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August 12th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The episode begins with Ryan and Seth in the Cohens pool while Sandy and Kirsten are getting ready for dinner. Kirsten is speaking to her father about the model home and how important it is to their new development. She promises him that the new lots will be sold by Christmas. Sandy and Kirsten discuss how Ryan was abandoned by his Mom and how Sandy plans to take him to Child Services in the morning. In the pool, Seth decides that Ryans last night should be special, but Ryan just wants to take it easy. Before the family sits down for dinner, Ryan notices Kirstens model home design. Kirsten explains that she builds homes. The family jokes how Kirsten never makes dinner and her lack of knowledge around the kitchen. After dinner, Sandy has forms for Ryan to sign stating that he doesnt have a legal guardian. Sandy tells Ryan that a social worker will take him to the group home and that because of his (Sandys) connections, the group home only has two other kids. Seth doesnt understand why Ryan has to go to the foster home when the Cohens have a huge house with plenty of space. Ryan tells him that its alright and wishes Kirsten good luck with her model home before going to the pool house for the night.

Ryan waits until nightfall in order to run away before Sandy can take him to the social worker. Seth catches him leaving and offers to go with him. Ryan declines his offer, but takes him up on his plan to bring him to another place to stay. While Seth is packing, Sandy comes into his room to discuss why Ryan must leave the family. Seth brushes him off. After Sandy leaves, Seth and Ryan take off and bump into Marissa on the street. Marissa thanks Ryan for taking care of her the night before. She wonders why Ryan hasnt left the OC. Marissa is planning to go to Summers birthday party, but realizes that Ryan and Seth are up to something and decides to go with them. While she drives them to Kirstens model home in one of her new housing developments, Seth discovers that he and Marissa have something in common: punk music. 

Meanwhile, back at the Cohens, Kirsten is on the phone inquiring about the contractor for her housing development, wondering how he has disappeared. She is worried about her fathers reaction to the situation. Kirsten rationalizes her decision to Sandy about Ryan leaving. It is apparent that she is not comfortable with it. 

Ryan, Seth and Marissa hang out by the empty pool at the model home. Ryan and Marissa talk about their parents, while Seth skateboards in the pool. Marissa tells Ryan that her Moms a mess also. Ryan counters with the fact that his dad is in jail for armed robbery. Marissa tells Ryan that she thinks her father is in trouble, but doesnt know what about. Luke calls Marissa to find out where she is and tells her to get to Summers house: she is an hour late. Ryan asked Marissa how long she has been with Luke. Seth answers for her in an insulting manner. Marissa asks him what his problem is. Seth explains that although they have been living next door to each other for years, Marissa never gave him the time of day. She tells him that he thinks he is better then everyone else. Seth agrees that he is better than Luke. Ryan and Marissa talk about Ryans fight with Luke and Ryan admits to hitting Luke first. Marissa tells Ryan to stick around the O.C. He agrees to. Meanwhile Summer calls and wants Marissa to come to her party. Seth wants Marissa to say Happy Birthday to Summer for him. Marissa does, but Summer doesnt know who Seth Cohen is. Marissa leaves for the party after promising not to rat Ryan out and making plans with Seth to come back tomorrow and fix up the model home for Ryan.

The next morning, Sandy cant find Ryan. The police show up and question Seth. Seth tells them that he has no idea where Ryan is. Meanwhile Luke shows up at Marissas to take her out on his boat. Julie needs money from Jimmy to pay for China, Caitlyns pony. Jimmy tries to talk to Julie about his work mistakes. Julie tells him to fix his mistakes, whatever they may be. Marissa gets out of boating with Luke by telling him to come get a manicure with her first. Luke tells her to forget about boating and he will see her later at Hollys party. Seth and Marissa fix up the model home for Ryan. Marissa gives Ryan a CD that she made for him. Ryan is hungry, so they head over to the Crab Shack. 

Back at the Cohen house, Kirsten and Sandy talk about Ryan, and how Sandy thinks that Seth knows where he is and how he (Sandy) wants to make a difference in Ryans life. Kirsten gets a call from Jimmy. He needs her help and wants to meet her for lunch. 

While Seth, Ryan and Marissa are at the Crab Shack, Luke and his friends show up. Marissa distracts Luke while Seth and Ryan try to sneak out the back. Unfortunately, a staffer at the Crab Shack forces them to leave through the front door. On their way out, Seth accidentally knocks into a busboy. Luke harasses him, and Ryan comes back in to help Seth. Ryan punches Luke out, and they (Ryan and Seth) run away. 

Marissa, Seth and Ryan meet back at the model home. Marissa makes excuses for Lukes behavior. Kirsten and Jimmy show up at the model home. Jimmy needs money to support his familys lifestyle. He reluctantly asks for 100,000 USD, which Kirsten agrees to give him. Kirsten tells Jimmy that the new contractors will be arriving in the morning. Marissa, Seth and Ryan overhear everything. Marissa is clearly upset. Ryan knows that he needs to leave before the contractors arrive. 

Seth returns home to check on bus tickets out of the OC for Ryan. Sandy informs him that Ryan was seen at the Crab Shack earlier that day. He coerces Seth to drive around with him hoping to find Ryan.

Marissa and Summer are at Hollys party. Holly flirts with Luke. Luke and his friends rail on Ryan for the incident at the Crab Shack. Luke threatens to beat Ryan the next time he sees him. Marissa leaves, upset at Lukes threats toward Ryan. She heads over to the model home. Meanwhile Seth and Sandy are still driving around looking for Ryan. Sandy tells Seth never to run away.

At the model home, Ryan has a bunch of candles lit when Marissa shows up. She tells him that she wanted to see him before he leaves the OC and wants to spend the night hanging out. Ryan tells her to leave, knowing that if she spends the night it will be harder for him to leave. He tells her that that they are from different worlds. She doesnt agree. He tells her to go. She leaves very upset. Luke and his friends watch the scene from his truck in the background. 

At the Cohen house, Kirsten is on the phone with her banker transferring the money for Jimmy.

Luke and friends confront Ryan in the model home. They beat him up after accusing him of going after Lukes girlfriend. During the fight, the candles get knocked over, and a fire rages. Ryan is knocked out. Luke rushes back in to save him. He drags him outside and leaves him there while he and his friends drive off.

Marissas parents, Jimmy and Julie, are at home watching a basketball game. Jimmy tells Julie that he took care of the problem that they discussed earlier. Julie told him that she know that he would. Marissa comes home still very upset. Jimmy goes to her room to talk to her. They hug while Jimmy asks her to tell him what is bothering her. He states that they tell each other everything. Marissa asks, Do we?

Seth and Sandy are still driving around when Sandy gets a call from Kirsten, telling him that there is a fire at the model home.

Luke and his friends go back to Hollys party. They discuss how Ryan was hurt, but breathing when they left him.

Sandy and Kirsten are told by the police that someone has been living at their model home. Seth fesses up about Ryan living there. Ryan is now hitchhiking. Luke drives by and stops. Ryan gets in Lukes car and they drive away. Seth explains to Sandy why Ryan was at the model home: he didnt want to go into foster care. Luke and Ryan drive up to the Cohens while the police begin to question Seth. (The Coopers are outside watching the scene as well.) Ryan admits to living in the model home and apologizes to Sandy and Kirsten. Before the police take Ryan away, Luke tells the police that he was there also, and that it was an accident. The police take both boys away, but not before Sandy tells them not to talk to the police before he can get to the station.

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