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August 26th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

At the Cohens', Seth Cohen and Ryan are once again playing videogames when Seths father and mother, Sandy and Kirsten,  show up. They talk with Ryan and tell him that they have asked child services to allow him to stay, but the catch is that they have to assume legal responsibility for him. Ryan says he cant ask them to do that, but they say they want to do this. Ryan asks what if something happens and they change their mind? They say they wont, and they just ask him to try and stay out of trouble. Ryan promises them no more trouble. Ryan shakes Sandys hand, and hugs Kirsten. Seth tells Ryan that he is a Cohen now, welcome to a life of insecurity! 

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At the Cohens pool house, Kirsten Cohen helps Ryan get settled. She says they will need to go shopping for furniture to make this place homey, and they will need to go shopping for clothes. She says he will need a tux because tonight is the cotillion ball in which young men make their entrance into society.

Kirsten, Ryan, and Seth arrive at the country club where the ball is taking place. Ryan has reservations, but Kirsten insists he do this because it is a family tradition. Seth and Ryan go into the fitting room to pick out their tuxes, where they run into Marissa Cooper, the next door neighbor. She is glad to find out Ryan is staying in New Port instead of going home. Marissa's friend Summer and Marissas boyfriend Luke arrive, and Luke is not thrilled to hear Ryan is not going back to Chino. Summer is just as pleased as Marissa is to learn Ryan is staying in town. Kirsten asks Marissa to try and set Ryan and Seth up with some dates for the ball.

In the dressing room, Summer asks Marissa to fix her up with Ryan. Summer thinks Ryan is a bad boy, or he will by time she is through with him. Marissa has reservations. Summer asks Marissa if she has a problem with her dating Ryan. She wonders if Marissa  has a thing for him? 

Back at the Cohens, Sandy Cohen is getting ready to go surfing when their neighbor Jimmy Cooper, Marissa's father, arrives to talk. He tells Sandy that he knows he is angry with him for borrowing money behind his back from Kirsten. Sandy asks him why he needs this money? Jimmy says he lost some money and needs to recoup. Sandy asks how he lost the money, and how much money did he lose? Jimmy says that isnt important, what is important is that he doesnt know what he and his wife Julie would do without him and Kirsten.

In Sandys home office, an investigator shows up to talk to Sandy about the check his wife gave to James Cooper, which was not treated as an investment, but a deposit. Sandy says it was a loan, and they are old friends. The investigator says James is being investigated by the SEC for fraud, and now he is a part of the investigation as is everyone else who loaned James Cooper money. 

Later, the gang returns home from the club. Ryan and Seth go to the pool house. Ryan doesnt want to go to the ball because he thinks Luke is going to give him grief. Seth says it is too late for them to back out now, they have dates! Meanwhile, Sandy informs Kirsten that Jimmy has been taking money out of his clients accounts and using to pay off his debts. Kirsten is stunned. Sandy says they have to call others and warn them because they are all now apart of this SEC investigation. Kirsten asks him to hold off until she can talk to Jimmy and find out what is going on.

At the Cooper's, Ryan shows up to talk to Marissa about the cotillion. He is thinking of backing out. She is trying her dress on and asks Ryan to do her straps. Ryan asks her So, when is this ball again?

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Kirsten goes to the Cooper's to see Jimmy about what is going on. As they are talking, Julie, Jimmys wife shows up, and asks him for a credit card so she can go shopping for a dress, and pay for their youngest daughter's riding lessons. She soon takes off, and Jimmy tries to tell Kirsten that he wasnt stealing, he was trying to pay off some debts. He says he is only guilty of not saying no to his family. Kirsten says he was stealing, and he needs help. Jimmy says yeah, but whose going to help me?

Back at the Cohen's, Kirsten asks Sandy to help Jimmy out, but he says no. He says Jimmy stole from his friends, clients, and even them. He thinks Jimmy Cooper is a New Port brat who had everything handed to him. Kirsten says like me? He says no, but she says there isnt anything she wouldnt do for her family either.

Seth and Ryan go to a class at the country club to learn how to dance for the cotillion, and to find out who their dates are. Marissa decides to introduce the boys to their debs. Summer thinks she is Ryans date, but Marissa says Ryan has been promised to someone else. She introduces Ryan to his debutant, Anna Stern from Pittsburg. Seth is left with Summer, which pleases him but not her. Marissa helps Anna and Ryan learn how how to dance. Anna doesnt get it, so she steps in and shows them how it is done. As Ryan and Marissa dance, a look exchanges between them that the three of them cant ignore! Luke shows up and says hed be pretty jealous right now if Chino wasnt gay. Marissa walks off, and Anna tells Ryan that he is asking for trouble being interested in her. Ryan says he knows. The class continues, and they all begin doing the waltz. Luke tells Marissa, as they dance, that Ryan is stalking her. She says he is not, and Lukes going to have to get used to him being here. Luke says he just doesnt trust anyone around her. Meanwhile, Anna makes the connection as to who Ryan is, the car stealing house-firing setting criminal, New Ports most wanted! He asks if she has a problem going to the ball with him? She says no way!

Later, Marissa and her friend Chloe let Seth and Ryan know about a cookout tonight, and she invites them. After the girls walk off, Ryan tells Seth that he isnt going, but Seth says they have to. He begs Ryan to go to the cookout because he knows without him he wont be allowed to it.

Chloes father, Mr. Fisher, runs into Jimmy and talks to him about a new investment hes thinking about making. He says he needs to take some money out of his investment account to make the investment. Jimmy looks troubled. Mr. Fisher asks Jimmy to bring a check for him to the cotillion.

At the cookout, Seth approaches Summer and tries to make his move. She tells him not to talk to her. He asks if they are still on for the ball? She says she guesses. He wishes she could at least pretend to be interested.

Elsewhere, Marissa watches her boyfriend and his friends make pigs of themselves with food and beer. She looks across the room and sees Ryan sitting by himself, so she goes over to see him. Ryan asks her if shes sure she wants to be seen with him? Luke gives them a look, and he rushes over to break up whatever is going on. He thinks Ryan is making a move on his girl, and he tells Marissa to go help Summer. Marissa says he should go help her so that she can talk to Ryan. Ryan says it is okay, hell go. Marissa says no! Luke tries to pick a fight, but Ryan says he wont fight, knowing he promised the Cohen's. Luke decks him, but Ryan does nothing. Marissa ends up furious with Luke. Seth tells Ryan that he just got his but kicked and didnt fight back, he really is a Cohen!

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Back at the Cohens pool House, Seth, in a tux, but Ryan is just sitting on the couch reading. Seth ask Ryan why he isnt ready? Ryan says he is not going. Ryan says he's not risking what his parents did for him just to kick Lukes ass. Seth asks if he could kick his ass? Ryan says oh yeah, and Seth says cool! Meanwhile, Kirsten finds out that Sandy has no intention of going to the ball where all their friends will treat Jimmy like a hero. She is upset with him, and storms off with Seth.

At the Cooper's, Julie helps Marissa get ready for the ball. However, Marissa says she doesnt think she wants to go anymore. She tells her mom that she and Luke had a fight, and she wonders if there is someone else out there. Julie, knowing Marissa is referring to Ryan,  refuses to let her get involved with that boy from Chino and end up in a trailer park with four kids like her aunt Cindy. Marissa says she's only sixteen, but Julie says the choices she makes at sixteen can affect the rest of her life. Julie insists her daughter put on her dress and go to the ball with Luke. Marissa says she cant, and shes sorry. Julia says no shes not, but she will be! Later, Julie finds out that her husband Jimmy isnt going either. Their youngest daughter shows up and says Mr. Fisher has called for him, again. Julie says he can talk to him at the cotillion, and convinces him to go.

At the cotillion, Seth runs into Anna and lets her know that Ryan isnt coming. She says shell survive. He begins talking with Anna, and learns she is a comic book geek as well. Meanwhile, Summer gets a call from Marissa to let her know that she is not coming. Marissa says after what happened with Luke and Ryan last night, she doesnt want to go. Summer says Ryan isnt even here! Summer then tells Luke that Marissa isnt coming. Summer and Luke decide to go together, and Summer ends up dumping Seth. 

Back at the Cohen's, Sandy and Ryan hang out and play videogames. Sandy says hes not missing much at the Cotillion, everyone there stands around acting perfect yet they all have their little secrets. Ryan asks Sandy what his secret is? Sandy says his secret is that sometimes he actually likes this place. Later, Marissa shows up to hang out with Ryan. Marissa tells Ryan that she hopes he stayed home because of last night or because of her. He asks why she didnt go? She shrugs her shoulders. Ryan says they can't keep running. so the two of them agree to go to the cotillion if the other goes. Ryan goes to tell Sandy that they are going to the cotillion after all. Sandy is shocked, but says hell get the car.

Back at the cotillion, Mr. Fisher approaches Jimmy for the check. Jimmy tells him that he doesnt have it, and to stop by the office tomorrow. Jimmy sees Marissa show up with Ryan, so he walks off to find out what is going on. Marissa goes to the back room to change, and Luke is furious with her for coming with Ryan. Luke tries to pick another fight with Ryan, but he ends up telling Marissa that he is over this, and they are done. Summer and Julie both give Ryan and Marissa nasty looks.

Commercial Break. 

At the cotillion, Anna talks to Ryan and tells him that he missed his shot to go with her, so hell have to go with Princess Mononoke over there, referring to Marissa. Meanwhile, Julie is lecturing Marissa about how she doesnt have a date! Ryan offers, and Julie says that is not necessary! Marissa, however, says she will go get ready!

Anna finds Seth sulking, and she tells him that he needs to have more confidence. She says chicks don't dig guys with no confidence. Anna says she no longer has a date, and would like him to be her escort. He falters, but she reminds him to have confidence! He says lets do this! Suddenly, Summer shows up and tells Seth that she is available again, but Seth tells her no! 

Sandy meets up with Kirsten, who is upset that he didnt even put on a tux. The 47th annual cotillion begins as the woman on stage welcomes them. She begins to announce the debs and their dates. Anna Stern is introduced, and she and Seth walk down the stage. Next Marisa Cooper is announced, and Ryan escorts her down the stage. Everyone applauds, and the debutants and their escorts begin to dance. Jimmy watches his daughter dance, and he looks nervous. Mr. Fisher shows up to question Jimmy about his money because he is concerned. Jimmy says it is nothing that cant wait until tomorrow. Mr. Fisher presses him for the whereabouts of his money. Jimmy says he doesnt have it right now, but he will. Mr. Fisher becomes loud and asks where it is? Jimmy says hes working on it. He begins to explain about some bad investments, but an angry Mr. Fisher decks him and screams "that's my money!" He screams Jimmy is a thief, and begins punching Jimmy. Sandy tries to break things up, only to get decked himself. Ryan jumps in to help Sandy, and they pull Mr. Fisher off of Jimmy.  Mr. Fisher, screaming Hes a thief! is shown out. Julie is completely embarrassed by her husband.

Later, Kirsten thanks Sandy for jumping in and defending Jimmy. Ryan shows up and apologizes for getting into a fight. Sandy says they can make an exception in this case. Ryan heads home, and Seth talks to Anna about possibly seeing her again. Anna says she is spending the rest of the summer sailing to Tahiti. Seth is pleased that Anna shares his passion for sailing.

Outside the club, Ryan sees Marissa standing outside her house. He goes to talk to her, and gives her his jacket to keep her warm. Marissa is in tears wondering what happened in there. She wonders what will happen now? Ryan says he doesnt know. Ryan suggests they both head home. As they are about to leave, Luke is standing there. He says he came as soon as he heard. He asks Marissa if she is . . . He says hes sorry and asks to take her home and talk. Marissa says she needs to be alone right now. She gives Ryan his jacket and then she runs off, leaving Luke and Ryan behind.

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