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September 16th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohens where Seth is telling Ryan that his plan will work. Seth wants to go to Tijuana with all the other kids, but Ryan doesn't know. Seth says all the kids go to Mexico before the start of the school year. Seth says he will be able to use his moms range rover to get them there in, and they can claim that they are going to a comic book convention he goes to every year. Ryan asks if he wouldnt rather go to Comic Con? Seth says no, its the same thing every year, guys drooling over some babe in a cat woman costume. Ryan says he isnt sure about lying to his parents, but Seth says he will lie to his parents. Seth thinks the problem is Ryan doesnt want to see Marissa. Seth says it is a big place, and Marissa will probably be shacked up with Luke. Seeing the hurt on Ryans face he apologizes. Sandy shows up, in a business suit, and asks them if they are excited about Comic Con? Sandy tells Ryan that Seth has gone every summer since he was twelve. They ask Sandy why he is so dressed up? He reveals that he has a meeting with a private law firm today. They ask if he is giving up being a public defender? Kirsten shows up and says that will never happen. Sandy says never say never, and asks the boys when they leave for their trip? Seth says tomorrow, or should he say, manjana? (sp?)

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Seth is walking around the pool house twirling a sombrero, which he places on Ryans head. Ryan says he doesnt wear hats. Seth says it is a sombrero, and he needs to brush up on his Spanish. Seth has planned their itinerary for the trip, and he has planned lots of things for them to do to take Ryan's  mind off of Marissa. Seth knows he isnt over Marissa, but Ryan says he is.

At the Coopers, Marissa tells Summer that she knows it wouldnt have worked with Ryan. Summer says no duh! She then wants details about the sex with Luke. Marissa says it is a private act, and she really doesnt know what to compare it to. Summer tells her to go see Luke and do it again because its always better the second time.

Jimmy gets a phone call and learns his new apartment isnt ready yet, and hes not pleased because hes moving out this weekend. Marissa shows up and asks her dad if he is okay? He says he is fine. She says she was going to Luke's but can stay if he wants. He says he has things to do anyways, so Marissa heads over to Lukes.

Back at the Cohens, Jimmy shows up to talk with Kirsten. He needs help finding an apartment. Kirsten wished Jimmy would have come to her first, and she says shell call her realtor. Kirsten asks how the girls took the news? Jimmy says they dont know yet. He says Julie and Caitlin are at Julies moms , and Marissa is going to Mexico, so when everyone comes back he will be gone. Kirsten thinks this is a bad idea, but Jimmy says he cant bear to have them watch him move out. He says he never thought hed be the bad guy, the divorced guy.

At Lukes place, Luke and Marissa are doing some heavy making out in Lukes bed. They are talking about Tijuana, and Marissa is having doubts about going. She is worried about her dad. Luke cant believe she is thinking about her dad right now. Marissa says she just doesnt think she should leave him alone, and she feels she should be with him now. Luke says fine, and says he has to go meet the guys anyways.

At the Crab Shack, Ryan is working and Seth is at the counter. Seth is watching Summer, who is with a bunch of friends. He thinks she is playing with him, teasing him. Marissa shows up, and Ryan asks how she has been. She is cold to him and says something about how he hasn't asked until and heads over to be with Summer, Luke, and the other. Seth eavesdrops in and learns Marissa is not going in Mexico. Summer is upset because Marissa was her ride. Meanwhile, Holly puts the moves on Luke and suggests they hook up in Mexico. He says he cant because hes back with Marissa. Holly tells him that he will be missing her in a week! Later, Seth decides to offer Summer a ride to Mexico.

At the law firm, Sandy meets with an old friend, Rachel. They embrace and Sandy tells him that she looks great. We learn that Rachel used to be a DA, and she and Sandy often argued against one another in court. Rachel left her job to work in a fancy law firm. Rachel and Sandy trade friendly insults for a few minutes before Rachel tells Sandy that he impressed a lot of people when he got Jimmy Cooper off the way he did, and the other partners wondered if he might be ready to stop playing the martyr and move on to something bigger and better. 

Back at the Cohens, Summer shows up for the ride to Mexico. Sandy says he didnt know she was into Comics. Summer says eeew comics! Seth says she likes Anime. Sandy tells Seth that Summer is really hot stuff. 

Summer goes over to the Cooper's to convince Marissa to go with them because she got them a ride, but Marissa says she cant. Jimmy learns Marissa wants to stay home this weekend, so he tells her that he made other plans. He tells her to go on her trip, so she says okay. Summer brings Marissa out to the car, and she does not seem happy to be traveling with Ryan. Ryan begins the drive, and the kids take off for Mexico.

Commercial Break

Jimmy and Kirsten are panting Jimmys new apartment. They reminisce about painting his old dorm room, which Kirsten helped him with. Kirsten talks to Jimmy about talking to his kids about his leaving. She says he needs to call Marissa and tell her because if she comes home and finds him gone than she will never forgive him. Jimmy doesn't know, but Kirsten tells him that Marissa will still love him no matter what. 

Seth is now driving, and Summer is being a backseat driver. She says he is driving like a grandma and he needs to step on it! He says he is doing 70 in a 60 zone, but she says a van of nuns passed him. Summer complains and complains, and she asks why there is no air conditioner. Seth says he is Jewish, his people are used to dry desert heat. She also insults Seths music, which she says is one guitar and a whole lot of complaining. Seth tells Summer that she is doing a whole lot of complaining. Seth has has it and wants to pull over and throw Summer out of the car. Summer grabs the wheel to keep him from pulling over, and the car ends up going off the road. The cars axel ends up broken, and they have to stay in a dingy motel for the night. Summer refuses to stay in this motel because it is a hell whole. Seth says they don't have a choice, and it is only one night. Summer says she'll probably leave this place with a rash. Seth asks her if she is planning on working to pick up some extra cash tonight? Summer and Seth continue to trade insults and point the finger of blame for what happened.

Back at the Cohens, Sandy comes home and is surprised to find a new surfboard waiting for him. He thinks Kristen bought it, but she says she didnt. She says it arrived and is from Rachel. She wonders who Rachel is. Sandy says she is a lawyer at the law firm he had a meeting with today. Sandy tells her about the salary this law firm is offering him. Kirsten cant believe he is considering giving up everything he believes in to work for the man. Sandy feels bad that he is not contributing money to the family, but she says they have enough money. Sandy says that money is her money, he does not contribute. She cant believe he is saying this. She tells him that he contributes in other ways, for example with his morals. They end up in an argument. Sandy says he thinks that she likes making money, and that she likes that he hasnt sold out his morals like all the other families around here. He says the only thing that keeps her from being Julie Cooper is him!

Back in Mexico, Ryan and Marissa stand at a vending machine trying to pick out dinner. He says they can have cheese sticks or ding dongs. She tells him to pick. He tries to talk about what happened, but Marissa tells Ryan that she really doesnt care that she walked in on him with a girl, woman, or whatever she was. Ryan says he was only with her because she was back with Luke. She says she was not back with Luke, and she asks him if he wondered why she came to the pool house in the first place? He says yes, and he suggests they clear the air about it. HE wants her to tell him, but she wont. Instead she tells him to buy her some cheese sticks because he hates ding dongs.

Back in the room, Summer finds Seth on the bed, and she orders him to be a gentlemen and sleep on the couch. He says no way, and that chivalry is dead. Summer gets into the bed with him and tells him that if he makes a move she will rip out his jugular. Seth makes a comment about her pillow talking skills.

Marissa and Ryan return to the room, and as they are going in Marissas dad calls. Ryan goes into the room, Marissa stays outside, but due to the paper thin walls he can hear Marissas conversation. Jimmy tells Marissa that he has moved out, and he and her mom are getting a divorce. Jimmy says he wanted to tell her before she left, but he couldnt let her stay and watch him pack up his life. Jimmy says he doesnt mean to ruin her trip. Later, a teary eyed Marissa enters the room. Ryan and Marissa are stuck with the couch bed. Ryan offers to sleep on the floor, but she says it is okay. Marissa ends up breaking down. Ryan tells her that hes sorry. She says thanks. She lays down with her back to Ryan. He ends up rolling over so that they are back to back on the couch bed. The camera pans up to show Seth and Summer also sleeping back to back in the bed.

Commercial Break.

The next morning the bed in the motel room is empty, and Ryan and Summer are one the couch spooning. Ryan is asleep, but Marissa is awake and it appears enjoying it. Ryan eventually wakes up and pulls away from Marissa. She rolls over, and he says he is sorry and that he didnt mean to. She says she knows. He asks if she wants to go home, but she says she wants to stay. She decides to go take a shower.

Seth and Summer are in a diner somewhere and are reading the morning paper, which they are trading back and forth, as well as sharing toast. They basically are acting like an old married couple! He asks if they should have woken Ryan and Marissa? She says no, they looked cute. Seth ends up confronting Summer with the fact that he thinks she likes him. He wants to talk about the kiss they shared. She reminds him that there was no tongue in that kiss. They bicker, and when Seth says their chemistry is undeniable, she says what will be undeniable is the pain the fork will cause when she sticks it in his eye! Seth ends up getting the check, and they return to the room.

When they return, Ryan tells Seth and Summer that they might have to go back to Newport. They ask why, and Marissa comes out of the shower and tells Summer and Seth about her parents. Summer suggests they continue with the trip and have fun. She says life will suck soon enough once they get back, so they should have fun while they can. Ryan thinks Summer is right, and Seth says there is a first time for everything. Marissa says they should go ahead to Mexico.

The kids all end up in Tijuana, check into another motel, and plan to head to some place called Boom Boom. Summer wants to make a pit stop at the pharmacy to get some meds for her mom, since she can stock up on anything without a prescription. Seth says he needs some allergy medicine, so he'll go with her. Marissa tells Ryan that he doesnt have to come with them, but he wants to. She tells him that once they get to where they are going, shes going to find Luke. He says he knows.

The kids end up at Boom Boom, which is a go-go bar where people are throwing back shots and also doing body shots off one another. Holly is really flirting with Luke. She wants to dance, and coaxes him onto the dance floor. Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer walk in, and Seth says he loves authentic Mexican culture. The gang starts throwing back shots downstairs while Holly and Luke heat things up on the dance floor upstairs. Luke has no idea that Marissa is there! Marissa and Ryan end up on the dance floor, and that is when they see Luke at Holly going at it! Luke finally sees Marissa standing there staring at him with a shocked look on his face.

Back in New Port, Sandy meets Rachel at a restaurant. She says the partners want to know his answer by the morning. Sandy says he cant accept this job, but Rachel knows he really wants it. She thinks he is up for the challenge, and he wants to do more than what he does now. She says that is why she left the DA's office, because she wanted to do more.

At Jimmys place, Kirsten is helping Jimmy hang wallpaper (maybe it was curtains?) Jimmy asks Kirsten, who is on a ladder, if she ever thinks about what it would have been like if they ended up together. She says sometimes. Kirsten ends up falling off a ladder, and Jimmy catches her. They end up close to one another, and Jimmy kisses her. She says she should go. Jimmy apologizes and says he shouldnt have doesn't that. She says she is going now and runs out of his place.

Commercial Break

Marissa asks Luke how could he! He says he is sorry, and she asks why because you got caught? Holly tells Marissa that she is such a bitch. She says Luke hooks up with everyone, everyone! She says everyone knows, and now Marissa knows. Summer tells Holly she is horrible! Summer attacks Holly and basically blurts out to everyone that MArissa just found out her parents are getting divorced, and she doesn't need this. Marissa runs out of the club, and Ryan suggests Luke stay away from Marissa. Luke says this doesnt involve him and tries to punch Ryan. Ryan punches him; and then he, Summer, and Seth go looking for Marissa. 

Summer finds Marissa back at the hotel. She is devastated. Summer wants to call the guys to let them know she is okay, but Marissa says she cant see them right now. Summer says they should go home, but Marissa says she cant because she has no one back home. Summer suggests they just leave, and she goes to pack things up. Marissa finds the pills Summer bought for her mom, grabs them, and runs. In the bathroom Summer calls the guys to tell them where they are. When she heads back out to check on Marissa, she finds she is gone. Seth and Ryan return to the hotel and Summer says Marissa took off with the drugs she bought for her step-mom. They all begin to search the streets for Marissa. Marissa is in a bar somewhere downing the pain killers with shots of tequila. 

Back in New Port, Sandy comes home to find Kirsten drinking some wine. She asks how it went with the suits? He says it went okay. They end up drinking to the end of summer. Sandy asks if he did take this job . . .Kirsten knows hes already taken it. He says he can still get out of it if he needs to.

Back in Mexico, Marissa begins to pass out at the bar. The others continue searching for her. Marissa sees three seedy guys watching her from across the bar. One of them comes over to her, and she gets up and ends up running out of the bar. She stumbles through the streets and is in bad shape. She ends up in an alleyway somewhere where she collapses. The show ends with the others seeing her in the alleyway. Ryan runs to her and tells her to wake up. She is very pale. Ryan picks her up and she almost appears dead in his arms. Summer ends up crying on Seths shoulder as Ryan carries her body out of the alley. The show ends with an above shot of Ryan holding Marissa's body. 

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