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September 9th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

Sandy and Kirsten come home from the store with a bunch of groceries. They are talking about Kirstens father coming, and the fact that hes bringing his new girlfriend. Sandy cant believe how terrified she is at the thought of seeing her father. He says what she should be is feeling guilt, not fear! Caleb Nichols, Kirstens father, magically appears and points out that he is her boss as well as her father! Sandy asks where the girlfriend is? Caleb says she is taking a swim. 

Out at the pool, Ryan talks to Seth about Caleb. Ryan is afraid to meet him because Caleb owns most of Newport, and Ryan burned down one of his houses. Seth says he has plenty of homes in Newport.

Sandy, Kirsten and Caleb head out to the pool where Seth and Ryan are. Caleb hugs Seth, and refers to Ryan as the kid who burnt down his house. He asks Seth to come see his pictures of Spain, and tells Ryan to put the food for the party out by the grill and get his baggage. Ryan heads out back to the pool and sees the girlfriend, Gabrielle coming out of the pool. She is a beautiful, blond, bikini clad twenty-something. Seth returns and as equally stunned by the woman who could be his new grandma. 

Ryan and Seth hand out in the hot tub and watch Gabrielle float in the pool. They talk about how hot Seths new potential grandma is. Gabrielle soon joins the boys in the hot tub, and she tries to make small talk. The boys are at a loss for words. She talks about the birthday party for Caleb, and asks who they are bringing to the party. They say nobody, and she is shocked that two hot guys like them dont have dates. Seth mentions Summer, and Gabrielle tells him to ask her. Seth asks Ryan if he will ask Marissa? Ryan says no. He says her family is falling apart and she has boyfriend problems right now. We learn that Marissa has been dating Luke since the fifth grade. Gabrielle says it is time for this girl to move on, so he should ask her.

At the Coopers, Luke shows up to see Marissa. He just got out of the hospital and has had his stitches removed. Hes tired of resting and wants to hit the beach. She thinks it is too much too soon. Luke, however, says he has a second chance now and doesnt want to waste anymore time. He apologizes to Marissa for their break up, and he says he wants them to be back together like they were. He wants to be there for her now after she was there for him in the hospital. Marissa isnt sure. Luke says they can take it slow and just hang out here today, maybe just watch a movie. 

Back at the Cohens, Sandy and Kirsten talk to Caleb about Gabrielle. He tells them that she is 24, he knows that is what they want to know. Sandy says she acts very mature. Caleb talks about this party and wants it to be small and intimate, but Kirsten has planned a huge party. Caleb is not pleased, and soon begins criticizes Kirstens work performance. Hes upset about the home burning down, and that she has hired a new architect without consulting him. He says it is obvious she feels she no longer needs his approval, for example she has adopted a boy without telling him. Caleb feels he needs to take more responsibility at work, and lesson hers so she can spend more time with her new family. Kirsten isnt happy to be demoted.

Back at the Coopers, Julia tells Jimmy about how Caitlin is devastated over the loss of her horse, China. Jimmy says it was just a horse, but Julie says China was like her best friend. Jimmy says hes sorry, and he asks what she wants from him? Julie says she wants a divorce. She tells Jimmy that she doesnt see any other way.

Meanwhile, Ryan stops by to see Marissa and talk. He tries to invite her to the party, but Luke shows up before he can. Luke thanks Ryan for taking him to the hospital and calling Marissa. Ryan says it was no problem. Luke runs off to get aspirin, and seems to have a whole new carefree attitude towards Ryan. Ryan decides not to ask Marissa out and says he just wanted to check on her before hitting work.

Gabrielle shows up at Ryans work and orders a cocktail. Ryan says hes not old enough to serve her that. She asks for a cranberry juice then. It seems she ditched a plane tour of Orange County with Caleb to come see him. Gabrielle tells Ryan how she hates flying, but Ryan has never flown. She says shes been flying since she was fifteen when her mom sent her to Japan to model. We learn Gabrielle ended up hooked on drugs until she was 22, retirement age for a model. She asks if he finds it weird, her and Caleb? Ryan says hey, he lives in a pool house! 

Later, Marissa shows up at work to talk to Ryan. She says Luke wants to get back together, but she doesnt know what she should do. Ryan says he doesnt know either, and he cant help her choose. Ryan asks her to let him know when she has made up her mind. She says okay and walks off. 

Back at the Coopers, Kirsten is beating herself up because she feels like she has done everything for her dad and it still isnt enough. Sandy tells her that if he cant appreciate her than screw him! He thinks she should quit. Kirsten says he never approved of her working for him. Sandy says he has never liked Caleb since he didnt show up at their wedding. She says he was working, but he says they changed the wedding date three times. He wishes she wouldnt let Caleb get to her, but she says she cant help it, hes her dad.

Down on the beach, Marisa and Summer are getting burritos. Marissa talks with Summer about her dilemma: Ryan or Luke. She is upset because Ryan didnt say anything. Summer tells her that she has to do the choosing, not Ryan and not Luke. 

Ryan and Seth show up for food, and Seth thinks this is destiny when he sees the girls. They approach them, and Summer asks Seth to help her with something, knowing it will give Ryan and Marissa time alone. Ryan tells Marissa that he knows she has to figure stuff out, but in the meantime there is a party for Caleb tomorrow night. Marissa says she knows, she is going with Luke. Ryan says he will see her there then.

Meanwhile, Seth helps Summer get some sauce for their burritos. Summer gets some on her finger, and asks Seth to lick it off because there are no napkins and she doesnt want her polished ruined. He does it, and then she asks Seth if hes asking her to the party or not? He is stunned, but asks her to go.

Back at the Cohens, Sandy suggests to Kirsten that they move back to Berkley, or somewhere else. He reminds her that they never planned to actually stay in Newport this long. Sandy says Seth isnt happy here, so why dont they leave? He says she could open an art gallery and put her art history degree to use. She says it would be nice, but she cant..

At Dinner, Caleb asks Seth why he isnt better at skirt chasing? Seth says he does have a date his party tomorrow, and she asked him. Sandy makes a crack about Summer, and Seth tells his dad to stop it. Gabrielle asks Ryan what about him? He says he is by himself. Some looks exchange between Gabrielle and Ryan that Seth catches, but Caleb doesnt because hes busy getting drunk off wine. 

In the kitchen, Sandy presses Kirsten to talk to her father now that he is a bit loose thanks to the wine. Caleb shows up and wants to know what they are talking about. Sandy ends up verbally attacking Caleb for his behavior, and he says they have been talking about her quitting his company and their family going back to Berkley. Caleb thinks Sandy is still smoking weed. Seth and Ryan walk in, and Seth is shocked that his dad smoked weed. Kirsten tells them Out! because this is a private conversation. Caleb ends up telling Sandy to keep his mouth shut because nobody cares what he has to say. Sandy tells him not to speak like that to him in his own home. Caleb says he built this house and he paid for it! However, he does thank Sandy for telling him how Kirsten feels, because Kirsten never tells him anything. Caleb tells Kirsten if she wants to quit than fine, he will expect her resignation in the morning! Ryan, Seth and Gabrielle all hear him yelling from the dining room.

At the pool house, Gabrielle tries to play game boy but sucks at it. Actually, she says the game sucks. Seth leaves to get her a different game. Ryan asks Gabrielle if Caleb always yells like that? She says pretty much, and she says everything is a business relationship to Caleb. She says he only dates her to keep from being bored. She then puts her hand on Ryans leg and says she is so bored. Gabrielle then leans in and kisses Ryan. The two make out, but are interrupted by Calebs booming voice shouting that they are leaving. She says back to the office and heads out. 

Back at the Coopers, we learn Summer is using Seth to get her paws on the hot twenty something brokers that will be at Calebs party. 

The next day, Ryan and Seth are once again floating in the pool. Seth has his suspicions that Gabrielle is after Ryan, and presents all the evidence that Gabrielle is after him. Ryan says they hooked up last night, and Seth is shocked. Seth also says this is hot! He asks how it was? Ryan says it was good, weird, but good. Seth asks what about Marissa? Ryan asks what about her?

Flash forward to Calebs party. Kirsten is once again a mess trying to make things perfect. Sandy cant believe she is going through with this. Caleb and Gabrielle show up, and Sandy offers to get them a drink. Kirsten wants to talk to her dad about the other night. Caleb says to forget about it, and for her to just give two weeks notice so he has time to hire a replacement. Caleb takes off to chat with a friend while Gabrielle goes out to the pool and feeds cherries to Ryan! He asks if she is trying to get caught? She tells him to find her later.

Julie, Marissa and Summer show up to the party sans Jimmy. Marissa wishes her dad would have come, but Julia asks why so he can get in another fight? Luke arrives and he takes Marissa off to find a drink. Summer then shows up and asks Seth to show her off to some people. Ryan sees Luke with Marissa and is bummed.

Later, Sandy finds Kirsten sitting by herself. She is miserable. Sandy says he wishes he could say he was sorry, but hes not. She tells him that is the worst apology ever! Sandy says he just cant stand to see what her father is done to her. HE still thinks she should quit and they should move. Kirsten says she thought they stayed here because they wanted to, not because her dad made them. She says if he has been unhappy this whole time than they have a much bigger problem, which will require a much lengthier conversation.

Jimmy shows up, and Julie is not happy to see him. She wishes he would go back home, but Jimmy says Caleb is an old friend and he thinks Caleb will give him a job. Julie begs him not to talk to Caleb, but Jimmy says he has to try and see if he can save this family.

Summer talks with Marissa in the bathroom and tells her how much this party rocks. She also is happy to see that Marissa chose Luke and ditched Chino. She asks if they went all the way yet? Marissa says no. Summer cant believe the two of them havent had sex yet, and she wonders what she is waiting for? Marissa says she doesnt know. Summer says she better hurry up and decide because Luke wont wait forever. Summer leaves Marissa alone to think.

Gabrielle goes to Ryans place and finds him listening to music. She thinks he is hiding from her. Ryan says hes not hiding from her. Gabrielle thinks he must be hiding from someone else, but Ryan says he isnt. Gabrielle pushes Ryan down onto the bed and begins kissing him and grinding all over him. Suddenly, Marissa walks in on them! She says she is sorry, and ends up running off in tears. 

Marissa runs through the party, finds Luke, and plants a huge kiss on him. She tells them they need to go, and they leave the party together. Meanwhile, Ryan walks around looking for Marissa, only to see her leave with Luke.

Meanwhile, Jimmy talks to Caleb, who refuses to hire him. Julie says she hates to say she told him so! She then goes to talk to Caleb and finish what Jimmy started. Caleb says hes sorry to hear what happened. Julie cries to him that shes leaving Jimmy and has to find a job to support her girls. He offers to help in any way he can. She kisses him and says hes very sweet, but he is too busy and she just wanted to say happy birthday. Caleb says hes never too busy for her, and he suggests they have dinner sometime. She says she would like that, and she smiles at him.

Out back, Seth has had it with Summer using him to meet rich older guys. Seth says these guys dont know her or dont care about her. He says none of those guys were there when she shared her lunch in third grade with the squirrels, or had to read that poem in sixth grade that had her so nervous she was shaking. Summer cant believe Seth remembers her poem. She is so touched that she grabs him and kisses him! They smile at one another, and Summer ends up running off to meet an investment banker. She tells Seth that shell introduce herself. Seth ends up saying this is the greatest party ever.

Sandy talks to Caleb and says Kirsten is not going to quit, and they both know he is punishing her for doing so well without him being involved. He thinks Caleb is scared because Kirsten is better than he is, both at her job and at managing a family. He suggests Caleb let Kirsten continue as she has been and she will keep on making him rich.

Caleb finds Kirsten. He calls her Kiki and says this is a great party, and that her mom would have loved it. They both miss Kirstens mom. Caleb asks if she hears from her sister anymore? Kirsten says she was going to invite her, but the number she has for her is out of service. Caleb says she is all he has left, and he is running her ragged so much that she wont talk to him. She says she loves working for him, but she wants him to be proud of her. Caleb says taking in a stray kid is the thing her mom would have done. Kirsten says she would have done it just to piss him off. They laugh, and Caleb tells her no to be late for work on Monday.

Ryan sits on the stars by himself while the party continues below. Gabrielle finds him and says So I guess she likes you? Ryan says I guess she did. Gabrielle thinks Ryan looks so sad and she says she wishes she was that miserable because she knows thats what it feels like to be in love. She touches his face and then walks off.

Elsewhere, Marissa and Luke are in bed with one another and coming mighty close to making love. Luke tells Marissa that he loves her. The two roll around and kiss one another. Luke asks her if she wants to, and she says OK. He asks if she is sure, and she says she wants to. Luke leaves to get a condom, and we see a thinking look on Marissas face.

Back at the Cohens, Ryan is up waiting when Luke brings Marissa back. Marissa says she can head back in on her own. Luke takes off in his car and Ryan goes over to talk to Marissa. They stare at one another for a moment. Marissa tells him that he is too late, and she walks into her house. 

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