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May 5th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with a shot of boats sailing in the ocean. Ryan and Seth are down at the pier and Seth is giving Ryan some good strong names, such as Thor. Ryan says they shouldnt play the name game right now. Seth says of course, maybe shes not even pregnant, maybe he shoots blanks. Ryan says that is much better. Ryan says they dont know if the kid is even his. Seth says they dont know if she is pregnant, how much faith can one put in a pee swab. Ryan tells him not to say pee swab. Theresa comes out of planned parenthood, and Ryan looks at her.

At the Cohens, Kirsten is on the phone telling someone that her dad hates cilantro so they cannot put it on anything. She also says only white lights, no colored lights because they remind her dad of a carnival, which he hates. Kristen tells Sandy that the wedding rehearsal is confirmed, so this wedding is going to happen. She says she cant believe her dad is walking down the isle with a black eye! Sandy says that is because Jimmy punched him, if it was him he would have gone for a broken nose. Kirsten asks what the odds of them making up before the wedding are? Sandy says he would have to say not good at all. Kirsten says it is important to her. She says a daughter wants her father to be happy on his wedding day. Sandy says he thought it was the other way around. Kirsten asks what if she begged, groveled? She begins kissing Sandy in order to convince him to forgive her dad. Sandy says he could pretend to forgive him. With more kisses he says maybe he could apologize with his fingers crossed. Ryan, Theresa and Seth walk in, and Seth moans. Kirsten asks where they have been? Ryan says they were at the doctors. Kirsten asks if everything is okay? Seth says yeah, Theresa blurts out that she is pregnant, and Seth says except for that.

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At school Ryan tells Marissa that Theresa is pregnant, and she doesnt know who the father is. Ryan says its also too dangerous to do a paternity test right now. Marissa asks if he is saying that it could be his. Ryan says they were broken up. She responds for a week! Ryan says he wishes he could take it back, and if she wants to . . . . hell understand. Marissa says there isnt much of a choice, if he is the father he and Theresa will . . . Ryan says no, hell want to help her out, but he also wants to make this work. Marisa gives him a partial smile, and they continue to walk and talk.

Seth talks to Summer, who says she is freaking out over the news. Seth tries to make jokes about the situation, but she doesnt think it is funny. Seth says hes not emotionally mature enough to handle the situation, which is why hes making jokes. Summer says it is bad enough that Julie and Lucifer are marrying, but what will happen between Ryan and Marissa? She says they were the perfect couple. Seth says that based on her parents marriage he understands why she feels that way. She asks what will happen, and he doesnt know what will happen. Summer tells Seth that there is no way they are having sex again. Seth says excellent, there is enough pain and suffering around them as is.

Theresa is working at the bakery when Kirsten shows up to see if she wants to talk. Theresa says they are a little understaffed so she cant talk right now.

At the office Caleb has a nice shiner, and he seems unable to concentrate on work. Sandy shows up to make peace with him for Kirstens sake. Caleb says it is always because of Kirsten. Caleb asks when he railroaded his dinner was that about Kirsten? Sandy says no that was about him. Caleb asks Sandy what hell do when hes not around to make him feel better about himself? Sandy asks what he means. Caleb says very soon he will be in San Quentin. Caleb says selling that property was the only thing that could save the Newport group. Sandy says Kirsten never told him, and he says that is because Kirstens division is the only one making money. He says she doesnt know anything about the bad investments, the debts, the losses. Sandy tells him to sell it there must be someone else who wants it, but Caleb says it doesnt mean as much to anyone else because Robert Cambell owns the rest of the coastline, this was the last piece of the puzzle. Sandy says that is why he worked so fast to sell it, and calls him a sneaky not so successful son of a bitch. Caleb tells Sandy to enjoy it while he can because the DA is after him again. Caleb tells Sandy to have a good day. 

Marissa is packing up things when Jimmy comes home. He asks what she is doing? She says she is preparing to move into the house on haunted hill. He says she doesnt have to, he can give back the money. She says then he would have to move to Phoenix, and then she wouldnt get to see him. Jimmy suggests they take a break and go get a balboa bar. Theresa says she cant, she has so much to do. 

At the Cohens Sandy asks Ryan if Theresas mom knows. Ryan says no she hasnt told her because she says it will make it all the more real. Sandy says this is real, and he says theyll help them through this. Seth shows up looking for pudding, a word he apparently loves to say. Theresa also shows up and heads out to the pool house. Ryan goes with her so that they can talk. He asks her what is going on. Theresa says they havent really talked about it. She knows neither one of them are ready for this, so shes not going to have the baby. She says he can tell the Cohens, but she cant tell her mom. 

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Seth asks Ryan to go down to the dock to renew his boat fees and take a spin with him. He says they havent been on it since last summer. He says last summer they were best friends, brothers even. He says brothers sail. Ryan says fine they will go sailing. Seth tells him to get excited, he dodged a bullet here. Seth says he would be relieved if he was in Ryans shoes. Ryan says he is, it is just complicated.

Kirsten goes to see Theresa and offers to get her tea, coffee, Dramamine. Theresa says no thanks. She says she is only working half-day and has an appointment at Planned Parenthood. Kirsten asks if Ryan knows. Theresa says no he is freaked out as is. She asks what about her mom. Theresa says she cant tell her mom because she is deeply religious. Kirsten offers to drive her and go with her, and Theresa accepts the offer.

Marissa asks Ryan how hes feeling, sad, disappointed? Ryan says a bit of both. Marissa asks if Theresa said when she was going to . . . ? Ryan says soon he guesses. Marissa says maybe then things can go back to normal, not that they ever are. Marissa says they should spend the whole summer just being normal. Ryan says they arent going to hold Seth to that are they? Marissa says that would be impossible. Marissa says she is talking more about them, and they kiss.

Caleb takes a blindfolded Julie someplace for a surprise. When he takes the blindfold off, she screams. She sees a palace in front of her, and he says he built it just for her. She says it is more than she ever imagined, and she says she wants to live here forever.

Ryan and Seth go down to the boat docks. Seth suggests they sail to Catalina with their ladies. Ryan says it sounds great.

Kirsten and Theresa have lunch after the appointment and discuss returning to the clinic tomorrow for the procedure. Theresa says she cant believe she is actually doing this. Kirsten says she doesnt have to, but Theresa says she does. Theresa says she is in high school, she makes eleven dollars a day in tips, not having this baby makes the most sense. Kirsten says she doesnt have to make the decision that makes the most sense. Theresa tells Kirsten that she has the perfect life, but Kirsten says nothing is perfect and sometimes things happen. Theresa says but never to someone like her. Kirsten looks sad, and Theresa says she is sorry. Kirsten says it is okay and that she doesnt regret the decision she made. She says she just wishes when she was trying to choose there was someone there for her. She tells Theresa whatever she decides they will be there for her.

Ryan stops by the pool house to see Theresa. He asks how she is feeling? She says pretty lousy. Theresa talks to Ryan and says she says she is having second thoughts about having the abortion. She tells Ryan that she has to have this baby, and gives him a hug. He reluctantly hugs her back.

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At the Cohens Sandy asks Kirsten what she said to Theresa? Kirsten says she didnt say anything. Sandy says so all of the sudden she decided to change her mind? Kirsten says it was her decision. Sandy thinks she talked Theresa into having this baby and he says they are two kids, how can they start a family. Kirsten says it isnt their choice. Sandy says she knows what Ryan is going through yet she still did this. Kirsten says she knows what Theresa is going through. Sandy asks what that means? Kirsten says nothing, she just meant Theresa is alone and cant talk to her mother, so all she did was listen. Ryan walks through the kitchen looking for something for Theresa. Kirsten thinks she should go call her dad as she hasnt heard from him. He say Caleb is probably bound up by Julie Cooper. She says dont remind her of that, denial is a very important coping mechanism. 

Ryan heads out to the pool house and finds Theresa packing. Theresa says she is going home. She says she talked to her mom and told her everything. He tells her that she doesnt have to leave, they can figure this out together. Theresa asks him to come with her. Ryan says nothing, and she says shes going.

Jimmy and Hailey help Marissa move her things into the castle. Julie shows up and tells Jimmy that he should not be here, it is thanks to him that Caleb has to take his wedding photos with a black eye. He says it will match his black heart. She asks why he cant be happy for her? Hailey says Julie is unable to be happy, which makes her happy. Julie tells Jimmy that hes really made a classy choice, and she says he is settling for Hailey because he cant be with Kirsten. She says in psychology that is called transference. Jimmy says her being with Caleb is called shameless gold digging! As they continue to argue amongst themselves, Marissa tells them all to stop it. She tells her mom that she is getting what she wanted, she is moving in. Julie says that is what she wanted to, isnt it? Marisa lets out a huff. She says she has more stuff in the car to bring in. 

Down at the docks, Summer is shocked that Seth named his boat Summer Breeze. She says it is a crazy coincidence, but it is the only Summer hell be riding for awhile. Some guy shows up (hey its Jay Kenneth Johnson, Ex-Phillip from Days!) and he offers to sell Seths boat to some guy for six thousand dollars. Summer asks what hes going to do with the money. He says it if for Ryan to give Theresa. He asks Summer not to say anything because he doesnt think Ryan has told Marissa, but Theresa is having the baby. Seth says they will need money and this is the only thing he can do to help them.

At the rehearsal dinner, Jimmy tells Caleb congrats because hes getting one hell of a woman. Seth and Summer congratulate Julie. Marissa shows up, and things are tense between her and Julie. She asks Seth and Summer if they have seen Ryan. They claim he must be fixing his hair. Meanwhile, Sandy tells Caleb that he talked to the DA and it is over for him. Sandy thinks he should tell Julie about his financial situation. Caleb says no because she is only marrying him for his money. Sandy suggests postponing this, but Caleb says he wont start letting anyone pushing him around. Sandy says it is ironic; Julie leaves Jimmy, who is worth millions now, to marry him, who is going to be broke! Marissa goes to see Ryan, who is sitting by himself hiding. She asks where Theresa is. Ryan says she went back home to have the baby. Marissa asks if she and Eddie made up. Ryan shakes his head. Marissa says so she is having the baby alone? Later, Caleb makes a toast at the table. He thanks Kirsten for hosting this dinner. He says tomorrow is going to be a wonderful event, and tomorrow the Nichols, Cohens and Coopers will become one family. Ryan walks off, and Marissa goes after him. Seth and Summer come after him too, and they all take off for the beach. They end up on the same beach where they got their asses kicked by the water polos at Hollys beach house party. Summer doesnt remember them being at the party. Seth says those were the days. Ryan tells them all that he thinks he needs to go back, he cant let Theresa do this by herself. Ryan tells them all that he is leaving. 

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Seth heads back down to the docks were he runs into the guy who is organizing the boat sail. Unfortunately the guy who was going to buy the boat doesnt have the money anymore, but may in a few months. Seth says he needs this money now. The guy says he is sorry.

Seth meets with Summer and Marissa and tries to come up with a way to keep Ryan and Theresa here. Marissa says the problem is that Theresa wants to be with her family and Ryan wants to be with her. Summer says the only thing left to do is kidnap him. Marissa says if there is something she could do than she would. Seth says she has done enough. Marissa asks what that means? He says none of this would have happened if it werent for Oliver. Summer cant believe Seth, but Seth is hurting over Ryans leaving and lashing out in anger.

Sandy goes to see Ryan, who is packing his things up. Ryan says hes leaving right after the wedding. Sandy says as his guardian he can stop him. Ryan says if he taught him anything it is to do whatever it takes to protect your family. Ryan says she is his family now. Sandy says they are his family too. Sandy says they can make this work as a family. Ryan says he has done more than he ever could have asked of anyone. Ryan says when he took him in he had nothing, no family no hope; he doesnt want this kid to grow up like he did. Sandy says just because he is leaving doesnt mean hes letting him go. Sandy tells him to get dressed and witness the most unholy of unions.

At the chapel the wedding begins. All the bridesmaids are in red dresses, and Julie walks down the isle in a white Vera Wang dress. The wedding is not show, we fast-forward to Julie and Calebs first dance and the other couples joining them on the dance floor. Ryan sits alone at the table, and Marissa comes to talk to him. Ryan asks her if she wants to dance? They head to the dance floor to share a dance. As they dance, Marissa says she wants him to know that she understands why he has to do this. He says thanks. She says but she wishes she didnt have to. He says me to. Marissa is in tears and she tells him that she loves him. 

Seth is sitting alone on a hillside when Summer comes to join him. She says Ryan sent her to find him and he thought hed be stuffing his pockets with cocktail weenies. She says hell still see Ryan, Chino isnt that far away. Seth says he just cant believe he is leaving as hes the first friend he ever had, the only friend he ever had. Summer says no, he has her. Seth says that isnt the same thing. Seth says before Ryan he was a loser and this place was hell, so he cant imagine this place without him. Summer says they can do it. Seth asks her to tell Ryan hell be there in a few minutes. As she is walking away, he tells her that the boat was named after her. 

At the pool house Ryan has finished packing up his things. In the house Kirsten has packed him a lunch for the ride. Ryan is wearing the same outfit to leave that he showed up in, a wife beater and a grey-black sweatshirt. Kirsten wishes she could convince him to stay. He thanks them for inviting him into their home. Kirsten hugs him, and he hugs her. Sandy says and Kirsten isnt even a hugger! Ryan goes up to say goodbye to Seth. Seth is sitting on his bed listening to music and staring into space Ryan says he has to jet, and Seth says cool. Ryan says he can come visit, but Seth doesnt respond. Ryan says he got him something and gives it to him. Seth looks at it and says cool. The doorbell rings, and Ryan says hell see him. Seth remains listening to his music like an emotionless zombie. As Ryan and Theresa pull out, they drive by Marissa is who is standing in the driveway of her old house. She watches him go, and he looks back at her. As they leave, a black limo pulls up and picks Marissa up. Meanwhile, Seth leaves notes in his room for his mom and dad as well as Summer. He grabs a bag and heads out. Marissa moves into her new room in Caleb and Julies house, which overlooks the ocean. Seth goes down to the docks and sets sail on his boat. Back at the Cohens Kirsten cleans up the pool house. We see Ryan and Theresa driving back to Chino, Seth sailing off, and Kirsten crying as she takes the sheets off of Ryans bed. Sandy walks in, and Kirsten dries her tears. Over at Marissas place, Marissa is in her room drinking. We see a shot of Seths boat sailing out into the ocean, and then Sandy comforting Kirsten. 

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