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September 2nd, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with a flyby of the beach, surf, and boardwalk. Seth and Ryan are biking and skateboarding down the boardwalk. They stop at a restaurant, The Crab Shack, to get lunch. Seth insists they meditate in front of the lobsters before eating them. Seth also compliments Ryans new clothes, which his mom bought for him. After they eat, Seth asks Ryan what is going on with him and Marissa. Ryan says she didnt want to talk with everything going on with Luke and with her father. Seth says Ryan needs to go after Marissa now that she and Luke are over. Ryan says he has no car and no money, so he cant do much in the way of wooing her. Seth thinks Ryan can get money from the Cohens, but Ryan refuses to take any more money from them. Seth says they are like his parents now, and their job is to work for their kids. Ryan still refuses. Seth asks him where he will get money from then? Suddenly they hear a crash from the kitchen, and someone yells Your fired! Ryan looks at Seth, who cant believe what Ryan is thinking.

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Back at the Cohens pool house, which is now Ryans room, Ryan and Seth talk. They are getting ready to head out. Ryan is heading out for work, and Seth realize hes going to have to get used to hanging out by himself again.

In the Cohen living room, Kirsten talks with some of her friends about a retreat Julie has planned for them all. They dont know if they should go given the problem with Jimmy. Sandy eavesdrops and listens in on them, and soon Seth and Ryan join them. The girls gossip about how Jimmy is a thief and will probably end up in jail. Kirsten is the only one who seems to defend Jimmy. Seth and Ryan ask Sandy what is going on, and he explains Jimmys predicament.

At the Coopers, Julie tells Jimmy how she is dreading this retreat, but she knows she has to go and face the firing squad and beg for mercy if she wants to remain a part of their community. Jimmy was hoping shed stay so they could talk about this. Julie says this is his mess, so he needs to clean it up! She says when she returns they will discuss how to explain this to their girls.

On the beach, Summer talks to Marissa about what is going on with Luke. Marissa says she hasnt talked to Luke since cotillion. Summer tells her that shes going to end up depressed if she doesnt talk to anyone. Summer suggests they go to lunch and use her step-dads credit card, which he gave her for emergencies.

At the Crab Shack, Ryan is shown the ropes by Donnie. Summer and Marissa show up for lunch, and Marissa is shocked to see him. She smiles, and he asks how her dad is. She says he is okay. He asks how she is? Before she can answer Summer yells shes starving. Marissa goes to walk off when Ryan asks her to hang out sometime, but emphasis it isnt a date. She says she cant right now, but thanks.

Marissa and Summer sit down, and Summer makes the comment that if she knew he worked here than she would have suggested the go elsewhere. Suddenly, Luke shows up. Marissa realizes this was a set up, especially when Summer runs off to the bathroom. Luke and Marissa  try and talk, but Luke puts his foot in his mouth when he mentions how her dad stole all that money. She says nice! and walks off.

Meanwhile, Donnie ends up telling Ryan about how Luke, the water-polo playing bitch, acts like he owns this place. Donnie says Luke wouldnt last a day where hes from. Ryan and Donnie realize they are both from bad areas of California as far as New Port residents are concerned. They end up making a date to play pool after work ends.

Sandy is on his way to work when he sees Jimmy walking his dog. Sandy offers him some free legal advice, and could recommend him to a friend who is a securities attorney. Jimmy wonders why he would do that for him when he doesnt like him. Sandy says he is a public defender, it is his job to represent people he doesn't like!

Seth, who is bored out of his mind, goes down to Ryans work to celebrate Ryans first day of work. Ryan says hes actually made plans with a co-worker, and he introduces him to Donnie. Ryan tries to get Seth an invite, but Seth insists they go and have fun. He says hell see Ryan at home tonight.

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Back at the Cohens, it is the next morning. Ryan heads to the kitchen table for breakfast where Seth is reading comics. Seth asks him how last night was. Ryan says it was all right. Seth says it is cool he met someone from back where he is from. Seth starts a new comic, and gives the other to Ryan.

Down at the beach, Marissa and Summer are getting ready to sun themselves, yet again. They are talking about Marissas problems. Summer says things will work out for her. Summer says Marissa's parents will go away and have make-up sex or something and everything will be fine. Ryan eventually shows up and tells Marissa that when he asked her to hang out he was in fact asking her out. She says she knows. He says hell be asking her out again. She agrees to do something with him tonight, but they have to bring her sister Caitlin along. They decide to baby-sit Caitlin together. She says she'll make her specialty, macaroni and cheese. 

At the office, Sandy talks to Jimmy about his legal problems, and we learn that Jimmy lost 4 million dollars in clients money. Sandy says this is a very serious predicament he has gotten himself in. Jimmy says he understands what is going on, he gets hell from his daughters and wife everyday, and he just got beat up at the years most elegant ball. Jimmy tells Sandy to trust him, he knows this is serious.

At their retreat, Kirsten, Julie, and the others relax on lounge chairs by the pool and talk. Julie is convinced she is going to have to get a job when she returns home. They ask Julie if she knew what was going on? Julie says no, and if she did she would have taken her girls away so they didnt have to live with the shame of what Jimmy has done. She blames herself, but all the other girls tell her that she was a victim. One of the girls give Julie a divorce attorneys number. Kirsten says this isnt helping anything, but it is apparent that Julie is considering a divorce! 

At the Crab Shack, Seth talks with Ryan about going out tonight to the IMAX. Ryan says he has plans to baby-sit with Marissa. Seth asks Donnie if he wants to go to the movie with him? Donnie says he has a house party in long beach to go to, and he invites Seth. Seth says hes down. Ryan warns Seth that this isnt a good idea because he doesnt know what hes getting into. Seth says he wants to go, and Ryan ends up getting conned into going for an hour just to make sure Seth is okay.

Back at the Cohens, Jimmy and Sandy are having a cookout. Jimmy says it has been so long since he had a steak, since he lives with vegetarians. Sandy says its been so long since he had a beer. Kirsten calls, and Jimmy answers. She is shocked, but soon learns what is going on. She gives him her best, and says shell call Sandy later. Back at the retreat, Julie catches Kirsten talking to Jimmy. She says her concern for her husband is really touching. Later, Sandy and Jimmy end up playing Seths videogame system. Jimmy and Sandy try to convince themselves that they are no longer old. Jimmy wants to be sixteen again, and Sandy wants to be twenty-two again. They both admit those are the ages they met Kirsten, the best year of their life!

At the house party in long beach, Donnie, Seth and Ryan arrive at a wild party, which looks like something out of the movie Clueless. Ryan ends up calling Marissa to explain hes going to be a little late. He says it is a long story, but hell be there soon. Seth has become infatuated with some of the hunnies at the party. Seth talks to Ryan about the girl he just met. Ryan makes a face at him, which he realizes means they needs to get out of here. As they are leaving, they hear a guy make some comment about a range rover, which is now messed up. Seths face drops as that is his mothers car, which he borrowed to drive to the party! 

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It's the next morning at the Cohen's, and Sandy is shocked to see the car has been spray painted and the windshield bashed in. He asks how this happened? Seth lies and claim this happened at the parking lot of the IMAX. Sandy says he will call the insurance company, but Seth has to explain this to his mother! We also learn that Marissa is upset with Ryan for ditching her and is not talking to him now. 

At the retreat, the girls are now hanging out in a sauna. The girls continue to talk about whether Julie should divorce Jimmy. Kirsten is furious and sick of having listened to them talk trash about Jimmy all weekend long. She tells Julie that she is not perfect either, and he did everything to provide for her and her daughters. Julie is absolutely furious and throws back insults at Kirsten. She says Jimmy still has their (Jimmy and Kirsten) prom picture on the mirror, even though she (Julie) is the one whom he married! Julie says she married Jimmy, so this is her problem, not Kirsten's. Julie says who knew when he knocked me up it would be the best thing that happened to Kirsten! Julie then walks out of the sauna.

Back at the Coopers, Seth arrives to see Marissa and tell her that last night was his fault, not Ryans. He says Ryan is pretty mad at him right now, and he asks Marissa to help him out and give Ryan another date.

Jimmy and Sandy are off playing golf somewhere. Sandy says he talked to his attorney friend, and he thinks hes going to be able to keep Jimmy out of jail. However, he says Jimmy will lose his license and wont be able to make anymore investments. Jimmy doesnt know where he will find the money to pay back his debt. Sandy says they can start about selling the house. Jimmy says no way, Julie will leave him and take the kids. Sandy says that wont happen, but he says it will because this is Julie they are talking about. Sandy and Jimmy end up arguing, and Jimmy tells Sandy that he is married to the richest woman in the county, and if he got fired it wouldnt matter. Jimmy says he has no idea what it means to provide for a family. Sandy says there is more to providing for a family than money. 

At the Crab Shack, Seth lets Ryan know he and Marissa have a date at the house tonight. Donnie ends up talking with Seth about what is going down tonight. Seth makes the mistake of letting Donnie know about a local party, and Donnie convinces them to go. Donnie says he will bring some of his friends and it will be fun. Ryan overhears this and thinks this is a big mistake. Seth insists this is not a big deal and things will be fine because they will be in New Port, which Seth says is his turf, if he had a turf.. 

At the Coopers, Marissa gets ready for her date with Ryan. She sees him out back at the barbeque and heads over there. Ryan is making his specialty, grilled cheese. Later they hand out at the pool side and dip their feet in the pool. They talk, and Ryan asks her how she is. She says she is okay, though she doesnt know what will happen with her parents. Marissa says her parents fight all the time, and her family isnt perfect, but she doesnt want them to fall apart. Ryan suggests they do something fun, and he pretends to throw Marissa into the pool. He doesnt really, but later they both end up falling into the pool together. They swim around in the pool in their cloths, laughing and splashing.

At the New Port party, Donnie and Seth arrive, with some of Donnies friends. Meanwhile, Luke is obviously drunk and not in a good mood. A blonde, Holly, asks him where Marissa is. He says they are taking a break. Holly ends up coming onto him after she hears this. She mentions something about the two of them getting to know one another better. Back at the party, Donnie begins flirting with Summer. However, Summer shoots him down cold! He doesnt seem to take rejection easily. The kids begin laughing at Donnie. Seth suggests they leave, but Donnie says hes ready. Donnie shows Seth that he has a gun tucked into his jeans! Donnie says life is what you make it! 

Commercial Break

At the pool house, Marissa and Ryan dry off with some towels. They come close to kissing when the phone rings. Ryan goes to answer it, and it is Seth calling about how Donnie is packing heat. Seth begs Ryan to take his dads car and get out here. Ryan has to explain to Marissa that he has to go to Hollys party and pick Seth up. Marissa says she cant go there. Ryan says okay, and he says sorry about the evening. She says it is okay, smiles, and heads back home.

At the party, Luke is getting it on with Holly in the bedroom. She tells Luke that he and Marissa should have broken up along time ago. Meanwhile, a food fight starts at the party, and Donnie gets drunk and a little careless. He breaks some bottles of booze, and Holly runs out to see what is being broken. Donnie is breaking bottles and blenders in the kitchen. Luke shows up and tries to pick a fight with Donnie. Seth suggests he not, but Luke doesnt listen. Ryan shows up and tries to cool Donnie down. Luke says he should have known this guy was a friend of his. Luke suggest Ryan take Donnie back to the trailer park. Donnie pulls out a gun and points it at Luke, who begins quaking in his shoes. Ryan and Seth both ask him to stop this. Ryan ends up trying to take Donnie down, and the gun goes off. Luke is shot in the arm, and Donnie and his friends flee. 

Kirsten and the girls return home, in a limo. One by one the girls are dropped off until only Julie and Kirsten are left. Kirsten apologizes if she upset Julie in any way. Julie tells Kirsten how when she was younger and saw a limousine drive by she always wondered how the people inside live. Julie says Kirsten knew all to well about that life, but she didn't. Julie admits shes been jealous of Kirsten since she was eight, and she will not go back to being nothing again! Kirsten says Jimmy loves her and wont leave her, but Julie says he never loved her and much as he loved Kirsten. She says she knew that when she married him, and that he only married her to do the honorable thing after knocking her up.

At the hospital, Ryan makes a call to Marissa and tells her that she might want to get down here. Seth and Ryan are questioned by the cops, and Seth cant believe what happened tonight. He asks Ryan if he was scared? Ryan says yeah. Marissa shows up and Ryan says Luke is okay, and he is with his parents. Marissa asks if the guy was a friend of his. Ryan says not really. She thanks Ryan for calling her, and she says she should go. Ryan offers to wait, but she says she might be here awhile. Marissa goes up to see Luke. Seth blames himself and says Ryan was right, he never should have brought Donnie to the hospital. Ryan feels ever since he got here everyones life has gotten worse. Seth says not everyone's. He says from now on they should stick together because united they are unstoppable, but divided its a different story.

Back at the Cohen's, Kirsten returns and asks Sandy what happened to the car. Sandy says Seth will have to explain. She opens the fridge and sees beer inside. She opens one up and says she misses beer! Sandy says the boys might be out a little while longer, and the two kiss.

Back at the Coopers, Jimmy finds Julie is home. She asks him if he wont the lottery this weekend? He says funny! He says he has some news for her, and it wont be easy. Jimmy tells her that she has a decision to make. He says they can either liquidate their assets and start over with nothing as a family, or they can declare bankruptcy, keep the house, and he sees her and the girls in 8-10 years. HE says he will do what she wants to do.

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