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Latest Updates

July 7 -
Show News: Alumni Updates

May 29th -
Show News: Alumni Updates

I am so sorry I have yet to finish the 4th season summaries! I still have them on tivo to do!

April 30 -
Show News: Another OC Alumni Lands A Summer Show

April 24 -
Show News: Two Alumni Land on CW Show

April 6 -
Show News: The OC begins on SoapNet and Adam Brody to the big screen!

March 20 -
Season 4 DVD Preorders and Gown Auctions!

March 3 -
Show News: SOAPnet to show reruns of The O.C!

February 23 
With the OC. officially over my plans for this page are to finish out the summaries for the season, keep the summaries up for those who may need them, and post updates on the cast and what acting projects they have found after "The O.C." 

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Season 4
Show Summaries

     The Avengers - November 2nd
The Gringos - November 8th
The Cold Turkey - November 9th
The Metamorphosis - November 16th
The Sleeping Beauty - November 30th
The Summer Bummer - December 7th
The Christmukk-huh - December 14th
The Earth Girls Are Easy - December 21st
The My Two Dads - January 4th
The French Connection - January 11th
The Dream Lover - January 18th
The Groundhog Day - January 25th
The Case of the Franks - February 1st
The Shake Up - February 8th
The Night Moves - February 15th
The End Is Not Near, It's Here - February 22nd


Season 1, 2 & 3
Show Summaries

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All About The O.C.

     Cast News  July 7th
     The Cast  
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