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August 19th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

Sandy visits Ryan in juvie where he has to stay after the arson charge was dropped as he is still under probation. He can only be released in the care of a parent or guardian. Luke gets to leave since he doesn't have any priors. Sandy wishes he could take on the guardian role and expresses a wish that Ryan had come to him instead of running away. As Ryan leaves the table, he has a run in with a Latino as Sandy watches on concerned. Things are not looking up for our golden boy.

At the Cohen mansion, Kirsten is busy organizing a charity casino night. Sandy razes her about the group of vultures she calls her oldest friends. No other woman on TV makes a pair of sweats and a t-shirt look this elegant. Damn the woman. Seth walks into the kitchen displaying his usual sourpuss attitude. He's grounded after the fire incident, and still bitter about the fact that Ryan is rotting in jail. Kirsten flares up that Ryan is not their responsibility and that she's only trying to protect Seth. He walks off on a little jib about her being a bad mom and Sandy displays a laughable authority before the doorbell rings announcing the said-vultures.

Julie tells Sandy that nobody blames him for bringing Ryan into the community. You're so trusting Sandy, she coos condescendingly. Love that bitch. Sandy retaliates with "Well I should be off, gotta find the next kid to jeopardize the community, maybe a black kid or an Asian kid. Bye Ladies." Peter Gallager gets the best lines. Happily Kirsten smoothes things over with Bellinis.

The scene cuts to Ryan walking down the cafeteria with a tray of appetizing jail food. The Latino hardass of before trips him and puts a fork to his neck. Looks like plastic to me, but maybe plastic is harder in California. He sits back down and Ryan falls off the table. This is the moment where we are to feel like Ryan is a victim. I don't know about you, but I'm not buying it.

Back to the ladies arguing about the party theme from which a bored Kirsten escapes, while the chicks talk about her in her back. Seth tries to escape only to find his mother on the front porch. He's grounded so naturally she wants to know where he's going. He finally admits to be going to Juvie hall. Kirsten objects and rehashes all that she's done for Ryan. Seth asks her to go with him to visit Ryan. My guess is that her need to escape the vultures prompts Kirsten into accepting.

The scene changes over to cutie patoutie Marissa in her room with Summer, who seems to think that tempting older men with her half-nakedness is fun. Tease. Marissa leaves a lame message for Luke, who isn't returning her calls. Well duh! Summers tries to placate her and says and I quote "God he loves you; he got in a fight and burned a house over you. That's hot. What more do you need?" Man that chick should be blond.

Seth and Jimmy walk into the room with Summer in a bra and Seth looses his usual loquaciousness. Surprise. He tells Marissa that he's off to see Ryan in jail and thought that as they're all friends she might want to come. Marissa, fresh from Summer's remark that she can't possibly be attracted to that Chino boy, backs out of it. She's ashamed.

Kirsten and Seth walk into jail with our super mom looking traumatized. Obviously never been here before. Ryan shows up displaying fork indentions in his neck. Seth apologizes for the way things turned out. The Latino kid comes on to Kirsten who opts to make a dash for it, while Ryan tells him to back off. When the kid walks up to Kirsten, Ryan defends her and gets in a fight with the homeboy. Kirsten calls the guards, while Ryan gets pummeled. Big plan on Kirsten's face as she realizes that leaving Ryan there is a death sentence for him.

Sandy walks home yelling at Seth for playing video games until he sees that Ryan is sitting there with him. He tells Kirsten "I never knew you to be an impulse shopper." And she explains the situation, while Sandy tells her that they can't keep jerking Ryan around. The only option is to find his mother, who Sandy says Ryan doesn't want to find. Not a great option.

Next morning, Seth and Ryan are discussing the night of the fire. Ryan tells him that Marissa did show that night but that he asked her to leave. Unbelievable, but he was being the gentleman who won't abandon a conquest. Seth points out that since he's not leaving anymore and she lives next door

Over at the neighbor's Julie walks in on Marissa in a 70's pink velvet jump suit (scary), while Marissa is flattening her hair with a neon green flat iron. I mean come on; did the set coordinator actually see this scene? She wants Marissa to come with her to set up the party and tells her not to mope over the boy now that he's safely in the system (snort) and that she should concentrate on Luke instead, seeing as she's already invested so much with him. Marissa lights up at this advice and agrees to go with her.

Meanwhile over at the Cohens, Kirsten sets off for her day confident that Sandy will take care of rebel boy, but he tells her he can't since he's due in court. She must take Ryan along with her to set up for Casino night and she's worried about the fodder that'll give the ladies. They all show up at the reception room, Luke included which adds a bit of tension. Julie suggests that they put the strapping young men to use with heavy lifting. Next pan is on Seth blowing balloons. Too funny. Marissa sees Luke and tells him she wants to talk, but with Ryan there that won't happen. Ryan apologizes for any problems he's causing. She answers that it's her fault, as she shouldn't have left Luke to see him the night of the fire. She tells him that she agrees that they're from different world, as he tries to deny it, but he lets it go. Kirsten later interrupts Ryan and Luke as things heat up between them.

Over lunch in a caf, Julie complains to another vulture that she can't believe that Sandy and Kirsten are exposing them to harden criminals. She doesn't see that Sandy is overhearing this conversation, and she goes on to comment that Kirsten's work life is a way of avoiding her home life. Sandy goes over to their table at that moment and points out, to a stunned and silent Julie, that Newport is supposed to be a welcoming community. His being from the Bronx and her being from Riverside confirm that. It's news to the other chick that Julie comes from trash. He leaves them on that little gem.

Kirsten and Ryan have a little bonding moment over her construction deals revealing what she does for work and that Ryan has insight in the field since he worked in construction. He confesses having had dreams of being an architect. When she asks him what he wants to be now, he answers 17. She smiles at that. It's a cute moment.

Julie bitches to Jimmy that Sandy revealed her white-trash origins and disses Kirsten at the same time. He tells her to lay off Kirsten and admits that she lent them 100K. Julie is stunned again.

Sandy walks into a Laundromat to talk to a trashy blond, Ryan's mother. The scene continues at the Cohens with Kirsten telling Ryan that she could take him to some great architectural scenes as they walk into the house, giving us a glimpse of how things could turn out for Ryan. This is juxtaposed nicely with his mother standing in the living room, reminding us that it won't be that easy.

We see over supper that Dawn and Ryan's relationship is complicated and that he doesn't respect her. She doesn't have a home at the moment so Kirsten suggests she stay with them for the night. Dawn reveals that AJ, her trashy boyfriend used to beat both she and Ryan and that she's left him and her drinking habit behind. She's been sober a week. Ryan seems skeptical and leaves. The Cohens see first hand what his life really is like. Ryan gives his mother a hard time in private for abandoning him, for which she apologizes while making excuses. She tells Ryan that he was the smart and good one and that his arrest had shattered her last hope of not having failed as a mother. She begs for his forgiveness, while he concedes very little. She claims that they can make a new start with the help of the Cohens.

Next morning, Seth and Kirsten are talking around the pool and Seth thinks that they should invite Dawn to stay so that they can monitor the situation. Ryan and Dawn come in laughing and Kirsten does just that: she invites Dawn to stay and go with them to the party.

Sandy and Ryan talk about the changes Dawn brings, which is emphasized by her walking the kitchen wearing a gown and all trashiness almost removed. She cleans up nice and Ryan seems to share that opinion.

Party night. Things get off to an interesting start when Julie quips that the dress she's wearing is Kirsten's. Jimmy tells Sandy business is going well. All smiles while they lie through their teeth. Ryan and Dawn are playing the tables and we see that Dawn is a seasoned player. They seem to be having fun, and Dawn orders water and lime. Ryan spots Marissa and walks over. They talk about Ryan leaving now that his mother is back and he wishes her a nice life.

Seth picks up a pair of dice that Summer dropped and she orders him to stay put when his presences announces a winning streak. Luke and Marissa talk things over as she admits that Ryan was a mistake. He walks away from her. Ryan stops him and tells him that Marissa chose him. Luke is the one she wants.

Julie thanks Sandy for the 100K that he had no idea he had lent her. He brings it up to Kirsten who apologizes for not telling him. She tries to placate him, but Jimmy walks in at that moment.

Dawn orders her first drink to calm her trembling hands. Then she orders seconds and she gets louder and trashier with every drink. Proof that you can take the woman out of Chino, but you can't take Chino out of the woman. Kirsten attempts to warn her with no results.

Meanwhile Luke finds Marissa and makes a move to smooth things over between them.

The night proceeds as Seth finds that he likes being Summer's whipping boy, while Ryan expresses tentative hope for his life with his mother. Everything comes to a grinding stop when a drunken Dawn stumbles into a waiter carrying a tray full of drinks. She causes a scene to everyone's, but especially Ryan's, embarrassment. Luke and Sandy help her up and out of the room and the gossiping tongues go rampant.

Back at the Cohen mansion, Ryan watches his mother sleep off her drunken stupor. You know the poor kid is thinking that nothing will ever change.

The next morning Dawn attempts an early morning slip away but bumps into Kirsten on her way out. She tells Kirsten that abandoning Ryan with her and her family is the best thing she can do for him. Ryan steps out and guesses what's going down. With a tearful wave at her kid and a heartfelt tank you to Kirsten, Dawn leaves Newport in a taxi. Kirsten turns to Ryan who has that quiet look of expectation that seems to say, "What now?"

Kirsten and Ryan walk into the kitchen as Seth and Sandy are preparing for breakfast and she announces "Ryan is going to stay with us now." The boys are ecstatic and Ryan gives us a glimpse of the boyish charm he can now afford. Sandy's dimple makes an appearance and you know things are going to be ok with them and their now extended family.

Summary contributed by Patricia K


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