says how he loves The Vegas. Seth says he didnt know he loved The Vegas, and Sandy says he loves The Vegas. He asks Ryan how he feels about The Vegas? Ryan says his mom was always about The Reno so he never went to The Vegas. Seth says they should go, and Sandy agrees. Julie likes the idea as well. Kirsten says she can watch out for Theresa while they are gone. Caleb asks if he has any say in this? Julie says no! 

Sandy shows up at Jimmys place to meet him for breakfast. Jimmy tells Sandy how hes planning to get a new house on the beach with his half of Calebs money. Jimmy asks what hes doing with his half of the money? Sandy says hell be spending some of it in Vegas. He tells Jimmy about them crashing Calebs bachelor party and he asks Jimmy if he wants to come. Jimmy says sure. Jimmys realtor shows up and meets Sandy. Jimmy ran upstairs to get the contracts for the house he wants, and the realotor tells Sandy about how he must have made a fortune selling The Lighthouse because shes heard Robert Cambell is turning it into a mall. Sandy knows nothing about this because they sold it to Caleb. She says well then Caleb Nichols must have made a fortune.

At school, Marissa is furious at the thought about moving in with Caleb and her mom. She realizes she has to tell her dad soon, and she thinks shell do it this weekend. Ryan says hell probably be in Vegas. She asks how he knows something like that? Ryan says because hell might be there wit him. He tells her about Calebs bachelor party, but says he probably wont go because he cant leave Theresa here by herself. Marissa says she will watch over Theresa because any friend of his is a friend of hers. He gives her a kiss.

At the office, Julie tells Kirsten that she doesnt want Chippendales, she wants strippers! Julie says she wants full on frontal male strippers while she sips margaritas. Kristen says sure, or she could throw her a lovely bacherlotte party at her house with all her friends, a very elegant party. Julie says with strippers! Kirsten says without strippers, they are sophisticated and intelligent women so they dont need naked men dancing to be entertained. Julie says she is not as smart as her, and besides the boys are getting strippers. Kristen says they arent, but Julie says why else are they going to Vegas! Julie thinks they should get all the girls together, go to LA and go to Manatopia or the Stud Farm, or The Petting Zoo. Kirsten says she not going to anyplace called The Petting Zoo because you dont know where the pets have been. Julie says theyll be too drunk to care! Kirsten says no, so Julie begs for just one little stripper trying to make his way in the world . . . naked? Kirsten says one little stripper. Julie says great, but not Chippendales, and not little. 

Back at school, Seth explains to Summer that hes going to Vegas. He says hes telling her out of courtesy even though she has been ignoring him. HE asks her to please tell him that shes not going to let her dad break them up. Summer says he is her dad. Seth tells her that he doesnt care about her dad, he cares about her. He says obviously that isnt good enough for her so shes going to Vegas.

Ryan goes to the pool house to see Theresa after school Theresa is getting ready to go back to work. She says she needs the money if shes going to visit her cousin Kim in Atlanta. Ryan asks her how much she needs? Theresa says she cant take his money. She says two thousand dollars. He says hell ask the Cohens. She says no, this is not his problem. She tells him to go to Vegas and have fun.

Ryan tells Seth and Marissa about Theresa predicament. Seth has a thousand, and Marissa has a few hundred. Seth suggests they use fake IDs in Vegas and gamble. Marissa asks where they got these, and Seth says he got them from an associate. Marissa tells them to go to Vegas and gamble while she stays here and takes care of Theresa. She says if they win than Theresa never has to know. Seth asks Ryan if he is in, and Ryan says he is in. 

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The boys all arrive in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and Seth takes a look around and says I love The Vegas. Ryan says Reno was never like this. Caleb cant stand the place and says he thought they were going to Ceasers. Seth says they didnt have the room for them all. Seth has booked them all the Penthouse, and Sandy learns that Seth put this on his card. They get up to there room where they actually have a bowling alley. Seth and Ryan bowl, and Caleb says this is a million dollar frat house. Jimmy says he knows, and it is fantastic! The hostess offers to give them a tour of the casino, but Sandy says some other time. Seth and Ryan chase after her and ask for the tour. She asks for some ID as they have lots of kids under 21 trying to get in with fake IDs, and they hate having to throw them out of the hotel. Seth says perhaps they arent going to need that tour after all, but thanks for all their help. The hostess leaves, and Seth asks what they will do now. He says he doesnt want to get thrown out of the hotel as he loves it. He says he wants to marry the hotel and have little gambling addicted alcoholic kids with it. Ryan says it is Vegas, all they have to do to find action is ask.

Caleb is in the Casino playing craps when he gets a call from someone. Sandy asks Caleb where the party is, but Caleb says there is no party just a quiet little dinner. Sandy asks if he has figured out what to do with the restaurant. Caleb says no, and he asks what he and Jimmy are going to do with the money from the sale of it. Sandy says Jimmy is going to buy himself a house for him and Marissa. Caleb says the last time he talked to Marissa she was going to move in with him and Julie. 

Back in Newport, Hailey tells Marissa and Summer that it is tragic that the guys are in Vegas while they are stuck watching reruns of The Valley. Summer is in tears, but she claims it is because this is a sad episode. Marissa thinks it is because her dad doesnt approve of Seth. Hailey says her dad doesnt approve of Jimmy, the man is a felon. Marissa says her mom still doesnt approve of Ryan. Hailey says it is a rule that parents dont approve because if they do than the sex isnt any good. Hailey asks if that was an over-share? Marissa says yeah as he is her dad! Kristen shows up to talk to Hailey. Kirsten asks Hailey to get Julie a stripper for Julie. Hailey asks how Kristen gets herself into these things when she doesnt even like Julie Cooper! Kirsten says she just doesnt like Julie because Julie is marrying dad. Hailey says she is marrying him for his money, just like she married Jimmy. Hailey asks why she should do this? Kirsten says if she doesnt than she has to take Julie to a place called The Petting Zoo where according to Todd in accounting they actually pet. Hailey says shell do it and she knows just the man for the job.

Back in Vegas, Ryan and Seth hit the pool, which looks like a beach and a lagoon all in one. Seth says there is so many bikini clad women here that he hasnt thought about Summer since . . .Ryan says since he left her a message twenty minutes ago? Seth says the point is that there are so many women here that he could walk up to any one of them and converse. Ryan tells him to go for it, but Ryan says he doesnt want to abandon him and be rude. He says he cant just go up to some strange girl and say . . Suddenly a girl walks up to Seth and asks if he mind if she kisses him? As some beefy guy approaches, the girl pulls Seth into a kiss. She explains that the Hard Rock is exclusive and they wont let you in unless your with a guest. She introduces herself as Jenny. Seth suddenly gets a call from Summer. Summer tells him that she has been thinking. As the guy approaches, Jenny says she has to kiss him again and pulls him into a kiss. Summer hears this and wonders what is going on there. Summer hears the girl tell Seth that he is an amazing kisser. Summer promptly hangs up on Seth. 

Back in Newport, Summer tells Marissa how Seth is in Vegas kissing weirdoes. Marissa suggests hey have a girls night out, but Summer says right now she wants to go to Vegas and kick Cohen ass!

Back in Vegas, Seth says she is going to kick his ass. Ryan agrees, and Jenny asks if that is his girlfriend. He says it was his girlfriend. She says she is so sorry. She says she should go, and Ryan says they should go to. She offers to give them a lift as she lives here. Ryan says they are looking for a blackjack game. She says she doesnt know about blackjack but some of her friends are involved in a poker thing downtown. She asks if they want to go. They say sure.

Sandy talks to Jimmy about how Caleb has stonewalled them and is having a business meeting with Robert Cambell the developer. Jimmy says so Caleb profited from their loss, that is what he does. He says he still paid them a huge amount of money. Jimmy says hes still getting a great house out of this. Sandy says he may want to retract that bid because according to Caleb, Marissa is moving in with him!

Marissa and Theresa are left alone in Marissas place. They decide to order some dinner and drink. Theresa says she shouldnt have beer. Marissa asks why not is she pregnant or something? Theresa says nothing, and Marissa realizes Theresa is pregnant.

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In Vegas Ryan and Seth end up at some seedy bar were a high stakes poker game is going on. The guys involved in the game a hard core thugs, and Seth and Ryan look worried. Ryan says they dont have to do this, but Seth says he loves "The Vegas" so it is time to see if "The Vegas" loves him. Ryan enters the game with Seths money.

Back in Newport, Theresa says she hasnt told anyone and Marissa is the only one who knows. Marissa says she wont tell anyone, and they dont have to talk about it. Marissa asks her what she wants to do? Theresa says she doesnt even have the money to get to Atlanta so she has no idea how she can afford . . . She says even if she had the baby she works in bakery, what is she supposed to do? Marissa suggests she talk to Eddie. She says she cant because Eddie will either say she has to marry him, or hell say it isnt his. Marissa asks who elses could it be? Theresa just looks at her, and Marissa knows it could be Ryans. 

Back in Vegas the poker game heats up and Ryan is in deep, but manages to win! He takes his winning and leaves. Ryan tells Seth that the have the money so they should go, but Seth wants to keep going until they can afford a trip to Europe. He asks why they should quit while they are ahead? Ryan says if they dont the angry trucker over there will hurt him. Seth tries to convince him to keep playing because hes doing so well with Jen. Ryan says so invite her back to the penthouse. Seth says he has a point, and when she learns they are in the penthouse she flips because she says her girlfriends and her have always wanted to rent it and have a big party. Seth suggests she call them, so she does.

Back in New Port Julies bachelorette party is in full swing, and Julie cant wait for the stripper to arrive. Hailey shows up at the party and Julie is not pleased. Hailey says she is not staying, she just saw a firetruck out front and wanted to see if everything is okay. Julie flips, and the fireman stripper comes in and begins his show. Actually several firemen strippers show up to perform, and Julie goes nuts. Kirsten tells Hailey that she said one stripper! Kirsten excuses herself to take a phone call from Sandy. She tells him about the strippers dancing in their living room. Sandy asks her to keep them off the furniture. He also asks if she finds it odd that her father, with all his power and money, couldnt get them a liquor license for the restaurant. Kirsten asks why he would do something like that to them? Sandy says so he could by them out cheap and then sell them out to Robert Cambell for ten times as much. Kirsten says he wouldnt do that, but Sandy says that is what this trip was about. Kirsten asks what he is going to do? Sandy says he will talk to her father.

Seth, Ryan and Jen return to the hotel, and Ryan sees Jimmy motioning to him. Ryan talks to Jimmy who is leaving a message for Marissa. Jimmy asks Ryan if he knows about Marissa moving in. Ryan thinks Marissa finally told him. Jimmy says no, Caleb told Sandy. Ryan cant believe Caleb did that as they had a deal. Jimmy asks what kind of deal? 

Summer shows up at the hotel and asks for Seths room at the front desk. Upstairs, Seth is with Jen, who is in a bikini. She comes onto him, but he says he is in love with his girlfriend. She says ex-girlfriend, and begins kissing Seth. Suddenly, Summer breaks in and tells the whore to get away from him! Jen says she is not a whore she goes to the University of Nevada. Summer says oh she is a skank then. Jens friends show up, and Summer says someone must have ordered more skanks. Jen introduces her friends, as well as two very angry looking men. Jen asks Lucas what he is doing here. Lucas says with this many girls he will need payment before the party. Seth and Ryan realizes they are prostitutes, and the pimp says they owe him five thousand dollars for his girls. 

Commercial Break
The prostitutes play some bowling and the pimp and his body guard waits around for his cash. Seth tells Ryan that he hates The Vegas. He says hes never seen a prostitute his entire life, and now he has four of them taking advantage of him. Summer tells him way to go whore boy! Ryan asks Summer how much money she has. Summer says she did not hire these girls. Seth and Summer end up arguing, Seth blames her for breaking up with him, but she says she didnt tell him to try so hard with his dad. He says he only tried so hard because he knew it was important to her. Summer asks if he swears nothing else happened? He says he nothing happened except a kiss or four. Summer says he better have enjoyed it because if anything like this ever happens again she will kill him. Ryan says if they dont get five thousand dollars her pimp will kill them. Seth says the winnings they have only have three thousand. Summer gives them five hundred dollars, but Ryan says they are still short. Jen suggests since they did buy them till midnight it is enough time for another poker game. 

Back in Newport, Julie tells one of the strippers that he gave some performance. He approaches her about meeting after the party for some fun. Julie doesnt know what to say. She says she should get her purse, and she tells Kirsten that shes exhausted so she should go. She then sees Hailey talking to the stripper and thinks she is hitting on him. Kirsten says Hailey got the strippers for the party, they are her friends. Julie realizes what is going on and confronts Hailey. She asks her what the plan was, to get her stripper friend to proposition her and then tell her dad about her affair so hed cancel the wedding? Hailey says please, she knows shed never sleep with Jeff because he doesnt make enough money! Julie asks what is that supposed to mean? Hailey says she married jimmy for his money, and now she is doing the same with her dad. She says Jeff maybe a stripper, but she is a whore! Julie slaps Hailey, and Hailey pushes Julie. They get into a huge fight and end up falling into the pool where the fight continues. Kirsten rolls her eyes and drinks more champagne.

In Vegas, Sandy drops in on Calebs business meeting with Robert Cambell. He says he understands he is interest in Calebs coastline property. Sandy tells him the whole story about the restaurant there and how they couldnt get a liquor license, but it turns out one of their partners used his connections to get their license denied, then he bought them out and is selling the property to a much higher price to someone else. Sandy says the real joke is on him because not only is their partner guilty of fraud, but he and his property are going to be tied up in civil litigation for a long time to come! Sandy tells Robert that the coastline property is worthless. Caleb grabs Sandy and tells him to leave, but Sandy warns Caleb to get his hands off of him or else! Jimmy drops in and tells Sandy not to dirty his hands, leave that to him, and he decks Caleb! Jimmy tells Caleb that he wont allow him to hold his daughter hostage. Sandy tells "Dad" that hell see them back in Newport.

Back at the poker game, Ryan is forced to fold after losing all of his money. He asks Jen to lend him money, but she says no way. He says then she wont get paid. She says this is not a game, he and his friends can get hurt. He says that is her fault, but she says she was just doing her job. Jen doesnt understand why he suddenly sucks at the game when he did so well this afternoon. Ryan says the guy in the trucker hat is feeling a little overconfident right now. Jen realizes Ryan lost on purpose. Ryan says he won a lot of money this afternoon, and now he needs hers. She lends him some money, and Ryan gets back into the game. 

Ryan cleans up in the game, including winning the angry truckers hat. While theyve paid of the pimp, they lost Seths money and Theresas money. Ryan says they won some and lost some, so they are walking out of Vegas pretty even. Seth says he does have some pretty interesting stories to tell. Summer says yeah, he lost his birthday money on prostitutes! Ryan says you know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Seth says he thought that was Tiwania. Seth says he thinks that trucker hat should stay in Vegas, and he throws it away. Seth looks around and says he definitely loves "The Vegas."

Back in Newport, Sandy returns home and slips into bed with Kirsten. She asks how Vegas was? He says a spectacle. He asks how the strippers where. She says tame compared to the drunken cat fight between Julie and Haley. She asks how it went with her dad? Sandy says he did not punch him in the mouth, but Jimmy did. Sandy doesnt think theyll be invited back to the Hard Rock anytime soon. 

Ryan shows up at Marissas house. Marissa is furious that Ryan told her dad. Ryan says he found out and so he had to tell him the truth. Marissa asks why hed tell her dad the truth but not her? Ryan asks what she is talking about? Marissa says he should ask Theresa. Ryan asks her what is going on? Marissa says Theresa is pregnant. Ryan is stunned. Marissa says it might not be Eddies, so he should tell her what is going on. The show ends with Ryan talking to Marissa about what happened.

On the Season Finale of the O.C.
The announcer says the year that changed everyones lives will end like no one will forget.
Ryan tells Sandy how before he took him in he had no family and no hopes.
Julie tells Jimmy that at least she is not a criminal. Jimmy says no she is marrying one!
Shots of a pre-wedding dinner at the Cohen's with both families are shown, as is shots of the wedding.
We see Julie walking down the isle.
We see Theresa crying to Ryan, and Ryan dancing with Marissa at the wedding. Marissa tells Ryan that she understands why he has to do this.
The announcer says it will be the season finale that leaves everyone talking. 

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