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August 5th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

Summary provided by an anonymous contributor

Ryan and his brother are in an ally parking lot when Ryan's brother breaks the window of a car. He motions to Ryan to get in. At first Ryan hesitates but gets in the car after seeing a cop car. Ryan's brother hot wires the car and takes off. The cop car turns on his lights and goes after the car. The car chase ends as Ryan's brother crashes.

Sandy, Ryan's juvenile public defender, is talking to Ryan the next day in jail and is telling him all the things that he did wrong. He mentions to Ryan that he never goes to school and gets bad grades but then tells him that he did extremely well on his SAT II's and that he his really smart and he needs to apply himself. Ryan gives him "I don't care look" Ryan goes outside and an old car pulls up. A woman (Ryan's mom) comes out of the car and begins yelling at Ryan that he is going to end up like his father and brother and for him to get in the car. He follows his mom and Sandy goes after Ryan to give him is card just in cases he needs anything. Sandy makes sure to put his home number down on the card. Ryan and his mom  arrive home and his mother is drinking and there is a man sitting on chair drinking and watching TV. Ryan's mom explains that she does not know what to do and that she wants Ryan out of the house. Ryan then asks, almost crying, where will he go and stay. The man sitting yells that he heard his mother. Ryan yells back and the two begin to fight. Ryan is hit and he gets up and leaves on his bike. Ryan rides around town finally stopping at a pay phone and begins to call people and ask for help. He can't seem to get anyone that will help him. He then takes out Sandy's card and calls the number.

Sandy and Ryan are in the car driving to Sandy's house when Ryan mentions that he didn't think that the type of lawyer Sandy was made money. Sandy say that he doesn't but that his wife does as they pull up to the driveway of this beautiful big house. Sandy tells Ryan to wait in the car as he goes in to talk to his wife. He is about to leave when he realizes that he left his keys in the car and then reaches for the keys. Ryan looks at him and says it is no fun when the keys are inside. Inside the house Sandy and Kirsten are arguing about Ryan. Sandy wants to give him a chance and Kirsten is worried about Ryan's intensions. Sandy mentions that it will only be for the weakened and on Monday he will take him to child services. Kirsten then goes to get Ryan's stuff ready for the pool house. Meanwhile, outside, Ryan leaves the car and goes to the front of the driveway to smoke. At the same time Marissa is coming out of her house. She sees Ryan and asks who he is. He tells her that he stole car, crashed it, his mom kicked him out, and that Mr. Cowan  is taking him in. She laughs and says yeah right and says you must be their nephew from Seattle. Ryan just agrees with her. She then wants a cigarette and Ryan lights it for her. Sandy then comes out and finds Ryan talking to Marissa. Marissa mentions that he was just talking to his nephew and asks if he is going to her fashion show charity event. Sandy smiles and says that he wouldn't miss it for the world. A black truck pulls up to the curb and Marissa goes to it. She then invites Ryan to the show as she gets in the truck.

The next day Ryan wakes up and looks out the beautiful view of the ocean. He then goes inside the house where he finds Seth. Seth says hello and asks if he want to play Grand theft auto where they can steal cars which is "cool or not that cool." The two immediately bond and begin playing video games. Sandy walks in and tells them that they should go out so Seth can show him around. He tells them also not to forget about the charity fashion show tonight. Seth says he is not going and Sandy says that Ryan has to go because Marissa invited him. Seth is surprised that Ryan already met Marissa and says that they have been next door neighbors forever and that her dad almost married his mom and that he has never talked to Marissa. Sandy interrupts Seth and says that Kirsten did not almost marry Jimmy.

Both of them go sailing and Seth tells Ryan that he want to sail to Tahiti with the girl that Seth likes, the one he named his boat after, Summer. Seth also mentions that he as never talked to her and she does not know that he exists. 

At Marissa's house there is a knock at the door. Marissa get the door and two men are standing outside. They ask to speak to her father. She informs then that he is not home and that she does not know when he will be back. One of the men hands her a business card to give to her father. She closes the door and takes a look at the car and reads that it is someone from the Federal Trade Commission. She goes into her dads (Jimmy's) office and her dad is there he tanks her for taking care of the people at the door. He says that he just did not want to deal with them. Marissa asks her dad if everything is ok and he replies that every thing is good. Everyone gets ready for the fashion show at Marissa's house. Her mom, Julie, and sister are downstairs waiting for Marissa. When Julie sees Marissa all she does is criticizes her about her hair.

At the charity fashion show all the people stare at Ryan and wonder who he is. The fashion show is an extravagant event with alcohol everywhere for everyone. As Marissa comes on to the runway Ryan can not help but to be fixated on her. She too stares at him from the runway. Luke, Marissa's boyfriend, sees the eye contact between Ryan and Marissa and gets an angry look on his face. During the show the Cohen's, the Coopers, and another couple start talking about the expensive dresses that the girls are wearing. Sandy mentions that Marissa's dress must have cost more then he makes in a year. The people at the table mention that it just means that Jimmy is very financially secure and will make everyone rich. Jimmy excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. Ryan heads to the bathroom and while he is there Jimmy comes in and goes into a stall and starts banging the walls. Ryan looks towards the stall ad he hears Jimmy inside crying. Marissa and Summer are seen in the changing room bathroom where Summer tells Marissa that she got a glass of Champaign. Marissa pulls out a bottle of alcohol and says look what I got.
Ryan is invited to a beach party by Summer. He convinces Seth to go along to the party with a group of kids in a jeep. They arrive at the party and there are a lot of half naked girls and guys dancing and making out. Ryan sees Marissa and she says that she is glad he came. She asks Ryan what he thinks about the place and he says that he thinks he could probably get in a lot less trouble from he's from. Seth tries to talk to Summer and she just ignores him and doesn't know who he is. Seth then begins to drink. Seth goes into a bathroom where he finds a guy with two girls in the hot tub. He says sorry and that next time he should knock just in case there is a threesome going on. Marissa goes on and starts drinking her bottle from the fashion show.  Luke is seen taking another girl to look at the water. She asks about Marissa and Luke does not give it a second thought. Summer is trying to come on to Ryan and he pushes her a way. Seth sees Summer getting close to Ryan and because he has been drinking to much he gets upset and tell Ryan to go back to Chino where he came from. Summer says "ewl, Chino, gross" Seth then goes out the beach where he runs into Luke who starts shoving him around and making fun of him. Ryan chases after Seth to help him out and the two start fighting the "Surfing" guys.

Back at the Cohen house Kirsten is walking outside and meets up with Jimmy walking his dog. She asks if Marissa is home yet and he says no that she usually stays out late. Kirsten says that Seth never goes out and she is worried. Jimmy says not to worry that the kids are probably doing the same thing that they did when they were that age. Kirsten says that is what she is worried about.

Seth and Ryan get home and sleep in the guest house. Ryan gets up in the middle of the night and goes outside. He sees Marissa arriving with her friends. They have to carry her to her door and leave her lying on the floor when they cannot find her keys. Ryan sees this and wait till they leave to go to Marissa. She is totally wasted so he finds her keys and carries her inside to bed.

Kirsten finds Seth in the morning with bruises on his face and gets upset. She starts to argue with Sandy about Ryan and that she does not want him to stay in their house. Ryan is seen cooking breakfast when Kirsten walks into the kitchen. She is surprised that Ryan can and is cooking. She starts talking to Ryan. Ryan says he understands and he will get his stuff ready. Ryan goes into Seth's room to say goodbye. Sandy drives Ryan home to Chino. When Ryan gets to the house he says he will be ok and thanks Sandy for his help. Ryan enters the house and finds that his mother moved out. Sandy comes in after him and leads him out of the house.

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